About me.

If you are really bored, you can read a little bit about me here.

My name is Kevin Krogstad. I live in Linton, North Dakota with my wife of over twenty years, Arlene, and our two children, Shannon (thirteen years old) and Benjamin (ten years old). I work as a hydrologist for the North Dakota State Water Commission in Bismarck, North Dakota. Arlene is a computer programmer with Rosenbluth International, a major worldwide travel company, in Linton. In spare moments, I enjoy hunting and fishing, target shooting, and reading a wide variety of books, anything from from Conan to Beowulf, Tom Clancy to Homer. We are active in the church and various community organizations. The kids are just generally busy being kids. Ben had been taking piano lessons for a couple of years and doing very well, but he has tired of it and is not currently playing. Shannon has been playing piano for two years now and is going out for track.

I put this site together because I wanted to see how far back I could trace my ancestry. I hope to put together a fairly complete family tree for my children. While my meager efforts will never be in the same class as the outstanding genealogy sites on the web, I hope it helps someone find a missing piece. If you have information to fill any of my holes, or find a common ancestor, please e-mail me.

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