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Please e-mail me if you can provide any answers. Thank you.

I am looking for photographs of or information about anyone listed in these pages, obviously. I would also like to find current and/or historical photographs and information on several farms or regions that have figured prominently in this history:


Framigarden Krogstad, Børsa, S-T
Nedre Rian, Børsa, S-T
Einroenningen, Børsa, S-T (Could this be one of the farms at Rønningen? I haven't found it anywhere in my research.)
Hofsören, Ørkedal, S-T
Nedre Høl, Rennebu, S-T
Buan, Rennebu, S-T (I realize there is probably more than one farm here, and at some others, but this is all the information I have)
Vangsgraven, Rennebu, S-T
Nordgard Åmot, Meldal, S-T
Oppstuggu Rokkones, Rennebu, S-T
Havdalsrabben, Rennebu, S-T
Norra Rustad, Elverum, Hedemark
Norda Åa, Tandanaset, Trysil, Hedemark
Skjarberget, Trysil, Hedemark
East Satre, Trysil, Hedemark
Rotberget, Grue, Hedemark


Heden, Höljes, Norra Finnskoga
Aspberget, Norra Finnskoga
Uggelheden, Norra Finnskoga
Nainshöjd, Nain, Gustav Adolf
Hakkarsberg, Nain, Gustav Adolf
Mackartjarn, Sodra Finnskoga



I am at a dead end with the following people. Any information on their ancestors would be greatly appreciated.

Gurru Jonsdotter Einroenningen, born about 1752 at Einroenningen (see note above), Børsa, S-T, married Anders Evensen Ner-Rian (1754-1807) in 1778 in Børsa, died 1815 at Nygarden Ner-Rian, Børsa, S-T. I have her parents listed as Jon and Siri, but have no more information on them.

Peder Jonson Havdal, born 1691 at Havdalsrabben, Rennebu, S-T, married Brynhild Havdal (1692-1786), died 1767.

Peter Larson, married Martha Johnsdotter, died before 1865. At the time of the 1865 census, Martha and her son Gulbrand (born 1850) were living at Rindalsengen, Fåberg, Oppland. Martha was born in 1823. Gulbrand emigrated to the USA, I don't know if Martha accompanied him.

Kersti Johansdotter, born 14 July 1897 at Norda Åa, Tandanaset, Trysil, married Mats Persson from Juslatt, Lima, Sweden in 1837, died at Tandanaset 28 March 1889.

Please e-mail me if you can provide any answers. Thank you.

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