HTML Tip: Music

Music HTML Technique

Adding Music

Adding music can be tricking and effect browsers in many different way. If you want to support Netscape and IE in all their versions that does not require a plug-in or display controls enter this code at the bottom of your html, but before the </body>. Replace the .mid file with your music in both places. Both lines are need to support Netscape and IE. Users can stop the music by hitting the browser stop button.

<p><embed src="jubilee.mid" width="2" height="0" autostart="true" loop="true">

<noembed> <bgsound src="jubilee.mid" loop=infinite></noembed></p>

If you want the user to click on a link to play music try this. 

<p><a href="jubilee.mid">Click to play Jubilee.</a></p>

Click to play Jubilee. (Press stop on your browser to stop the music already playing from the above code. Then click on the link.)

Good examples of music:

"Learn to Draw" by my daughter Janelle Rury. She won 3rd place in 6th grade last year for a National Contest called Thinkquest Jr. She incorporated music on most of her pages. You can listen to music while learning to draw. 

"Karen's Poem Page" by my sister Karen (Rury) George. Pick one of the poetry buttons and you can listen to music while reading poetry. 

Music Tips:

1) Don't use music on a page unless someone will be on that page for a while. If your main page is just a menu to other pages then the music will stop and start every time they come back to the page.

2) Keep the music short and repeat in a loop so the download time is reasonable. People come to your page to find content not listen to music. I choose not to include music on my genealogy pages.

3) Put the sound at the bottom of the HTML so the content gets a chance to load first.

4) Get approval to use the music if it is copyrighted. My daughter searched the web and found music she liked and then wrote the person for permission to use. She also gave credit to the person on her credits page.

5) There are other methods like using a plug-in called Crescendo. They take up space and requires other's to download these plug-ins.

<bgsound src="music/jubilee.mid" loop=infinite>


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