Web Page Design

Web Page Design

Web Page Testing
Set your video resolution to 640x480 resolution. If you design your screen in 1200x800  you end up with a screen that most people have to scroll around and doesn't line up.
Test with both Internet Explorer and Netscape.
I hope my pages practices what I preach. I learned web design for my genealogy pages and to teach my daughter's class to design pages for a Web contest.  They won 3rd Nationally displayed it at the Seattle Teachers convention at the Kingdome and appeared on TV.
When I copy HTML code from a screen like this and insert it into my HTML code in FrontPage the < and > get converted to &lt; and &gt; codes. First paste it to notepad which strips the ASCII codes and leaves plain text. Then copy it to your editor and it should look like regular HTML code.
Almost Universal Browser Support (including Unix users)
Make sure file links match the filename case (upper/lower) after uploading. Transferring files across different operating systems or uploading them using FTP software can change the case. Windows systems can access web pages who links and filenames do not match case, but Unix and others are case sensitive. Some people choose to use all lowercase to make sure they are correct, but this is not required.
Use universally accepted characters in file names .-_ (period, dash, underline) do not use  ~ (tilde)
Avoid spaces even though they are permitted on Windows. Use a %20 to represent a space if you do.
Use 8.3 filenames when possible, but this is not required. It effects how the filenames look when downloaded to other systems. Kenneth_Rury.JPG may be saved as Kennet~.JPG on another system.
Use forward slash / in the path name even though on DOS you typically use backward slash \. Unix uses /.
Design for 640x480 and not greater than 800x600. If possible make it dynamic to adjust to various size screens. Have a WebTV user test it.
Include alternate text for all graphics. Not all browsers support graphics, particularly for the blind.
Internet Tutorials
Maricopa Tutorial
Dmitry's Design Lab
Excellent Free Code
ACKY.NET - Both free code, music and tutorials
JAVA Scripts
Web Reference

Web Techniques Not Used on Rury Homepage

The following explains the code I have not used on my page, which when tested did not work 100% on FreePages with various browsers or operating systems.
Spam Prevention Email Code - Did not work for a user with Netscape 4.7 running on a Unix machine. Returns a 'document completed message instead of opening an email composition window. I got spammed on a new email address I had never posted anywhere so it seems it doesn't matter what you do in this regard.
Put the email line where you want your email to appear. 
Replace (krury) with the left part of your email address.
Replace name.

email: <A HREF="javascript:spambuster(krury)">Kenneth W. Rury</A>

Put this code below the </BODY>.
Replace "hotmail.com?subject=Rury Webpage" 
with the right part of your email address and a subject.

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE=javascript>
function spambuster(invar)
{var first = invar
var second= "hotmail.com?subject=Rury Webpage"
location.href="mailto:" + first + "@" + second;
Frames - Difficult to work with on a site that adds advertising. If you want to use frames pay extra and get the Freepages without advertising. Using FrontPage 2000 you can add common boarders. When the pages are uploaded the boarders get added to the pages you specify. I use this technique for my footers.

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