Salisbury Family

Salisbury Family

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Come meet the Salisbury Family. 

David has worked for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation for 25 years as a cabinetmaker.  He builds Chippendale and Queen Anne furniture for the Foundation in the old way with all hand tools.  He also has a shop here at home, and yes, he will occasionally entertain an order.  He also loves his roses, fishing, and roller coasters.

Karen, that's me, was raised in Connecticut, the daughter of Edward and Adelaide Akerstrom Hoefflinger.  I have had a varied and interesting career life.   I have been a Revolutionary War sutler, a weaver specializing in 18th century textiles, designer of counted cross stitch kits, hospice worker, and Army medic.  I now teach health and technology for Victory Academy, the first Charter School in Virginia.  I am also Vice Chair of the Management Team.  I love cats, Persian and Maine coons, and am totally consumed with genealogy.  

Our oldest son, Graham Parsons, was born in 1984.  Graham is our pride.  He was born with multiple disabilities, but has overcome them all with hard work and determination.  He was born deaf, but that was corrected with surgery.   One of the best things we ever did was send him to SOAR - Programs For Learning Disabled and Attention Deficit Disorder Youth and Adults a few years ago.   That accomplished as much as any other intervention.  Graham has been fascinated by anything Civil War since toddlerhood.

Witten Johns was born in 1985.  He was home schooled through Calvert School out of Maryland until last year when he enrolled at Victory Academy.  He also works at Colonial Williamsburg as an apprentice brickmaker.  His current project at work is assisting with the reconstruction of the dependencies at the Peyton Randolph House.  Witt also enjoys sports and loves his BMX bike.  Witt and I are also restoring a 1980 Fiat Spider 2000.


  I would love to hear from you.  Please feel free to contact me with additions, corrections or queries.

Sunday, April 01, 2001

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