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Graham Genealogy Letters
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Letter from Elizabeth Elswick to Evelyn Salisbury, 20 November 1944

Graham Genealogy

Dear Evelyn:

Mr. King lists as children of Christopher Graham:
John, m. 1722 Elizabeth Walkup
Robert d. 1763. m. Jean Hicklin
Wm. m. Jane (Mays?)
Archibald d. 1751 m. Margaret Shed d. 1767
Jane m. Joseph Walkup
Elizabeth m. Thomas Feemster

He offers as proof:

Robt Graham's estate appraised by Feester, whom I think married a daughter of Christopher Graham.

Florence Graham's estate appraised 1762 by Wm. Elliott, whom I think married her daughter

John Graham Jr. was ancestor of Georgia Arnold, recorded Joseph Walkup whom history says married one of Christopher Graham's daughters.

Wm. Graham died about 1748. married Jane (Mays?) and had James, David, Jane 1771 and Joseph 1769. Jane Graham's bond as administrator of Wm; John Graham and James Mays.

Robert Graham's Will-Vol. 2, p. 134. Teste; Lanty Graham, John Gay, (an uncle) and jean Lockridge (sister).

Christopher Graham 1748, Vol. 1, p. 115, appraisement by Wm. Elliott, grandson-in-law of John Gay, who married a Walkup, daughter of Joseph.  Some relation of Thomas Feemster who married a daughter of Christopher.


Maybe so: but it looks like slim reasoning and I don't agree on some of it, because I didn't find a thing in the Mays Record to indicate Jane was a Mays, unless a young Jeanie White was somehow related, but she was a Jeanie Mays White, not Graham.  James Mays as bondsman is more indication of no relation, than of kin.  He was on the bond with John Graham a relative, and besides that these Mays were Virginians before Grahams and our William Graham's children children were born either in PA or Ireland.

I can't find out who the Archibald Grahams are.  He was of legal age in 1754 and active in Augusta to 1767, had a wife Margaret.  They sold land to I Christian in 1767.  John Graham called Christian a "rogue" and got himself fined.  Archibald has no will indexed but one appears later than this in Botetourt Co. as a juryman in the William Graham vs. Reece Bowen, and I take this William to be the father of the Grancis (Francis?) Graham and those in Botetourt and perhaps includes a John of Washington Co., too old to be your John, since he was a Militia Officer in 1770 and our John was born 1765.

Neither can I find out who William Graham in 1754 was in Augusta, who bought all that land at the Mouth of Sandy and a "book of Sermons".  He may be connected with Edward and Michael, looks it.

The point I'm trying to make is; In my chart of Christopher and Florence (the progenitors) there are only two John Grahams possible to be Floyd County John.  One is the John that David (Historian) was searching for, and the other is John  son of John Fr. son of John.  In the family album is the picture of Historian David, Legislator David Johns etc. and he visited grandpa Burgess and Garred's and mom says he came here looking for a John, "Lost Brother" as well as other information and that the notion was in his noggin, and not put there by these on Big Sandy because they didn't know more than that.  Col. James was one of three brothers and James married his first cousin, and had Jane Garred and the rest was just folklore etc.  David said Robert was a brother, and he turns up b. 1750, married Mary Craig in 1773.  There is no guardianship or record to prove this brother Robert.  He just is - I think Rebecca who received the "buckles" is a sister to them.  She certainly won't fit in elsewhere and was not John's daughter.

It didn't say where in Ky Joseph went to until 1800, but how would David (Historian) know of a "lost Brother John", except through Joseph.  The suit doesn't mention "John" but it was perhaps made before Joseph knew these orphans were "kicked around" pretty much.  Old Peter School probably raised my James and James was taught the weavers trade.  I found proof of this, but whether this family learned it in Ireland as they said or from old Peter, I don't know.  I do know, judging from records of accomplishment and holdings etc., that our "orphan" lines out did the others and I think it should be better worked out and better established.

The only other John possible as I have it or see it, is John the son of John Jr., b. 1726 married 1763 Martha Patton.  I don't know who this John married, was born, etc. but I take this John Jr. to be the guardian of David because he is the only John who had a son William to testify about it.


Christopher and Florence

Christopher and Florence had;

John Sr. married Elizabeth Walkhup and had among among it;
James ---The Long Hunter
Elizabeth married Robert Armstrong 1750
Florence married her cousin, James, son of William
John Jr. born 1726 married 1763 Martha Patton; lived on the land left him in 1783 by  his father. They had:
    William - testified about Joseph
    Elizabeth m. a Bratton
    Martha m. a Dunlap

Robert, son of Christopher and Florence had a Thomas who had a John who is accounted for.  He also had a Christopher who went to KY 1791 and I don't where or his children.  I doubt the "Uncle James Gay" to Robert Graham by way of Elliott because:
    Wm. Elliott married a daughter of Joseph Walkup in 1787.
    Jane Walkup married David Graham and he had:
        John 1765
        Joseph 1766, a grandson of Joseph Walkup (proven)

In this suit Robert Walkup deposes in 1805 in a way that makes him a brother of Jane and son of Joseph.

I take the 1st Florence Graham died in 1762 to be the wife of Christopher.  Robert Graham, her administrator.  They were into it someway with Joseph Walkup and a suit vs. Joseph Walkup was abated by his death in 1763. (Robert's death.)

I don't have Chalkley's to run it down, but perhaps you can find how or why on it and One Joseph Walkup (Vohub) died 1787 in Rockbridge Co., (cut from Augusta) and has a will.  Matthew Voohub an inventory, same County in 1771.  If Joseph Walkup (died 1787 in Rockbridge) has a daughter Jane (Graham) Stew... (David) a son Robert and a wife Jane Graham, I'd think him Joseph's ____art grandfather, and it follows that David (son of Wm.) married his first cousin as did Florence and James, and your line would be;

Jane married Joseph Walkup, died 1787            William died 1751, married Jane
Jane Walkup married David,                                 mar. his cousin Jane Walkup, had:

A descendant of this family in 1931 was;
    Mrs. Georgianne Dunlap Arnold
    824 E. 16th Street
    Oklahoma City, Okla.

I have never written her, saw some, see notes etc., she sent Ira See.  This is who Mr. King says recorded Joseph Walkup.  If you write her about either Walkup or this John, I'd love to see what she says about it.  If it should turn out that David (Historian) was mistaken in John also and you are a Patton of James and if its true that James Patton married Sarah Borden a daughter of Benjamin I can give you some interesting Bordon lineage.  His daughter married my penniless immigrant Jacob Johoen Peck and got herself disowned, and we sued them 1797-1839 over it.

                Love, Betsy
November 20, 1944