Family Tree for Knute Snortum

Family Tree for Knute Snortum

Hi. I'm Knute Snortum and I'm very much an armature family-tree-searching-person (see, I don't even know the name for it!) I just got started doing this as a lark because my name is so unusual I thought it would be "easy" to track down my ancestors (ha!). Well, I've gotten some information and I'd love any help you can give me.

If you're looking for information about me personally, I have web sites here and here.

What follows are my hand-written attempts to create an HTML family tree. On purchasing some software, I find that most of this is done for me. The two relevant sites are:

The Snortum Lineage

The Bach / Weiss Lineage

It's easier with a father's ansectors to follow a direct path; you simply look for your father's father, then his father and so now. With a mother it's harder. I could simply look for my mother's mother and her mother, but at some point the husbands become easier to follow. My mother's grandfather wrote a personal history with a wealth of information; therefore I follow my mother's lineage back through her grandfather, my great-grandfather, Isidor Bach.

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