Bethel Cemetery, Daviess County, Salem Township

Bethel Cemetery, Daviess County, Salem Township. To go to the cemetery go on I-35 to the Route C, Pattonsburg, exit. Go East away from Pattonsburg to the second curve, which goes back to the east. There is a gravel road going south off of the blacktop. The cemetery is right there.

I only took some of the ancestors on my step-daughters side of the family. I will take the entire cemetery soon.


Crawford, Eulala Jarrett
Jarett, Angeline M.
Jarrett & Merritt Corner
Jarrett Daughters
Jarrett Plot
Jarrett Plots
Jarrett Stone
Jarrett, Almira C.
Jarrett, Andrew 2
Jarrett, Andrew
Jarrett, Charles H.
Jarrett, Charles W. & Nannie A.
Jarrett, Gerald & Roalie I. Markham
Jarrett, Helen Marker
Jarrett, Helen
Jarrett, Infant Daughter of RM & MM 2
Jarrett, Infant Daughter of RM & MM
Jarrett, Infant Son of SA & AC
Jarrett, Infant Son of SS & DM
Jarrett, Infant of RM & MM
Jarrett, James J. & Rosella
Jarrett, Jami A.
Jarrett, Lawrence
Jarrett, Levi M.
Jarrett, Lillie Mae
Jarrett, Lloyd E. Military
Jarrett, Paul
Jarrett, Paulina
Jarrett, Roy Elmer
Jarrett, Samuel A.
Jarrett, Susan
Merritt & Jarrett Plots
Merritt, Corbin P.
Merritt, Effie A.
Merritt, Peter and Emily Ellen
Summers, Ollie L. Merritt
Troxel, Bess Walls
Walls, Boyd Elmer
Walls, John M. & Mary E. Jarrett

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