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The Family of Henry & Mary Marie Schultz

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AKS: Kumpakiske/Kumpakszke, Kumpakiškis, 'Kumpakiške, Kumpakiškiene','Kumpakiškaite', 'Kumpakiškaite',

Meje/Mie/Mey/Meja, Delaw?, Kissel/Kessel, Schultz of Chicago, Il; Mobile County, AL & Jackson County, MS

PLUS Martin, Pendarvis, Hudson, Jones, Creel/Creal of Mobile County AL; New Orleans, LA; and Texas.

Kumpakiske-Kumpakszke-Schultz Family records are from papers and family records compiled and collected by: Lynette Schultz-Lawlis, May 12, 1990 (daughter of Walter and Jennette Martin Schultz) Annanel Schultz and other family members as listed below.

To contact Lynette Schultz-Lawlis: llawlis@ev1.net
To contact Pat: schultzHenry@cableone.net

Original family name: the Lithuanian spelling would be Kumpakiske; Kumpakszke (the Polish spelling was used in family letters).

Henry (Henrick) Kress Kumpakiske/Kumpakszke (changed to Schultz) born: May 15, abt 1872 or 1875 in Russua, died: Oct 27, 1961, at Singing River Hospital, Pascagoula, Jackson County, MS. buried Union Cememtry, Moss Point, Jackson County, MS. USA

Notes on Henry:

His mother's name was possibly Anna. Schultz or Shultz may have been her maiden name. We were told of cousins in Germany, but no info on them. His father, ? Kumpakiske/Kumpakszke died May 25, 1911, in Lithuania.

Henry had 2 brothers: Kristupas, who remained in Lithuania, and George, who came to America. There was a sister, Ane, in Lithuania. Henry's daughter, Annie Mae Schultz-Pendarvis, said that another sister, Cassanda, came to America also with Henry. But, no info on her.

Henry's family lived on a large "plantation". (Don't know if they owned it or simply worked there). They raised horses; the black and white ones were bought by the Russia Army.

Wife: Marie Meje/Mie/Mey, born: May 15, or June 18, 1883, in Lithuania; died: May 31, 1963, Pascagoula, MS, buried Union Cementry. Moss Point, MS. USA

Marie's mother's name was probably Rozalija Meja/Mie/Mey. Marie had 1 sister, and 3 brothers. Two of the brothers died from drinking water from a well that was poisoned from dead dogs being in it. In winter, Marie worked in the home of a Jewish lady. Marie only went to school for 3 days of her younger years. In 1913, Rozalija and her husband were living with a daughter, in the village of Kazoku. Another son lived nearby.

Henry was in Marie's village soon after being discharged out of the Russian Navy. Marie's father was injured in a lumber mill accident, and Henry stayed to help her family harvest crops.

Henry and Marie were married. Marie's wedding dress was white with tiny blue flowers, and sprigs of "merrit" leaves around the bottom. The leaves were fragrant and filled the Lutheran Church with fragrance. They had one child while still in Lithuania. The child only lived 13 days.

Henry left later on, to keep from having to serve in the Russian Navy a second time. He said all they gave you to eat was black bread and water.

Henry, George, and a sister Cassandra left Lithuania for America from Riga, Laviva (then Russia), on the Ship "Pennsylvania" on Feb 15, 1903. Arriving in New York July 12, 1903.

According to the manifest of the "Pennsylvania", they left Europe from Hamburg, Germany on June 19, 1903. Henry's final destination was Pittsburgh, Penn., to stay with his brother-in-law, John Kissel, at 2806 Pacot Street. Henry had $3.50 in money, and listed his profession as "horse worker". Later all went to live in Chicago, IL. No info on John.

In order to earn money to send for Marie, Henry went to work at the Chicago, IL shipyards as a ship carpenter. Someone he worked for suggested that he change Kumpakiske/Kumpakszke to something that would be easier to spell and pronounce.

Marie arrived in New York (date unknown), she was sick on the trip over. Her daughter, Anna, later said it was drinking coffee, something she never had before.

Henry and his family lived at 71 Maude Ave, Chicago when Walter was born. At one time his brother George lived at 1433 Ashland Ave, Chicago. George married and had a son who died at age 13. There is no info on his wife or other children.

Children of Henry & Marie:

............child -  died in Lithuania

............Anna Mae b. Dec 11, 1905, in Chicago, IL, d. June 18, 1993, Ocean Springs Nursing Home, Jackson County, Ocean Springs, MS USA

.................+ [1] ? Black/Blackman? married abt 1921, divorced abt 1926, no children from marriage.

.................+ [2] Guy Pendarvis b d buried OR (divorced) A 26 year veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard. Guy is son of Joseph James Pendarvis and Mary Mollie Jones of Jackson County, MS; Guy is grandson of James Pendarvis d abt 1867; and Nancy Williams d 1872; both of Alachua County, FL; g-grandson of Lewellen Williams d 1836, of Alachua County, FL.

...................... Gloria Elizabeth Pendarvis b 1932 d 1993 in Ocean Springs Nursing Home, Ocean Springs, MS; 1950 gradate of Grand Bay High School, Grand Bay, Mobile County, AL.

.........................+Living Creel, b Grand Bay, Al; --Creel is grandson of Elijah Creel b abt 1845 Jones County, MS; d 1898 Mobile County, AL and Vina Dearman Creal/Creel d 1929; both of Lauderdale County, MS and Mobile County, AL; --Creel is g-grandson of Wesly Creel and Gerusha Nicholas of MS. ---Creel is gg grandson of Thomas Creel and Elizabeth Dearman of Jones County, MS. ---Creel is ggg grandson of John Creel and Mary Hill of SC. & Jacob and Mary Nicholas of Tn> AL> Lauderdale County, MS.

...................... Living

........................+ Houston Pete Hudson of Jackson County, MS; b MS, USA d 1959 while in US Army, Germany. Buried next to his parents, Union Cementry, Moss Point, MS. [twin brother] Hulbert, lived about 18 months, also buried Union Cementry, Jackson Co., Moss Point, MS [next to his parents, G. Hudson & Lulu [Ferrell] Hudson.

................+ [3] Dan LaFontane d? Logtown, Pearl River County, MS divorced. Anna & Dan did not have any children.

............Walter G. Schultz b. Feb 14, 1908 Chicago,IL d. TX

...............+ [1] Gladys d.

...............+ [2] Jeannette Martin b d. TX Daughter of  Mr. A. Martin and ?

....................Annaneil b. d.

....................Lynette b. d.

............Henry Hayes Schultz b May 19 1916 Delchamps, AL d. New Orleans, LA.

.................(1) unknown from France, divorced in USA, no children from this marriage

................+ Gusiz b Germany

................... Goulie

Henry Hayes Schultz said that no one talked much about Lithuania, because when he was about 7 years old, he asked his mother something about Lithuania, and she started crying, so he never asked her again. Henry and Marie spoke the Russian, Lithuania, and German languages. George wrote them from Chicago in 1923 saying they were doing well, and no longer eating bologna and living in a basement. George worked at a furtiture store. Henry worked at the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Plant in Ohio in 1914 to 1915. Also worked and help build "International Paper Company", in Moss Point, MS. Alone with working for the Corp of Engineers. Henry and Marie came south to a small town named Delchamps, Mobile County, Alabama around Dec 1910. Plus Batre La Batre, Grand Bay and Fowk River, Alabama. His son Walter said that Henry was employed to build, paint, and launch a 40-50- foot shrimp boat in Bayou La Batre, Mobile County, Al. Where Henry also owned and operated a "General Store". Later moving on to Escatawpa, Jackson County, MS. Building a farm house on the Escatawpa River. Walter was in the Merchant Marine at the time and gave his parents the money to build the house. Henry designed and build the house himself. Only having help with river pilings and concrete work. As of 2002, the house is still there and in Escatawpa, MS. They moved from the farmhouse, and went to live on 40 acres on corner of now called Creel Rd & Old Pascagoula Rd. in Grand Bay, Mobile County, Alabama. Again coming back to Jackson County, Briggs Street, Moss Point, MS several years later.

Henry's parents:
........? Kumpakiske b? d. May 25, 1911 Lithuania, (then Russia)
..........+ Anna ?
.............Kristupas b d in Lithuania
.............Anne b d in Lithuania
.............George born in Lithuania He came to America with Henry d. IL?
...............+married ? IL
................. son b. IL died at age of 13 IL
.............Casandra b. Lithuania She came to America with Henry, no info on her.

Henry's wife:
...........+ Marie Mie (Meja?) b. June 18, 1883 Lithuania, (then Russia) d. May 31, 1963 in Singing River Hospital, Jackson County, Pascagoula, MS; buried in Union Cementry, Jackson County, Moss Point, MS.
Her parents:
John M?ie? b. d.
..............+ Rose ? b. d. Kaunas, Lithuania. Delaw surname was on birth record applcation when Marie was applying (by mail) for birth record of Anna, from Chicago, IL. They had several children in Lithuania.

Record number: 397769
Declaration of Intention
Invalid for all seven years after the date hereof:
Southern Districit of Alabama
Southern Division, In the United States, of Said District and Division.
*Henry Schultz, age: 45(46) years, occupation: Ship Carpenter; weight: 165, complexion: ruddy, height: 6 ft 7 in, weight: 165lbs, color of hair: brown, color of eyes: blue
Born in: Kovno, Russia on Nov 28, 1872; Emigrated to America from: Riga, Russia
Ship: Pennsyvania; Port of Arrivial: New York, July 12, 1903
Wife: Mary
Present residence: Delchampes, AL (Mobile County). It is my intention in good faith, to become citizen of the United States of America and to permanently reside therein; So help me God.
Signed: Henry Schultz
Date: May 4, 1918
By: P (unreadable) Griffint, Deputy Clerk
# 1762 (almost unreadable)

Petition of Naturalization, US District Southern District of Alabama, Mobile, Alabama # 1162
DATE: May 13, 1920    
The petition of: HENRY SCHULTZ, Bayou La Batre, County of Mobile, State of Alabama.
occupation: Carpenter
born: Nov 25, 1872
Russia; Immigrated from: Rija, (then) Russia
Date of Departure: Feb 15, 1903
Date of Arrival: July 12, 1903 New York
Ship: Pennsylvania
Present address: Mobile County, Alabama since December 9, 1910
Family: wife: Marie (Mary) Mie Meji or Meje or Meja; children: Annie, Walter, Henry; signed by: Henry Schultz, and clerk for Mobile County, Alabama District Office. record #515. There is alot more on copy, but some unreadable.

For: Henry Schultz
Nationality: Russian
Place of birth: Russia
Place of father's birth: Russia
Place of mother's birth: Russia
If naturalized abroad, where and when?
1st Int. Mobile, Alabama May 4, 1918
Vessel: Mojave
Flag: American
Age: 47 as of: 27, Nov, 1918
Height: 6'
Description= complexion: ruddy
Hair: dark Eyes: Blue
Physical marks or peculiarities: none
Issued under rule 10 of the Immigration Rules and the regulations prescribed by the President in pursuance of the Act of May 22, 1918. (with thumb print and picture of Henry Schultz). This card will be issued in the first instance to incoming seaman by an immigration official. It will then be completed by a customs official or an immigration official, as the nature of the case requires, and thereafter will be visaed by an immigration official or a customs official upon each arrival and departure of the holder, this card is only valid for use in American ports.

State of Mississippi County of Jackson
CERTIFICATE TO VOTE: Oct 31, 1957, record # 6471
To vote at Moss Point #1 precinct. Born Nov 28, 1874, and now is 82 years old. Family: wife: Marie (Mary) Mie. Signed by: Henry Schultz, and Clerk: V. G. Ramsay, for Jackson County, Mississippi.

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