Armstrong, Matthew, his parents and his wife's parents ???

Our ARMSTRONG Family Tree

This web site is just being put together from various bits and pieces I have gathered over the past 25-30 years. It probably doesn't make much sense yet but bear with me and hopefully, I will get it all tied together. Thanks.

Matthew ARMSTRONG has been one of our "Brick Walls" for almost 30 years. We were unable to "prove" parents for him in North Carolina where he was born (according to census) or the maiden name of his wife. Over the past year or so and information from a couple of other researchers, much circumstantial evidence has pointed the information that is included in this web page. Nothing is proven yet so you are welcome to add more information or "pick apart" what I am offering here.

  • Matthew Armstrong was born in North Carolina per census records/

  • Robert Armstrong son of Joseph Armstrong, had sons Gray, Matthew and Joseph according to his 1798 will.

  • Jacob Holland had a daughter named Sarah Holland per his will. His wife was named Peggy (Margaret).

  • Sometime after 1798 Sarah married an Armstrong. This information comes from Peggy's will written in Montgomery County, Tennessee. Peggy died there in 1833 and named an heir, Sarah Armstrong.

  • Matthew Armstrong had a son, Joseph Gray Armstrong, apparently named after his two brothers.

  • In ???? Gray Armstrong spent a couple of years in Tennessee and mentioned a visit to Station Camp Creek. This was the area where Matthew lived.

  • In March 1800 Matthew sold 120 acres to Elisha Battle, witnessed by Benjamin Gray. This is the approximate time when Matthew moved to Sumner County, Tennessee. (See Miscellaneous Notes)

  • This death notice of Jacob Wise, born Sumner Co., Tennessee 03 Sep 1824 gives his middle name as HOLLAND. He was the grandson of Matthew and Sarah HOLLAND ARMSTRONG and the great grandson of Jacob and Margaret ????? HOLLAND. From the Nashville Christian Advocate, 04 Jun 1903. (Thanks to Urial Jones)

  • Another of Mathew and Sarah HOLLAND's grandchildren from William and Charlotte ARMSTRONG MARQUESS was named Jacob HOLLAND MARQUESS, great grandson of Jacob and Margarette ????? HOLLAND
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