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(Special THANKS to Serena for making my Award for me.
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To apply for Kentucky is My Home! Award, follow the simple requirements below. Then email me your web site url. If you win, as a bonus, your link will be added to my winners page.


Just a few requirements to win.

1) Only family friendly, child safe sites. No vulgar language etc., NOR may you be linked to that type of page.

2) Site must not completely be under construction. I will tolerate construction, but not excessive.

3) Commercial sites are welcome, but I will judge your site, not your product. Also, English ONLY. (I must be able to understand the site).

4) You *MUST* give credit for the graphics you use and have a link back to the designer on EVERY page.

5) You *MUST* link my award
back to my site.

5) You *MUST* be 14 years old or older.

You will receive an email
from me if you win.

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