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Please email me your Preacher ~ Reverend ~ Minister
to include in this list to honor them.
If your ancestor is already listed,
send me your relationship and I will include you as well.
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Page 1: Cecil Homer Johnson
Page 2: Shadrack Jones Moore
Page 3: James Barney Branam
Page 4: Harvey Hensley
Page 5: Philip Mark Daniel
Page 6: Thomas Blossom
Page 7: James Hall
Page 8: John Harrison
Page 9: Andrew Miracle
Page 10: John Madison Pittman
Page 11: Samuel Pittman
Page 12: Henry Scudder
Page 13: Henry Tuggle
Page 14: Richard D Wilson
Page 15: Saint Margaret
Page 16: Saint Clotilde
Page 17: Benjamin Franklin McThompson Jr
Page 18: Golden McThompson
Page 19: William H Evans
Page 20: John T Evans
Page 21: Robert George Evans
Page 22: Ingram J Evans Sr
Page 23: Alexander C Givens
Page 24: Ophard David Hensley
Page 25: Walter Grey Pack
Page 26: Amos L Brooks
Page 27: Dr David M Ward
Page 28: William Whobrey
Page 29: Charles (Chad) Hensley Jr
Page 30: Jesse Bolling (Bowling)
Page 31: Robert Anthony Colbert
Page 32: John Hall Colbert Sr
Page 33: Robert Colbert
Page 34: John Hall Colbert Jr
Page 35: Charles Phillip Colbert
Page 36: Francis Dunn
Page 37: John Whittington Freeman
Page 38: Solomon Pope
Page 39: David Earl Hopkins
Page 40: Benjamin "Harrison" Moses
Page 41: Charles Buford Carter
Page 42: Harvey Edward Carter
Page 43: Eugene Verdot LeVert
Page 44: Jarvis Jackson Noe

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