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Welcome to Kentucky Kinfolk

Welcome to our new home on Rootsweb!

Creating a site on Rootsweb gives us a location independent of our choice of ISP's. Our hope is to get a high speed internet connection. If we decide to use Road Runner we would not be able to transfer our original site due to the limited amount of web space currently provided by them. In addition, Rootsweb is a great place to have a web site. It has great visibility with a lot of resources. This site will be indexed into its search engines making it easier to find us. While there are banners they promise not to have those aggravating pop-up screens.

We have Message Board so if you are looking for information, leave a post. It is called the SE Kentucky Message Board. It is the same type of board found on the Rootsweb County Boards. Our goal is to have it be a regional resource spanning Southeastern Kentucky, Southwestern Virginia and Northeastern Tennessee.

We invite you to browse through our site. We welcome all additions, corrections and general comments about the information that you find here. When [scrapbook] appears beside a name in the genealogy reports, click it to see pictures or documents pertaining to that person. If you use your browser's FIND feature to search for names, be sure to click your mouse in the right hand screen before initiating your search. Since the screen contains frames it is necessary to have the cursor in the right hand frame in order to search it.

There are most certainly errors that will be found in some of these reports and we urge you to inform us when you discover them. If we have left out anyone that should be included, please send us the information. Photographs of your ancestors are welcome and are easily added to their information. If you experience problems with viewing any page or find broken links, please let me know. We encourage your participation in this site since these genealogies belong to all of us.

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Genealogy Reports

Genealogy Reports Ancestors
Arnett Genealogy Descendants of David Arnett
Green Genealogy Descendants of Lewis Green
Hollingsworth Genealogy Descendants of Henry Hollingsworth
Hoskins Genealogy Descendants of John Hodgkinson
Miracle Genealogy Descendants of Heinrich Merckel
Overman Genealogy Descendants of Edward Overman/
Saylor/Salyer Genealogy Descendants of William Sallier
Thompson Genealogy Descendants of John Harvey Thompson Sr.
Wilson Genealogy Descendants of Richard D. Wilson
Miscellaneous Reports Genealogy Reports of various families

Census Reports

1810 Knox County Census 1810 Knox County Census
1860 Harlan County Census 1860 Harlan County Census
1860 Harlan County Census Alphabetical listing of the 1870 Bell County Census


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Links Links Page Links I use every day (and some I don't)
Pictures Pictures Page Various old pictures some identified, some not. Can you identify them?
Maps Maps Page Maps of early county formation in Kentucky
Marriages Marriages Kentucky and Bell County Marriages in my files
Query Message Board Post or reply to messages on our SE Kentucky Message Board


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