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Descendants of Heinrich Felix MERCKEL

Second Generation

2. Johann Frederich MERCKEL 1 (Heinrich Felix ) was born in 1669 in Hassloch, Neustadt, Germany. He died in 1735 in Kingston, Ulster County, New York.


The first of this family to come to America, arrived in the year 1710. They came as refugees from the German Palatine. Their trek to the New World had led them by way of Holland and England.

The name was originally spelled Merkel or Merckel and pronounced in German as "Mare-kil". The Palatines settled among, and intermarried with, the Dutch in Ulster County, New York. Here they soon were using the prevailing language which was Holland Dutch. (At Kingston chuch preaching was in Dutch until 1809).

The reasons behind the flight of our ancestors from the Palatine regions of Western Germany are given in the story set forth in the "Van Kocherthal Records", written in 1931 by Rev. Herman F. Vesper of St. John's Lutheran Church, Canajoharie, New York.

In 1673, twenty-five years after the "Thirty Years War" ended in 1648, Louis XIV of France began his marauding expeditions for the purpose of exterminating the Protestant heretics. Destructive raids laid waste to the Palatine countryside. This ruthless pillage continued until 1688 when the French King himself entered the land "to make it a wilderness" as he declared.

The villages, towns and farms of the Rhine regions were pillaged and burned, and their inhabitants tortured, ravished or slain. Few escaped the country. Those who survived were spared further horrors when, in 1705, England, Holland, Sweden, and Prussia intervened and threatened reprisals unless this carnage ceased. The way of Spanish Succession followed (1701-1713) but it touched only lightly on the already devistated country.

Added to the horrors of the war, there came further to harass the unfortunate Palatines the unusually severe winters of 1703 and 1709. Vineyards and orchards were blasted by the cold. Birds froze on the wing, fires failed to warm the shivering populace. Also, there came ecclesiastical regulations that made still more unbearable the life of these "poor, protestant, Palatines."

Their only salvation lay in migrating to other lands. The first group of 41 (men, women and children) left for England by way of Holland in 1708. They were led by the Rev. Joshua Von Kocherthal, a Lutheran minister, whose wife and three children were among the refugees. In London, they petitioned Queen Anne for permission to sail to one of the British Colonies in America. Hearing of their extreme poverty the good Queen granted them each a shilling a day towards their sustenance until a decision was reached.

England desired to expand her frontiers in the New World, so transportation for "these honest and laborious Palatines" was arranged on the British ship "Globe". A special act of naturalization made them "denizens of the Kingdom." (It is perhaps for reasons of gratitude that some of their immediate descendants, in the days of the American Revolution, seemed to have Tories and British sympathies-even to the extent of moving to Canada."

It was just 88 years after the voyage of the "Mayflower" that this first group of Palatines set sail. They landed 60 miles up the Hudson River and built a town they called "Neuberg", now called Newburgh, New York. Queen Anne supplied them with agricultural implements and foodstuffs for one year. In exchange, the Palatines were to supply lumber for the Royal Navy.

A year later, when pastor Von Kocherthal returned to England for additional aid, he found 3000 refugees there. They were living in tents on the Black Heath of London. The queen acceded to his wishes that they too be sent to America to join the others. This time a whole flotilla of vessels was needed. They sailed from London in the month of January, 1710. Among the ships was the "Globe", making it's second crossing with Palatine refugees.

For months this fleet of sailing ships with human cargo was tossed about on the stormy winter's sea. At least one ship was wrecked and 470 immigrants died during the voyage. Another 250 succumbed after landing in New York on the 14th of June, 1710. After a period of quarantine on Nutten (now Governor's Island, they proceeded upriver and settled on both sides of the Hudson, above Neuberg (New Town).

As time passed, some of the settlers moved on into the Schoharie Valley of New York and into parts of Pennsylvania. In the next few years Palatines migrated to the new land. Some of the ships landed at New York and some at Philadelphia.

One of the towns settled on the Hudson's west bank was West Camp (now Saugerties) near Kingston. Here the minister who worked with Pastor Von Kocherthal was Dominie Haeger of the Dutch Reformed Church. It is in the records of the Dutch Church atWest Camp that we first find mention of the name "MERKEL". It was here, on December 26, 1711, that a baby born on the ship "Globe" was baptized. It was Johan Adam Merkel, son of Fredrik Merkel and Barbara Alman.

We have no record of all the names in that second massive migration of the Palatine refugees, but from the baptismal record we know that Fredrik Merkel and his wife, Barbara, arrived with them.

Johann married (1) Anna Barbara about 1690.

They had the following children:

  3 M i Heinrich MERCKEL was born in 1691 in Germany.
  4 M ii Christopher MERCKEL was born in 1693 in Germany.
  5 M iii Johann Jacob MERCKEL was born in 1695 in Germany.
+ 6 M iv Lorentz MERCKEL
  7 F v Anna MERCKEL was born in 1698 in Hassloch, Germany.
        Anna married Peter WINNE.
  8 F vi Anna-Maria MERCKEL was born on 21 Dec 1701 in Hassloch, Germany.
        Anna-Maria married Johann M. PLANCK.
  9 M vii Johann Mathias MERCKEL was born on 20 Jun 1703 in Hassloch, Germany.
        Johann married Margaretha KEHL daughter of Georg Wilhelm KAHL and Anna Gertraud WINNEN.
  10 F viii Elisabetha MERCKEL was born on 24 Dec 1704 in Hassloch, Germany.
        Elisabetha married Ludwig WORTH.
  11 M ix Johann-Andreas MERCKEL was born on 5 Sep 1706 in Hassloch, Germany.
  12 F x Margaretha Phillipina MERCKEL was born on 23 Dec 1708 in Hassloch, Germany.

Johann married 1 (2) Anna Barbara ALLMAN before 4 Aug 1710 in Neustadt, Germany.

They had the following children:

  13 M xi Johann-Adam MERCKEL was born on 10 Dec 1711.
        Johann-Adam married Regina.
  14 F xii Maria Elisabetha MERCKEL was born on 12 Feb 1713.
        Maria married Jacob BRINK.
  15 M xiii Bernhardt Barent MERCKEL was born in 1715. He was christened on 5 Jun 1715.

CHRISTENING: Christened as Barent.
        Bernhardt married (1) Cornelia VAN DER MERKEN.
        Bernhardt married (2) Barbara VAN DER MERKEN on 13 Sep 1747.
  16 F xiv Eva MERCKEL was born on 21 Dec 1716.
        Eva married Jeremias KITTEL on 16 Sep 1739.
  17 F xv Elisabetha Maria MERCKEL was born on 16 Feb 1719.
        Elisabetha married Thomas BOSCH on 9 Mar 1739.
  18 M xvi Johannes MERCKEL was born in 1720. He was christened on 25 Sep 1720.
        Johannes married Elisabetha Anna SCHNAUB on 10 Sep 1746. Elisabetha was born in Punstadt, Germany.
+ 19 M xvii Wilhelmus MERCKEL
  20 M xviii Petrus MERCKEL was born in 1725. He was christened on 14 Feb 1725. He died in Infancy.
  21 M xix Petrus MERCKEL was born in 1726. He was christened on 25 Sep 1726.
        Petrus married Sarah WESTERBROOK.
  22 F xx Anna MERCKEL was born in 1729. She was christened on 18 May 1729.
        Anna married Jacobus BOSCH on 13 Oct 1745.

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