My Kinfolks of KY and Beyond Helen Presley Jones Dedication

Helen Presley Jones - Taken 3/23/2002

May 13, 1943 - January 16, 2007

    Helen is the sixth of eight children born to
    Elmer Presley and Maudie Durham.
    She was born in Dizney, Harlan Co., KY.
    Helen married Wilburn Jones on November 29, 1963 and reared two children.
    Helen loved to read, quilt and research her family history and roots.

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    He Only Takes The Best

    God saw you getting tired
    and a cure was not to be,
    so He put his arms around you
    and whispered “Come with Me.“
    With tear filled eyes we watched
    as you suffered and faded away,
    although we loved you deeply
    we could not will you to stay.
    A gold heart stopped beating,
    hard working hands at rest,
    God broke our hearts to show us,
    He Only Takes The Best!

    I love you and am going to miss you tremendously - Kim Jones Dean (her daughter).

    God blessed me with a friend like you,
    who was also my first cousin too.
    He chose us from the same tree,
    so that we would search and share
    our family genealogy.

    He took us from rags to riches,
    even though we were poor.
    He gave us the intelligence
    to appreciate those who had lived before.

    I never knew for sure
    what you were asking me.
    The day when you said,
    "How well do you know your family"?

    Now you too,
    are on the other side,
    And I sit and wonder
    to the question why?

    And it came to me one night in a dream
    You hadn't left just
    that you had moved on to a better place
    where all of our ancestors now call home.

    Arbutus "Arby" Durham (1st cousin to Helen)

    I met Alene first in 1994. She came to our house and wanted to borrow my great grandfather's picture (Britt Hall) so she could make a copy. I didn't even know her so I told her I would have her one made.

    She kept coming back for visits. We worked on our family tree and talked for hours. I never saw Alene without an R.C. It was so much a part of her.

    She always made time to come show me what she had found in her research and she always brought me a copy.

    One day she brought her sister Helen and Helen's daughter Kim. It was like we had known each other all our lives.

    We three older ones were so happy that a young one like Kim had taken such an interest in our research obsession. It was great. Someone cared enough to carry on for us.

    I miss Helen and Alene. Sometimes I get kind of angry that we grew up within 25 miles of each other and did not meet until we were nearing our 50's.

    These two women were like walking in and opening a treasure chest. They knew things about my father's relatives that I never knew. They brought a life to my great grandmother through their stories from their grandmother. Alene took me to Julian Lankford's grave. None of us knew where it was.

    It was always something new and exciting.

    Helen and Alene were my cousins but in my heart, they were two of the best friends I ever had. I love them very much.

    Thank you God that we got to meet each other!

    Norma Hall Collins (2nd cousin to Helen).

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