Mini YORKSGEN 2005

 back path.jpg (139107 Byte)On the way to the Borthwick Art horse.JPG (160504 Byte) Art asking the way ..
Judy and Art Borthwick1.JPG (105869 Byte) and Judy following .. Judy and Art Borthwick21.JPG (118527 Byte) going round in circles ...
way2.jpg (134865 Byte) getting there one way or another ... house.JPG (114241 Byte) the scenery is nice ..

  way3.JPG (177859 Byte) 
which ever way you go ..

Magdalena.JPG (157345 Byte)
Magdalena enjoying the ..

way4.JPG (161213 Byte)  ...view

In the evenings at Halifax Court

Lesley washing.JPG (85175 Byte) Lesley washing-up Judy drying.JPG (74007 Byte) Judy drying .. while
Chris and Steve.jpg (96322 Byte) the clever ones do puzzles .. DSCF0020.JPG (102845 Byte) Art is helping
Steve and Ron.JPG (88851 Byte)  Steve is really puzzled Ron and Pat.jpg (78686 Byte) while Ron and Pat look on.
Carol.JPG (69750 Byte) Carol refusing to play :-). Shops on campus.JPG (141227 Byte)Shops on campus

The village of Heslington

Village1.jpg (108008 Byte) Village2.jpg (147765 Byte)
Village3.JPG (133134 Byte) Best sandwiches in the world (so they say) Village4.JPG (117653 Byte) Judy dancing her way to the pub ..
garden2.jpg (123936 Byte) Private garden open for visitors garden3.jpg (134238 Byte)
garden4.JPG (121409 Byte) garden1.JPG (157748 Byte)

A day in Durham

Durham1.jpg (64611 Byte)Saw the cathedral .. potter.jpg (92672 Byte) ..the cloisters (Harry Potter filmed here)
DSCF0017.JPG (146972 Byte) ... the castle Dscf0008.jpg (109772 Byte) had a drink at the cafe .. and ...
Dscf0009.jpg (112655 Byte) Judy started dancing again .. durham6.JPG (144626 Byte) .. and singing !

Having a rest in York

JudyMagdalena.JPG (120120 Byte) Judy and Magdalena having a giggle ... ouch.jpg (176000 Byte) in the garden ...

More photos from our MiniYorksgen taken by Steve