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NB: This is very much work in progress - I am very much more sure of some people than of others. Please do not take this as gospel but as a guide to your own research. I will update these pages as I find out more.
1. John Allen
 sp: Elizabeth Phillips (m.2 Jan 1762)
    2. Elizabeth Allen (c.21 Nov 1762-Hanbury,Staffs;d.Bef 1780)
    2. John Allen (c.3 Jan 1765-Hanbury,Staffs;d.15 Mar 1769)
    2. Jenny Allen (c.29 Mar 1767-Hanbury,Staffs)
    2. William Allen (c.19 Jun 1768-Hanbury,Staffs)
    2. John Allen (c.10 Feb 1771-Hanbury,Staffs)
     sp: Sarah Woolley (m.25 Apr 1798)
        3. Joseph Allen (c.24 Mar 1799-Hanbury,Staffs)
        3. John Allen (c.1 Jan 1801-Hanbury,Staffs)
        3. Thomas Allen (c.23 Oct 1802-Hanbury,Staffs)
        3. Sarah Allen (c.20 Jun 1804-Hanbury,Staffs)
        3. Mary Allen (c.26 Apr 1807-Hanbury,Staffs)
    2. Joseph Allen (c.3 Apr 1774-Hanbury,Staffs;d.Bef 1841)
     sp: Lydia Barnes (c.7 May 1775-Saint Bartholomew,Farewell,Staffs;m.7 Mar 1798;d.Aft 1841)
        3. Mary Allen (c.29 Jul 1798-Hanbury,Staffs)
        3. Thomas Allen (c.1 Jan 1800-Hanbury,Staffs;d.Jul 1834-Draycott-in-the-Clay,Staffs)
           sp: Mary Botham (b.10 Feb 1806-Belmot,Staffordshire;d.9 May 1876-Scropton,Derbys)
            4. Thomas Allen (b.21 Dec 1826-Draycott in the Clay,Staffs)
             sp: Mary Goodwin Walley (b.4 Apr 1833-Hanley,Staffs;d.3rd quarter 1902-Registered in Burton on Trent)
                5. Mary Walley Allen (b.1857-Hanley,Staffs)
                 sp: George Henry Bakewell (b.1856/1857-Doveridge,Derbys;m.4th quarter 1883)
                5. Madeline Allen (b.1858-Tutbury,Staffs)
                5. Thomas William Allen (b.1859-Tutbury,Staffs)
                 sp: Annie (b.1858/1859-Tutbury,Staffs)
            4. Mary Allen (b.12 Mar 1829)
            4. Mary Allen (b.11 Oct 1831)
             sp: William Hough Dooley (m.Jun 1852)
            4. David Allen (b.1831/1832-Draycott in the Clay,Staffs;d.31 Oct 1860-Scropton,Derbys)
             sp: Mary Reeve (c.12 Apr 1829-Scropton,Derbys;m.9 Dec 1857;d.16 Apr 1892-Scropton,Derbys)
                5. Mary Evelyn Allen (c.30 Jan 1859-Scropton,Derbys;d.from 13 Oct 1887 to 16 Apr 1892)
                5. David Allen (b.25 Aug 1860-Scropton,Derbys;d.26 Aug 1899-Scropton,Derbys)
                 sp: Elizabeth Orme (b.10 Apr 1870-Foston,Derbys;m.27 Sep 1893;d.23 Feb 1899-Foston,Derbys)
                    6. Lily Allen (b.1894/1895-Scropton,Derbys)
                    6. David Allen (b.4 May 1897-Church House,Scropton,Derbys;d.Aft 1962)
                     sp: May (b.Aft 1977)
                    6. Mary Elizabeth "Molly" Allen (b.10 Feb 1899-Scropton,Derbys;d.Feb 1969-Cardiff)
                     sp: Reginald "Reggie" Jones (b.20 Mar 1887-Cardiff,Glam;m.12 Oct 1920;d.2nd quarter 1947-Registered in )
            4. John Allen (b.29 Nov 1833-Draycott,Staffs)
             sp: Mary Goodwin Walley (b.4 Apr 1833-Hanley,Staffs;d.3rd quarter 1902-Registered in Burton on Trent) [repeated]
                5. Adelaide Allen (b.1866-Tutbury,Staffs)
                 sp: Thomas Orme (b.1865-Hoon,Derbys;m.2nd quarter 1888)
        3. Jane Allen (c.13 Sep 1801-Hanbury,Staffs)
        3. Elizabeth Allen (c.2 Jan 1804-Hanbury,Staffs)
        3. George Allen (c.25 Aug 1805-Hanbury,Staffs)
        3. Joseph Allen (c.8 Feb 1809-Hanbury,Staffs)
        3. Lydia Allen (c.26 Sep 1809-Hanbury,Staffs)
        3. Ann Allen (c.14 Jun 1807-Hanbury,Staffs)
        3. Caroline Allen (c.14 Apr 1811-Hanbury,Staffs)
        3. Emma Allen (c.24 Jun 1814-Hanbury,Staffs)
        3. John Allen (c.30 Mar 1816-Hanbury,Staffs;d.23 Mar 1820)
        3. William Allen (c.29 Mar 1818-Hanbury,Staffs;d.17 May 1819)
    2. Thomas Allen (c.14 May 1776-Hanbury,Staffs)
    2. Mary Allen (c.20 Apr 1778-Hanbury,Staffs;d.Nov 1778)
    2. Elizabeth Allen (c.1 Jan 1780-Hanbury,Staffs)
    2. George Allen (c.1 Oct 1781-Hanbury,Staffs)

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