Butler A family of mostly Butler

NB: This is very much work in progress - I am very much more sure of some people than of others. Please do not take this as gospel but as a guide to your own research. I will update these pages as I find out more.
1. William Butler (b.1674-Ockbrook,Derbyshire)
   sp: Ann (b.1698-Ockbrook,Derbyshire)
    2. Anne Butler (b.1722)
    2. John Butler (b.1728)
    2. Francis Butler (b.1728)
    2. William Butler (b.1729)
       sp: Anne Kerry (b.1743;m.26 Dec 1759)
        3. Jane Butler (b.1760;d.16 Mar 1765)
        3. William Butler (b.1764)
        3. John Butler (b.1767)
           sp: Dorothy Stoppard
            4. George Butler (c.7 Mar 1787-Spondon,Derbys)
               sp: Elizabeth Cope (m.9 Apr 1816)
                5. William Butler
            4. Maria Butler (c.2 Aug 1801-Risley,Derbys)
        3. Ann Butler (b.1 Jun 1770-Ockbrook,Derbys;d.3 Sep 1846-Spondon,Derbys)
           u*: Joseph Frearson (b.15 Sep 1765-Ockbrook,Derbyshire)
            4. Joseph Frearson Butler (b.30 Jan 1790-Risley,Derbys;d.18 Aug 1878-Bristol)
               sp: Sarah Theobold (b.1802-Risley Or Stanton,Derbys;m.22 May 1817;d.14 Apr 1850-Nottingham,England)
                5. William Butler J.P. (b.28 Feb 1819-Woodhouse,Leicester,England;d.6 Oct 1900-1 Clifton Grove,Bristol)
                   sp: Ann Boam (b.21 May 1821-Shiply,Derby,England;d.3 Jul 1886)
                    6. Mary Ann Butler (b.16 Mar 1840-Shipley,Derby,England;d.5 Jun 1910)
                       sp: John Thomas Iles (b.1836-St George,Bristol)
                    6. William Butler (b.10 Aug 1841-Spondon,Derby;d.2 Nov 1845)
                    6. Sarah Butler (b.21 Sep 1843-Creech)
                       sp: Joseph Newman
                    6. Emma Butler (b.27 Jun 1845-Conham,St George,Gloucs;d.11 Feb 1929-Menton,France)
                       sp: Robert Bird (b.13 Feb 1839-Soundwell,Nr Bristol;m.26 Dec 1861;d.3 Jan 1909-Cardiff,Glam)
                    6. William Henry Butler (b.3 Aug 1847;d.3 Sep 1848)
                    6. William Henry Butler (b.26 Jun 1850-St. George)
                       sp: Esther Elizabeth (b.1851/1852-Manchester)
                        7. Mary Isabille Butler (b.1870/1871-St. George)
                        7. William Butler (b.1875/1876-St. George)
                        7. Joseph Henry Butler (b.1877/1878-St. George)
                    6. Ellen Butler (b.25 Feb 1852-St. George,Gloucs)
                       sp: Edwin Shellard (b.1844-Bitton)
                    6. Samuel Butler (b.9 Jun 1855-St George,Gloucester,England)
                       sp: Marion Anderson Cochrane
                    6. Joseph Beaumont Butler (b.16 Sep 1857-St. George)
                       sp: Minnie Sophia Stephens (b.3 Aug 1887)
                        7. Eileen Butler
                           sp: George Foss
                        7. Margaret Butler
                           sp: Foss
                        7. Mary Butler
                        7. Winsome Butler
                    6. Thomas Butler (b.5 Jul 1861-Gloucester City)
                       sp: Rosa Kate (b.12 Feb 1861)
                    6. Ada Boam Butler (b.15 Nov 1863-St. George,Gloucs)
                       sp: William Henry Reece Brain (b.1859)
                5. Maria Mary Butler (b.15 Oct 1822-Spondon,Derbys;d.14 Jan 1899)
                   sp: Lorenzo Waldram (b.14 Jul 1825-Nottingham;m.9 Dec 1850;d.30 Oct 1906-Pleasant Grove,Utah)
                    6. Dinah Vickers Waldram (b.3 Nov 1845-Nottingham;d.19 Mar 1864-Nottingham)
                    6. Lorenzo Waldram (b.2 Sep 1851-Snenton,Nottingham;d.27 Jan 1943-Salt Lake City,Utah)
                    6. Orson Waldram (b.3 Aug 1858-Snenton,Nottingham;d.9 Aug 1914)
                    6. Agnes Harriet Waldram (b.18 Jun 1860-Nottingham;d.6 Sep 1934-Ogden,Weber,Utah)
                    6. Sarah Elizabeth Waldram (b.18 May 1864-Nottingham;d.25 Apr 1958-Pasadena,California)
                    6. Alfred Thomas Waldram (b.9 Nov 1862-Nottingham;d.11 Jan 1957)
                5. Ann Butler (b.29 Mar 1824-Sandiacre,Derbys;d.14 Apr 1863)
                   sp: Humphrey Astle (m.26 Dec 1842)
                5. Joseph Butler (b.23 Dec 1825-Sandiacre,Derbys)
                   sp: Jane Astle (m.27 Sep 1859)
                5. Isaac Butler (b.11 Aug 1827-Sandiacre,Derbys;d.21 Nov 1906)
                   sp: Elizabeth (b.1827-St George,Bristol)
                   sp: Mary (b.1838-Cornwall)
                5. Samuel Stevens Butler (b.11 Jun 1829-Sandiacre,Derbys;d.8 Dec 1922)
                5. James Butler (b.6 Oct 1830-Sandiacre,Derbys;d.Bef 1835)
                5. Alfred Butler (b.11 Jul 1832-Sandiacre,Derbys)
                5. Jesse Butler (b.23 Feb 1834-Sandiacre,Derbys)
                5. Ruth Butler (b.28 Sep 1835-Sandiacre,Derbys;d.Apr 1885)
                   sp: Samuel Jackson
                5. Ephraim Butler (b.27 Mar 1837-Sandiacre,Derbys;d.1879)
                   sp: Jane Coombs (m.8 Mar 1863)
                    6. Mabel Butler
                5. Edward Butler (b.20 Sep 1838-Sandiacre,Derbys)
                5. Reuben Butler (b.9 Apr 1840-Sandiacre,Derbys)
                5. Alfred Butler (b.1843-Sandiacre,Derbys)
                   sp: Mary (b.Abt 1797;m.10 May 1854;d.6 Apr 1887-St. George,Gloucestershire)
           sp: William Stevens (c.5 May 1776-Spondon,Derbys;m.6 Oct 1793;d.4 Jan 1852-Spondon,Derbys)
            4. John Stevens (c.19 Nov 1796-Spondon,Derbys)
            4. Mary Ann Stevens (c.20 Jun 1799-Spondon,Derbyshire;d.1889-Spondon,Derbyshire)
              sp: William Boam (b.1795-Shipley,Derbyshire;m.15 Oct 1816;d.9 Mar 1825-Shipley,Derbyshire)
              sp: Thomas Hand (m.3 Nov 1828)
                5. Thomas Hand (b.1829-Spondon,Derbyshire)
                   sp: Mary Ann Guest
                5. Hannah Hand (b.Abt 1831-Spondon,Derbyshire)
                5. Ellen Hand (b.1835-Spondon,Derbyshire)
              sp: Thomas Lambert Wright
            4. Samuel Stevens (c.1 Oct 1803-Spondon,Derbys)
            4. Sarah Stevens (c.3 May 1808-Spondon,Derbys)
            4. Isaac Stevens (c.11 Dec 1810-Spondon,Derbys)
            4. Harriet Stevens (c.15 Sep 1814-Spondon,Derbys)
            4. Alpha Stevens (c.10 Feb 1819-Spondon,Derbys)
        3. Jane Butler (b.1774)
        3. Elizabeth Butler (b.1779)
    2. Elizabeth Butler (b.1735)

u* = unmarried

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