Jones A family of mostly Jones

NB: This is very much work in progress - some people I am very much more sure of than others. Please do not take this as gospel but as a guide to your own research. I will update these pages as I find out more.
1. William Jones (b.1774/1781-Glamorgan;b.4 Sep 1846-St Giles Church,Gileston,Glam)
sp: Hannah (b.Abt 1796-Coddenham,Suffolk;b.29 Dec 1874-Gileston,Glam)
    2. Hannah Jones (c.7 Mar 1816-Gileston,Glam)
    2. Elizabeth Jones (c.4 Oct 1818-Gileston,Glam)
    2. Charlotte Jones (c.2 Jan 1820-Gileston,Glam;d.4th quarter 1899-Registered in Cardiff)
    sp: John Williams (c.30 Jun 1825-Cardiff,Glam;m.5 May 1847;d.Bef Apr 1851)
        3. Mary Jane Williams (b.11 Feb 1848-Cardiff,Glamorgan;d.Aft 1901)
        sp: Daniel Jones (c.9 Oct 1853-St Athan,Glamorgan;d.Aft 1920)
            4. Lillian Jones (b.1881/1882-Cardiff,Glam)
            4. Elsie Jones (b.1883/1884-Cardiff,Glam)
            4. Reginald "Reggie" Jones (b.20 Mar 1887-Cardiff,Glam;d.1946)
            sp: Mary Elizabeth "Molly" Allen (b.10 Feb 1899-Scropton,Derbys;m.12 Oct 1920;d.Feb 1969-Cardiff)
                5. Peter Allen Jones (b.14 Aug 1926;d.14 Aug 1996) 
                5. David Allen Jones (b.15 Apr 1930-Penarth,Glams;d.16 Feb 1962) 
                sp: Living 
            4. Guiseppe Venyenso "Joseph" Melandri (b.1867/1868-Cardiff,Glam)
            sp: Sarah Jane Perkins (b.1864/1865-Cardiff,Glam;m.Sep 1892)
                5. Florence Mary Melandri (b.Jun 1893-Cardiff;d.Sep 1893-Cardiff)
                5. Venzenso "Vincent" Melandri (b.Jun 1894-Cardiff,Glam)
                5. Leornard Melandri (b.Dec 1895-Cardiff,Glam)
                5. Anita Melandri (b.Mar 1899-Cardiff,Glam)
                5. Bernard Melandri (b.Jun 1902-Cardiff)
            4. Carlotta Antonia "Charlotte" Melandri (b.1870/1871-Cardiff,Glam)
            sp: Ephraim Street (b.Abt 1870-Cardiff;m.Sep 1890)
                5. William Oswald M Street (b.2nd quarter 1891-Cardiff)
                5. Martha Ann E Street (b.1st quarter 1893-Cardiff;d.4th quarter 1895-Cardiff)
                5. Elsie Winifred M Street (b.3rd quarter 1895-Cardiff;d.4th quarter 1893-Cardiff)
                5. Carlotta Lilian Street (b.4th quarter 1897-Cardiff)
                5. Ephraim Guiseppe M Street (b.1st quarter 1901-Cardiff)
                5. Percy William R Street (b.1st quarter 1903-Cardiff)
                5. John Malcolm K M Street (b.3rd quarter 1907-Cardiff)
            4. Guiliamo Gaettano Melandri (b.1872/1873;d.2nd quarter 1873)
            4. William Attilio Melandri (c.2 Jan 1875-Penarth,Glam;d.14 May 1875)
        3. William Williams (c.16 Jun 1850-Cardiff Saint Mary,Glamorgan)
        sp: Gertrude E Campion (b.Abt 1858-London)
            4. Gertrude Ida Williams (b.3rd quarter 1878-Penarth,Glam)
            sp: George James
            4. Ethel Charlotte Williams (b.1879/1880-Penarth,Glam)
            sp: William Charles James Brice
            4. John Alfred Williams (b.1881-Penarth,Glam;d.1905-At Sea on the Moy)
            4. Mabel Jean Williams (b.1st quarter 1883-Penarth,Glam)
            sp: Harold Oliver Jones
            4. William Percy Williams (b.2nd quarter 1884-Penarth,Glam)
            sp: Catherine Emily Ann Stockdale
            4. Charlie Williams (b.1885/1886-Penarth,Glam)
            sp: Beatrice Rundle
            4. Thomas Ralph Williams (b.1st quarter 1895)
    sp: Thomas Morse (d.Bef Mar 1891)
    2. Caroline Jones (b.2 Dec 1821-Gileston,Glam)
    sp: Wright (d.Bef 1851)
        3. Elizabeth Wright (b.Abt 1850-Cardiff,Glam)
    2. Samuel Jones (b.2 Dec 1823-Gileston,Glamorgan;d.Mar 1906)
    sp: Ann Sela (b.1828/1829-Flemingston,Glam;m.20 May 1848;d.Mar 1912)
        3. William Jones (b.26 Feb 1849-Gileston,Glam)
        sp: Catherine (b.1849/1850-Cardiff,Glam)
            4. Hannah Elizabeth Jones (b.1874/1875-Cardiff,Glam)
            4. William Edwin Jones (b.1877-Cardiff,Glam;d.Abt 1952)
            sp: Mary Jane Hopkins
                5. Arthur Jones (b.1915;d.1982)
                sp: Alice "Braces" Bracegirdle (b.1916;d.1986)
        3. John Jones (c.1 Dec 1850-Gileston,Glam)
        sp: Ellen Jones (b.Abt 1845-Leominster,Herefordshire)
            4. Emily Jones (b.1885/1886-Toxteth Park,Liverpool)
            sp: ?
        3. Mary Ann Jones (c.15 Aug 1852-St Athan,Glam;d.Bef 1857)
        3. Daniel Jones (c.9 Oct 1853-St Athan,Glamorgan;d.Aft 1920) [see above]
        sp: Mary Jane Williams (b.11 Feb 1848-Cardiff,Glamorgan;d.Aft 1901) [see above]
        3. Mary Ann Jones (c.10 Aug 1856-St Athan,Glam)
        sp: William Allen (b.1854/1855-Bradford,Wilts;m.Sep 1880)
            4. Florrie E Allen (b.1883/1884-Cardiff,Glam)
            4. Walter T Allen (b.1885/1886-Aberdare,Glam)
            4. Beatrice E Allen (b.1889/1890-Aberdare,Glam)
            4. William J Allen (b.1891-Cardiff,Glam)
        3. Jane Jones (c.27 Dec 1858-St Athan,Glam)
        sp: John Williams (b.1861/1862-Llanmaes,Glam)
            4. Samuel Charles Williams (b.1886/1887-Llanmaes,Glam)
            4. Llewellyn John Williams (b.1889/1890-Llanmaes,Glam)
        3. David Jones (b.1860-St Athan,Glam)
        sp: Margaret Irene George (b.1861-Boverton,Llantwit Major,Glam)
            4. Arthur Jones (b.1889/1890-Wroughton,Wiltshire;d.Bef Nov 1918-France)
            4. Margaret Irene Jones (b.15 Nov 1898;d.5 Aug 1995-Newport,Mon)
            sp: Frederick James Richards (b.23 Jul 1892-Penarth,Glam;d.26 May 1982-Newport,Mon)
            4. Minnie A N Jones (b.Sep 1900)
        3. Eleanor "Ellen" Jones (b.1863-St Athan,Glam)
        3. Samuel Jones (b.1865-St Athan,Glam)
        sp: Mary Ann Jenkins (b.Abt 1863-St Athan,Glam;m.Jun 1885)
            4. John Jones (b.1885/1886-St Athan,Glam)
            4. Elizabeth A Jones (b.1886/1887-St Athan,Glam)
            4. Martha J Jones (b.1887/1888-St Athan,Glam)
            4. Gladys M Jones (b.1890-St Athan,Glam)
            4. Walter Jones (b.1891/1892-Gileston,Glam)
            4. Blodwen Jones (b.1894/1895-Gileston,Glam)
            4. Annie Elizabeth Jones (b.1896/1897-Gileston,Glam)
            4. Elsie Leah Jones (b.1897/1898-Gileston,Glam)
            4. Ethel Maud Jones (b.1898/1899-Gileston,Glam)
        3. Caroline Jones (c.3 Feb 1867-St Tathan's Church,St Athan,Glam)
        3. Thomas Moss Jones (b.3rd quarter 1868-St Athan,Glam)
        sp: Mary (b.1873/1874-Liverpool,Lancs)
            4. Florence M Jones (b.1896/1897)
            4. Gertrude E Jones (b.1898/1899)
        3. Walter Jones (b.1872/1873-St Athan,Glam)
    2. John Jones (b.13 Jan 1827-Gileston,Glam)
    sp: Ann (b.1828/1829-Gileston,Glam)
        3. William Jones (b.1848/1849-Llangynwyd,Glam)
    2. Eleanor Jones (b.17 Mar 1829-Gileston,Glam)
    sp: William Howe (b.1826/1827-Shapwick,Somerset;m.Mar 1849)
        3. Charles Howe (b.1850-St Athan,Glam)
        sp: Ellen E (b.1849/1850-Tintern,Mon)
        3. Samuel Howe (b.1851-St Athan,Glam)
        sp: Mary (b.1862/1863-St Athan,Glam)
            4. William Howe (b.1880-St Athan,Glam)
            4. Sarah A Howe (b.1882/1883-St Athan,Glam)
            4. Mary J Howe (b.1884/1885-St Athan,Glam)
            4. Arthur Howe (b.1887/1888-St Athan,Glam)
        3. Hannah Howe (c.17 Jul 1853-St Athan,Glam;d.31 Oct 1854-St Athan,Glam)
        3. George Howe (b.1855-St Athan,Glam)
        3. William Howe (b.1857/1858-St Athan,Glam)
        sp: Catherine (b.1845/1846-Scotland)
            4. Ellen Jane Howe (c.12 Dec 1875-Gileston,Glam)
            4. Charles William Howe (c.25 Feb 1877-Gileston,Glam)
            4. Mary A Howe (b.1879/1880-Cogan,Glam)
            4. Davie J Howe (b.Mar 1881-Cogan,Glam)
        3. John Howe (b.1859-St Athan,Glam)
        3. Thomas Howe (b.1861-St Athan,Glam)
        3. Jane Howe (b.1863-St Athan,Glam)
        3. Alfred Howe (b.1866/1867-St Athan,Glam)
    2. Daniel Jones (b.31 Aug 1831-Gileston,Glam)

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