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NB: This is very much work in progress - some people I am very much more sure of than others. Please do not take this as gospel but as a guide to your own research. I will update these pages as I find out more.
1. Thomas Jones (d.Bef 1851)
  sp: Jemima Jacob (b.1811;m.Abt 1834)
    2. John Jones (b.1833)
    2. Jane Jones (b.1834)
    2. David Jones (b.1836)
    2. Elijah Jones (b.8 Oct 1838-Newport;d.20 Dec 1929)
      sp: Hannah Rees (b.1839-Cardiff,Glamorgan;m.12 Nov 1861;d.12 Mar 1926)
        3. Jane Elizabeth Jones (b.21 Dec 1862-Cardiff)
        3. Thomas Rees Jones (b.11 Mar 1864-Cardiff)
        3. Mary Theresa Jones (b.1 Nov 1866-Cardiff)
        3. Frederick Jones (b.26 Sep 1868-Cardiff,Glamorgan,Wales;d.20 Dec 1961)
          sp: Mary Jane "Polly" Rees (b.29 Jan 1871-Peterstone Wentloog,Monmouthshire;m.1 Dec 1896;d.1 Jun 1958-Cardiff)
            4. Frederick William Jones (b.19 Mar 1901-Cardiff;d.Abt 1995)
              sp: Muriel Sitinley (b.Abt 1904;d.Autumn 2001)
            4. Herbert Stanley Jones (b.26 Apr 1903-Cardiff)
              sp: Pauline
            4. Edith Mary Jones (b.31 Dec 1905-Cardiff;d.1 Feb 2002-St. Winifred's Nursing Home,Cardiff)
              sp: Frank Bird (b.17 Mar 1887-20 St Andrews Cres,Cardiff;m.21 Feb 1928;d.18 Feb 1969-Cardiff)
            4. Nesta Florence Jones (b.19 Sep 1908;d.Abt 1995)
        3. John Harry Jones (b.7 Dec 1870-Cardiff)
        3. David Arthur Jones (b.23 Apr 1873-Cardiff)
        3. Charlotte A Jones (b.1875/1876-Cardiff)
        3. Florence M Jones (b.1881/1882-Cardiff,Glam)
          sp: Ovenden
    2. Elizabeth Jones (b.1841)

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