Orme A family of mostly Orme

NB: This is very much work in progress - I am very much more sure of some people than of others. Please do not take this as gospel but as a guide to your own research. I will update these pages as I find out more.
1. John Orme (b.Abt 1650) - possibly the same man as this John Orme
sp: Mary (b.Abt 1650, d.May 1732-Marston-on-Dove,Derbys)
    2. Thomas Orme (d.Abt 1758)
     sp: Alice Eaton (m.29 Mar 1733)
        3. Catharine Orme (c.2 Jun 1734-Marston-on-Dove,Derbys)
         sp: Egerton Orme (c.23 Oct 1716-Scropton,Derbys;m.13 Apr 1758;d.1787)
            4. Catharine Orme (b.21 Jun 1758-Scropton,Derbyshire)
            4. Sarah Orme (c.13 Apr 1760-Scropton,Derbyshire;d.15 Jan 1852-Scropton,Derbyshire)
            4. Thomas Orme (b.Feb, Mar or Apr 1762;d.10 Feb 1835-Hoon,Derbys)
             sp: Ann Moore (b.Abt 1775-Scropton,Derbyshire;m.1806;d.22 Nov 1847-Hoon,Derbys)
                5. Thomas Orme (b.1812-Hoon,Derbys;d.24 Jun 1882-Scropton,Derbyshire)
                 sp: Mary Midlam (b.1811-Marston-on-Dove,Derbys;m.17 Dec 1836;d.7 Nov 1867)
                    6. Thomas Orme (b.1840-Hoon,Derbys;d.Jun 1897-Registered in Burton)
                     sp: Sabina Ann Fernyhough (b.16 Jan 1841-Draycott,Staffs;m.1st quarter 1863;d.27 Oct 1898)
                        7. Thomas Egerton Orme (b.1863-Hoon,Derbys;d.8 Nov 1864)
                        7. Thomas Orme (b.1865-Hoon,Derbys)
                         sp: Adelaide Allen (b.1866-Tutbury,Staffs;m.2nd quarter 1888)
                            8. Mary Adelaide Orme (b.Mar 1889-Registered in Burton)
                             sp: Hough
                            8. Gladys Orme (b.Dec 1890-Registered in Burton)
                            8. Madeline Orme (b.Mar 1899-Registered in Burton)
                        7. Fredrick William Orme (b.1867-Hoon,Derbys)
                         sp: Ada Jane Ludlam (b.Abt 1866;m.2nd quarter 1897)
                            8. Ada Sabina Orme (b.Jun 1898-Registered in Burton)
                            8. Frederick Orme (b.Mar 1900-Registered in Burton)
                        7. John Orme (b.1869-Hoon,Derbys)
                         sp: Jane Archer (b.Abt 1870-Hilton,Derbys;m.3rd quarter 1890)
                            8. John Orme (b.1890/1891-Hilton,Derbys)
                            8. Thomas Orme (b.1895/1896-Hilton,Derbys)
                            8. William Orme (b.1897/1898-Sutton on the Hill,Derbys)
                            8. Richard Orme (b.Abt Apr 1900-Sutton on the Hill,Derbys)
                        7. George Orme (b.1870-Hoon,Derbys)
                        7. Sabina Sarah Ann Orme (b.1873-Hoon,Derbys)
                         sp: Robert Henry Roe (m.8 Jun 1898)
                            8. Gilbert Roe (d.Abt 1993)
                            8. Harold Roe
                            8. Violet Roe
                            8. Eric Roe
                        7. Edward "Ted" Orme (b.1875-Hoon,Derbys)
                         sp: Edith Mary Archer (b.1882-Hoon Hay Farm;m.4th quarter 1898)
                            8. Edward "Ted" Orme (b.1899;d.1977)
                             sp: Tilly Seals (b.1907)
                                9. Madeline Orme (b.1937;d.27 Jun 2004-Brassington,Derbys)
                            8. Alice Mary "Cis" Orme (b.1901;d.1984)
                             sp: Will Slater
                            8. Sabina Orme (b.1903;d.1984)
                             sp: Walter Clayton
                            8. Agnes Orme (b.1904;d.1948)
                             sp: Lewis Harvey
                            8. Walter William Orme (b.1906;d.19 Dec 1989)
                             sp: Nellie Wood (b.1914;d.28 May 1987)
                            8. Gerald Orme (b.1907;d.1989)
                             sp: Peggy
                            8. Winifred Orme (b.1910;d.1988)
                             sp: William Wilson
                            8. Gilbert Orme (b.15 Jan 1915;d.11 Nov 1992)
                        7. Henry Midlam Orme (b.2nd quarter 1877-Hoon,Derbys)
                         sp: Jessie Heath or Mary Elizabeth Locker (m.1st quarter 1902)
                        7. Mary Louisa Orme (b.1879-Hoon,Derbys)
                         sp: John Thomas Marsh (m.1st quarter 1900)
                            8. John W Marsh (b.1900-Burton-on-Trent,Staffs)
                        7. Richard Orme (b.Feb 1881-Hoon,Derbys)
                    6. William Orme (b.19 Mar 1841-Hoon,Derbys;d.2 Jan 1875-Scropton,Derbyshire)
                     sp: Elizabeth Hodgkinson (b.9 Apr 1843-Dalbury Lees,Derbys;m.12 Jan 1865;d.1894-Ash,Etwall,Derbys)
                        7. Egerton Edward Orme (b.13 Mar 1866-Scropton,Derbys;d.18 Dec 1935-Bus,Alrewas,Staffs)
                         sp: Sarah Jane Rose (b.1865;m.Jun 1894;d.16 May 1895)
                            8. Jane "Janey" Orme (b.1895-Ash,Derbys)
                         sp: Dora Melland (b.29 Aug 1872-Snitterton Hall,Derbys;m.17 Feb 1897;d.17 Feb 1950)
                            8. Egerton Orme (b.28 Nov 1899-Ash Farm,Etwall,Derbys;d.23 Apr 1970-Mill House,Alrewas,Staffs)
                             sp: Evelyn May Wright (b.5 May 1898-Haven Grange,B,Derbys;d.9 Nov 1973-GH,Burton,Staffs)
                            8. Lillie Orme (b.16 Oct 1902;d.13 Jul 1986-Ednaston,Derbys)
                             sp: Wilfred Henry Durose (b.1892;m.1922;d.1971)
                                9. June Dora Durose (b.5 Jun 1924-Uplands,Alvaston,Derby;d.22 Jul 1998-DRI,Derby)
                                 sp: James Hulme (b.1922;m.5 Jul 1948;d.2001)
                                 sp: Alfred Joseph Newnes (m.1979;d.1996)
                             sp: Frank William Henry Gilbert (b.6 Aug 1904-Derby;m.12 Jul 1933;d.9 Nov 1978-Derby Royal Infir)
                            8. Raymond Orme (b.13 Oct 1908;d.3 Aug 1982)
                             sp: Doris Sturgess
                            8. Stanley Orme (b.21 Nov 1911;d.9 Apr 1986-Derby)
                        7. Mary Alice Orme (b.1868-Scropton,Derbyshire)
                         sp: John Ludlam (b.1869/1870-Desford,Leics;m.Mar 1898)
                            8. William John "Jack" Ludlam (b.Abt Oct 1900-Hilton,Derbys)
                        7. Elizabeth Orme (b.10 Apr 1870-Foston,Derbys;d.23 Feb 1899-Foston,Derbys)
                         sp: David Allen (b.25 Aug 1860-Scropton,Derbys;m.27 Sep 1893;d.26 Aug 1899-Scropton,Derbys)
                        7. William Orme (b.1872-Scropton,Derbyshire;d.3 Jun 1932-Derby)
                         sp: May "Auntie Pins" Probert
                            8. Edward Orme
                             sp: Margaret Smith
                            8. Beryl Florence Orme (b.1906;d.11 Jul 1919)
                        7. Lillie Orme (b.1872/1873-Scropton,Derbyshire;d.Bef 1881)
                        7. Agnes Orme (b.1872/1873-Scropton,Derbyshire;d.1935-Chesterfield,Debys)
                         sp: Percy Jeremiah Greatorex (b.1855/1856-Clay Cross,Derbys;m.4th quarter 1898)
                            8. Ethel Greatorex (b.1899/1901-Chesterfield,Derbys)
                    6. John Orme (b.1843-Hoon,Derbys;d.2 Mar 1876)
                    6. Sarah Ann Orme (b.1847-Hoon,Derbys)
                     sp: Thomas Gilbert (b.1840/1841-Shifnal,Shrops;m.5 Jun 1873)
                        7. Fanny Gilbert (b.2nd quarter 1874-Wolverhampton,Staffs)
                        7. Helen Gilbert (b.3rd quarter 1875-Wolverhampton,Staffs)
                        7. Sarah M Gilbert (b.1877/1878-Wolverhampton,Staffs)
                    6. George Orme (b.1850-Hoon,Derbys;d.12 Feb 1855)
                5. Sarah Orme (c.15 Mar 1812-Marston-upon-Dove,Derbys)
                 sp: George Orme
                5. William Orme (c.10 Jul 1814-Marston-on-Dove,Derbys;d.1854)
            4. William Orme (b.2 Jan 1765-Scropton,Derbyshire)
             sp: Mary Bostock (m.6 Jun 1812)
                5. Elizabeth Orme (c.6 Mar 1814-Scropton,Derbys)
                5. William Orme (c.16 Jul 1815-Scropton,Derbys)
                5. Catharine Orme (c.21 Dec 1817-Scropton,Derbys)
                5. Mary Ann Orme (c.16 May 1819-Scropton,Derbys)
                5. Henry Orme (c.13 May 1821-Scropton,Derbys)
                5. Sarah Orme (c.13 May 1821-Scropton,Derbys)
                5. Emma Orme (c.25 Dec 1822-Scropton,Derbys)
                5. Thomas Orme (c.22 Jan 1826-Scropton,Derbys)
                5. Henry Bostock Orme (b.21 May 1827-Scropton,Derbys)
            4. Peter Orme (b.29 Apr 1767-Scropton,Derbyshire)
            4. Philip Orme (b.31 Dec 1769-Scropton,Derbyshire)
             sp: Sarah Cliff (b.1778;m.16 Nov 1798)
                5. Sarah Orme (b.Abt 1798-Derbyshire)
                5. John Orme (b.Abt 1803-Derbyshire)
                5. Phillip Orme (b.1818-Scropton,Derbyshire)
                5. Emily Orme (b.1824-Scropton,Derbyshire)
            4. George Orme (b.28 Jul 1771-Scropton,Derbyshire)
        3. Mary Orme (c.20 Jun 1735-Marston-on-Dove,Derbys)
         sp: Windson
        3. Thomas Orme (c.21 Aug 1737-Marston-upon-Dove,Derbys)
        3. Ann Orme (c.29 Sep 1739-Marston-on-Dove,Derbys)
        3. Elizabeth Orme (c.15 Feb 1741-Marston-on-Dove,Derbys)
        3. Esther Orme (c.15 May 1744-Marston-on-Dove,Derbys)
        3. Anne Orme (c.Apr 1746-Marston-on-Dove,Derbys)
        3. William Orme (c.29 Jul 1749-Marston-upon-Dove,Derbys)
         sp: Elizabeth Hill (m.4 Jun 1778)
            4. Thomas Orme (c.1 Jan 1780-Marston-Upon-Dove,Derbys)
             sp: Elizabeth Hallam (m.4 Jan 1802)
                5. Mary Orme (b.Abt 1805-Hatton,Derbys)
                 sp: Thomas Allen (b.Abt 1805-Tutbury,Staffs;m.29 Sep 1825)
                    6. Thomas Orme Allen (b.21 Dec 1826-Tutbury,Staffs;d.1st quarter 1868-Registered in Burton)
                     sp: Ellen Webster (b.1832/1833-Wirksworth,Derbys;m.20 Jan 1858)
                        7. John Webster Allen
                        7. Mary Allice Allen
                    6. William Allen (c.1 Oct 1826-Tutbury,Staffs)
                    6. Patience Allen (c.18 Mar 1832-Tutbury,Staffs)
                     sp: Faulkner
                        7. Theresa Faulkner (b.1862/1863-Scropton,Derbys)
                    6. Sarah Allen (c.22 Oct 1834-Tutbury,Staffs)
                    6. Mary Allen (c.15 Mar 1838-Tutbury,Staffs)
                5. Ann Orme (c.14 Nov 1802-Marston-Upon-Dove,Derbys)
                5. Patience Orme (c.20 Aug 1803-Marston-Upon-Dove,Derbys)
    2. John Orme (c.22 Oct 1680)
     sp: Sarah Paynter (c.17 Dec 1691-Hanbury,Stafford;m.3 Apr 1711;d.1 Apr 1744-Scropton,Derbys)
        3. Catherine Orme (b.Abt 1711)
        3. John Orme (b.Abt 1713)
        3. Egerton Orme (c.23 Oct 1716-Scropton,Derbys;d.1787) [repeated]
         sp: Lettice Stone (m.21 Jan 1747;d.6 Aug 1749-Hanbury,Staffs)
            4. Egerton Orme Stone (b.1746-Tutbury,Staffs;d.Aft 1807)
             sp: Anne Allcock (m.23 Oct 1771;d.1777-St Pauls,Scropton,Derbys)
                5. Thomas Orme (c.1773)
                5. William Orme (c.1775)
                5. Lettice Orme (c.1776)
                5. Henry Orme (c.1782)
                 sp: Sarah Falkner (m.24 Oct 1781)
                5. John Orme (c.1783)
                5. Joseph Orme (c.1785)
                5. Egerton Orme (c.1788;d.1854)
                 sp: Mary Richards (m.18 Feb 1810)
                    6. Thomas Orme (b.Abt 1810;d.26 Apr 1872)
                     sp: Ann Hodson (b.1817;m.22 May 1831)
                        7. Sarah Orme (b.1835)
                        7. Edward William Orme (b.28 Sep 1835;d.31 Dec 1877)
                         sp: Emma Greenway (b.10 Aug 1829;m.18 Feb 1854;d.10 Dec 1874)
                            8. Martha Orme (b.1855)
                            8. William John Orme (b.20 Mar 1859;d.30 Mar 1948)
                             sp: Elizabeth Hooper (b.1864;m.29 May 1881;d.14 Mar 1949)
                                9. Eric Orme
                                 sp: Edna
                                9. Ernest Orme
                                 sp: UNKNOWN
                                    10. Peter Orme
                                9. Lillian Orme
                                 sp: Wilfred Mullis
                                9. Horace Orme (b.11 Nov 1886;d.18 Mar 1971)
                                 sp: Mary Elizabeth England (b.24 Oct 1885;m.8 Jul 1906;d.18 May 1957)
                                    10. Horace Marcus Orme (b.10 Jun 1908;d.15 Aug 1991)
                                     sp: Violet May Turvey (b.3 May 1911;m.24 Jul 1937;d.11 Jul 1979)
                                    10. Leslie William Orme (b.1911)
                                     sp: Molly Grant
                                     sp: Agnes
                                    10. Mavis Edna Orme (b.1913)
                                     sp: Kenneth Bayliss (m.6 Apr 1940)
                                    10. Reginald Orme (b.1921;d.8 Jan 1983)
                                     sp: Ann Furniss (m.31 Jan 1948)
                                9. Frank Leonard Orme
                                 sp: Vera Phyllis Baker
                                    10. Frank William Orme
                    6. John Orme (b.1813)
                    6. Isaac Orme (b.1816)
                    6. George Orme (b.1821)
                    6. William Orme (b.1826)
                    6. Charles Orme (b.1827)
                    6. Frederick Orme (b.1829)
                    6. Stephen Orme (b.1831)
                    6. Samuel Orme (b.1833)
                5. John Orme (c.1790-Bushbury)
                5. Samuel Orme
             sp: Catharine Orme (c.2 Jun 1734-Marston-on-Dove,Derbys;m.13 Apr 1758) [repeated]
        3. William Orme
        3. Thomas Orme (b.Abt 1723)
        3. Sarah Orme (b.Abt 1731)
    2. Catherine Orme (c.22 Oct 1680)
     sp: Thomas Challiner (m.25 Nov 1706)
        3. John Challiner
    2. Mary Orme
     sp: Henry Sheffield (m.9 Sep 1697)
        3. John Sheffield
        3. Catherine Sheffield
     sp: Thomas Smith (m.25 Apr 1727)

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