Rees A family of mostly Rees

NB: This is very much work in progress - some people I am very much more sure of than others. Please do not take this as gospel but as a guide to your own research. I will update these pages as I find out more.
1. William Edward Rees (d.1 Jan 1762-Machen,Mon)
  sp: Anne Matthews (m.1735;d.1764)
    2. Rees William Edward Rees (b.11 May 1735;d.1783)
      sp: Jane Treharne (m.10 Feb 17..;d.1780)
        3. Phillip Rees
          sp: Sarah Walters (m.21 Nov 1797)
            4. Phillip Rees (b.1798-Bassaleg,Monmouthshire)
              sp: Lydia
                5. Phillip Rees (b.1820/1821-St Brides,Monmouth)
                  sp: Leah Samuel (b.1821/1822-Basseleg,Monmouth)
                    6. Lydia Rees
                      sp: Rees Edwards
                        7. Rees Edwards
                        7. ? Edwards
                    6. Phillip Rees (b.1849/1850-Peterstone,Monmouthshire)
                      sp: Elizabeth Jones (b.1851/1852-Rumney)
                        7. Agnes Rees (b.1876/1877-Peterstone,Monmouthshire)
                          sp: Alfred Stomes
                        7. Matilda Rees (b.1877/1878-Peterstone,Monmouthshire)
                          sp: Rees Edward Rees
                        7. Blodwen Rees (b.1879/1880-Peterstone,Monmouthshire)
                          sp: Thomas Morgan
                        7. Hephzibah Rees (b.1880-Peterstone,Monmouthshire)
                          sp: Unknown
                        7. Rosina "Rose" Rees (b.1881/1882-Peterstone,Monmouthshire)
                          sp: Arthur Smith
                        7. Ithel Rees (b.1883/1884-Peterstone,Monmouthshire)
                        7. Tudor Rees (b.1885/1886-Peterstone,Monmouthshire)
                          sp: Ethel Morgan
                        7. Rees Edward Rees (b.1887/1888-Peterstone,Monmouthshire)
                        7. Phillip Rees (b.1888/1889-Peterstone,Monmouthshire)
                        7. Wyndham Rees
                          sp: Elizabeth Hamblin
                        7. Alfred Rees
                          sp: George
                        7. Elizabeth Rees
                          sp: John James
                        7. Gwyn Rees
                    6. Benjamin Rees
                      sp: Elizabeth Giles
                        7. Benjamin Rees
                        7. Ernest Rees
                        7. Rees
                    6. Thomas Rees (b.1857/1858-Peterstone,Monmouth)
                    6. William Rees
                      sp: Unknown
                        7. Rees
                        7. Rees
                    6. Rees Edward Rees (b.1860/1861-Peterstone,Monmouth)
                      sp: Matilda Rees
                    6. Tudor Rees (b.1863/1864-Peterstone,Monmouth)
                      sp: Rosa Parsons
                        7. Leah Rees
                        7. Randolph Rees
                    6. Hannah Rees
                    6. Elizabeth Rees (b.1866/1867-Peterstone,Monmouth)
                      sp: Thomas Williams
                5. William Rees
                5. Henry Rees
                  sp: Alice Rees
                    6. Rees
                    6. Rees
                    6. Rees
                    6. Rees
                    6. Rees
                    6. Rees
                5. Rees P Rees (b.1824/1825-St Brides,Monmouth)
                  sp: Leah Rees (b.1829/1830-Mynyddislwyn,Monmouth)
                    6. William P Rees (b.1854/1855-Michealstonvedow,Monmouth)
                    6. Mary Jane Rees (b.1856/1857-Michealstonvedow,Monmouth)
                      sp: John Waters Walters
                        7. Mary Walters
                    6. George Rees
                    6. Alfred Rees
                      sp: Jones
                        7. Rees
                    6. Edward Rees
                    6. Lewis T Rees (b.1866/1867-St Brides,Monmouth)
                    6. Illtyd Rees (b.1868/1869-St Brides,Monmouth)
                    6. Ivor Rees (b.1868/1869-St Brides,Monmouth)
                    6. Ithel Rees (b.1868/1869-St Brides,Monmouth)
                    6. Charles Rees (b.1870/1871-St Brides,Monmouth)
                    6. Lilian Rees
                      sp: Unknown
                        7. Unknown
                    6. Alice Rees
                    6. Blanche Rees (b.1873/1874-St Brides,Monmouth)
              sp: Samuel
                5. Sarah Ann Rees
                  sp: Lewis
                5. Hephziba Rees
            4. Sarah Rees (b.1800-Bassaleg,Monmouthshire)
              sp: Charles Matthews
                5. Charles Matthews
            4. Rees Edward Rees (b.1802-Bassaleg,Monmouthshire)
              sp: Ann James
                5. Ann Eugenia Rees (b.1829-St Wollos,Monmouth)
                  sp: William Simon Rees (b.1826/1827-Abercarn,Monmouth)
                    6. Eugenia A Rees (b.1857-Bassalleg,Monmouth)
                      sp: William Thomas
                    6. Mary Cecelia Rees (b.1858-Bassalleg,Monmouth)
                    6. William Edward Rees (b.1860)
                      sp: Ellen Jones
                        7. William Rees
                          sp: Francy Lousia George
                        7. Ellen Rees
                        7. Florence Rees
                        7. John Rees
                          sp: Grace Jones
                        7. Rees Edward Rees
                          sp: Lilian
                        7. George Rees
                        7. Cecelia Rees
                    6. Rees James Rees (b.1862-St Wollos,Monmouth)
                      sp: Ann "Annie" Rees (b.27 Oct 1867-St Mellons,Monmouth)
                        7. Blanche Rees
                        7. William Thomas Rees
                          sp: Nellie Eileen Molyveux
                5. Cecelia Rees (b.1831)
                  sp: William Lloyd
                    6. Rees Edward Lloyd
                      sp: Higham
                        7. Higham Lloyd
                        7. Rees Lloyd
                        7. Minnie Lloyd
                    6. Ithel Lloyd
                      sp: Harris
                    6. Cecilia Lloyd
                      sp: Roger Rogers
                    6. Lucy Lloyd
                      sp: Davies
                        7. Cecilia Davies
                5. Rees James Rees (b.1833)
              sp: Ann Lawrence
            4. William Treharne Rees (b.1802-Bassaleg,Monmouthshire;d.3rd Quarter 1875-Registered at Newport,Mon)
              sp: Blanche George (m.11 Nov 1828)
                5. William Rees
                  sp: Rees
                    6. Treharne Rees
                      sp: Gertrude Walker (d.1946)
                    6. Bowen Rees
                    6. Evelyn Rees
                      sp: Heard
                    6. Rees
                    6. Rees
                5. Onessimus Rees
                5. Togarma Rees
                  sp: Rees
                    6. Rees
                    6. Rees
                    6. Rees
                    6. Rees
                5. Ithel Rees
                  sp: Potter
                    6. Rees
                    6. Rees
                5. Mary Ann Rees
                  sp: Morgan
                    6. Kate Morgan
                    6. Oscar Morgan
                5. Blanche Rees
                5. Maria Jane Rees
                  sp: William Wade (m.1 Mar 1870)
                    6. Newton Wade
                      sp: Lloyd
                        7. Lloyd Wade
                    6. Noel Wade
                    6. Wade
                    6. Harold Wade
                      sp: Acombe
                        7. Wade
                    6. Wade
                    6. Zeporah Wade
                    6. Helena Wade
                    6. Mary Wade
                    6. Blanche Wade
                    6. Wade
                    6. Leah Wade
                    6. Wade
                5. Sarah Rees
                  sp: Matthew Cope Lewis
                    6. Blanche Lewis
                      sp: Frank Baines
                      sp: Lewis
                    6. John Lewis
                    6. Maud Lewis
                      sp: Lewis
                      sp: King
                    6. Walter Lewis
                    6. Rose Lewis
                    6. Gwendoline Lewis
                      sp: John Raymond
                        7. Matthew Raymond
                        7. Raymond
                        7. Raymond
                    6. Leonard Lewis
                    6. May Lewis
                      sp: Charles Thomas
                        7. Thomas
                        7. Thomas
                        7. Thomas
                    6. Phillip Lewis
                      sp: Green
                    6. Hilda Lewis
                      sp: Ashley Ward
                    6. Margaret Lewis
            4. Jane Rees (b.1805-Bassaleg,Monmouthshire)
              sp: Isaac Davies
                5. Edward Davies
                5. Rachel Davies
                  sp: Davies
                    6. William Davies
                      sp: Unknown
                        7. Constance Davies
                        7. Elsie Davies
                    6. Phillip Davies
                      sp: Emma Evans
                        7. Phillip Davies
                        7. Togarma Davies
                        7. William Davies
                        7. Edith Davies
                        7. Nancy Davies
                    6. John Davies
                    6. Ann Davies
                    6. Jane Davies
                    6. Rachel Davies
                      sp: John Talbot
                5. Phillip Davies
                5. Margaret Davies
                5. Rees Davies
                5. Sarah Davies
                5. Mary Davies
                5. William Davies
            4. Anne Rees (b.1808-Bassaleg,Monmouthshire)
              sp: Edward Rees (c.6 May 1804-Marshfield,Mon)
                5. Sarah Rees (c.30 Apr 1834-Marshfield,Monmouthshire)
                5. Thomas Rees (c.19 Jun 1836-Marshfield,Monmouthshire)
                  sp: Mary Emerson (b.1834/1835-Michaelstone,Monmouth)
                    6. George Rees (b.18 Sep 1866-St Mellons,Monmouth)
                      sp: Matilda Middlemiss
                        7. George Rees
                          sp: Jessie Ray
                        7. John Rees
                          sp: Florence
                        7. Marjoria Rees
                          sp: Peter Courtney
                        7. Oscar Rees
                          sp: Margaret
                    6. Ann "Annie" Rees (b.27 Oct 1867-St Mellons,Monmouth)
                      sp: Rees James Rees (b.1862-St Wollos,Monmouth)
                        7. Blanche Rees ** Printed on Page 3 **
                        7. William Thomas Rees ** Printed on Page 3 **
                    6. Alfred Emerson Rees (b.18 Aug 1869-Peterstone Wentloog,Monmouthshire;d.7 Apr 1921)
                      sp: Emily Capper
                        7. William Rees
                      sp: Clara Williams
                    6. Mary Jane "Polly" Rees (b.29 Jan 1871-Peterstone Wentloog,Monmouthshire;d.1 Jun 1958-Cardiff)
                      sp: Frederick Jones (b.26 Sep 1868-Cardiff,Glamorgan,Wales;m.1 Dec 1896;d.20 Dec 1961)
                    6. Oscar Thomas Rees (b.Aug 1872-Peterstone Wentloog,Monmouthshire)
                    6. Edith Rees (b.14 Feb 1874-Peterstone Wentloog,Monmouthshire)
                      sp: Walter Snow
                        7. Oscar Snow
                          sp: Marjorie Ince
                        7. Mary Snow
                          sp: Raymond Rose
                        7. Frank Snow
                          sp: Lily Hinlopen
                          sp: Nora
                        7. Norah Snow
                          sp: Bertram Junkinson
                    6. William Treharne Rees (b.28 Dec 1875-Peterstone Wentloog,Monmouthshire)
                    6. Ellen Rees (b.25 Nov 1879-Peterstone Wentloog,Monmouthshire;d.19 May 1969-St Mellons)
                  sp: Rebecca Barrell (b.1855/1856-Nash,Monmouthshire)
                5. Edward Rees (b.1837/1838-Marshfield,Monmouthshire)
                  sp: Mary Morgan (b.1838/1839-Llantarnam,Monmouthshire)
                    6. Margaret Rees (b.1861/1862-Marshfield,Monmouthshire)
                    6. Mary Rees (b.1863/1864-Marshfield,Monmouthshire)
                      sp: Benjamin Howells
                        7. Douglas Howells
                          sp: Jennie
                        7. Courtney Howells
                    6. Sarah Rees
                      sp: John Mills
                        7. Wilfred Mills
                          sp: Elsie Brown
                        7. Lionel Mills
                          sp: Rebecca Litchinberg
                        7. Olive Mills
                          sp: William Brown
                    6. Kate Rees (b.1868/1869-Marshfield,Monmouthshire)
                    6. Pharalde Rees (b.1871/1872-Peterstone,Monmouthshire)
                    6. Mabel Rees (b.1874/1875-Peterstone,Monmouthshire)
                      sp: Snowden Scofield
                        7. Ronald Scofield
                          sp: Unknown
                        7. Mabel Scofield
                          sp: John Marshall
                    6. Olive Rees (b.Sep 1880-Peterstone,Monmouthshire)
                          sp: Frank Mawson
                        7. Gerald Mawson
                          sp: Unknown
                5. William Rees (b.1840/1841-Marshfield,Monmouthshire)
                  sp: Mary Davies (b.1839/1840-Marshfield,Monmouthshire)
                    6. Henry T Rees (b.1878/1879-Peterstone,Monmouthshire)
                      sp: Rachel Williams
                        7. Mary Rees
                        7. Elizabeth Rees
                        7. William Rees
                        7. Mabel Rees
                5. Sarah Rees (b.1845/1846-Marshfield,Mon)
                  sp: Frederick Jones (b.1842/1843-Bassaleg,Mon)
                    6. Sarah Ann Jones (b.1866/1867-Marshfield,Mon)
                      sp: John Davies
                        7. Mary Davies
                          sp: Oakley
                        7. Kathleen Davies
                          sp: McDonnel
                        7. Margaret Davies
                          sp: Lucan
                        7. Evelyn Davies
                          sp: Frederick Harding
                        7. Nancy Davies
                        7. Joseph Davies
                          sp: Unknown
                    6. Evelyn Jones
                      sp: James Mathias
                        7. Dorothy Mathias
                          sp: Tudor Williams
                        7. Frederick Mathias
                          sp: Ellen Davies
                        7. Mary Mathias
                        7. Phillmore Mathias
                          sp: Mary Penfound
                        7. Rachael Mathias
                          sp: William Glendinning
                5. Emma Rees (b.1847/1848-Marshfield,Monmouth)
                  sp: William Williams (b.1842/1843-Peterstone,Monmouth)
                    6. Florence Williams (b.1869/1870-Peterstone,Monmouth)
                    6. William Williams (b.1870/1871)
                      sp: Mary Richards
                        7. Florence Williams
                        7. Gladys Williams
                      sp: Unknown
                    6. Herbert Williams (b.1873/1874-Peterstone,Monmouth)
                    6. Bronwen Williams (b.1877/1878-Peterstone,Monmouth)
    2. Philip Rees
    2. William Rees
    2. David Rees
    2. Harry Rees

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