Reeve A family of mostly Reeve

NB: This is very much work in progress - some people I am very much more sure of than others. Please do not take this as gospel but as a guide to your own research. I will update these pages as I find out more.
1. John Reeve (b.1787/1788-Scropton,Derbyshire)
   sp: Anne Jackson (m.17 Aug 1814)
    2. Thomas Reeve (b.8 Jan 1815-Scropton,Derbys)
       sp: UNKNOWN
        3. John Reeve (b.1855/1856-Osliston,Derby)
        3. Mary Reeve (b.1857/1858-Osliston,Derby)
        3. Jane Reeve (b.1859/1860-Hamstall Ridware,Staffs)
        3. Ann Reeve (b.1861/1862-Hamstall Ridware,Staffs)
    2. John Reeve (c.12 May 1816-Scropton,Derbys)
    2. Joseph Jackson Reeve (c.18 Jan 1818-Scropton,Derbys;d.1 Jan 1819-Scropton,Derbys)
    2. Joseph Reeve (c.3 Oct 1819-Scropton,Derbys;d.4 Jan 1822-Scropton,Derbys)
    2. Elizabeth Reeve (c.10 Mar 1822-Scropton,Derbys)
    2. Ann Reeve (c.30 Mar 1823-Scropton,Derbys)
       sp: Cooper
        3. Annie Jane Cooper (b.1862/1863-Dunstall,Staffs)
    2. Catharine Reeve (c.27 Feb 1825-Scropton,Derbys)
    2. Francis Reeve (c.10 Dec 1826-Scropton,Derbys)
       sp: Mary (b.1835/1836-Hatton,Derbys)
        3. Anne Elizabeth Reeve (b.Dec 1860 or Jan 1861-Scropton,Derbys)
    2. Mary Reeve (c.12 Apr 1829-Scropton,Derbys;d.Jun 1892-Registered in Burton)
       sp: David Allen (b.1830/1831;m.9 Dec 1857;d.4 Nov 1860-Scropton,Derbys)
    2. George Reeve (c.26 Dec 1830-Scropton,Derbys)
    2. Ursula Reeve (c.7 Oct 1832-Scropton,Derbys)
    2. Sarah Reeve (c.21 Aug 1836-Scropton,Derbys)
    2. Henry Reeve (c.13 May 1838-Scropton,Derbys)

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