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Welcome to my Rootsweb home. This site was originally created in 1996 (a long time ago) and was housed on a different server. As such, it was built using raw HTML (meaning that I had to hand code everything) and creating it was how I first learned to create web pages. In fact, everything had to be created from scratch without the use of any of the editing tools now used. I don't edit it much but have decided to leave much of this site alone, even though some of the information is very dated. Just the same, it represents my first foray into the realm of the Internet. I hope you enjoy what you find and perhaps even make a connection with my family. This web site is responsible for helping me to met many cousins, many of whom I've had a chance get to know! Hope you enjoy your visit!

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La Marca Genealogy The La Marca Genealogy Page is where you'll want to be if you're seeking information on the ACQUISTO, CALAMERA, CARROLL, CROWLEY, GUASTAFERRO, HAWLEY, LA MARCA, LAVIER, and STEIGERWALT Families and Allied Lines. Also found here will be additional information on my family's history, as well as some outstanding materials and links regarding Sicilian genealogy. Lot's of things to explore if you're interested in genealogy!
Reigel Nightmare All family histories face brickwalls at one time or another. In my case, it's my Reigel line. I've spent more than 30 years researching this nightmare and still haven't solved the problem. I recently pushed this line back to an American Revolutionary War ancestor, Simon Reigel, but can't (yet) prove the lineage. In addition to the extreme difficulties finding documentation, the Reigel Family History is a veritable nightmare of junk genealogy with countless people merely copy other people's wrong information. Ugh!
Jeff's Family Mailing Lists Are you researching one of the families listed above? If so, I've now started mailing lists for those of us who are. Back in the "dark ages" of the 'net (1995) I could fine NO ONE who was interested in our family history. Now, there are LOTS of us! As a result, I've now started two mailing lists - for the La Marca and the Guastaferro families to make it easier for all of us to correspond with one another.
Jeff's Place Visit Jeff's Place if you would like to find out some personal information (gasp!) about him, find out what professional organizations he belongs to, explore his "multimedia extravaganza", or maybe even visit a few of his "cool links" to other fun places on the web.
The Music Corner Interested in music education, bassoon performance, or playing the recorder? You'll want to check this page out! Visit The Music Corner today!

Favorite Links

Visit the Sicilian Ancestor and Surname Registry. If you are researching a Sicilian Family History, you'll want to make sure that you contribute your surnames here as well as find others who may be researching the same families. All queries posted here are FULLY INDEXED and CROSS REFERENCED to make your research experience a pleasant one. Be sure to visit often to view the latest contributions!


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