Clarks, The James Allen and Annie Hatt Clark Family of Huntingdon Co, PA

Site News!  Genealogical data taking the Clarks back to 17th century Maryland has been added.  My sincere thanks to researcher Fred Schultz.

01/05/2006 - "A Reminiscence Sung", excellent Clark history written by Clark researcher Frederick Schultz

01/24/2006 - NEW PHOTOS, plus Uncle Boots first hand account of D-Day and a wartime letter written by Grandmother Clark

09/10/2006 - Eleven new pictures from the family of Grace Clark Myers added to the photo album

12/23/2006 - Civil War Booklet written by Elijah Corbin Houck and 1910 newspaper article about Clark Reunion.   All the people in the William F. Clark family photo are now identified!

The James Allen and Annie Hatt Clark Family
The Clarks (1937), left to right: James Leon, James Allen, Kennie,
Annie, Dorothy, Arlene, Ethel, Audrey, Cordy, Lester and "Boots"

Welcome to the story of my Clark Family

This is the story of my grandparents, their nine children, and includes a genealogy of their ancestors. But I hope it will be more than just a genealogy site. I want you to come away feeling as if you know the Clarks, if just a bit.

I am dedicating this site to all of the Clarks that have gone before us, but to two of them in particular.

First, to my father, James Leon Clark, the eldest of James Allen and Annie's nine children.  We lost him in 1976, an eternity ago, and I have missed him every day since.  He was the one who really taught me the importance of those people we call family.  Nothing was ever more important to him than his kids.  And he used to say, "There is only one thing you come into this world with that you have any control over, and that is your own good name.  Don't ever do anything that would cause you to lose it."  And to this day, I am proud to carry the Clark name.

Second, I dedicate this work to my Uncle William Roy "Boots" Clark.  In 1985 he took it upon himself to compile, write, and publish a family history book he entitiled "The Clark Family" and to present a copy of it to ever living descendent of James Allen and Annie, which already was no small group.  With the kind permission of his immediate family, I will share Uncle Boot's wonderful anecdotal family history with you.  Yes, it has some names and dates, but more importantly, it tells the story of this family as they experienced daily life from the early part of the last century until after WWII.  It is a warm, beautiful recollection of his family, lovingly prepared to share family memories with the younger generations.

This book has been my inspiration to continue research on family genealogy, and thanks to the internet, I have been able to make strides that would have been very difficult for Uncle Boots to have made 20 years ago.  Somehow I think Uncle Boots is in heaven, laughing that laugh of his and saying, "Why girl, now I not only know who they all were, but I've met them.  It's for me to know and you to find out!"

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