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I apologise but this set of pages is closed for maintenance at the moment. I had 2 versions of the website and it seems that at some point in the past I uploaded the wrong one here by accident during a file restructure. I need time to go into each page and make changes to the links before I can upload the correct site again. I will try not to take too long, but the email address below is still valid if you need it. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

These pages are devoted to a World Wide Study of the name LANCHBURY / LAINCHBURY / LAUNCHBURY and all the other various spellings (more than 60) found in Parish Registers and Census records to date. These can all be seen on this site. I hope that the site will be of benefit to you.

The links on the left will take you to all of the Baptisms, Marriages, Burials and Census Records found so far by myself and many other very generous contributors. There is also a very special LAINCHBURY - the Farm Girl, as well as historical and curent photographs of family members and more.

If you would like interaction with other researchers of this name join the LANCHBURY / LAINCHBURY surname discussion group by clicking here.   Please type *only* the single word subscribe in the subject line of your email. Leave the body of the email empty, or type only the single word subscribe again. We are a small but friendly and helpful group who are always keen to meet new family members.

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