Message from the creator of Really Useful Sources' creator, John Gough: This list of genealogy sources was originally prepared for the benefit of newcomers to family history and to the Manchester and Lancashire FHS. For that reason explanations are provided which an experienced researcher would find superfluous, and abbreviations are usually given in full. Also, some of the sources relate specifically to Lancashire, though the great majority are of general interest. There are over nine million genealogy sites on the web, and a search engine such as Google will find most of them. However, the great majority of these are concerned with particular surnames or places. The sites listed below are those that family historians are likely to find of most general value. This is very much a matter of personal choice, and I am sure that there are some of which I am not even aware yet...

Important Note:

The creator of Really Useful Sources, John Gough, has retired from this endeavour. He is to be congratulated for creating this resource and for the work he has done maintaining this inestimable project. Thank you, John, for entrusting this project to me. Be assured I'll do my very best to carry on the RUS list in a manner befitting its creator. Best wishes, Lynne Klein

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