Cox Cemetery, Bruceville, McLennan, TX

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Lane-Blood Genealogy
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Cox Cemetery
Bruceville, McLennan County, Texas
Cemetery location at TopoQuest
On the map, note the smaller cemetery site to the southwest of Cox Cem.
This second site is accessible by continuing along the dirt track west, through a creek,
past the back yard of a home, and following the grassy/open areas,
veering eastward, until you can't go any farther. Turn to the northeast
and the stone is in the trees. This location only has one stone (Fannie Wilburn)
that can be seen above the undergrowth. If there are more, they are
likely beneath the brush. Winter may be a better time to search for others.
Watch for poison ivy!!
Surname Given Born Died Other Inscriptions Marker Photos Notes
BARRON D.T. 04Dec1872 31Oct1882     1  
BIVENS Annie Octilee 01Jul1881 26Jul1882 dau of S.R. & F.E. Bivins   1,2  
BOYD L.S. 1900 1912     1  
BROCK Baby Mattie [14Jan1894]
Estimated from age at death
16Jun1894 Aged 5 Mos. & 2 Dys. Double stone, with Mattie B. Cox Brock 1,2  
BROCK Mattie B. Cox 07May1865 15Jan1894   Double stone, with Baby Mattie Brock 1  
BRUNER Rev. Peter S. 07Mar1842 12Sep1902     1  
BURROWS Ada 08Feb1877 26Apr1878 daughter of John & S.F. Burrows   1,2  
BURROWS Harriett     Aged 26 years   1,2  
BURROWS Infant   05May1888 son of John & M.J. Burrows   1,2  
BURROWS John G. 10Sep1816 06Feb1879     1  
BURROWS Mary Jane 01Jan1856 10Sep1898 wife of John Burrows Stone is broken in half 1  
BURROWS Rosania 26Feb1813 08Nov1876 wife of John G. Burrows   1  
BURROWS Samuel 09Feb1838 24Sep1881     1,2, 3  
BURROWS Sarah F. 30Dec1843 22May1878 wife of John Burrows   1,2  
BURWELL J.W. 18Feb1816 28Nov1887     1  
BURWELL Mary E. 27Oct1833 08Sep1922     1  
CLENDENING Elizabeth C. 05Jun1846 17Jan1919     1,2  
CLENDENING George R.F. 10Aug1881 21Feb1902 son of W.T.B. & E.C. Clendening   1,2  
CLENDENING Lee 1876 1933     1  
CLENDENING Lucille 1878 1943     1  
CLENDENING W.T.B. 07Nov1839 21Oct1908     1,2  
CLIFTON Rose L. 15Sep1870 15Oct1892     1,2  
COLE Bessie May 1889 1897   Double stone, with Lora May Shelton 1  
COLLINS Infant 08Nov1889 16Nov1889 dau of D.F. & J.A. Collins   1,2  
COLLINS Wm. 15Dec1815 12Mar1893     1  
COOK Flora D. 21Dec1892 03Sep1894 dau of J.L. & L.P. Cook   1,2  
COOK Lora B. 21May1895 20Dec1895 dau of J.L. & L.P. Cook   1,2  
COX Baby       Stone located next to Callie Cox 1,2, 3  
COX Callie E. 15Oct1840 05Feb1879 wife of J.H. Cox   1,2  
COX E. Tom 02Oct1829 27Apr1917 Married 26Sep1856 Double stone, with Mary Cox 1,2, 3  
COX Four Children     of E.T. & M.E. Cox   1  
COX Jas. H. 10Oct1840 16Apr1882     1,2  
COX Mary C. 30May1836 10Sep1905   Double stone, with E. Tom Cox 1,2  
CROSBY Grover C. 23Feb1883 12Mar1907     1,2  
DUNCAN Barty 02Aug1903 29May1905 son of H.B. & C.E. Duncan   1,2  
DUNCAN Conley 17Sep1905 21Oct1905 son of H.B. & C.E. Duncan   1,2  
FERRELL Charles H. 17Dec1858 18Jan1912 Father   1  
FERRELL John Ed 15Jan1898 09Oct1912 son   1  
FERRELL Joseph G. 07Jun1909 19Nov1909 son   1,2  
FERRELL Mary E. (Harrell) 30Jun1873 26Sep1917 Mother   1  
FERRELL Myrtle 21Dec1904 07Jan1905 daughter   1  
FIELD Betty G. 13Mar1860 09Mar1926   Double stone, with L.P.Field    
FIELD L.P. 02Oct1855 19Jun1910   Double stone, with Betty G. Field 1,2, 3  
FIELD Lillian 15Apr1885 28Aug1947     1  
FIELD Norah 26Nov1882 24Jan1948 wife of J.W. Ballard   1  
FIELD Tommie S. [27May1883]
Estimated from age at death
01Sep1888 son of L.P. & Bettie G. Field
Aged 5 Yrs. 3 Mo. 5 Dys.
  1, 2,3  
FITZPATRICK John   09Feb1885 son of J.M. & D.S. Fitzpatrick   1  
FLOWERS A.J. 01Jan1810 06Jan1890   Double stone,
with Cathron Flowers
1,2, 3  
FLOWERS Billie 25Sep1885 08Oct1885 dau of W.A. & M.F. Flowers   1,2  
FLOWERS Cathron 12Mar1812 05Jun1885 wife of A.J. Flowers Double stone, with A.J. Flowers 1,2, 1  
FLOWERS F.M. 1847 1921     1,2  
FLOWERS Mary C. 09Mar1850 26Jul1907   Double stone, with T.J. Flowers 1,2, 3  
FLOWERS Richard B.   11Feb1931 Texas
Pvt. 3 Inf.
  1,2, 3  
FLOWERS Samuel G. 17Sep1882 16Aug1901     1,2, 3  
FLOWERS T.J. 19Jun1846 19Jul1898   Double stone,
with Mary C. Flowers
1,2, 3  
FLOWERS W.A. 1847 1919     1,2  
GRIFFIN Jessie Pearl 24Jan1883 17Feb1883 dau of A.J. & Carrie Griffin   1,2  
HAM Ezra 27Aug1898 30May1908 son of W.D. & M.V. Ham   1,2  
HANEY Hubert xxJul189x xxJul189x baby son of Mary J. Haney   1  
HARDING Corah B. [11Feb1870]
Estimated from age at death
21Jan1885 dau of M & L.F. Harding   1,2  
HARRIS Callie Lee 01Dec1893 21Feb1918   Double stone, with George Berry Harris 1,2  
HARRIS Dr. G.B. 04Feb1856 06Sep1917     1,2  
HARRIS G.B. 06Nov1817 01Dec185x Married 30May18xx   1,2, 3  
HARRIS George Berry 24Feb1884 06Jun1949   Double stone, with Callie Lee Harris 1  
HARRIS Lissie D. 21Jan1863 26Sep1946     1  
HARRIS, Jr. G.B. 12Jan1917 20May1918     1  
HASTY M.C.E. 07Sep1823 06Nov1882 wife of A.J. Hasty   1,2  
HATCH F.J. Louis [27Jan1852]
Estimated from age at death
29May1881 Aged 29 yrs, 4 mos, 2 days   1  
HAY Hardy 01Oct1888 08Feb1889 son of H. & C. Hay   1  
HENRY Annie 12Aug1873 08Sep1901 dau of P.G. & S.A. Henry   1  
HENRY David W. 31Jan1865 18Dec1882 son of P.G. & S.A. Henry   1  
HENRY Mrs. S.A.   01Jul1926 wife of P.G. Henry
Age 88 yrs
HENRY P.G. 19Dec1836 20Dec1905     1  
HENRY Sarah B. 31Jul1815 12Oct1880 wife of A. Henry   1  
HODGES Emma B. 01Jul1877 04Jul1897 wife of T.J. Hodges   1  
HOLCOMB H.H. 17May1797
in Buncombe Co. N.C.
03Apr1870   Double stone, with Martha Tubb Holcomb 1,2  
HOLCOMB Martha Tubb 22Jul1800
in Buncombe Co. N.C.
in Crawford Co. Mo.
wife of H.H. Holcomb Double stone, with H.H. Holcomb 1,2  
JACKSON Mary [22Feb1792]
Estimated from age at death
03Feb1884 Aged 91 Ys, 11 Ms, 12 Ds.   1,2  
JAMES Amanda 01May1846 08Nov1882 Aged 36 years   1  
JAMES Mary 21Mar1880 08???xxxx Aged 8 months Death date covered with cement 1,2  
KINCANNON David F. 14Oct1860 13Mar1918   Double stone, with Louise L. Kincannon 1  
KINCANNON Infant 01Feb1894 28Feb1894 son of D.F. & L.L. Kincannon   1,2, 3  
KINCANNON Infant 02Sep1891 05Sep1891 son of D.F. & L.L. Kincannon   1, 2  
KINCANNON Infant 25Dec1897 01Jan1898 son of D.F. & L.L. Kincannon   1,2  
KINCANNON Louise L. 24Sep1864 16Mar1949   Double stone, with David F. Kincannon 1  
KINCANNON Mary E. 04Dec1884 05Feb1885 dau of D.F. & L.L. Kincannon   1,2  
KINCANNON Ursula 02Sep1892 09Oct1892     1,2  
KINCANNON W.R. 14Apr1903 03Dec1946     1  
KINCHELOE John 24Oct1799 16Oct1879     1, 2  
KINCHELOE Reuben S. 20Oct1858 28Oct1902     1,2  
KINCHELOE Sarah D.     wife of John Kincheloe   1, 2, 3  
KIRK Estella 19Aug1880 16Aug1882     1, 2  
KOEPF Callie E.R. 1873 1950     1  
KOEPF Charles Anderson 06Nov1866 21Oct1891 Aged 24 years, 11 ms, 15 ds.   1,2, 3  
KOEPF Elvis L. 12Nov1900 12Oct1943     1  
KOEPF Infant 13Jul1899 16Jul1899 son of S.E. & W.N. Koepf   1,2  
KOEPF John R. 1859 1945     1,2  
KOEPF S.J.   30Apr1903 Age 54 years   1  
KOEPF Willie 24Apr1873 03Aug1926 Mother   1,2, 3  
LIVINGSTON Infant 01Aug1898 01Aug1898 son of W.P. & Lee Livingston   1,2  
MARTIN A.S. 07Jun1846 03Jan1883     1,2  
MAYFIELD Deller M. 22Aug1891 11May1892 dau of G.L. & F.V. Mayfield   1,2  
MAYFIELD Jessie 03Dec1879 16Dec1885 dau of I.H. & M.H. Mayfield   1,2  
MAYFIELD R.O. 15Sep1889 15Feb1890 son of I.H. & M.H. Mayfield   1  
MCADAMS Edwin A. 22Jul1902 13Feb1907 son of W.R. & Violette McAdams   1,2  
MCADAMS Infant 05Oct1894 05Oct1894 dau of W.R. & Violette McAdams   1,2  
MCAULEY Becca 26Dec1879 09Feb1907 wife of C.A. McAuley   1,2  
MCAULEY J.H. 16Feb1845 19Nov1907     1,2  
MCAULEY Jimmie 22Dec1884 30May1886 son of JAS & S.J. McAuley   1,2  
MCAULEY Sarah J. 30Oct1847 26Nov1906 wife of J.H. McAuley   1,2  
MCBRAYER Baby T. 05Nov1882 02Nov1883 dau of J.H. & N.A. McBrayer   1,2  
MCBRAYER Nancy Ann 17Dec1848 04Nov1883 wife of J.H. McBrayer   1  
MCBRAYER Vira D. 26Jan1802 19Aug1885 wife of J.H. McBrayer
Aged 23 Yrs, 6 Mos, 23 Dys.
MCCROREY George E. 01Jan1897 04Feb1901 son of W.T. & Nannie McCrorey   1,2  
MCGEHEE Sarah C. 27Mar1864 03Jun1904 wife of J.A. McGehee   1  
MILES A.B. 10Mar1809 14Feb1890 Aged 80 yrs, 11 mos, 4ds.   1  
MILES Nancy 07Jul1829 12Feb1908 wife of A.B. Miles   1,2  
MISTROT Tullia Cox 15Aug1879 27Apr1957     1  
MIXSON Albert S. 29Sep1886 28Dec1887 son of T.L. & L.A. Mixson   1,2  
MIXSON D.G. 28Feb1847 06Dec1899     1,2  
MIXSON Emma 18Nov1884 22Jul1890     1,2  
MIXSON G.L. 13Nov1892 06Dec1917 Woodmen of the World   1,2, 3  
MIXSON L.F. 1885 1929     1  
MIXSON Laura A. 1866 1925 Mother   1  
MIXSON Marcus B. 07Jul1881 22May1882     1,2  
MIXSON Our Baby 02May1878 02May1878     1  
MIXSON R.B. 20Nov1866 07Apr1890     1,2  
MIXSON T.C. 21Nov1832 23Aug1875     1,2  
MIXSON T.L. 27Aug1856 13Aug1902     1,2  
MIXSON Walter 20Oct1876 20Nov1877 son of D.C. & L.E. Mixson   1  
MONTGOMERY Fannie May 01Feb1871 23Aug1894 wife of M.J. Montgomery   1,2  
MOORE Mary Albright 23Jan1872 23Mar1931 Mother   1,2, 3  
NIX G.M. 25Nov1830 14Aug1887   Double stone, with Samantha Nix 1,2, 3  
NIX L.B. 29Jun1843 16Dec1909     1,2  
NIX Samantha 06May1837 11Dec1902 wife of G.M. Nix   1,2, 3  
OLIVER James 25Dec1824 27Aug1883     1,2  
OSBURN Hallie Flowers 04Feb1887 05Jan1948     1,2  
OSBURN Sterling P. 26Oct1871 27Sep1936     1,2  
PARKER Flora 13Feb1893 13Jun1909     1  
PERKINS F.P. 1862 1922 Woodmen of the World   1  
PETREE Mozella Mixson 1850 1922 "Mother"   1  
PUCEK Anna Christine 21Jul1926 24Dec1930 daughter Double stone,
with Thelma Lee Pucek
PUCEK Thelma Lee Thames 04Aug1906 24Dec1930 wife of Frank Pucek.
REED Bert 13Mar1883 25Nov1940     1  
RIDGILL Infants   1877 Infants of John W. and Mary F. Ridgill   1,2  
RIDGILL John W. 1844 1915     1,2  
SASSER Birdie Lee 09Dec1897 10Jan1898     1  
SASSER Lula Irenvy 06Jun1876 20Jan1895 dau of J.N. & E.M. Sasser
Married to T.B. McClenny 20Dec1894
SAVAGE Bettie 12Sep1812 21Dec1890     1  
SHELTON Lora May 1882 1886   Double stone, with Bessie May Cole 1  
SMITH Andrew H 17Nov1883 26Dec1906 Married 26Sep1903   1, 2  
SMITH Anna P. 20Feb1875 [29May1877]
Estimated from age at death
dau of J.R. & S.M. Smith
Aged 2ys, 3ms, 9ds.
offsite info
1873 1952   Double stone, with John E. 1,2  
SMITH Georgie Littleton
offsite info
20Aug1896 06Jan1897 son of J.E. & E.L. Smith   1  
offsite info
1867 1947   Double stone, with Emma L. 1,2  
SMITH L.S. [Littleton Spivey]
offsite info
04Sep1833 10Jun1887     1,2  
SMITH Martha Francis (Chapman)
offsite info
28Aug1838 12Feb1922       Wife of L.S. Smith [Buried next to him. No stone - info submitted by descendant.]
SMITH Margaret J.
offsite info
04Feb1860 22Oct1879     1,2  
SMITH Willie May
offsite info
06Aug1893 20Jul1894     1  
STOKES Agnes May
offsite info
07Jun1880 16Oct1882 dau of J.M. & E.F. Stokes   1,2  
THAMES Harriett 25Jan1830 30Sep1897 Married 27Jan1851 Double stone, with Joseph Thames 1,2, 3  
THAMES James A. 1873 1926   Double stone,
with Rohda Thames
THAMES Joseph 01Jul1828 04Sep1905 Married 27Jan1851 Double stone, with Harriett Thames 1,2, 3  
THAMES Joseph Parker 1876 1955 Husband   1  
THAMES Minnie 23Jul1893 04May1896     1  
THAMES Rohda 1873 1931   Double stone,
with James A. Thames
THAMES Theodocia A. 07Nov1870 10May1890     1,2  
TYE Our Little Babe 18Dec1881 04Jan1885 son of Mrs. & M.F. Tye   1,2  
Unknown Unknown 20Jul1868 10Sep1870   Small, white stone; broken, chipped 1  
Unknown Unknown       Brown, metal marker;
name plate missing
WEBB J.M. 1852 1909     1 Joseph Monroe Webb b:15Jul1852 in Cherokee Cty, Alabama d:07Sep1909
WELCH Joseph W. [01Feb1863]
Estimated from age at death
15Aug1870 Aged 7yrs, 6ms, 14ds.   1  
WILBURN Fannie 10Apr1867 23Apr1904 Age 37 In separate part of cemetery 1,2  
WILCOX Nora 19Feb1883 07May1924 Mother   1  
WILCOX Willis Wesley 09Sep1878 05May1953     1  
WILLS C.B. 21Sep1906 09Jul1921     1  
WILLS Della 08Mar1868 17Mar1956     1  
 on other side
WILLS W.F. 31Dec1857 06Sep1940     1  
WILLS Willie F. 21May1897 20Nov1898 son of W.F. & Della Wills   1,2  
WOOD Bruce 20Sep1880 10Apr1882     1,2  
YO______ N.J. 29Sep1888 28Sep1892     1  
YOUNG Infant 08Aug1894 27Aug1894 son of D.C. & M.M. Young   1  

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