Springfield Leader, July 1890

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Maple Park Cemetery Interments
from The Springfield Weekly Leader,
Greene County, Missouri
1886 - 1891

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 These have been compiled from the newspaper article
transcriptions seen elsewhere in this website.

April, 1886

Mrs. Lucy Dyer, congestion, 43 years
T.H.B. Laurence, consumption, 48
Infant of C.G. Ewers
Paul L. Crutcher, scarlet fever, 13 months
Mrs. L.M. Marzetti, general debility, 66
Miss Emma Hufshmidt, diabetis, 3 years.

March, 1890

E.H. Lair, sexton, furnishes the following interments for March:
March 1st - Millie V. Litten, of croup, aged six weeks.
7th - Fannie Granade, whooping cough, two months.
11th - Will Nick Smith, pneumonia, 36 years, Annie R. Sperry, la grippe, four months.
21 - James Williams, brain fever, eight months. Maria E. Brown, general debility, 52 years.
22 - Eunice Juneman, congestion of brain, one year.
25 - W.E. Bowden, moved from Thomasville, Ga., 35 years.
29 - Infant son of J.O. and C.O. Williams.
31 - Robert Fallin, pneumonia, 19 years.

April, 1890

Interments made during the month of April, 1890:
2nd. Harry Banks, of brain trouble, age 3 months.
2nd. A.V. Guerringer, of consumption, age 40 years.
3rd. Hall; a child of A.P. Hall, age 3 months.
18th. Mrs. Lydia A. Morris, of dropsy, age 63 years, 4 months.
20th. Mr. Ernest F. Webber, suicide, age 25 years.
27th. Mrs. Laura Hardesty, age 26 years.
27th. Mrs. Sidy B. Noel, of consumption, age 64 years.
28. Mrs. Sarah B. Townsend, of heart disease, age 60.
29th. Perry; infant of E.J. Perry.
30th. Bessie Bunker, of bronchial trouble, age 1 year.

May 1890

Interments made in Maple Park cemetery in the month of May, 1890, as furnished by E.H. Lair, sexton:
7 - Infant of J.W. McIntire.
11 - Edward Wessler, bronchetis, aged 1 year, 1 month, 11 days.
12 - Homer Howell, hip disease, 16 years, 10 months.
14 - Infant of W.B. Burk.
12 - Arthur Bunker, liver and kidney trouble, 2 months, 2 days.
14 - Thompson E. Mason, kidney trouble, 69 years.
22 - Mr. A.H. Haines, heart disease, 65 years.
25 - Frank W. Bright, scarlet fever, 3 years.
27 - Mr.[Mrs.?] Sarah R. Smith, consumption, 66 years.
29 - Wm. P. Cunningham, two weeks.
s1[31?] - Mr. Daniel Wonderly, dropsy of the heart, 72 years and 11 months.

June, 1890

E.H. Lair, sexton of Maple Park Cemetery, reports the following interments for June:
June 1. - Mrs. A.L. Burton, of pneumonia, aged 43 years, 10 months.
June 4. - Mrs. Lula Merigold, pneumonia, 39 years.
June 8. - Edgar Hooper, congestive chill, 1 year, 6 months.
June 10. - Jerome B. Hilligoss, killed by railroad cars, 35 years, 4 months.
June 12. - L.C. Masten, bowel trouble, 5 months.
June 16. - Annie F. Fallin, consumption, 22 years.
June 17. - Hellin Russ, congestion bowels, 3 weeks.
June 18. - Charles E. Clements, inflammation of bowels, 5 months.
June 20. - Geo. H. Tuttle, marasims, 11 months, 18 days.
June 23. - Henry B. Firntley, heart trouble, about 65.
June 30. - Grahan Speer, inflammation bowels, 2 months.

January, 1891

The following interments were made in Maple Park cemetery in the month of January.
January 10. Mrs. N.G.N. Clark, of general debility, aged 85 years.
January 18. Mrs. Emily N. Redmond, of Peritonitis, aged 56 years and 2 months.
January 27. Infant of William Neagler aged 8 weeks.
January 31. William Sabin, of heart disease aged about 65 years.

February, 1891

Following interments were made in Maple Park cemetery for February according to Sexton Lair's report:
February 1st - Master Clare Randall, of congestion of the brain, aged six months.
4th - Miss W.A. Salyers, membranus croup, aged 7 years.
13th - Mr. Andrew Ebert, rheumatism, aged 17 years; Miss Mary Vaughan, asthma, aged 2 years and 6 months.
14th - Mr. M.C. Thompson, consumption, aged 63 years.
16th - Mrs. Belle M. Search, peritonitis, aged 35 years.
21st - Master Marcus L. Meyer, lung trouble, aged 1 year and 2 months.
25th - Mr. J.W. Cartwright, injuries received from a wreck on the Frisco railroad October 3d, 1889, aged 30 years.

March, 1891

The following interments were made in Maple Park cemetery in the month of March, 1891:
12. Infant of Albert S. Davidson.
17. Grace May Perry, of breaking blood vessel, age 2 months 23 days.
11. Elnor B. Mygath, of conjestion, age, 2 months, 7 days.
18. Mrs. Agnes B. Pringle of paralysis, age 65 years.
11. Mrs. Mary L. Milligan, of peritonitis, age 21 years, 5 months, 18 days.
22. Elnor Prescott, of conjestion of the lungs, age 6 months, 13 days.
27. Wallace Lloyd, of measles, age, 2 years, 11 months.
25. Luther Peaming, of measles age, 1 year, 6 months.
26. Emmet Prescott, of measles, age, 6 months 18 days.
11. Infant of James O. Stephenson, of measles.
28. Mrs. Sarah E. Holden of peritonitis, age 52 years.
30. Mr. Loranzo M. Hill, of catarrh of stomach and bowels, age, 51 years, 2 months, 28 days.

April, 1891

Interments made in Maple Park Cemetery in the month of April, 1891, according to E.H. Lair, sexton:
3d -- Geo. Eberth, of suicide, aged about 40 years.
16 -- Chas. E. Wooldrige, congestion of the stomach, aged 11 days.
17 -- Lena M. Adams, meningitis, aged 9 years.
18 -- Ressey E. Oldam, measles, aged 1 year, 8 months.
26 -- Mrs. L.S. Greene, nervous prostration, aged 67 years.
The following bodies were moved from the Hooper farm, two miles east of the city; Harrison Cane, Mrs. Cane and Charles Hooper.

May, 1891

E.H. Lair, sexton of Maple Park Cemetery, furnishes a list of the interments during May, as follows:
6 -- George Adams, of paralysis, aged 68 years.
12 -- F.Y. Ewing, general debility, 79 years and 7 months.
14 -- Daniel Ellis, apoplexy, 80 years and 2 months; Mrs. Amanda Jones, pneumonia, 33 years and 9 months.
23 -- Dr. John Hyde, suicide, 55 years.
24 -- Mrs. Mary Williams, rheumatism, 38 years and 9 months.
27 -- Lela Calland, bronchitis, 5 months.
28 -- Charles T. Keet, consumption, 34 years, 1 month and 11 days.
31 -- E.N. Kirkham, suicide, 51 years and 4 months.
Total, 9 -- six males and three females.

July, 1891

Interments in Maple Park Cemetery in the month of June, 1891:

4th -- Benjamin F. Payton, of Bright's disease, aged 68 years.
8th -- Mrs. Amy V. Lowdon, at Kansas City, Mo., from effects of operation, aged 34 years, 7 months.
13th -- Leo Smith, Cholera infantum, aged 11 months.
14th -- Amanda Jane Gardner, cancer, aged 50 years.
25th -- Infant of Harry and Kate Cooper.
29th -- Infant of P.E. and Ida M. Taylor.
30th -- Infant of W.A. Chalfant, aged 4 days.

August, 1891

Interments in Maple Park Cemetery During the Month of July.

There were fourteen interments in Maple Park Cemetery during the past month as follows:
1st -- John Koontz, of paralysis. Age, 77 years.
3d -- Miss Genervia M. Woolley, of dysentery, Age, 5 months.
3d -- Mrs. A.B. Reid, of consumption. Age, 57 years.
3d -- Infant of J.M. and S.B. Smith.
7th -- Mrs. Cyntha A.D. Cravens, of typhoid fever. Age, 49 years.
10th -- Miss Cliffie [Cliftie?] Shotwall, of cancer. Age, 30 years.
12th -- Mrs. Nellie E. Chapin, of blood poisoning. Age 24 years.
15th -- Iphagenia Watts, of brain fever. Age, 18 months.
15th -- George Loveless, of kidney trouble. Age, 67 years.
16th -- John T. Smith, of measles. Age, 19 months.
17th -- Mrs. Cressie Massey, of peritonitis. Age 34 years.
22d -- Mr. B.H. Overman, of consumption. Age, 27 years.
24th -- Warren P. Search, of brain fever. Age, 5 months.
29th -- Mrs. Susan F. Robinson, of consumption. Age, 39 years.


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