Civil War Diary: 13th Reg NH Vol Infantry
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1864 Civil War Diary
Farrin Abijah CROSS
Co. H, 13th Regiment NH Volunteer Infantry


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On August 12, 1860 Farrin CROSS enlisted, along with his brother Alma, at Concord NH. He served as corporal in Co. H, 13th New Hampshire Volunteers. Known major engagements: battles at Fredericksburg and Cold Harbor during the Civil War.

In 1864 Farrin CROSS carried a diary as many men did in that day. His daily life and travels can be followed from his base at Portsmouth Va - on leave to his home at Brandon Vt - back to Virginia and a raid on Suffolk, travels by steamboats to many towns and forts in the area, and days of endless marching to end at Cold Harbor the night before the main battle, and killed the next morning.

This is the diary he kept, which was in his pocket when he was killed. He was buried by his brother Alma CROSS during the battle, being buried near a tree. The grave was never found.

Photo of diary cover


Friday, January 1
This week were on pickett at Bowers Hill and its very cold.

Friday, March 4
Took the steam boat guide at Portsmouth, Va at 2 o'clock in the morning.
Started at 7 A.M. on a furlough of 12 days home. Had a good run to day.

Saturday, March 5
Weather still favorible and the boat making good time, untill night a dense
fog set in and had to drop anchor.

Sunday, March 6
Still the fog hold on lay at anchor all night day and during the night.

Monday, March 7
The fog lifts this morning and anchor is weighed, and again we commence our
pasage. Were found to be laying in Hamese's Hold at Marthas Vinyard NH. Made
Boston Harbor at 7 o'clock evening.

Tuesday, March 8
Took the cars (at the Pitsburg Depot) at 7 AM for home in Brandon VT where
I arrived at 7 PM whare after an absence of 18 months I had the pleasure of
meeting my family once more.

Wednesday, March 9
Remained at home all day.

Thursday, March 10
With my wife made a visit to Uncle Charleses and to G. CAPENS in the evenings.

Friday, March 11
With my wife went to Brandon Village.

Saturday, March 12
Made a visit to Andrew BROWNs in the after noon; in the evening to Uncle Francies BROWNs. Had new maple sugar to eat.

Sunday, March 13
Stayed at home all day.

Sunday, March 14
At half past 10 AM took the cars to report back to Concord N.H. whare I arrived at 8 P.M.

Tuesday, March 15
At 10 A.M. took the cars at Concord for Boston whare we arrived at 4 P.M. and
again took the same boat (Guide) and left the wharf in B--- at 5 for the Regt.

Wednesday, March 16
This morning at 6 A.M. were again back to Hames Hold where we layed in the fog.
Had a good run all day.

Thursday, March 17
This morning the sea is very rough with a strong head wind. But by the power of
steem are making slow progress.

Friday, March 18
This morning at six o'clock droped anchor at Fortress Monroe where our officers
had to report us to Gen BUTLER. At 1 PM arrived in Portsmouth Va and in one hour
were in camp again.

Saturday, March 19
Were on guard.

Sunday, March 20
Had only inspection.

Monday, March 21
123 men detailed to do provoe duty in Portsmouth. I were sent down at night to take the place of Corpl. GILKEY he was sick.

Tuesday, March 22
Commenced snowing at noon and continued all the afternoon.

Wednesday, March 23
This morning there is 10 inches of snow good and its piled in drifts. Its been
growing cold all day. It is a New England day in ernest.

Thursday, March 24
This morning is as clear as a bell. Very warm in the afternoon and all [slosh] in
the streets.

Friday, March 25
Cloudy this morning. Commenced raining at noon, continued during the night.

Saturday, March 26
Pleasant this morning overhead. But clowed up before night, rained before morning.
Received my first letter from home, dated the 20th.

Sunday, March 27
At 7 this morning clear as a bell. The snow is all gone.

Friday, April 1
The Col-- came back from Concord to the Regt. At 5 PM were turned out to
receive Lieut. Gen GRANT, but he only past by on the boat to and from the
Navy Yard. A salute was fired in honor.

Tuesday, April 12
The Regt. Went to Suffolk on a raid.

Wednesday, April 13
This morning marched on some 12 miles and returned.

Thursday, April 14
Got back at six o'clock this morning.

Monday, April 18
Went up to the Regt. They received marching orders.

Tuesday, April 19
The Regt. Broke camp at 8 o'clock this morning. Marched to Portsmouth. Took the boat. Started from the wharf at 2 PM. Our detail are left in the city on provo duty.

Tuesday, May 3
Reelived from provo guard by the 13th Heavy Artilary Co. B.

Wednesday, May 4
Went to Norfolk. Took a tug boat at 2 PM arriving at Fort Monroe at 3-15 PM.
Here took a boat at 6 PM for the Regt. - laying at Yorktown.

Thursday, May 5
Arrived at Yorktown during the night - landed at daylight. To our surprise
found the Regt. had gone the evening before on transport. Lay here all day
waiting for transportation.

Friday, May 6
This morning still there. At 5 PM took the boat Fanin for the fortress,
arrived soon after dark. Got run into by another boat. Lost everything but
equipment, had a very narrow escape. The boat sank in one hour.

Saturday, May 7
Took a boat this morning for City Point Learn that Petersburg is taken and
occupied by our forces. Arriving at 5 PM and camped for the night.

Sunday, May 8
Today were all detailed to unload a schooner of provisions for the Army.

Monday, May 9
Doing fatueigue.

Tuesday, May 10
Doing fateuigue.

Wednesday, May 11
Drew guns went to the front to the Regt. Arriving at dark. Received orders to
start at 4 in the morning.

Thursday, May 12
Started to the front found the en[em]ys picketts at 2 PM on the road from
Petersburg to Richman. Two men were wounded in our Regt. Today very rainey.
Lay in line battle all night.

Friday, May 13
At daylight made our coffee, then resumed our march. Soon engaged the enemy
only pickett scermish all day. Lay on our arms all night in line of battle.
Two men wounded today.

Saturday, May 14
At daylight made and drank our coffee and then started on our march. Engaged
the enemy at 7 AM. Sharp fighting all day. Took the enemys first line.

Sunday, May 15
Lay about all day - very little doing on our side. The Rebs were fortifying
all day. No firing - only picketts.

Monday, May 16
Were called at 4 AM. Our cook had come to make coffee, when all at once there
came a faint yell on our left. The Rebs were charging our works. [John] WALKER
was killed about 9 AM. Retreeted back to camp that night.

Tuesday, May 17
Lay in camp all day.

Wednesday, May 18
Moved camp. Received marching orders one dayss rations. Orders countermanded.

Thursday, May 19
Fixing up rifle pitts.

Friday, May 20
At work on rifle pitts.

Saturday, May 21
Still at work on rifle pitts. The Rebbs made an attack at about 11 PM. We were
called up and lay in pitts remainder of night.

Sunday, May 22
Lay in camp all day.

Monday, May 23
On fatuigue.

Tuesday, May 24
On fatueigue.

Wednesday, May 25
Were on fatuegue in forenoon. Afternoon were called out under arms. Marched
out to the left to lay in pitts.

Thursday, May 26
Received marching orders. Had all things packed ready to strike tents but
did not until next day.

Friday, May 27
Struck tents at 8 AM and marched some 2 miles. Then went into camp again.

Saturday, May 28
Lay in camp all day. Everything packed ready to strike tents at moments notice.
At 6 PM struck tents marched to the landing 5 miles. Then for the night.
Being my birthday 35 yrs old.

Sunday, May 29
At daylight took the boat for West Point on the York River.

Monday, May 30
This morning at daylight were in sight of Yorktown. Arrived at White House at
dark - went into camp.

Tuesday, May 31
At daylight were detailed for furtuigue and worked until 3 PM. The Regt. Were
then ordered to march as they did at 4 - some 8 miles then lay on our arms all night.

Wednesday, June 1
Commenced the march at 7 AM, marching and counter marching until 4 pm arriving then on the Battlefield in front of Rich-- Now we belong to the Army of Ptomac.

Friday, June 3
Farrin A. CROSS
Friday about 12 o'clock was killed by musket shot through the head while lying
first line of battle to the enemys works with fixed bayonetts to charge.
---By his brother Alma CROSS.

Killed in the battle of Cold Harbor. His grave is an unknown grave there.
---Written by his daughter Alice Amelia CROSS, Now Mrs. A.A. BLOOD

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