El Dorado Springs Sun, July 1974


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1924 Senior Class Photo
1974 50th Reunion Newspaper Article & Photo
El Dorado Springs High School
Cedar County, Missouri


Thursday, July 25, 1974

1924 EHS Class Reunion

The El Dorado Springs high school class of 1924 held its 50-year reunion at the country home of Marvin and Virginia Tough on Friday, July 19.

A large crowd was in attendance to meet and visit with old classmates and friends. With much pleasure many greeted old classmates for the first time in many years. Some of them came a long distance on this sentimental journey to again enjoy a visit with friends they made young in life.

In the afternoon, cake and punch were served. A beautiful anniversary cake, decorated in white and gold was baked by Carlos Thatch. Macie Merle Jennings Bowen served at the punch bowl. Fred Crawford made easy-to-read name tags for each guest. Gerald Cook and many others spent many hours helping to make this a successful party. Each old grad told a short story of his life over the last 50 years.

This class had been great participants in music, athletics, and other fields. There was much interest shown in the athletic track to be built for the El Dorado Springs high school. Donations of $357 were given for this purpose.

Later in the evening a buffet dinner, furnished by the ladies, was served ______ pleasant and golden day was ended.

The old grads and guests: Dr. R. Burns Lewis and Mrs. Lewis, Chicago, Ill.; Charles Hunt, San Clementa, Calif.; Marion Neely and Mrs. Neely, Tucson, Ariz.; Edna McKnight Bishop, Kimball Bishop, Bloomington, Ill.; Bernard Ryan and Dorothy Ryan, Geneseo, Kas.; George Luca, Dallas, Texas; Virginia Lasley Reed and Mr. Reed, Kansas City, Mo.

Don Remer, Millie Remer, Danville, Ark.; Nellie Purtle Byrne, Kansas City, Mo.; Della Purtle Brewer, Independence, Mo.; Mable Hopkins Montgomery, Stockton; Grace Banta and Kathy Banta, Colorado; George Logan, Marianna Logan, Nevada; Florence Creighton Ross, Mr. Ross, Cabool, Mo.; Mildred Tough Phipps, George Phipps, Jefferson City, Mo.

Ruth Rountree Bacon, Stockton; Carlos Thatch and Harriett Thatch, Kansas City, Mo.; Lela Simmons Stockwood, Kansas City, Kas.; Helen Swangle Good, Andrew Good, Paola, Kas.; Anna McKnight Ward, Glavis Ward, Kansas City, o.

Fred Crawford, Gerald Cook, Meda Cook, Lila Stamps Cowan, Sylvia Boundy Bacon, Parks Bacon, Katherine Thatch Dodds, Murrell Dodds, Joy Messick, Virgie Robison Messick, Virginia Ryan Strain, Ruby Gayle Estes Wilson, Ed Wilson, Mable Coale Bryce, Macie Merle Bowen, Glenn Bowen, John D. Smith, Marvin Tough, and Virginia Tough, all of El Dorado Springs.

In the photo, taken in the living room at the Tough home, are the 1924 graduates present for the reunion. The ____ trophies of 1924 are on the table. Seated, Ruth Rountree Bacon and Macie Merle Bowen. Standing, left to right, Mable Coale Bryce, Fred Crawford, Lila Stamps Cowan, Marvin Tough, Mable Montgomery, Charles Hunt, Carlos Thatch, R. Burns Lewis, Edna McKnight Bishop, Marion Neely, Ruth Swangle Good, Gerald Cook, Virgie Lasley Reed, Bernard Ryan, Florence Creighton Ross.

[The photo below was included with the article.]

CLASS OF 1924 (Probably printed for the 50th Reunion in 1974.)

Gladys Black Overton
Florence Creighton Ross
Gerald Cook
Fred Crawford
Anna Mae Dillingham
Laurevia Ellerman Casey
Nadine Ford Fapp
Smith Freeman
Donita Hines Teague
Marie Hines
Mabel Hopkins Montgomery
Charles Hunt
Macie Merle Jennings Evans Bowen
Frances Kerns Derwin
Hazel Lynn Lyons
Maurine Lawson
Virgie Lasley Reed
Burns Lewis, Dr.
Edna McKnight Bishop
Lane Newbert
Jack Medearis
Ruth Rountree Bacon
Bernard Ryan
Ruby Scott Grass
Helen Swangle Good
Irene Simmons Portwood
Carlos Thatch
Marvin Tough
Geneva Upton Kerlin
Merle Whitcomb



Deceased Members

Lois Adams
Ralph Bloom
Merald Crago
Julia Cruce
Cleta Mae Elder
Elton Evans
John Evans
Carl Rietz
Mabel Seelinger Fisk
Verne Sweeney
Althea Toler Edlund


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