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 August, 1907

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Friday, August 2, 1907

[NOTE: issue is missing from microfilm.]

Friday, August 9, 1907

A Sad Accident
A very sad and serious accident occurred Wednesday afternoon near Okabena, when a team of John Ulfer's, which was hitched to a binder, runaway and in their blind fright ran over his little four year old son killing him instantly, the body being literally cut to pieces. This is the first harvest accident we have been called upon to record this season and it is certainly a sad one. The grief stricken parents have the sympathy of the entire community in their sad bereavment. --Heron Lake Times.
Miss Louise Leary, of Sioux City, was a guest of her uncle, Stanley Moore at the Hotel Worthington the first of the week.
W.E. Madison made a business trip to Sioux City Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Smallwood spent Sunday at Spirit Lake visiting friends.
Mrs. Curtis and Grandma Brant returned to the Soldiers Home last Saturday.
Miss Doris Curran, of Mankato, is here on a visit to her aunt, Mrs. F.M. Manson.
Mrs. Humbird, of Webster City, Ia., is here on a visit to her daughter, Mrs. Dickens.
T.A. Palmer has had his music store papered, which greatly enhances its appearance.
Carl Bramel, a member of Julius Palm's crew, fell off a twenty foot scaffold last Friday and broke his ankle.
Henry Haggard, one of Indian Lake's substantial and progressive farmers, was a county seat visitor Tuesday.
Miss Gladys Humbert entertained a few friends at the home of her sister, Mrs. A.E. Dickens, Saturday evening.
Mrs. John Ely departed Wednesday morning for Saskatchewan, Canada, to visit her daughter and other friends.
A. Kirk of Elk, was in the city Tuesday on business. Mr. Kirk informs us that he begun his fall plowing on Monday.
Mrs. Eric Bowman, of Illinois, arrived Thursday for an extended visit with her sister, Mrs. E.A. Granell, of Seward township.
Hayes and Reilly, of Wilmont, this week bought the Ben Gotmer farm in Bloom township. The sale was negotiated by M.P. Mann.
W.H. Buchan has been laid up the past week by an injury to his foot, incurred while at work on the street one day last week. He received a bad cut from a spade.
Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Otis, of Des Moines, who have been spending their vacation here, being guests at the Mann home, returned home Tuesday.
T.R. Hildyard and his mother, of Alexandria, Ia., moved to Worthington this week, and occupy a house on Second avenue. T.R. is a brother of G.B. Hildyard.
Mr. and Mrs. F.H. Donaldson departed Wednesday with their little daughter, Marguerite, for Rochester, to consult medical experts regarding the little one's foot.
Mrs. Marshman, of Hubbard, Ia., and her daughter, Mrs. Whitney, and children, of Eagle Grove, Ia., are guests at the home of Mrs. N.H. Austin, who is a daughter of Mrs. Marshman.
Mrs. Benton and daughter, of Freemont Nebraska, are spending a few weeks in Worthington, enjoying the beauties of Okabena. They are stopping at the Mann home.
Mr. and Mrs. G.B. Hildyard last Saturday evening entertained a small party of young people in honor of their son, Joe, who left on Monday for South Dakota. A good time is reported.
W.A. Lackay, of Sioux Falls, a former resident of Hersey, was in the city Tuesday on business. Mr. Lackay is engaged in the real estate business at Sioux Falls, but spends most of the time on the road.
A[n] eleven year old son of Fred Shafer, who lives north of town, had a leg broken on Wednesday. The boy had lassoed a pig, which started on a wild run through the grove. He was dragged for some distance and had his leg broken on the trip.
Charley Kunze, of Elk, was in town yesterday.
Mrs. G.H. Luehr is visiting in Marathon, Ia., this week.
Henry Pfiel had several ribs broken in a runaway accident last week.
Dr. Weidow was at Sibley Monday assisting in a surgical operation.
Fred Dring, of Loraine, was in the city Tuesday buying farm machinery.
Mrs. Cowan, of Jackson, is here on a visit to her daughter, Mrs. A.R. Albertus.
Mrs. Harvey Rew has gone to North Dakota to visit relatives the balance of this month.
Dr. and Mrs. E. King, of Fulda, were guests at the residence of W.E. Madison Tuesday afternoon.
Mrs. Jas. Mackay entertained a few lady friends Monday afternoon in her usual delightful manner.
Dr. Geyerman was called to Windom yesterday to perform an operation for cataract of the eye.
Banker J.E. Sahlstrom came up from Bigelow Tuesday evening to sport in the cool waters of Okabena.
Mrs. G.A. Lincoln gave an at home yesterday to a large number of her friends. A pleasant time is reported.
E.C. Huntington, editor of the Windom Reporter, passed through Worthington yesterday on his way to Spirit Lake, Ia., for a short outing.
The Misses Luehrs gave an afternoon tea last Saturday in honor of Miss Anna Reitz, of Chicago, who is a guest at the Luehrs residence. The tea was a very enjoyable affair and was well attended.
Mrs. W.E. Madison on Tuesday afternoon entertained the Birthday Club in a very pleasant manner. Contests of various kinds formed the order of entertainment. Dainty refreshments were served.
Prof. R.H. Edwards returned last Friday from Mankato, where he taught in a summer school for teachers, and left on Wednesday with his family for Wisconsin, where they will spend the remainder of the vacation visiting.
Lt. S.S. Smith, commanding Co. F, received notice from the Adjutant General the first of the week to get the company ready for service on the Messaba range in case of emergency. The order reflects great credit on the company and officers for the confidence placed in them by the commanding officers.
G.W. Patterson went to Hamline Monday night, where he will spend most of the time during the next month in connection with his work as one of the managers of the state fair. Mr. Patterson is superintendent of the horse department, and is working hard to secure a good exhibit in this line. Two other Worthington men are connected with the department and will spend the week at the state fair. S.M. Stewart is assistant superintendent and Dr. J.N. Gould is veterinary for the department.
Mrs. Damon and her son and daughter, Albert and Mary, will leave next week for Hokah, Minn., where Mr. Damon is principal of the school and where Miss Mary will teach in the 7th grade and music. They will go by the way of Minneapolis, where they will visit George, who graduated from the dental department of the State University last spring and is now practicing there. Mrs. Damon says they will live in Hokah for a year, after which they expect to make Minneapolis their future home. Miss Damon will continue her musical studies in the east after next year.
Guy Cahoon is on the sick list.
Earl McBride and lady Sundayed in Adrian.
Dr. Dodge returned Saturday from his visit to the twin cities.
Banker Ed Brickson, of Adrian, was here Wednesday on business.
Dr. Hough, of Sibley, assisted Dr. Wiedow in a surgical operation Saturday.
Miss Mary Johnson is down with typhoid fever at the home of Frank Saxon.
Mr. and Mrs. P.H. Brown drove to Bigelow last Sunday to visit her parents.
Secretary Palmer is busy getting things in shape for a rousing big county fair.
A.R. Albertus, the clothing merchant, spent Tuesday rusticating at Spirit Lake.
The Smith Implement Co. has bought the corner lots opposite their establishment from J.S. Ramage.
Mr. and Mrs. Noren, who left for Sweden some weeks ago, have arrived at their destination safely.
Reuben Oakes has returned from Minneapolis, where he had been taking a summer course at the state University.
Mrs. Olson, who had been here on a visit to her sister, Mrs. J.W. McBride, returned to her home at Alta, Ia., Wednesday.
Mrs. J.J. Marx and son, of Lismore, and Miss Hannah Halverson, of Harris, Ia., were guests of Mr. and Mrs. V. Barnes over Sunday.
M.F. Sullivan has succeeded Geo. Davidson as local manager for the Singer Sewing Machine Co. The company has a new adv. in this issue.
R.G. Gage is here from South Dakota with a drove of horses, which will be sold at auction on Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock. They are an unusually fine lot for western horses.
Mrs. William Jones is on the sick list.
Ernest Wickman visited at Heron Lake the first of the week.
Frank Brown visited his grandparents at Bigelow over Sunday.
Dr. West, of Armstrong, Ia., was a guest of Dr. Wiedow last week.
Deputy Postmaster J.A. Pressall spent Sunday at his home at Eagle Lake.
Mrs. John Slyder, of Clarion, Ia., a sister of J.K. Baker, is visiting here this week.
Hugh Mitchell and daughter, Mary, of Bigelow, were Worthington visitors Monday.
Robert Mackay went to Dundee the first of the week to visit his friend, Harold Chaney.
Marion Fairfield spent a week at Heron Lake, visiting at the home of his aunt, Mrs. V.E. Butler.
Mrs. John Martin and daughter, of Round Lake, were in Worthington Friday on a shopping trip.
Taylor Johnson, a prominent farmer of Bigelow township, was in the city doing business Monday.
Delia Grannis, of the force at the Hub, is taking her vacation this week, and is visiting at Windom.
Miss Agnes Anson, of Luverne, who had been attending summer school here, returned home last Saturday.
Misses Minnie and Mary Kendlen, of St. James, visited Worthington friends a number of days this week.
Mr. and Mrs. J.K. Baker are enjoying a visit from Mr. Baker's grandfather, Mr. L.J. Shepherd, of Iowa Falls, Ia.
Mrs. Jens Christenson, of Loraine township, was on the sick list several days last week with an attack of inflamatory rheumatism.
E.W. Wakefield, of White Rock, S. Dak., was here the first of the week visiting old friends. He made the Advance office a pleasant call.
Joe Hildyard started for South Dakota on Monday afternoon, where he will help an uncle during harvest. He drove through in a buggy.
Herbert W. Eggleston and wife visited relatives at Beaver Creek last Sunday. They will spend the rest of the week with relatives and friends at Reading.
Mrs. C.B. Fairfield, of St. James, stopped off here over Sunday to visit at the Fairfield home. She was on her way to Rock Rapids to visit relatives.
The many friends of Mrs. Boyd will be pained to learn of her death which occurred recently at her home at Ardmore, Ind. Terr. Mrs. Boyd will be better known by her maiden name, Miss Beulah Sain.
J.F. Flynn spent Sunday at Ellsworth.
Geo. Hacker was in from Elk township Wednesday.
Charlie Won visited a brother at St. Paul over Sunday.
Charles Fritz, of Wilmont, was a Worthington visitor Tuesday.
Robert Reed is at Reading this week making repairs on an elevator.
Mrs. Ira Mishler is enjoying a visit from her mother and sister from Waterloo, Ia.
Misses Stella Mosher and Esther Harding went to Round Lake Monday to do shopping.
J.H. Maxwell went to Lismore last Monday to make some repairs on an elevator there.
Engineer Kitterman has moved into one of John H. James' houses on the corner of 3rd ave. and 14th street.
Henry Pfiel, of Worthington township, had a narrow escape from serious injury in a runaway one day last week.
R.T. Clark, of Bigelow township, was laid up a couple of weeks from injuries received in a runaway accident on July 22nd.
John H. James left on Tuesday for South Dakota, to begin his year's work for a Chicago commission firm, handling grain.
The hearing of the case against Rev. G.M. Walker was held last Friday forenoon before Judge Dow. Mr. Walker was held to the grand jury.
Miss Mattie Hastings, the popular deputy in the register of deeds' office, left last Friday for Pontiac, Ill., where she will spend two weeks visiting relatives and friends.
Axel Sterling and family left last Sunday for Windom, where they will visit at the home of Mrs. Sterling's brother. Axel returned on Monday, but his family will remain a week or ten days.
Clifton, a little son of Mr. and Mrs. Jens Christenson, of Loraine township, who had been a patient at the Worthington Hospital, was taken home on Monday. He was operated on Thursday of last week for an abcess on the right cheek.
J.J. Leece, of Kansas, stopped off here last week to visit at the homes of J.H. James and Richard Prideaux. Mr. Leece was returning from a visit to the Isle of Man, his native land, which he left some 35 years ago. He says he would not give a good quarter of land in Kansas for the whole island.
P.H. Brown made a business trip to Slayton Tuesday.
J.A. Saxon, of Indian Lake, was in town Tuesday on business.
Miss Sophia Sterling returned Saturday from a visit at Minneapolis.
Mrs. R.L. Morland entertained at her residence on Wednesday afternoon.
A.L. Dunlap, of Heron Lake, is visiting his daughter, Mrs. Calvin Moen.
Miss Anna Reitz, of Chicago, is a guest of the Misses Luehrs this week.
I.F. Kelly and daughter, Wavia, visited relatives at Hartley, Iowa, Tuesday.
I.F. Kelly spent Sunday at Hartley, Ia., looking up customers for Nobles county real estate.
Mrs. E.C. Pannell returned on Wednesday from a visit to the family of Rev. Curtis, at Rochester, Minn.
Mrs. Mary Haverkamp, of Wilmont, was at the county seat Tuesday attending to business in the probate court.
Nels Swanson, the well driller, has moved to Bowman county, N.D., where he expects to take up a homestead.
S. Anderson, of Ovaca, is here on a visit at the home of his son-in-law, P.G. Johnson, manager of the Colman Lumber Co.
Mrs. R.H. Patterson, who has been here on a visit to her son, R.H., is spending a few days with her daughter, Mrs. L.H. Hawkins, of Reading.
Rev. J.J. Filburn, of Elk, has sold his farm to William H. Marquardt, of Benton county, Ia. Mr. Maquardt also bought the R.H. Sykes 80 adjoining.
Mrs. Agnes Ruddock and two daughters and Miss Dot Kirby, of Decatur, Ill., are guests at the J.M. Addington residence for a few weeks. Mrs. Ruddock and Mrs. Addington are sisters.
Editor C. Orsamus Sawyer, of Lismore, passed through town Saturday on his way to Hull, Ia., to visit his parents. He says that Lismore is prosperous and that crops in that section look fine.
Jay Wolven was given a farewell "Camp Fire" party on Tuesday evening at Cherry Point, by a large company of young people. A good time is reported. Mr. Wolven left on yesterday for Aberdeen, S.D., where he has a good position in a hardware store.
Local News.
Little Marie Madison was on the sick list several days the first of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Dodge, of Round Lake, are guests at the home of their son, Dr. W.J. Dodge, this week.
Andrew Anderson was here from North Dakota this week looking after real estate interests and visiting old friends.
Louis Wall, of Wabay, S.D., was here this week on a visit to John Boberg and other friends. Mr. Wall is an old Worthington boy.
Bigelow people sincerely mourn the demise of the Signal, which suspended publication with the last issue.
Frank Brown of Worthington visited at the home of his grandfather, H. Ruprecht, over Sunday.
Banker Sahlstrom visited the county seat town Tuesday.
Mrs. E.F. Clower was on the sick list last Saturday.
J.A. Fialka will soon sever his connection with the lumber company and engage in business elsewhere.
M.J. Hubbard was under the weather last Saturday.
Postmaster Clower has sent in his resignation and Jas. Harrington and Mr. Lane, the barber, are candidates for the place. Harrington has been promised the appointment.
Mrs. Hugh Mitchell was in the village Saturday doing shopping.
J.J. Filburn spent Saturday and Sunday at Ireton, Ia., in attendance upon a communion service.
J. Schechter and family and Chas. Wolff were entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Free last Sunday.
Frank E. Williams, wife and son Emmet visited Sunday with J.B. Williams, south of Brewster.
Mr. A.I. Standafer quite recently purchased of Floyd Matteson a half interest in a threshing rig which he expects to start going soon. In addition to the diploma recently gained at the St. Paul school of engineering it may be said of Mr. Standafer that he has the reputation of being in the habit of doing things, and is one who when it comes to industrial enterprises runs on a "Free" ticket and it is expected that he will give his competitors a hard chase.
Mr. Wm. Hunt of Kansas has been visiting his father, Mr. Chas. Hunt. He returned to his home Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Uhlman of Paulina, Iowa, who have been visiting their daughter and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. James Gerdner, returned home Tuesday.
Mr. Geo. Golden has been promoted to the position of section foreman on the Milwaukee road, and will hereafter be located at Lakefield, Minn. He loaded a car with household goods and he and his family departed Monday for the scene of his future activities. They will be missed in Kinbrae, and the best wishes of a large circle of friends will follow them to Lakefield.
Wm. Ledloff, auditor for the Lampert Lumber Co., was looking after his Co.'s interests Monday.
Mr. Alfred Anscomb, mother and his niece, Miss Wolstoncroft, drove to Fulda Sunday.
The Misses Grace and Lou Harding departed Friday for Hanley Falls Minn., where they will pleasantly spend the time visiting relatives.
Mr. Chas. Skewis, traveling auditor for the Skewis Grain Co. of Minneapolis, was in town Wednesday evening to look after the company's local agent, one Davis, whom he failed to find at his post of duty owing to said Davis' love for the piscatorial art. A word of caution to Davis at this juncture should be heeded.
Mrs. Anton Nelson left for Rushmore Tuesday where she will visit her daughter, Mrs. Prideaux a few days.
Mr. Mike McGlin of Lakefield was a Kinbrae visitor between trains Monday.
Charley Burns is doing some painting of late.
Charley Lutner is now taking his annual vacation from the mail route, and is helping with the harvest at home.
A. Rust and sons received their car of coal last Monday.
Mesdames G.T. Bulick and C.O. Burns were in Worthington on Monday.
F.E. Eggleston is mail boy while Charley Lutner is vacating.
Mr. Barnard, the new buyer for Greig & Zeaman Elevator Co., came down from Lismore Monday and is cleaning every thing up in readiness for the beginning of the season.
F.W. Shaffenberg and wife, Mrs. R.J. Jones and Mrs. A.R. Beilke and daughter Lena were at the county seat Tuesday.

Friday, August 16, 1907

[Note: Issue is missing from microfilm.]

Friday, August 23, 1907

Father Rushes Into lake at Windom, but Draws Girl out Too Late.
Windom, Minn., Aug. 15 -- while wading along the shore at Summit Lake, near here, this afternoon Dorothy Williams, ten years old, the daughter of Matt N. Williams, superintendent of schools, stepped into a hole and was drowned before the eyes of her father and mother, who were sit- [sic] a short distance from the shore.
Mr. Williams rushed into the water when his daughter sank the first time but before he could reach her she had gone down again. After gropin[g] madly thru the water he grasped her body and carried her ashore.
Faint signs of life were detected, but the little girl died within a few minutes.
Delicate Operation
Earma, the six year old daughter of Register of Deeds and Mrs. H.R. Tripp, was operated on at the Worthington Hospital early Tuesday morning for intuss usseption [sic], or telescoping of the bowels, by Drs. Manson, Geyerman and Dolan. The operation was a splendid success and the little patient is getting along nicely.
Dr. Manson was called to attend the little girl on Monday and found what he supposed to be a simple case of stomach ache, but it persistently refused to yield to treatment so an operation was decided on late Monday night. The case was one in which delay was dangerous, and had the operation been put off a few hours it would have been ineffective and death would have resulted.
Farewell Party
Ramiel Nance was given a farewell party on last Friday evening at the Tripp residence by Miss Grace Tripp, which was attended by a large number of his school mates. The evening was pleasantly spent in games of various kinds. Dainty refreshments were served.
Married this Morning
This morning at six o'clock occurred the wedding of Mr. Karl V. Mitchell and Margaret D. Steiglider, the ceremony being performed at the Catholic parsonage, Father Hetherington officiating.
Both the contracting parties are well known to Spencer people. Mr. Mitchell was for a number of years in the First National Bank at this place, but lately left to take the assistant cashier-ship of the Citizens National Bank at Worthington, Minn., where they will make their future home. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Steiglider and is a very popular young lady. They left this morning for Minneapolis where they will visit before going to their future home. They have the well wishes of a host of friends. --Spencer Reporter, Aug. 9th.
The following from a Denver church paper, of Aug. 5th, will be of interest to many of our readers.
Last Monday night a happy company of friends and relatives met in the pastor's home for the purpose of seeing Mr. Morgan O. Jones and Miss Emma McKeever united for life. The wedding was a happy one and the young people begin their career under specially favorable auspices. The new home is at 562 Santa Fe ave. A hearty welcome awaits them in the Third church.
Death of A.N. Douglas
A.N. Douglas, a former resident of this city, died last Saturday at the home of his son, H.N. Douglas, at Bemidji. The remains were taken to Marseilles, Ill. for interment. Deceased was a resident of Worthington for five or six years, up to about three years ago, he moved to Minneapolis. About a year ago his son moved to Bemidji where Mr. Douglas accompanied him. He had been retired from active business for several years but was a man of means and owned considerable property. His son, Hart Douglas formerly owned a line of elevators in this section but is now engaged in lumbering at Bemidji.
Elevator Sold
The Peavey elevator in this city has been sold to Schaefer Bros. and Co., of Tripp, S.D., who took possession on Wednesday. J.M. Schaefer was here representing the company and W.C. Liefernan represented the Peavey Co. The Schaefers have also bought the Peavey houses at Windom and Lime Creek. The house here will be opened as soon as they secure a good man for manager.
O.W. Dieckhoff, J.S. Frink, A.J. Brenan, G.A. Engbretsen, E.A. Ritz and E.K. Smith represented the Worthington Gun Club at the shooting tournament at Sioux Falls yesterday. The team is a strong one and can be counted on to bring home their full share of honors. Last week Mr. Dieckhoff got 95 and 96 out of 100, respectively, on the local range.
Mrs. Radduck and two daughters and her niece, Miss Kirby, who have been visiting at the residence of J.M. Addington the past two weeks, left for their home at Decatur, Ill., today. Miss Nell Addington accompanied them as far as Chicago, where she will visit her sister, Mrs. Schutte.
Ben Hildyard has secured the school in the Booth district, in Seward township, for the coming term. This has quite a reputation as a "fighting school" but Ben stands 6 feet 1 inch in his stocking feet, and has an enviable reputation as an athlete and the pugnacious pupils of the school must be young giants if he can't show them where to head in.
Thanks to Miss May Holland for the jelly she gave to the Rural Carrier on Route 1. If all of the young ladies were as thoughtful as Miss Holland the route would be shorter to the carrier or would seem so.
Roscoe Harrington is working in the Omaha depot, learning telegraphing.
D.J. Gronewald is home visiting his family. He is located at Aurilla S.D., as saloon keeper.
Miss Marie Okey returned to Rock Rapids Monday where she is working with the Reporter.
Mrs. P.C. Ross returned from Little Rock Saturday where she visited with relatives.
Harvey Lindsey has purchased a farm north of St. Paul.
Miss Pearl Staman of Sibley, Ia., visited with Lena Harrington for a few days.
Miss Myrtle Yates and Oneta Davis visited at Sibley a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Comforth were visiting with friends in Bigelow, returned to their home at Hull, Iowa, Tuesday.
Mr. Floyd Ross of Doon, Iowa, is visiting his brother here.
The people of Bigelow gave a reception at the M.E. Church in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Clower.
Mrs. Peter Peters and son Harold visited at Lismore Saturday and Sunday.
C.E. Zates and son Will are working on Severt Sorem's house these days.
Henry Battshan pulled his thrashing outfit down to Beuces Saturday.
Charles Millards family visited with Gus Peterson Sunday.
Miss Isabel Marchus spent a few days this week with John Gronas and family.
Mrs. F.S. Lane is enstalled as deputy postmaster at Bigelow.
Mrs. James Harrington visited over Sunday with friends in Sibley returning Monday morning.
Jess Cross has the contract to put in the cement cross walks in Bigelow. Jess is a first class workman at this business.
From the Enterprise:
Senator and Mrs. S.B. Bedford returned from Sioux City last Friday. Mrs. Bedford has entirely recovered from her sick spell.
Mr. and Mrs. A.S. Wemple of Minneapolis visited a few days the past week with Mr. Wemple's parents Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Wemple.
Mr. and Mrs. B.E. Foster drove over to Lismore Saturday and visited relatives until Monday. The threshing season will soon open and Bert conferred with his partner, Al. Greig, regarding starting their machine.
From the News:
Chas. E. Sprague died at the family home in the southwest part of town Saturday, Aug. 10th, after a lingering illness, aged 81 years, three months and four days.
Andy Cashel came over from Worthington Monday evening and remained with friends until noon next day, when he departed on a business trip to Oakes, S.D., and from there will go farther west and spend perhaps a month or more in looking over the country.
From the Tribune:
Edwin Brickson and Jos. Cowin of Adrian were with Mr. Kinsey in his auto on a business trip to this city Wednesday evening.
Whalen Bros. have purchased the hardware, harness and furniture stock of N.J. Lorge and respectfully solicit a share of your trade.
Cards are out announcing the marriage of Mr. William Merfield of Greene, Iowa, and Miss Mary Webber of Wilmont township on Tuesday, Aug. 13.
Misses Maud and Jessie Ager arrived Monday afternoon for a visit with friends and relatives in this place.
Local News
Wm. Oxford of Seward was a Worthington visitor Wednesday.
Harvey Rew expects to leave this week on a visit to Artesian, S.D.
R.H. Dieckhoff came home for a few days visit with his family, Monday.
Miss Della Grannis is back at her post in the Hub store after a short vacation.
W.G. Myers came home Tuesday from a trip to North Dakota and the twin cities.
City Clerk C.L. Mann left last week on a trip to St. Louis and up the Mississippi river. He is expected home to day.
Mrs. A. Norberg of Sioux Falls was a guest at the residence of Gust Swanberg last Friday between trains. She was on her way to Denver.
W.G. Ramage recently bought a lot of C.J. Smallwood, and also bought the Morhoff house, south of the railroad, and is having it moved.
Lakefield Standard: Mr. and Mrs. O.A. Fauskee of Worthington visited their son A.J. Fauskee, over Sunday. Their grandson Oren accompanied them home.
Mrs. Jas. Humbert and daughter Gladys returned to their home at Webster City, Ia., on Wednesday, after a visit of a couple of weeks with her daughter, Mrs. A.C. Dickens.
A party of gentleman of this city including J.M. Addington, Dick Torrance and Wm. Devaney, will leave Sunday evening for Duluth, expecting to take up timber claims in St. Louis county.
Geo. H. and W.T. Thompson, two prominent young business men of St. Croix Falls, Wis., passed through Worthington Wednesday on their way home from Sioux Falls, where they had been on an automobile trip.
Arthur Hildyard made a trip to Luverne and Pipestone last week.
Miss Hazel Pepple is to teach in the Paine district, Loraine township, the coming term.
Roland and Helen Peterson returned on Wednesday from Rock Rapids, where they had been visiting relatives.
Prof. Abbott went to Beaver Creek Tuesday to give the new band there a lesson. Mr. Abbott is now teaching the bands at the above place and Lismore in addition to the home organization.
O.W. Buss, of Loraine, was in the city on Tuesday buying supplies for his threshing rig, which he will start this week.
A.M. Schroeder of Jackson, clerk of court of Jackson county, was a Worthington visitor Monday. Mr. Schroeder has been regarded as a confirmed batchelor, but lately Worthington has developed peculiar charms for him.
Walter Walker, a stock buyer of Round Lake, was arrested this week on complaint of J. Bixby, on charge of assault and battery. He plead guilty before Judge Dow and was fined $5.00 and costs, which he paid. It is said that Walker remonstrated with Bixby for abusing his team. The latter turned on him and Walker tried to shut him up with a jab on the jaw and arrest followed.
Mr. William Skewis of Rock Valley Iowa is superintending the repair work on the Skewis Grain Co. elevator.
Mr. Fred Lestico of Worthington was a caller in our town Wednesday.
Dr. King was called to Kinbrae on Wednesday to attend to the sick babe of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Bragger.
Mr. Elmer Skewis of Chicago and his nephew of Minneapolis passed thru here Thursday in a big Mitchell touring car en route to Minneapolis.
C.W. Davis was in Fulda Thursday, it is presumed that he went there on his own business, but of that we are not sure.
From the Tribune:
A new general merchandise firm was formed in Brewster this week, the name of which will be H.H. Pinz & Co., and which will continue the business of the old firm of H. Pinz & son.
With the death of John Kaufman last Sunday morning, at the home of his son in this place, there passed away one of Nobles County's oldest residents.
J.H. Ober was at Worthington Tuesday to consult Dr. Geyerman about his throat, which has given him a great amount of trouble recently. The doctor informed him that he has a cancer, but it is believed that proper and skillful treatment will soon restore him to perfect health.
Miss Ethel Bloom, of Worthington came up to attend the social at J.M. Hagerman's home and to visit friends.
Mrs. Nicholas Costello came down from Lake Crystal Monday to visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. McCarver.
C.E. Berry, of Dewald, was in the city Monday.
Wm. Christenson, of Org, was in the city Tuesday on business.
Dr. N.J. Nessa, of Brewster, was a Worthington visitor Friday.
Mrs. John Carncross left last Saturday to visit a brother in Iowa.
Wm. Wilson, of Pontiac, Ill., is here visiting his son, Alex Wilson.
Mr. and Mrs. R.R. Smith and family visited in Round Lake Monday.
Miss Ethel Little, of Minneapolis, is a guest at the residence of M.J. Bryan.
Mrs. J.H. James is visiting in Adrian this week, while J.H. is out on his trip.
Miss Pearl Hunt returned on Monday from a visit to her grandparents at Rushmore.
Miss Mina Whitham, of Pontiac, Ill., is the guest of her cousin, Miss Mattie Hastings.
Charles Whitham, of Chicago, who has been visiting his aunt, Mrs. William Hastings, returned home Tuesday.
Miss Mattie Hastings returned home Sunday from a two week's vacation spent in Chicago, Indiana and central Illinois.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Thomte returned last Saturday from a week's visit with relatives and friends at Luverne and Ellsworth.
J.S. Kies returned on Monday evening from his visit in Iowa. Mrs. Kies and Mona will not be home for another week.
Geo. Foelschow, Darrel Phillips and Lisle Dovery, of this city, and Lloyd Snyder, of Castana, Ia., are camping on Okabena this week.
Geo. Elliott, who has been home the past summer visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. N.H. Elliott, expects to leave this week for Potlatch, Idaho.
A.R. Albertus will move into the Stanley Moore residence about Sept. 1st. The building has been in the hands of painters and decorators for several days.
Judd Duel, a former employee at the Omaha lunch counter, was married at Sheldon a few days ago, and he and his bride have gone to Aberdeen, S.D., to work in a hotel.
Ralph Staufer has discontinued his amusement parlor here and will store the boxball alleys and other parapharnalia [sic] until it can be sold. Mr. Dillman will open his pool hall in the building about Sept. 1st.
A.R. Albertus returned on Monday evening from Jackson, where he visited over Sunday with relatives and friends. Mrs. Albertus and daughter, who went there last week, remained for a few days longer.
Cashier S.M. Stewart, of the Citizens Bank has been worked very hard during the past week. His assistant had been away getting married, and his bookkeeper, Floyd Voak, had been away on a trip to Pike's Peak.
Patterson and Erickson on Wednesday of this week shipped a car load of their high-grade thoroughbred Percheron horses to the Iowa state fair at Des Moines. Mr. Erickson accompanied the shipment and will remain during the fair.
L.R. Gholz and wife, E.J. Helmick, Judge G.W. Wilson, W.W. Loveless and daughters, W.G. Ramage, Sam Allen, Caroline Allen, Rev. Edwin W. Lanham, E.K. Smith and wife, H.S. Hobson and family, and A.W. Fagerstrom, took dinner at the Worthington last Sunday.
Ed. Moberg was up from Maple Grove Monday.
Oliver Thompson was in from Indian Lake last Saturday.
Henry James left yesterday for Church, Ia., to visit friends.
Isaac Taylor, of Summit Lake, was in the city Saturday doing trading.
D.R. Jones, of Round Lake, registered at the Worthington Saturday.
Mrs. G.A. Fairfield went to St. Paul Saturday evening to visit Mr. Fairfield for a few days.
Banker and Mrs. J.S. Tolverson drove down from Fulda Sunday to visit Worthington friends.
Richard Prideaux on Monday accompanied his grandson Richard III, to the latter's home at Rushmore.
Dr. W.T. DeCoster, of Windom, came down on Wednesday to assist Dr. Geyerman in a bronchial operation.
Mr. and Mrs. Hastings, of Chillicothe, Ill., arrive last Saturday to visit their brother, William Hastings.
C.M. Crandall of this city has been appointed as official starter on the race tracks in the American Trotting Association.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pendergast, of Jasper, formerly residents of Worthington, left Tuesday for a three weeks' trip in the east.
Miss Carrie Newkirk and Mrs. J. Kloss, of Corona, Cal., are here visiting relatives and friends. Mrs. Kloss was formerly Miss Mary Goodrich.
Mr. and Mrs. Amos Birkholder, of Sterling, Ill., are visiting at the home of P.A. Erickson, on the Diagonal road, for a few days. Mrs. Birkholder and Mrs. Erickson are sisters.
Mr. and Mrs. E.G. Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. E. Thompson and Miss Emma Nelson, all of Rushmore, were guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A.A. Putnam last Sunday.
G.M. Bailey, Am. Sunday School Missionary, will preach in the Congregational Church next Sunday morning at the usual hour of services, in the absence of the pastor on his vacation.
Miss Marie Anstrom, who had been visiting her mother, Mrs. Helen Anstrom, of Bigelow, for some weeks, returned on Monday to St. Paul, where she is employed in a large department store.
Peter Cedargren and family, who had been spending several weeks on his farm in Bigelow township, returned to Boone, Ia., on Monday. Mr. Cedargreen is an engineer in the employ of the Omaha line, with headquarters at Doon.
Harry Hawley, formerly of this city, passed through Worthington last Sunday night on his way to Denver, where he went to seek professional employment. Mr. Hawley is now a full fledged civil engineer, having graduated from that course at the State University last spring.
Fulda Republican: G.W. Patterson and J.P. Vail of Worthington, both large land owners, were in this place Tuesday to superintend the unloading of ten cars of tile which they are having put in their farms five miles south of town. Mr. Patterson is the superintendent of the horse department of the State Fair and just now is one of the busiest men in the state.
Wm. Spartz, of Wilmont, was a guest at the Allen House Tuesday.
Miss Hilma Schutz, of Heron Lake, is here on a visit to her sister Mabel.
Rev. Edwin W. Lanham went to Luverne Tuesday afternoon on business.
John Ramage went to Lismore on Tuesday to look after farming interests.
Chas. Yale, of Los Angeles, Cal., is here on a visit to his brother Bruce.
Geo. Lawson left last week on a visit to Omaha, Cheyenne, and other points in the west.
G.A. Engbretson enjoyed a visit from his mother and sister, from South Dakota, this week.
W.B. Lysle and family have moved to Pipestone, where they will make their future home.
Mrs. T.M. Renshaw and Mrs. C.V. Thom, of Rushmore, did shopping in Worthington Monday.
Frank Lane has been appointed postmaster at Bigelow, in place of Editor Clower, who resigned.
Mrs. Geo. Webster, of Lisbeth, S.D., is here on a visit at the home of her niece, Mrs. J.A. Snyder.
John Ronan and two daughters visited his parents in Iowa last week, returning home on Monday.
Maj. B.V. Thurber, of Wilmont, has been in the city number of days looking after property interests.
John A. Albinson came down from Minneapolis, Monday, to look after business at the Albinson-Boberg Co's. yard here.
Miss Tillie Ward, who has been visiting at the Kunzeman residence, returned to her home at Prairie Du Chien, Wis., on Tuesday.
A.J. Wallsmith and family, of Sibley, stopped off here a couple of days at the home of Mrs. Sibley, on their way home from Jackson.
Bruce Yale came home last week from Butte, Mont., to secure a number of depositions to be used in a case he is interested in in the probate court at Butte.
W.O. Tillman and wife, of Wilmont, passed through the city Tuesday on their way east to visit relatives and friends. Mr. Tillman is the leading implement dealer of Wilmont.
The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hansberger, died last Saturday morning, having lived only seven hours. Mrs. Hansberger was in a critical condition for several days, but at last report was in a fair way to recovery.
Geo. Schlicker and family left this week for DeKalb, Ill., where he takes charge of a horse farm for the Siegel Bros., of Chicago. Mr. Schlicker had been in charge of the firm's business here for several months.
A meeting of the congregation of the Westminster Presbyterian Church will be held on Thursday evening of next week to consider the resignation of Rev. Edwin W. Lanham, the pastor. Rev. A.H. Carver, of Luverne, is expected to be present to preside.
Ole Larson, of Oakland, Neb., was here the first of the week, visiting at the home of N. Barnes. Mr. Larson and Mr. Barnes were comrades in the Civil war, and a son of the former married the latter's daughter about a year ago.
Jas. Mackay left on Wednesday for Chicago to take a short course in a well known school for auctioneers conducted by Col. Carey Jones, of national fame, and one of the best instructors in the profession. When Mr. Mackay returns he expects to get his full share of the fall sales.
Fred Schaefer, of Elk, was in the city on business Monday.
Chas. Paine, of Loraine, was in town Monday doing trading.
W. Eichmeyer and "Shorty" McFarland, of Adrian, were in the city Tuesday on business.
L.W. Carncross, of Lodi, Wis., who had been here a couple of days on a visit  to his brother, returned home on Monday.

Friday, August 30, 1907

Martin Langseth of Indian Lake Victim of Disastrous Accident
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Miss Florence Barber, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Barber of this city and Mr. Ruben Bryden of Spirit Lake, were married on Thursday, Aug. 22.
About Nobles County People on the Pacific Coast.
C.T. Tupper was in Seattle on business last week.
Miss Winifred Mervin is employed as nurse at Puyallup, Wash.
Geo. Hovey is visiting relatives in Seattle.
Ivan Erickson and John Smith were in Seattle first of the month.
Loren Clark and A.C. Hedberg of Mankato were visiting friends in and around Seattle.
Miss Jennie Covey left for east of the mountains for a visit with her brother Levi Covey.
Loren Clark, Clarance Pannell ad Dave Anderson took a trip to Victoria, B.C., last week.
Loren Clark left for North Yakima to visit with Rev. C.K. Bidwell.
Miss Amanda Anderson has been quite sick this week.
Jim Wood, Rosco Oxford, and Elmer Carlson arrived in Seattle to look over the country.
Miss Edith Covey is visiting Miss Merwin at Puyallup this week.
Mr. and Mrs. L.M. Bliss and daughters, Misses Jennette and Amelia, returned home from their cruise and now have gone to camp on the sound.
Mrs. Arthur Friends, the adopted daughter of the late Mrs. Thomas Wills, has located her father and sister, after many years of separation, thru advertising. He is a wealthy rancher in Montana. Mrs. Friends left for a visit of several weeks.
Round Lake Drunks.
The peaceful town of Round Lake must have been unusually lively the first of the week, as two delegations of drunks were rounded up there and taken before Judge Dow, of this city.
One party was arrested Monday afternoon and included Anton Olson alias P.T. Barnum and John Mercer. They both plead guilty and were fined. Olson, probably in view of his recent notoriety, was assessed $40, and Mercer $10, with costs.
The second party was captured on Tuesday and included Ed Reynolds and Ernest Tubbs. They also plead guilty and were fined $10 and costs.
S.M. Stewart, of the Citizens Bank, went to Hamline Monday to take up his duties as assistant superintendent of the horse department at the state fair.
Rev. G.A. Cahoon returned on Monday from a visit to a brother at Kimball, S.D., where he spent a week rusticating. Last Sunday he was prevented by illness from filling the pulpit at the M.E. Church.
Round Lake.
From the Graphic:
Mr. Addington, the barber in Worthington, accompanied Dr. H. Wiedow in his automobile to Round Lake Tuesday.
J.S. Frink and assistants of Worthington are putting in the heating plant and doing the plumbing in B.C. Denkmann's house.
H.C. Carstensen and wife visited in Brewster last Sunday at the home of their son and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. M.N. Reistroffer. On Monday they departed over the Omaha for Willow River, this state, to visit with Peter Wiese and family a few days. While there Hans expects to make a trip up to the city of Duluth.
Miss Grace Tripp of Worthington visited relations here a few days this week.
From the Enterprise:
Mrs. F.H. Millard arrived here Saturday from Winnepeg, Canada for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.B. Smith.
Mrs. F.R. Thompson and daughter Myrtle went up to Sioux Falls last Friday or a couple of weeks visit with relatives.
G.W. Hunt left on Tuesday for Rochester to consult the doctors at the Mayo hospital. He has been treated by several different doctors but does not get relief. If the doctors at Rochester think it advisable he may submit to an operation.
From the Tribune:
Miss Selma Sahlstrom returned to her work in the Big Store Monday after enjoying a short vacation at Worthington and other points.
Fulda Republican: Mrs. J.A. Maxwell is expected home from Minneapolis tomorrow, where she has been for six weeks in St. Mary's Hospital and had a surgical operation performed and two internal tumors removed. She hopes now to enjoy better health than she has for the past years. Her daughter Nancy has been with her for the past week and will also be home tomorrow.
From the News:
Mrs. Mike Guinan and daughter Grace, Miss McLaughlin, Mrs. Strange and Miss Anna Fagan composed an automobile party who visited with the O'Hearn and Sheeran families at Woodstock, Minn., Tuesday, with the News man as chauffeur.
John Crowley was a passenger to Hartford, S.D., yesterday morning to spend a few days in closing out the firm's business at that point.
From the Democrat:
Elmer Thompson, the nine year old son of Albert Thompson, northwest of Lismore, was badly injured in a runaway on Wednesday of last week. He was driving a binder when the horses became frightened and started to run. The boy was unable to hold them and was thrown from the seat against a fence post. All his front teeth were knocked out and he was severely hurt otherwise.
Peter Lenz has leased from the Adrian State Bank the building and ground soon to be vacated by Wyer & Dumble, who are shipping their stock of hardware to Excelsior, Minn. where Mr. Wyer has a store.
Mrs. M. Sullivan has returned from Clear Lake, S.D. and Luverne where she has been visiting friends. Her niece, Miss Lorna Distad, accompanied her home.
Mrs. Geo. Slade, who has been in California since the first of July, returned home Tuesday evening. She spent most of the time at Berkeley and San Jose, but visited many other places including San Francisco. At Cucamonga she found O.W. Freeman and family nicely situated and prosperous.
From the Tribune:
Mr. James Montgomery and daughter Ruth, left Friday morning for a few days outing at Spirit Lake.
Bina Robinson of Bloom township went to Worthington, Saturday to visit a few days with her friend, Miss Leabeck.
Chas Sunberg of near Worthington was in Wilmont with a load of home grown apples Tuesday, which he sold to Benson Cabot Co.
Local News.
E.P. Johnson of Indian Lake, was in town on business Wednesday.
Emil Larson, of Indian Lake, was a pleasant caller on Wednesday.
J.S. Firth, of Minneapolis, was in the city on business the first of the week.
Ted Ostrom, of Adrian, made his regular trip to Worthington last Saturday.
Mrs. H.A. Ree, of Jefferson, Wis., is here on a visit to her brother, John J. Fitch.
The home of S. Kall was released from a six weeks quarantine for diphtheria last Monday.
S. Kindlund and family have moved into their new home, the remodeled Lutheran parsonage.
An infant son of David Thompson and wife of Hersey township, died on Aug. 28th, aged five days.
County Attorney E.J. Jones was struggling with an incipient attack of pleurisy the first of the week.
Maj. B.F. Thurber, of Wilmont, spent several days here this week repairing some of his business buildings.
Loren Clark went to Sioux Falls Wednesday, where he spent several days assisting his sister, Mrs. Parker, with her business affairs.
C.C. Erwin, carrier on Route 1, has been taking a layoff for a couple of weeks, and his assistant has been carrying the mail for him.
Rev. I.H. Darnell last Sunday tendered his resignation as pastor of the Baptist church, to take effect Oct. 1st. The step came as a surprise to all.
Carl Fredenfelt, the student who had been conducting a denominational school in the Lutheran church during the summer, left for his home in St. Paul on Tuesday. He will resume his theological studies at Gustavus Adolphus College at St. Peter this fall.
Rev. F.E. Cain of Shell Rock, Ia., will preach at the Congregational church next Sunday, morning and evening.
Mrs. Aug. Falk, of Spokane, Washington, who is home on a visit to relatives and friends, is stopping at the residence of John A. Boberg.
Rev. Chas. E. Bryden, pastor of the Baptist church at Livermore, Ia., passed through town Wednesday on his way to Rushmore to visit an uncle.
Rev. R.C. Ten Broeck, rector of St John's Episcopal church, is expected home from his month's vacation to resume services next Sunday evening.
Mrs. John Frye, of St. Paul, is here on a visit at the residence of her son-in-law, Rev. G.G. Schmidt. Mr. Frye will come down Monday for a week's visit.
R.C. Town is home from Aberdeen for a week's visit. Next week Mr. Town will escort his sisters, Misses Prue and Julia, on a week's visit to the state fair.
K.V. Mitchell and bride returned from their wedding trip last Saturday, and have gone to housekeeping on Lake avenue. Mr. Mitchell at once resumed his duties in the Citizens National Bank.
Banker J.S. Tolverson and family, of Fulda, and Mr. and Mrs. H.B. Howell, of Rock Rapids, Ia., spent last Sunday together at the Hotel Worthington. Mr. Howell and Mrs. Tolverson are brother and sister.
Judge G.W. Wilson, W.B. Stoutemyer and wife, John Flynn, Dr. L.R. Gholz and wife, Rolla Laurena and Fletcher Meacham, F.R. Durfee and family, Mrs. Crane, F.C. Brace and family, W.G. Ramage and wife, R.L. Morland and family, Miss Emma Watson, Dick Wetherell, Ben

Kenyon, A.W. Fagerstrom, Dr. P.F. Geyerman and wife, A.J. Brenan and son, E.A. Rich, S.S. Smith and wife took dinner at the Worthington Sunday.

A. Kirk was in from Elk Monday.
W.H. Hawkins, of Route 3, was in the city Monday.
J. Loehmer, of Route 3, was in the city on business last Friday.
H.R. Veeder, of Lorain, was in the city on business Friday.
Miss Clara Ackerman, of Reading, is a guest of Miss Ethel Patterson this week.
Frank Williams had a stack of hay set afire by lightning on Monday morning.
J.R. Selby, of Route 1, was in the city Friday after repairs for his threshing rig.
The Misses Weirs, of St. James, were guests at the A.A. Goodrich residence this week.
A.J. Lemke on Tuesday took out an International spreader from the Smith Implement Co.
Mrs. R.H. Patterson, who had been visiting her son here, returned to her home at Hinton, Iowa.
Miss Ethel Bloom went to White Bear on Thursday of last week to attend the wedding of a cousin.
Miss Stewart, who had been a guest at the residence of A.A. Goodrich, returned to her home at Mankato Monday.
A. Hardo came home last Saturday from Graham Lake township, where he had been running a threshing engine for the Matheson Bros.
W.E. Bloom and Will Schraeder went to Seward township Tuesday to look over a job of moving a farm dwelling for G.W. Patterson. The building is to be moved two and a half miles.
Sheriff Newton Fauskee returned on Monday from a trip to Red Lake county, where he went to look after some farm lands. Mr. Fauskee says that that section is harvesting a fine crop.
John Nelson, who lives west of Okabena lake, was in the city Tuesday. Mr. Nelson has been disqualified for work the past three weeks by an attack of blood poisoning in the knee. The attack is presumed to have been brought on by a sprain. Last week his neighbors came to his rescue and cut and stacked his grain, a kindness which he is deeply grateful for.
The house on John Fitch's farm, near Brewster, was struck by lightning during the storm on Monday morning, and the interior badly wrecked. The bolt descended by the chimney on the "el," and played havoc with the kitchen and dining room. T. Cove and family occupy the place, and were seated about the breakfast table, but aside from a severe temporary shock sustained no injury.
J.T. Tipton, of Elk, was in the city Friday last.
E.A. Paine, of Lorain, was in the city last Friday.
Andrew Larson, of Hersey, was in the city Tuesday.
John W. Hamilton, of Dewald, was in the city Monday.
E. Eckdahl, of Lorain, was in the city on business Monday.
Mrs. Ira Mishler and two daughters are visiting in Lake Park this week.
G.H. Allen and family are here on a visit to his parents at the Allen House.
A.W. Lyon, of Worthington township, was in the city doing trading last Friday.
Wm. Malcolm, the prominent Bigelow stockman, transacted business in the city last Friday.
A.J. Woodford, of the town of Worthington, marketed a 500 pound hog in town Monday, which fetched $25.75.
Mrs. Will Hawley, who has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Wolven, left for her home at Escanaba, Mich., on Tuesday.
J.F. Ullrich, one of Dewald's bonanza farmers, was in town Tuesday getting his plows fitted up for the campaign in the stubble.
Miss Nellie Wheeler, who has been visiting relatives and friends at different points in Iowa, has returned to her post in Torrance's store.
County Superintendent Abbot, J.M. Addington and Dick Torrance left last Sunday for Duluth, from where they will go out to look up timber claims.
John Giloman, one of the bonanza farmers of Hersey township, was in the city on business Tuesday. Mr. Giloman this fall bought a gasoline threshing outfit from the Smith Implement Co., which he has in operation in his neighborhood.
John A. Saxon, one of the prominent farmers of Indian Lake township, was in the city last Saturday doing trading. Mr. Saxon said he had threshed, and his crop panned out well. Both oats and barley yielded well and were of good quality. His barley overrun four bushels to the load, and the oats six bushels.
Mrs. Florence Meacham, who had been visiting at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Maxwell for some months, was summoned home to Seattle last week by a telegram that her presence was important. J.H. Maxwell accompanied her to St. Paul.
E.L. Schwartz on last Friday took charge of the Peavey elevator, recently purchased by the Schaefer Bros. Co., of Tripp, S.D. Mr. Schwartz had been in charge of the Benson-Cabot elevator for two weeks, but that house was closed, and we understand negotiations for its sale are pending.
Miss Tillie Larson has accepted a position in the postoffice.
Mrs. Albert Lundgren, of Lemars, Ia., is here on a visit at the home of her father-in-law.
Rev. J.E. Evans will be home to conduct services at the Congregational Church next Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Kelley, of Hartley, Iowa, are here on a visit to their son, I.F. Kelley, and family.
Miss Mabelle Edstrom returned on Tuesday from a visit of several weeks with relatives at Des Moines.
Rudolph and Jake Bisanz are home from Minneapolis on a visit to their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Bisanz.
Wesley Rippberger has arrived from Fargo, N.D., where he has been for two months working in a harness factory.
Mrs. H.R. Edwards and son, Carrell, returned home last Saturday from their visit with relatives in Wisconsin.
C.W. Jacobson, of Turlock, Cal., came home Sunday afternoon for a few months visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Strand.
I.F. Kelley is down in Iowa and Illinois looking up customers for Nobles county real estate. He will be absent several weeks.
The Rev. Fr. M.J. Farrelly, of Denison, Ia., spent several days here and at Lismore this week, looking after property interests.
Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Kies will leave for Minneapolis Sunday afternoon to spend a week visiting Mrs. Kies' parents and taking in the fair.
Miss Helen Kindlund went to the twin cities last Friday to post up on fall millinery styles. She will bring home a large stock for the fall trade.
P.H. Brown is about to dispose of his residence property here and intends to move to Minneapolis, where the boys will enter St. Thomas College.
A.R. Albertus went to Sioux Falls last Saturday night, where he joined Mrs. Albertus in a visit with relatives and friends. He returned home on Tuesday.
A.E. Hart returned on Tuesday from St. Louis and Chicago, and reports a very successful trip. He found so many big snaps in merchandise that he is afraid he will have to arrange for additional room to house them.
Loren Clark returned on Monday night from his trip to the Pacific Coast. He visited coast points from Los Angeles to Seattle, and a large number between this place and the coast. He had a very enjoyable trip, but is glad to get back and into the harness again. He saw a great many former Nobles county people on the trip and found most of them happy and prosperous.
G.W. Patterson went to Hamline last Friday on business connected with the state fair. From there he went to the state fair at Des Moines, Ia., which is being held there this week, and at which he and Mr. Erickson have a large exhibit of Percheron horses. Messrs. Patterson and Erickson have one of the largest Percheron farms in the west, and they raise some of the finest horses of that breed in the world. Their exhibit at Des Moines can be expected to bring home its full share of prizes.
E.L. Nance and Rev. G.M. Bailey loaded their household goods last Monday and shipped them to Hoover, Washington, where they will take up their residence. Mr. Nance will engage in the real estate business and Mr. Bailey will work for him. The two families left on Tuesday for St. Paul, from which place they leave for the west. Will Nissen accompanied the car, which contained several head of live stock, and which left on Wednesday. Mr. Nissen also expects to locate in Washington, and has sold his interest in the barber shop to his partner, A. Thomte.
Harry Hart, of Hersey, was in the city on business Tuesday.
Alva Coffitt, of Fulda, was in Worthington on business last Saturday.
P.R. Long, of Reading came down Monday to have dental work done.
H.C. Ady, of Grundy Center, Iowa, was here the first of the week looking after his farming interests.
Ed. Gage, a former resident of this county, passed through Worthington Monday on his way to his home in Missouri.
Mark Graves, of Puyallup, Washington, is here on a business and pleasure trip. Mr. Graves was formerly a resident of Worthington and Adrian, but has been on the coast about a year. He moved there on account of Mrs. Graves' health, which has greatly improved, and the lady has gained 30 pounds in weight.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Bjornstad  and daughter Ida, accompanied by Mrs. Fred Johnson went to Ransom last Sunday to church.
Miss Chloe Anderson has been helping at Mr. Malcolm's while they were threshing.
Mrs. Vic Anderson and daughter Miss Mabel went to the county seat Wednesday afternoon.
Misses Minnie Miller and Louise King visited at the home of K. Deuth last Sunday evening.
Little Raymond Anderson has been very sick, but we are glad to say that he is better at the time of this writing.
George King was on the sick list last week, but he is better and has gone threshing again.
Mrs. Fred Johnson visited at the home [of] G.W. Dealand one day this week.
Chas. King has treated his barn to a new coat of paint.
Our new depot agent, Mr. Heller, expects to move into Charley Burnham's house as soon as his wife can get here with the household goods.
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell of Sibley visited at the home of Charles King last Sunday.
Herman Poppen visited at the home of K. Deuth Tuesday afternoon.
Mrs. G.W. Deland and children spent Sunday at Kenneth visiting her brother and family.
Mrs. A.R. Bielke spent Sunday at Windom.
L.G. Hess discontinues keeping boarders next Saturday.
After the 1st of Sept. if you want anything to eat, you must go to C.M. Black's.
Mr. Hamstreet, editor of the Rushmore Enterprise, was in town Tuesday on business and while here he made some purchases.
L.G. Hess' resignation as station agent here takes effect the 1st. The operator from Worthington, we understand will take his place.
Mrs. Ed. Eggleston returned home Tuesday from an extended visit with a brother in Iowa.
Miss Grace Harding departed Monday for Cedar Edge, Colorado, where she has secured a position as teacher in the public schools of that city. She will stop en route to visit her brother Arthur, at Long Mount, Colorado.
Miss Ruth Wood went to Heron Lake to visit her little nephew, who was recently run over by a dray.
Mrs. I.H. Swan took the east bound train Friday for Albert Lea, where she will visit her daughter Ida.
Mrs. J.S. Cocks spent Monday to Thursday of last week in Worthington.
Mr. M.F. Holland made a business trip to the county seat the middle of the week.
Mr. B.F. Smith departed Sunday night for the Twin Cities.
Dr. Buturff of Fulda was looking after the dental welfare of our citizens on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Miss Myrtle Ridgeway took the train Thursday for Alpha, Minn. to visit with friends for a few days.
The Misses Mabel and Alice Grosscup departed last Saturday for St. Joseph, Idaho; Mabel to teach and Miss Alice to attend school.
A very pleasant and profitable social was given by the ladies of the Methodist Ladies' Aid at the home of Mr. and Mrs. M.F. Smith, on Saturday evening.
Mr. Ernest Jones and wife of Slayton have been visiting under the parental roof for a few days during the past week.
Route Two.
Henry Pfiel is slowly improving from the injuries received in a runaway a few weeks ago, when he had several ribs and his collar bone fractured.
Martin Langseth got severely hurt in a runaway Sunday evening near Geo. H. Doeden's.
A fine piece of work was done when those two swamp holes near the Fauskee and Doeden mail boxes were filled up. Certainly all O.K.  A.R. Bloom was the builder.
Mrs. James Harrington and daughter Lena drove down to Sibley Thursday to do some shopping.
Miss Tena Burges from Sibley is visiting at S.A. Voss for a few days.
Miss Alice Bloom returned to her home at Worthington after spending a few days with Miss May Holland.
Carl Kreuger has his new barn completed and it is a fine one.
Miss Lena Harrington has severed her connection with the Hanford Creamery on account of not being work enough for two.
Mr. Wm. Malcolm is thrashing and the grain is turning out as well as can be expected.
John De Boos of Sibley is up seeing to the thrashing on Dr. Neil's farm.
Mr. E.F. Clower expects to depart for his new home Wednesday. He goes to Fairmont, Neb.
Len Richards was on sick list, but is better so as to around again. [sic]
Mrs. J.A. Fialka came home from near Mankato Sunday, so Joseph now wears a smiling face.
Miss Lena Harrington went to Sibley Tuesday to take in the Chautauqua and will be gone all week.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wood, of Everly, Ia., are visiting at the Wyatt home for a few days.
Mr. Reuben Oakes was down from Worthington Sunday to see his best girl.
Marie Okey was on the sick list Sunday.
Miss Myrtle Yates and Aneta Davis were Sibley visitors Monday.
Miss Marie Oakey is quite sick at this writing.
It was pleasant to see the face of Uncle Joe Lowe, from Worthington, on our streets Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. G.M. Glick visited at the Hugh Mitchell home Tuesday.
Mrs. William Devaney, of this city, and Mrs. J.E. Sahlstrom, of Bigelow, left Wednesday for Red Wing, to visit a brother, A.O. Steffens. From there they go to Hamline to take in the state fair.


----End Transcription----

Microfilm, Worthington Advance; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained March, 2008.

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