Worthington Advance, 1907
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Newspaper Articles
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 January, 1907

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Friday, January 4, 1907

Dan Cupid Mixes Wedding Festivities With New Years Cheer.
Two Couples Launch Forth on the Matrimonial Sea.
At the home of Dr. and Mrs. L.R. Gholz on New Years day was celebrated an event that made two young people one, for life. The occasion was the marriage of Miss Effie E. Goodenough, a cousin of Dr. Gholz, to Mr. Alvin A. Loehrke, of Bismarck, N.D. The ceremony was performed by Rev. G.A. Cahoon, pastor of the M.E. church, and was witnessed by a small company of relatives and friends. Miss Lydia and Mr. Rudolph Loehrke of Dodge Centre, Minn., sister and brother of the groom, attended the bride and groom, respectively. After congratulations had been offered the party sat down to a dainty wedding dinner.
Mr. and Mrs. Loehrke left on the afternoon train for Dodge Centre, for few days visit before leaving for their home in Bismarck, where Mr. Loehrke is connected with a wholesale grocery house.
Miss Iva Richards and Mr. Charles Wass of this city were married on New Years day it the home of the bride's parents. The ceremony was performed [by] the Rev. G.A. Cahoon, Miss Edith Davis attended the bride and Mr. Glen Richards supported the groom.
A dianty dinner followed the ceremony which was partaken of by a company of relatives and friends. The contracting parties are well known young people of this city, and will make their future home here.
Worthington's Well Known Restaurant Changed Hands on New Years Day.
A deal was consummated some weeks ago whereby the Biltgen and Devaney restaurant was sold to J.P. Biltgen and H.W. Steffens, the transfer being made on New Years day. Mr. Biltgen is well known to Worthington people as an experienced baker and restaurant man. His partner, Mr. Steffens, is a son of Mrs. Biltgen and a half brother of Mrs. Devaney. He is a printer by trade and has lived in Chicago for some years, and was until lately interested in a patent medicine business. The new firm will continue the business as before, making such improvements as may suggest themselves.
Mr. and Mrs. Devaney have been engaged in the restaurant business for eleven years continuously, and during all that time have steadily maintained the reputation of their establishment as the best in the county. They both feel the need of rest and change, and will take a long vacation before venturing again in business.
Restaurant Closed.
A.S. Frane, who recently bought the Ideal restaurant from Wm. Thompson, last Saturday closed up that establishment and moved to Round Lake, where he has rented a hotel property. The stock of the restaurant was shipped to Round Lake this week.
Route One.
Mr. Evans just completed a cow shed on his farm north of town.
E.E. Fields was up from Rushmore and spent Xmas with relatives and friends here and in town.
R.J. Jones and family attended the revival meetings at the county seat Sunday.
Mr. Hess, agent for the Rock Island, attended the Sunday meetings at Worthington Sunday.
G.T. Bullick went down to Worthington to hear Mr. Sunday preach.
W.J. Klessig was a visitor at the county seat Sunday.
Bigelow Township.
The people around here are pleased to know that the up to date farmer, John Larson is to remain on Nels Moberg's place another year. He is a good man and the people are taking great interest in his way of farming. He had a bumper crop last year. He is now loading hay for the Chicago market.
A. Ledine returned last Thursday. He spent Christmas in Illinois where he had a glorious time with old friends.
Peter Person had a runaway last Friday while out with his family. No one was injured.
Esther Blomgreen has been laid up for a few days. She accidentally run into a rig on the road one night last week. She was slightly injured.
Mr. and Mrs. Pierson entertained a large company of friends last Sunday.
Round Lake.
From the Graphic:
A.L. Wells came down from Brewster this morning and expects to get all remaining telephone instruments in and connected with the central office this week, after which telephone directory cards will be issued to patrons.
Carl Hugeboom, who has been receiving instruction from A.L. Getman in telegraphy and station work, has been given a position as helper at the C.R.I. and P. Depot in Elkton, South Dakota. He departed for that place on Tuesday morning, but returned again.
A.S. Frane, of Worthington, was in town yesterday, and we are informed that he has rented the Hotel Maine building and will open same January 1.
Mrs. S.E. Griswold, of Montgomery, Iowa, who attended the wedding of her daughter here on Tuesday, returned home yesterday afternoon.
Mrs. G.C. Winchell and Master Clark, returned Tuesday from Mapleton Minn., where they had been visiting relatives.
The death by tuberculosis, of Mr. John Johnson of Dundee occurred Saturday. Funeral services Tuesday took place at Dundee.
Del Mead and family took the east bound train, bent on making their friends at points down the line happy by a visit.
 and Martin Vandewege drove to Worthington Saturday to hear Billy Sunday, but were disappointed, as the meeting Saturday P.M. was for ladies only.
Mrs. Burgess Jones who has been visiting friends in Sioux City, returned home Wednesday.
Route One.
C.A. Cederblade was among other of route one who attended preaching at the tabernacle Saturday night.
W.N. Shanks was down to hear Mr. Sunday Friday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schaefer spent the holidays with friends in Chicago.
Mr. [Mrs.?] A.M. Berry was called to Lexington, Illinois, last week, on account of the serious illness of her mother and father.
Miss Minnie Podoll who had been visiting with the family of Henry Holmes through the holidays, left for her home in Wisconsin Monday.
Arthur Swenson who had worked on route one since last March left to spend the holidays at his home at Rockford, Illinois.
The carrier wishes to thank Mrs. D.M. Holland for generous donation of beef steak, nice and juicy, also Mrs. W.E. Oliver for a nice roast of beef. So much kindness he thinks is really more than he deserves.
From the Enterprise:
C.W. Malmquist came down Sunday night from Vienna, S.D. where he has been in charge of an elevator during the five or six months past. He will return to his duties the first of the year.
Hugh McLeod, of Picton, Nova Scotia, arrived here last Friday to visit over the holidays with his son, W.R. McLeod, and other relatives.
Ray Ager and family left for Preston Minn., the latter part of last week to visit over the holidays with Mrs. Ager's mother.
Henry Bassett, who has been living near Macoun Canada the past few years, came home last Friday to spend the winter with his mother and sisters.
Louis Moie, a young man who has been working around Ellsworth for some years, was last week lodged in jail on a charge of larceny. He was bound over to the grand jury.
Herman Nelson of Brewster was a Worthington visitor Sunday.
Geo. W. Dealand of Org was in town Saturday last doing trading.
Andy Dillman went to Blue Earth City Monday for visit with relatives.
Gust Williams of Reading was a pleasant call last Saturday afternoon.
Rev. J.F. Van Camp of Pipestone attended the Sunday meetings last week.
Leslie Holbrook was at Little Rock the first of the week doing a job of plumbing.
Mrs. Hanson of Heron Lake returned to her home Sunday after a visit with friends here.
E.P. Johnson, a prominent farmer of Indian Lake was a business visitor at the county capital Saturday.
Jim Hagerman and Chas Cunningham were in Worthington Sunday attending the tabernacle meetings.
Henry Rock, of Heron Lake, was a Worthington visitor between trains Friday, on his way to Wilmont.
Miss Ida Hagerman and brother George were guests of their sister, Mrs. A. Montgomery, and friends over Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Curtiss Morgan and Miss Mae Bass of Round Lake took in the tabernacle meetings Saturday and Sunday.
Maj. B.F. Thurber of Wilmont spent several days here this week looking after property interests, and visiting friends.
Mrs. E.A. Gillette of Heron Lake visited at the home of her brother Henry Twitchell from Saturday until Monday.
Fred Wells and wife and E. Hacke and wife were among the Windom people attending the Sunday meetings here Saturday.
Miss Selma Salstrom came home Saturday night, accompanied by Miss Grace Geyerman, to spend Sunday with her parents.
W. Bagen and wife were the guests of friends Saturday on their way home to Estherville, from a visit with relatives at Jasper.
Editor F.G. Dunnecliff of the Windom Citizen was a pleasant caller last Saturday. He came down to attend the Sunday meetings.
Mr. and Mrs. G.A. Fairfield were called to Heron Lake Sunday by the serious illness of Mr. F's mother who is suffering from an attack of pneumonia.
Dr. A.J. Moe and wife, of Heron Lake came down on Saturday to attend the Sunday meetings. The doctor is proprietor of the Southwestern Minnesota hospital at Heron Lake.
Among the Brewster people present at the tabernacle Friday night were: Sam Towe and wife, John Gray and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Wells, Rudolph Geyerman and Editor Randolph.
Chas. A. Sundberg, the well known strawberry grower, who lives in the western part of Worthington township, was a pleasant caller last Saturday, and renewed his subscription to the Advance.
A party of young people, consisting of Mr. and Miss Moore, Mr. Langley and sister, Messrs C.B. Fisk and brother and Miss Fisk, Miss Connie Blinkiron, Miss Margie Cabot, and Miss Lois Benson, came down from Heron Lake Saturday afternoon and attended the meetings at the tabernacle.
Gust Olson was up from Round Lake Monday.
W.J. Klessig of Reading was a Worthington visitor Sunday.
J.S. Frink was at Sibley the first of the week doing plumbing.
G.A. Shelquist of Wilmont was a Worthington visitor Monday.
Chas. Alvord of Ellendale, N.D., is here on a visit with old friends.
Henry Apel was in from Elk Monday. He made this office a pleasant call.
G.W. Cale of Worthington township made this office a pleasant call Wednesday.
Miss Birdie Paul of Milford, Ia., was the guest of her uncle and friends over Sunday.
Lost -- Gray, long over coat, on Jackson road. H.G. Kuhne. Reward offered to finder.
Geo. Browning and J.A. Sanders of Fulda, attended the tabernacle meetings here Sunday.
Miss Nellie Greenland and Miss Emily Parker of Round Lake, were guests at the Western hotel Monday.
Charles Buckeye, of Heron Lake, was a Worthington visitor Wednesday, attracted by the Sunday meetings.
Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Gifford of Estherville, Ia., came up last Sunday to attend the tabernacle meetings.
Mrs. Henry Apel Jr., and daughter Mildred, and Mrs. Kasdorf, left on Tuesday for a visit with relatives Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Miss Emma Holm, a graduate of the Mankato Normal school, will take charge of the school in Dist. 30 when it open next Monday, the 7th.
T.K. Olson and son Orville of Brewster, came down Tuesday to attend the Sunday meetings. Orville, who is teaching at Jeffries, is home for the holiday vacation.
Sam Zimmerman, of Raymond, Minn., has spent the week here visiting old friends. Mr. Zimmerman and his brother Dan were former residents of Worthington, but for some years past they have lived at Raymond.
Martin Levine has been on the sick list the past week.
S. Salie of Leota was a county seat visitor Wednesday.
Edwin Goff of Dundee, attended the tabernacle meetings Sunday.
Mrs. May of Lake Park has been the guest at the home of J.A. Snyder.
Wm. Taylor returned on Monday from a visit to his parents at Minneapolis.
W.E. Roberts of Wilmar is visiting relatives and friends in this section.
O.B. Congdon and family of Humboldt, Ia., visited his parent here last week.
W.C. Dunlop of Lakefield came over Wednesday to attend the tabernacle meetings.
Harry Cunningham and sister Clara of Brewster, were Worthington visitors Wednesday afternoon.
Miss Pearl Bass of Round Lake, was the guest of Worthington friends Wednesday and Thursday.
Miss Marguerite Bassett of Rushmore, has been visiting Worthington friends several days this week.
O. Hammerstad escorted a party of four ladies down from Windom on Tuesday. They came to hear Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. C.R. West and on [son?] of Brewster came down Wednesday to hear Mr. Sunday's sermons.
Banker J. Burr Ludlow has been over from Rushmore this week doing some work at the court for his bank.
Mrs. Calvin Moen and children returned on Monday from a holiday visit with relatives and friends at Heron Lake.
Editor M.R. Berkheimer, of the Wilmont Tribune, accompanied by Mrs. Berkheimer passed through town Monday on their way home from a visit in Iowa.
Wm. Sprouse of Indian Lake received a telegram on Monday conveying the sad news that his sister had been murdered by burglars at her home at Cambridge, Ill. He left for that place at once.
Banker J.S. Tolverson and family came down from Fulda Saturday evening, and stayed over Sunday to attend the tabernacle meeting and visit their many friends.
Mr. Joseph Biel and Miss Matilda Brandt, both of Adrian, were married on Monday afternoon at the court house by Judge Cory. They left for home on the afternoon train.
Jerry Jones of Dundee was a Worthington visitor on Tuesday.
H. Olberding, a prominent resident of Lismore, transacted business at the county capital Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. D.H. Sisson and Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Hulser of Reading attended the Sunday meetings here yesterday.
Mrs. Jas. Montgomery Miss Ada Montgomery, Mrs. H. Peter Lewis and daughter Flossie Lewis, of Wilmont, came down Wednesday to attend the Sunday meetings.
W.E. Ward, of Summit Lake was in the city yesterday on business. He ordered bills at this office for an auction to be held on Tuesday, Jan. 15, jointly with his brother, J.E. Ward. Live stock and farm machinery will be disposed of. Fred Blatti of Lismore will cry the sale.
[NOTE: if you want more info about this article, please email me. People named in the article are below.]
John S. Glennon, Stillwater.
Edward Henry Judson, St. Paul.
Dr. Charles Griswold, North St. Paul.
Dr. Emanuel L. Hess, St. Paul.
Dr. Cyrus K. Bartlett, Minneapolis.
Captain P.H. Ryan, St. Paul.
Thomas Cochran, St. Paul.
Chester Tracy, Edward Tracy, Minneapolis.
Peder Medlo, Minneapolis.
George Hare, Rochester.
Dr. L.W. Babcock, Wadena.
C.L. Benedict, Mankato.
J.E. Haycroft, Madelia.
C.E. Fuller, St. James.
Fayette Tyler, Rochester.
Fred Zimmerman, Owatonna.
Mrs. H.O. Quam, Owatonna.
Henry Hughes, Itasca county.
From the News:
Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Keedick returned the latter part of last week from Tekamah, Nebr., where they had been for several weeks past, invoicing and closing out a stock he purchased at that point.
Frank Esser, who is in the employ of the Washburn Steel Casting and Coupler Co., in Minneapolis as draftsman, came home Monday morning to spend Christmas with relatives.
Bernie Esser and Joe Wagner departed yesterday for San Francisco, Cal., where they will seek employment. Mr. Wagner is the fast little pitcher whose good work for the Ellsworth ball team during the past several years has won for him the admiration of all lovers of the national sport who have seen him twirl the leather sphere and his going away removes from this community one of the most promising young ball players it has produced.
Christmas day brought more than ordinary joy to two of our citizens. Those were Miss Bertha Marie Gilbertson and Albert W. Nelson, who were united in marriage at the Lutheran parsonage in Adrian by the pastor, Rev. Hanson.
From the Democrat:
Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Jones, who spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. James R. Jones, returned to their home in Worthington Wednesday.
Mike Hendel and Matt Lenz left Wednesday on trip to California, where they will remain until some time in March. They will stop at Denver and Salt Lake City on the way out. They expect to spend most of the time in or near Los Angeles.
C.A. Sands and daughter Ollie went to Luverne Saturday evening to meet Mrs. Sands, and Paul, who were on their way home from a visit at DesMoines.
S.J. McKenzie returned from Louisiana last Monday, to remain a couple of weeks. He says the weather down there is delightful. Crops have been good and the country is prosperous.
Robert Landes, of Saskatoon, Canada, arrived here yesterday for a visit with his brother, Phil Landes.
From the Tribune:
Tom Torgerson arrived in Brewster last week, and has since been visiting at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ole Torgerson, east of town. He has been at Butte, Montana, for the past three years, acting as a section foreman.
Matt Weinandt and Mike McCall arrived home Monday from the Black Hills region, where they went several weeks ago to file on some government land. They drove, in company with J.C. Starner and Paul Kruemling, across nearly the entire width of the state of South Dakota, occupying fifteen days on the trip. Neither Matt nor Mike took a claim, as they state that all the desirable land is taken. The others may remain in the hills the greater part of the winter.

Friday, January 11, 1907

New Firm.
Messrs. Schmid & Snyder, the young men who recently bought F.C. Stitser's harness business, took possession of the same the latter part of last week. They have overhauled the stock and made many additions to it, and will push the business for all there is in it. They are wide awake and energetic young hustlers and good workmen, and will extend their trade wherever possible. They will keep their customers posted on matters pertaining to their business through the columns of the Advance.
Mr. Stitser will leave shortly for Kansas City on business after which he will decided on his future plans.
New Lodge Officers.
Several of the secret societies of Worthington have installed their new officers during the past week.
K. of P.
Installation Wednesday evening.
C.C. -- Grant Morrison
V.C. -- Harry S. Hobson
Prelate -- Rev. G.A. Cahoon
M.W. -- T.A. Palmer
K. of R. and S. -- Dr. W.J. Dodge
M.A. -- Duff Thomte
M. Finance -- Dr. A.H Clark
M.E. -- Roy Wakefield
I.G. -- Clint Mann
O.G. -- Dave Anderson
Trustees -- A.T. Latta, E.K. Smith, Loren Clark.
Installation Wednesday evening.
N.G. -- E.K. Smith
V.G. -- F.J. Cass
Sec. -- S.A. Roshon
Treas. -- G.R. Leonard.
Installation Monday evening.
V.C. -- Geo. Weidman
W.A. -- C.C. Erwin
Banker -- G.S. Smith
Clerk -- E.F. Buchan
Escort -- J.E. Norris
Watchman -- Robt Reed
Sentry -- F.C. Stitser
Physician -- Dr. A.H. Clark.
Installation Monday evening.
Oracle -- Mrs. J.M. Addington
Vice Oracle -- Mrs. Nellie Mott
Treasurer -- Mrs. Z.M. Smith
Chancelor -- Mrs. Brant
Recorder -- Mrs. Ira Mishler
Receiver -- Mrs. Mary Norris
Marshal -- Mrs. Kunzman
Asst. Marshal -- Miss Lottie Kunzman
I.S. -- J.M. Addington
O.S. -- Mrs. Mary Sowles
Monitor -- Mrs. Cramer
Emil Olson has entered the Citizens Bank as assistant bookkeeper.
Annual Church Meeting.
The annual business meeting of the congregation of the Swedish Lutheran church was held on Tuesday evening at the church. Ole Swanson was elected secretary for the ensuing year, Carl Anderson of this city and J.S. Anderson of Elk township were elected deacons, and Erick Anderson and Alex Ekdahl, were elected to the board of trustees. Miss Ellen Olson was elected organist.
It was decided to build a new $4000 parsonage, and a building committee was appointed to take the matter in hand.
Aged Pioneer Dead.
Mrs. Solomonson, mother of Christ and Solomon Solomonson, of Indian Lake township, died on Wednesday morning at the home of the former, aged 76 years. The funeral will be held on Saturday. The deceased was a pioneer settler of Nobles county, having settled in Indian Lake with her husband in the early '70's. She leaves besides the two sons names above, a married daughter, who lives at Sioux Falls.
Little Mona Kies has been on the sick list the past week.
Mrs. A. Marotzke who has been very low the past two weeks with typhoid fever is slowly improving. A trained nurse from Sioux City is in attendance.
Grandmother Bedford departed Saturday for Sioux City where she will visit for a time with her daughter Mrs. R.F. Merrick.
Dwight Ludlow who has been working in the store with H.C. Constable and Co., went to his home at Worthington Monday.
C.B. Andrews returned Monday from a trip to Elkton S.D.
Geo. Innes returned Monday from Eagle Grove where he spent the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Wheeler were county seat visitors Sunday.
Miss Virginia Matteson who taught in the Van Horsen District north of town has given up the school and will remain at her home in Minneapolis.
Fred H. Thompson went to Chicago Saturday with two cars of fat stock and veal calves.
Geo. Beacom returned Monday from Iowa where he spent New Years with relatives.
From the Tribune:
A business deal of considerable magnitude and importance took place, in Brewster this week, when F.D. Wells purchased Leon Morris' interest in the Brewster Hardware Company and following this the company bought out the hardware stock and business of Duba and Duba.
C. Synkerson was up from Worthington Monday to look after some jobs in the painting and paper hanging line.
J.J. Filburn, wife and daughter Grace returned from Ohio last week, where Mr. Filburn visited his aged mother and was present at a family reunion.
Miss Anna Kampen, who has been staying with Miss Ollie Filburn during the absence of her parents, returned to Reading last Sunday.
The Misses Emma and Lelsa Schulz spent the holidays is [sic] at Lake Park.
Miss Daisy Vail is again able to resume her duties in the school room.
Mrs. Paul Schulz has been on the sick list the past two weeks.
Mrs. A.M. Wells spent Ne Years with her parents at Primghar Ia.
Banker R.J. Jones, wife and daughter, visited the county seat on Wednesday.
J.W. Pettis was a county seat visitor Tuesday.
Wm. Fell of Wilmont passed through on Tuesday's train bound for Iowa to visit friends.
From the Tribune:
Mr. Herman Poppen has been very sick with pneumonia for the past few days. He is much better at this writing.
Chas. Alvord, a former resident of Wilmont but now of Ellendale, N.D., was transacted business in this city a few days this week.
H.J. Shelby, L.W. Larson, A. Shelquist, T. Falgetter, A.B. Williams and W. Cline attended Masonic doings at Adrian Thursday night.
From the News:
Mrs. John McCann submitted to an operation for appendicitis in the Luverne hospital last Saturday. She is now improving quite nicely and will soon be able to return to her home in this city.
Harry Flynn, he of magnetic energy, came up from Palisade, Colo., last Saturday, for a visit with his mother and brothers. Business called him to Omaha from Colorado and he improved the opportunity.
Local News.
T. McCracken was in town Wednesday doing trading.
O.H. Scott of Ransom township was in the city yesterday.
Born -- On Tuesday, Jan. 8, 1907, to J. Baker and wife, a son.
F.A. Vihlen of Indian Lake was a caller yesterday afternoon.
H. Bjornstad of Org was in the city Wednesday on business.
H.F. Yates of St. Paul was here this week visiting his aged father.
Nels N. Langseth of Indian Lake made this office a call on Wednesday.
Peter Thompson on Wednesday shipped 2 car loads of sheep to St. Paul.
Mrs. M. Clark is visiting relatives at Rock Rapids for a few days this week.
A little son of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Schumack is down with the pneumonia.
Born -- On Tuesday, Jan. 8, 1907, to Auren Williams and wife a daughter.
Born -- On Wednesday, Jan. 9, 1907, to J.E. Martin and wife a daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Wheeler, of Rushmore, were in the city Sunday evening.
A. Schneider and son, of Fulda, were in the city Sunday afternoon and evening.
Postoffice Inspector H.O. Smith, of St. Paul, is here checking up the books at the postoffice.
Miss Emma Diehn, of Round Lake, is reported to be ill with an attack of appendicitis.
J.F. Flynn went to Ellsworth last Saturday and remained until Wednesday of this week.
J.A. Cashel returned last Saturday from a visit of couple of weeks with his parents at Winona.
John Walstrom, of Fairmont, manager of the Creamery Co., was here on business Wednesday.
R.E. Davis the carrier on Route 5 wishes to thank Geo. Hacker for a kindly New Years remembrance.
Misses Lottie Hagerman and Clara Cunningham, of Brewster, spent Saturday and Sunday at this place.
Misses Anna and Myrtle Thompson and Olga Savig, of Lismore, were Worthington visitors Wednesday.
Rev. A.W. Franklin from Monterey, Minn., will preach at the Swedish Mission tabernacle January 13, next Sunday at the usual time.
The following Brewster people were guest at the Hotel Worthington last Sunday: C.J. Anderson, Dr. N.J. Nassa, Mamie Nassa, Florence Schader, Edna McCune Ada Marcle.
Rudolph Geyerman, Mr. and Mrs. D. Lees, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Towe, Mr. and Mrs. C.R. West, Mesdame. Wells, Morris, Randolph, and Cole and Rev. S. Wallace of Brewster were in attendance at the Sunday meetings last Sabbath afternoon and evening.
"Bob" Grass Dead.
Slayton, Minn., Jan. 3. -- H.C. Grass died early Sunday morning at St. Peter, where he had been under treatment for brain disease since last July. He had attained the age of 51 years and was one of the most prominent and successful lawyers in Southern Minnesota. He has been in practice for the past twenty nine years in Murray county and possessed an enviable reputation for integrity and worth.
Lismore Wedding.
Wednesday evening, January 2nd at 6 o'clock, at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. Mary Halverson, occurred the beautiful and impressive ceremony that united forever in the holy bonds of wedlock Miss Louise Halverson and Mr. Herman Olberding, Rev. Father Greave officiating.
The bride is a daughter of Mrs. Mary Halverson and is well known having lived in and around Lismore for a number of years. The groom is one of Lismore's promising young business men being one of the firm of Olberding and Son. --Lismore Leader.
Born -- On Jan. 3, 1907, to Ole Carlson and wife, a son.
Dr. Dieckhoff returned last Thursday from his trip to Texas.
Jas. Mann is assisting in H.B. Lewis' store for a few days.
Mrs. F.A. Stevens was on the sick list the first of the week.
Peter Walgreen, of Dewald township, was an Advance caller last Friday.
J. Croxen of Elk township made this office a pleasant call last Saturday.
Dr. J.N. Gould went to Minneapolis Tuesday to attend the farmers' meeting.
O.A. Fauskee, a prominent pioneer of Bigelow, made this office pleasant call last Saturday.
W.S. Lewis is visiting at the home of his daughter, Mrs. LeRoi Tibbitts at Mabel, Minn.
City Treasurer G.H. Luehrs spent Monday at Cherokee, Ia., looking after property interests.
Editor E.L. Loverin, of Ellsworth, was visitor at the county capital Monday and again Tuesday.
L.C. Harris, who is working in a harness shop at Sibley, came up to spend Sunday with his family.
J.C. Durfee, of Jackson, spent a few hours here Monday between trains, visiting the brother-in-law, A.R. Albertus.
Milt Ludlow went to Minneapolis Monday to attend the short course for farmers prepared by the State Agricultural School.
Christ Hanson, who has long held a position in J.M. Addington's barber shop, left last week on a trip to the southwest.
Miss Opal Leuhrs, who is teaching at Luverne, returned to her work there last week after spending her vacation at home.
Miss Lillian Luehrs, who is teaching at Princeton, left for that place last Friday, having spent her holiday vacation at home.
Geo. W. Patterson left on Monday for Hamline, to attend the annual meeting of the State Agricultural Society, and one or two farmer's meetings.
Jas. Husely of Elk, had his eye dangerously hurt last Saturday by running a pitchfork into it while jumping off a load of hay. He will go to Chicago to see a specialist.
Word had been received here from Pillager, Minn., that L.B. Bennett, a former resident and postmaster of Worthington, now living there, is ill, with small prospects of recovery.
Wm. Chaney returned on Saturday from Rochester, Minn., where he had spent the holidays visiting at the home of his father-in-law. Mrs. Chaney, who accompanied him, returned last Monday.
Miss Jean Smith, of Heron Lake, one of the teachers in our public schools, resigned her position on account of ill health. Her place has been taken by Miss Beckley, who will serve temporarily.
S.M. Stewart is assisting at the Citizens Bank.
Mrs. Fred Mohr of Elk is reported to be quite sick.
Miss Clara Foelschow is suffering from an attack of appendicitis.
Born -- On Jan. 5, 1907, to Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Eshleman, of Elk, a son.
A little son of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Schumack is quite ill with pneumonia.
Born -- On Dec. 29, to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Erickson of Worthington township, a son.
Andrew Larson, one of the prosperous farmers of the town of Hersey was a welcome visitor at the Advance office on Tuesday.
Uncle Nels Langseth of Indian Lake, who had been confined to the house several weeks with a gathering in the head, is able to be around once more.
Ex-County Attorney Crandall has moved into quarters over the Citizens National Bank, occupying the rear suit, where he will be at home to his many friends.
E.J. Wolven and wife departed the latter part of last week for a visit with relatives in Illinois, after which they will visit point of interest in Florida and possibly may extend their tour to Cuba.
A.J. Schaffer, the genial and versatile editor of the Adrian Democrat, came over Tuesday to put in his bid on the county printing and mingle with [t]he other boys of the press.
Stewart Hart has been laid up the past week as the result of injuries received last Friday while at work in the store. He was leaving the store with an armful of packages when he tripped and fell, tearing the ligaments in one ankle. He has been confined to the house most of the time since.
Mrs. Ed Lewis died on Wednesday at her home in Omaha, after a lingering illness. She is a sister of Mrs. John Lawson, and was formerly a resident of this city. Mrs. Lawson was with her sister at the time of her death and Mr. Lawson and son, George, will go down to attend the funeral.
Ex-Register of Deeds H. Hawley and wife left on Tuesday for Baldwin, Wisconsin, where they will remain during the winter. Mr. and Mrs. Hawley were residents of Worthington about ten years and during that time had the friendship and esteem of a large circle of friends who will always hold them in kindly remembrance. During the time he published the Advance Mr. Hawley ever labored faithfully for the upbuilding of the city, and did far more than he ever will get credit for in this world.
Foster Moore made a business trip to Minneapolis Monday night.
Geo. Voak, of Brewster, spent Sunday with his parents in this city.
Henry Bassett of Macoun, Canada, spent Sunday with friends in this city.
Dr. and Mrs. L.R. Gholz entertained the Euchre Club Monday evening.
Miss Mae Bass, of Round Lake, was a guest at the home of Warren Davis over Sunday.
William Weed, of Spirit Lake, was an over Sunday visitor at the home of John Fitch.
Paul Benson, of Heron Lake, spent Sunday afternoon and evening with friends in this city.
Miss Leafie Johnson, telephone central at Brewster spent Saturday and with friends in this city.
Geo. D. Dayton of Minneapolis was in the city last Friday looking afternoon [sic] his business affairs here.
The Misses Emily and Nellie Plotts entertained the Whist Club last Saturday evening. A pleasant time is reported.
Bennett Johnson, of Bigelow township, departed on Tuesday for an extended visit with his sister at Chicago.
Attorney Dieson and C.B. Fiske, of Heron Lake, were "seekers" at the Sunday meetings, Sabbath evening.
E. Wemple, Frank Bryden, Jess Hamstreet and H. Ivers of Rushmore attended the Sunday meetings last Sabbath.
Mrs. W.A. Weed has returned to her home at Spirit Lake after two weeks visit with friends in this city and at Windom.
Mrs. E. Ledine, of Bigelow township, is reported as seriously sick. She has been confined to the house for several weeks.
Editor E.E. Loverin of the Ellsworth News was a business visitor at the county capital Monday. He made this office a pleasant call.
Miss Maude Conrad returned from her holiday visit with parents at Chicago, Sunday afternoon, and returned to her duties as teacher Monday.
Miss Grace Butler, of Heron Lake, visited with relatives at this place several days last week, returning home Saturday evening.
Ord A. Fairfield and Cleve Kane, of Mankato, spent Sunday afternoon and evening in the city at the home of Mr. and Mrs. G.A. Fairfield.
Editor Clower of the Bigelow Signal was a Worthington visitor the early part of the week. He came up to look after his interests in the country printing pie.
Henry Haggard of Indian Lake has purchased fifty stacks of hay and is busy baling the same for shipment to the Chicago market.
[NOTE: if you want more info about this article, please email me. People named in the article are below.]
Erik Paulson, Cokato.
Mrs. Ellen Taylor, Mayor Charles T. Taylor, Mankato.
George B. Palmer, Minneapolis.
John M. Sotrrs, Minneapolis/Livingston, Montana.
Alexander Saari, Duluth.
William Rantz; Duluth, Rainy Lake and Winnipeg railroad.
H.C. Griggs, Slayton.
Dr. C.L. Francis, Mapleton/Oklahoma City, OK.
John B. Anderson, Cokato.
John Markel, Butterfield.
Oscar Elstan, O.C. Elstan, Sandstone.
F.E. Hoffman, Mankato.
W.H. Harries, Caledonia.
Captain George A. Whitney, Wadena.
George S. Mabey, Lake City.
John Entgelmeier; South Park, St. Paul.
Eric Olson.
Alderman W.L. Miller, Winona.
Local News.
G.M. Johnson of Indian Lake was in the city on business yesterday.
J.S. Randolph of the Brewster Tribune and Chas. Hamstreet of the Rushmore Enterprise were county seat visitors Tuesday.
Rev. Dr. Cowgill, the presiding elder of the Marshall district of the M.E. church has been conducting meetings at the M.E. church since Tuesday evening.
O.B. Thusen, of Bigelow township, was in the city Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Thusen and a son returned a few days ago from a visit to Iowa, and on reaching home the boy was taken quite ill.
Sievet Sieverson, an old settler of Jackson county living a mile east of Brewster, died suddenly in that village last Saturday. He had just returned from a visit at Wadena and had walked up town about a block when he dropped and expred almost instantly. The funeral was held on Wednesday of this week, Wm. Chaney of this city officiating in the capacity of undertaker. The deceased leaves a wife and six grown children.

Friday, January 18, 1907

Held Annual Meeting at the Court House Last Saturday.
The annual meeting of the Worthington District Fair Association was held last Saturday afternoon at the office of the Judge of Probate in the court house. There were 20 members in attendance. The report of the officers showed the affairs of the association to be in fairly good condition.
The following are the directors for the ensuing term: G.W. Patterson, W.E. Madison, P.C. Anderson, J.N. Gould, T.A. Palmer, A.R. Albertus and Wm. Malcolm.
The directors elected the following officers: President - Dr. J.N. Gould; Vice President - Wm. Malcolm; Secretary - T.A. Palmer; Treasurer - A.R. Albertus; Superintendent of Speed Department - A.R. Albertus.
Miss Roxaline Slade Married.
Miss Roxie Slad of Adrian, and Mr. Fredrick Schuester of Rochester, were married on Wednesday afternoon at the parlors of the Hotel Slade. The ceremony was witnessed by a small company of relatives and friends. The young people left at once on a wedding trip to the Pacific coast. Miss Slade was one of the best known and most successful teachers of Nobles county.
Round Lake.
From the Graphic:
Art. Erskine and family drove up to Worthington last Saturday afternoon and visited until Sunday afternoon at the H.R. Trip home and while there they also attended the tabernacle meeting.
An incipient blaze in the linen closet of Mrs. Chas. Antritter's house last Sunday evening about 8 o'clock caused quite an excitement for a few minutes. Prompt action subdued the flames, but not however, until four table cloths were damaged beyond repair.
Louis Stoltenberg was up fro[m] Lake Park Monday and attended the annual meeting of the directors of the State Bank of Round Lake. The past year's business showed up very satisfactorily. A fine new bank building will be erected in the near future.
[NOTE: if you want more info about this article, please email me. People named in the article are below.]
Norman Merrill, Stillwater.
Christ Peterson, Albert Lea.
E.N.W. Shook, Preston.
P.L. Marvin, St. Paul.
Mike England, Edina Mills.
William Burhite, Lewis Kling; Brainerd.
 Sam F. Fullerton, Carlos Avery of Hutchinson.
Andrew Peterson, Caledonia.
John Cooper, Redlands, CA.
Public Examiner P.M. Kerst.
Iver Iverson, Redwood county.
W.J. Sullivan, Ida Duford; Minneapolis.
Mrs. Maria Novack, Thomas Novack; Holding, Stearns county.
O.F. Burlingame, Winona.
Edwin Bradley, Mankato.
Marriages in Nobles County, Minn., for 1906.
Iver Brown to Lizzie Haibeck.
Frank G. Dean to Clara E. Gutzler.
Fred P. Eich to Julia Wallace.
Andrew Nystrom to Maria O. Norstrom.
Adolf Finke to Abby McGuire.
John Carey to Ida Shellquist.
J.A. Brazzell to Grace Hallesey.
Wm. A. Pierce to Caroline Miller.
Fred G. Hoffkamp to Minnie Kallemyn.
Henry Lutterman to Katy Voss.
Emil L. Tschirgi to Maud E. Royse.
Brown Heidebrink to Nauna Behrens.
William Oberlob to Nettie Bakker.
Howard S. Myers to Martha M. Bliefernicht.
Edward A. Geyerman to Agnes L. Ludtke.
Frank Kizer to Lena Heidebrink.
Alysius Dries to Margaret Spartz.
Anthony W. Weinandt to Alice R. McCall.
Mark M. Chatfield to Gertrude Birkett.
James E. Tottingham to Eva Lou Kerr.
Roy C. Thom to Bertha E. McChord.
Frank Neinkerk to Lottie Jenkens.
Frank J. Smith to Anna Dorenkemper.
Milo Hiner to Medora Dickinson.
Robbie G. Baker to Ollie Sanders.
John H. Blume to Minnie Thueson.
George J. Cordes to Lousie [Louise?] Ahlfield.
Joseph E. Rankin to Helen Barron.
Wilbur I. Dodge to Mary E. Robinson.
Eddie Puckett to Maudie Whitman.
Frederick E. Walker to Minnie L. Ecklund.
John Haken to Effie Terhark.
George L. Korthauer to Mabel V. Booth.
Antonie Klootnijk to Elizabeth Dekker.
William Kohn to Petreka A. Lucht.
Robert R. Smith to Pearl G. Tupper.
Ernest G. Borst to Josephine Shallers.
John C. Gruys to Clara Olson.
Frank Morgan to Lydia Hoffman.
Herman Althoff to Katherine Henning.
J.E. Radley to Alma Fink.
James Brown to Ethel Holbrook.
John Prins to Minnie Mohns.
James E. Leahy to Matie G. Barnes.
Benhard Graf to Bertha Kunze.
Herman F. Zimmerman to Minnie Boots.
Henning Gran to Ellen Johnson.
Henry J. Blume to Avis Staubus.
John J. Fury to Josephine Langer.
Peter J. Nystrom to Carrie M. Holmberg.
Henry B. Dil_y to Nettie M. Ely.
Clarence H. Borst to Nellie P. Wade.
Nicholas Kaufman to Ida L. Casper.
George H. Allen to Elizabeth Wood.
Elmer H. Atwood to Lona B. Carper.
Adolph Thomte to Mattie Bryan.
Everett S. Peters to Emma Tryon.
August Schneider to Laura Taylor.
James A. Hansberger to Edna M. McKay.
Earl T. Hopkins to Mary G. Prideaux.
Arthur Smith to Kattie Poppen.
Alvin Langley to Eva L. Darling.
Wilmer Conklin to Elmer J. Frane.
John Their to Mary E. Recker.
Richard D. Olson to Anna Lindquist.
Sieste Eldersveld to Willemtje Kooiman.
Rudolph C. Kielsmeier to Emma Hendricks.
Bernhard Henning to Elizabeth Kemper.
Adolph King to Minnie Peterson.
Earl R. Coss to Dot E. Mott.
August Haibeck to Hannah Bunning.
Henry A. Bright to Lillian A. Frenz.
Clarence C. Langseth to Minnie Haggard.
Robert L. Morland to Edith W. Dolan.
Herman Lehman to Anna L. Albert.
Mark B. Eschelman to Della May Eikenberry.
Clyde S. Jones to Bessie L. Tripp.
Wm. F. Hagberg to Anna V. Olson.
Albert W. Nelson to Bertha M. Gilbertson.
Charles J. Nelson to Helen M. Griswold.
James Runger to Margaret Kein.
Charles A. Wass to Iva B. Richards.
John H. Sprague to Grace F. Wood.
Nathan Davis to Hazel Post.
Amiel Ball to Myrtle Myers.
Frank C. Klosterman to Mathilda G. Uthe.
Carl A. Dahlberg to Lillian M. Newton.
John G. Kraft to Fronie Bisch.
Frank Thompson to Lucy Hendel.
W.F. Ripley to Jeannette Stoutemeyer.
Fred J. Vollman to Blanche Fuga.
Charles S. Morton to Anna E. Ackerman.
Jacob Boots to Tena Hendricks.
Joseph Biel to Matilda Brandt.
Alvin A. Loehrke to F.E. Goodenough.
Route One.
C. DeBoer finished picking corn last week. He is going to move on the old Foote place soon.
Mrs. Pratt went to Rushmore on a visit to her parents.
Miss Cale from Minneapolis was down to visit her parents last week.
J.J. Filbern left last Saturday for Edgerton, Minn., where he will conduct revival meetings.
Vern Smith and family expect to start for Canada the last part of this week.
D.P. Schechter returned from Hancock, Minn., where he has been visiting relatives.
Harry Strom brought in two loads of hogs for Dan Shell Tuesday.
Miss and Mrs. Joe Filbrun are on the sick list, the latter being confined to the bed.
Theo. Hendricks marketed six large loads of hogs at Reading Wednesday.
A.G. Finckh marketed a large load of hogs at Reading Wednesday.
From the Democrat:
Miss Mary Damon, of Worthington, who succeeds Miss Roxie Slade as teacher in the Eighth Grade of the Adrian schools, has rented the rooms over Dr. Sullivan's office. Miss Damon's mother will live with her.
P.A. Nelson returned Tuesday morning from Hanska, Minn., where he has been visiting a couple of weeks with his wife and her parents, Rev. and Mrs. Hvid.
A. Oberman was taking in live stock at his point Monday and Tuesday.
W.E. Ward's stock sale drew a large crowd Tuesday and the articles sold brought a good figure.
Rev. Darnell, of Worthington, was circulating among friends in this locality the fore part of the week.
Miss Effie Bulick was a county seat visitor Tuesday.
J.I. Diehl and family departed Tuesday for Flandreau, S.D., where they will spend some time in visiting relatives.
From the News:
Mrs. Ed. Ryan was granted a divorce from her husband in the Sioux Falls court last Monday, on the grounds of desertion and nonsupport. Ryan was at one time a barber in Ellsworth and conducted shop in the Fahey building. He is now living at Mankato, Minn.
Albert Nelson and bride returned Monday afternoon from their trip to Wilmar and other Minnesota points. A goodly number of their friends here met them at the depot and showered them well with rice and good wishes.
Quite a serious and a nearly fatal accident occurred at the Dan Meester home west of town on Thursday evening of last week, as supper was being prepared for the family, Miss Gertie VanAshen, a domestic employed there during Mrs. Meester's illness, was working around the cook stove and in some way her clothing caught fire and in a moment enveloped her in a mass of flames. Mr. Meester went to her assistance, but the excited girl ran out of the house into the open air where the breeze fanned the fire into even greater fury. Realizing her desperate plight, Mr. Meester divested her of the burning garments and thus probably saved her life. The girl suffered only slight burns and a good fright, but Mr. Meester was painfully burned about the hands and is now suffering great torture from one of these members.
Route One.
Too late for last week.
Emma Malinke is visiting friends in Chicago.
R.H. Matheson returned home Saturday from Mason City, Iowa, where he spent two weeks visiting friends and relatives.
J.M. Scriven was down to hear the evangelist preach Sunday afternoon and evening.
J.R. Tipton and family attended the Sunday meetings Sunday and remained for preaching in the evening.
A.E. Little was down to Worthington on business Wednesday.
Miss Rensie DeBoer opened her school Monday after a two weeks vacation, which was greatly enjoyed by both teacher and scholars.
Maud and Blanch Scriven went down to Worthington Sunday, to be on hand Monday morning to take up their studies on the high school after enjoying their vacation at their home in Seward township.
J.E. Darling was shaking hands with friends at the Methodist church Wednesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Nazarenus returned Tuesday from a two weeks visit at their old home in Benton County, Iowa, where they had not been for twenty two years. Mr. Nazarenus reports having a splendid time while away on their vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schaefer returned home a few days ago from Chicago where they visited friends and took in the sights of the metropolis.
Elk Center.
Rev. J.J. Filbrun left on Saturday for Edgerton, where he will hold a series of meetings.
A.F. Eshleman and wife visited with P. Schulz and family Sunday.
George Hacker has his telephone poles all set and as soon as he gets his phone put in you will find him on the Star Line.
Emma Schulz has been suffering from an attack of a heavy cold the past week and has been confined to the house.
W.J. Klessig was an Elk Center visitor Sunday evening.
Vern Smith and family have been visiting with his sister, Mrs. A.G. Finchk this week. After a short visit with relatives and friends Mr. Smith intends to move to Canada to make their future home.
Jeanette Campbell, the old lady making her home at Frank Williams, is quite sick.
Local News.
M.J. Martin, the Fourth Avenue merchant, was under the weather a few days the first of the week.
I.T. Branigan, for many years engaged in the general merchandise business here, but now located at Edna, Iowa, is in the city visiting at the home of his son in law, County Treasurer E.K. Smith, and looking after a few business matters.
Mrs. Viola Randall of Adrian visited friends here between trains yesterday. She was on her way home from a visit in Iowa.
From the Signal:
Michael Sorem and M.J. Hubbard drove to Worthington Sunday morning where they attended the Sunday meetings during the day and evening returned after the services at night.
Miss Laura Cain resumed her duties as instructor in the Graves district Monday morning. She had enjoyed her two weeks vacation at her home and with friends at the county seat.
Mrs. S. Westby was a passenger for Worthington Monday morning where she spent the time until Wednesday afternoon at the home of Ole Kuriston assisting in the care of a young son who came to gladden that home and few days ago.
Miss Lena Reynolds departed Saturday morning for Worthington where she spent a few hours, and from there she was a passenger on the afternoon train for Dundee where she would resume her duties as instructor in the primary department of the schools of that city.
Ira Mishler drove to Brewster on business Monday.
City Clerk C.L. Mann visited in Adrian last Sunday.
Born -- On Tuesday, Jan 15, 1907, to Mr. and Mrs. Lee Shell, a son.
Steve Feit of Elk returned from a visit in Iowa the first of the week.
J.W. Spielman of Hersey was a pleasant call at this office last Saturday.
John Nelson of Bigelow was a business visitor in Worthington last Saturday.
Robert Smith returned last Saturday from a brief sojourn at the state capital.
W.G. Meyers spent a few days in Sioux Falls this week on real estate business.
Christ Apel, a prominent and substantial young farmer of Elk township, was a pleasant call last Saturday.
H.C. Wasmund a prominent farmer of Dewald township, transacted business at the county seat Wednesday.
Pat McCarvel, a prominent and prosperous Brewster farmer, transacted business at the county capital Monday.
W. Wickstrom of Bigelow township was a Worthington visitor last Saturday, and made the Advance a pleasant call.
Attorney J.F. Flynn left last Friday for Washington, D.C., to look after the passage of a private pension bill.
G.F. Moore this week received a check for $5.00 which was the first prize in a contest for the best article on the use of the manure spreader.
W.E. Ward, of Dewald, who disposed of his personal property at auction last Tuesday, will leave shortly on a visit to Canada.
G.W. Patterson was elected secretary and treasurer of the State Horse Breeder's Association at the meeting held at Hamelin [Hamline] last week.
Henry Sorem of Bigelow township was in town last Saturday getting out bills for a big auction sale on Jan. 24th. Mr. Sorem will dispose of a large lot [of] live stock and farm machinery.
G.N. Smith, a prominent dairyman of Dewald township, was in the city on business last Friday. Mr. Smith has solved the secret of successful farming in Nobles county by engaging extensively in the dairy business. Mr. Smith was on his way home from a visit to Sibley and Bigelow.
A.A. Putnam left last Saturday to join the evangelist R.E. Johnson at Spring Hill, Iowa, where eh is to hold a series of revival meetings. Mr. Putnam is to act as musical director. Mr. Johnson was here during the Sunday meetings and made a most favorable impression upon all with whom he came in contact.
A.M. Renner, local manager for the Western Implement Co., left last Saturday for Chicago and other points east to visit factories and otherwise post up on the new points in farm machinery for 1907. He will come back loaded with information for the spring campaign for business.
Miss Elsie Chase, who was operated on for appendicitis at the Worthington Hospital, has recovered and gone home.
Born -- On Tuesday, January 15th, 1907, to Mr. and Mrs. Bert Williams, a son.
Born -- On Thursday, January 17th, 1907, to C.J. Paine and wife of Hersey, a son.
Emil Olson went to Brewster Monday on business.
H. Nielson of Elk did trading in Worthington on Wednesday.
E.P. Johnson of Indian Lake transacted business in town Tuesday.
J.J. Schechter of Elk township was a Worthington visitor yesterday.
Mrs. L.F. Kelley and children who had been visiting at Lake Park, returned home last Saturday.
C.T. Tupper went out to Dewald township Tuesday morning to clerk the Ward Bros. auction sale.
G.W. Patterson left on Monday  a trip to Minneapolis and points in the northern part of the state.
M.E. Smith of Summit Lake was in the city Wednesday ordering bills for an auction he will hold on Feb. 1st.
Miss Esther Harding has been on the sick list this week, and unable to attend to her school ties in Elk township.
Edgar Hoffman of Lemars and Mr. Anthony, of Lake Mills, are new operators in J.M. Addington's barber shop.
J.M. Messer is carrying one finger in a sling as the result of an accident, of which he refuses to give any details.
C.W. Johnson, a prominent and progressive farmer of Bigelow township, was a county seat visitor and Advance caller Tuesday.
Louis Olson, a prominent farmer of Bigelow township, was a business visitor at the county capital Tuesday and made this office a pleasant call.
J.F. Cass of Summit Lake returned on Wednesday from a visit to Ladysmith, Wis., where he went to look over the country. He invested in a piece of town property and says he expects to make the place his home.
The firm of Johnson and Kindlund, milliners, has been dissolved. The business will be continued by Miss Helen Kindlund. Miss Johnson will locate elsewhere.
G.W. Patterson, of this city has again been selected by the managers of the State Agricultural society as superintendent of the horse department for the fair of 1907. Mr. Patterson was also made a member of the reception committee.
Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Addington were summoned to Decatur, Ill., last Friday, by the death of Mrs. Addington's father, Mr. Geo. Nebbinger, who had reached the advanced age of 78 years. Mr. and Mrs. Addington will remain for a visit and will be absent several weeks.
Sheriff Fauskee had official business at Adrian yesterday.
Phil Horsman of Round Lake was a county seat visitor Monday.
W.E. Madison and A. Oberman each shipped a carload of hogs to Sioux City last Wednesday.
Wm. Shaffer and Emil Herman returned the first of the week from an over Sunday visit at Sheldon.
E.D. Tripp, of Round Lake, did business at the county seat yesterday, and visited his brothers, E.A. and Harry R.
Geo. Bass, of Round Lake, spent Sunday here visiting at the home of his son, John, who is a fireman on the Omaha line.
Thos. H. Thompson, long with the Western Implement Co., and its predecessors, is now with the Smith Implement Co.
Mrs. Geo. Curtiss of Kimball, Minn., is a guest at the home of H.S. Hobson. Mrs. Curtiss is a former resident of Worthington.
Mrs. C.H. Salpaugh of Mankato, spent several days here this week visiting at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Allen.
Deputy Sheriff David Anderson, who is taking a weeks vacation, is spending the same visiting and sightseeing in the twin cities.
Theo. Ostrum who has been day clerk at the Worthington hotel for some months past has resigned his position and returned to his home at Adrian.
I.F. Kelley returned last Saturday from a week spent in Minneapolis getting pointers on the real estate business. He expects soon to make a venture in Texas lands.
F.C. Stitser left on Tuesday for the southwest on a prospecting trip. He will visit Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and probably New Mexico points, and will be absent several weeks.
A. Oberman this week had a letter from his son who is operating a logging camp near Elk iver, on land owned by Mr. Oberman. The young man reports everything progressing finely, and that the crew is living high on the fat and game of the land.
J. Croxen, of Elk township, has rented his farm to Herman Syverson, of Brewster, and next spring will move into Worthington. Mr. Croxen will on Jan. 30th dispose of all his live stock and farm implements at auction. Jas. Mackay will cry the sale.
Last Saturday A.J. Kannal received a telegram conveying the sad news of the death of his youngest sister, Mrs. Martha Putnam, which occurred at the family residence in Gibson, Iowa, on Friday evening, January 11. Mr. K., will have the sympathy of his many friends in the bereavement that has come to him.
Word has been received of the death of L.T. Stoutemyer, which occurred at his home at Onarga, Ill., on Jan. 8 after a week's illness. Mr. Stoutemyer has land interests in Nobles County and has made frequent business trips here, where he has many warm friends who will be deeply grieve[d] to hear of his death. He was an uncle of W.B. Stoutemyer and Mrs. Geo. Hurd of this city.

Friday, January 25, 1907

Manager of Bowling Alley Received Chastisement at the Hands of the Proprietors Wife.
Mr. Wright, the manager of Geo. Miller's bowling alley, last Friday evening received a horsewhipping at the hands of Mrs. Miller. Her grievance was that Mr. Wright had furnished her husband with liquor, contrary to his welfare and the laws of the state. The incident created considerable excitement, but Mrs. Miller's course is unanimously commended. Mr. and Mrs. Miller were converted the Sunday meetings and are making heroic efforts to tread the straight and narrow path, and Mrs. Miller naturally resents the placing of temptation in her husband's way.
Dr. Neil of Sibley was here a couple of days this in consultation on a case.
Born -- On Tuesday, Jan. 15, 1907, to Fred Gherke and wife, a daughter.
Meat Market Sold.
A deal that had been pending for sometime was consummated last week whereby the Messrs. W.E. Oliver and W.E. Madison again become owners of the meat market conducted by Mr. E.L. Nance for some years, and which they sold to Mr. Nance. Mr. Nance has been endeavoring for some months to dispose of his business as he has other interests which require his attention. The new proprietors are too well known to the people of Worthington to need any flattery at this time. They take possession Feb. 1st.
William Thom, of Rushmore, Answers Death's Summons.
William Thom, one of the oldest settlers of Nobles county, died Sunday at nine o'clock at his home three miles northwest of Rushmore. Although deceased had been in feeble health for a number of months the blow came hard to the large number of relatives and friends.
Mr. Thom was born in Scotland 72 years ago and came to Minnesota in 1857, locating near Owatonna. With the early settlers in '72 he came with his family to Nobles county and settled on the farm where he has ever since resided. He was one of the largest farmers in this part of the state for several years, farming over seventeen hundred acres of land. Mr. Thom was a good manager and was always successful in whatever he undertook. At the time of his death he was president of the First National Bank organized at Rushmore in 1902. He leaves a wife and seven children to mourn his loss.
Mr. Thom was a devout christian and an active member of the Presbyterian church at Rushmore, where the funeral sermon was given by the Rev. Gibb at 1 o'clock Tuesday. The church was far too small to hold those who came to pay their last respects, and many were turned away.
A host of friends sympathize with the bereaved ones in their loss. Several friends and relatives were present from both Worthington and Adrian. The remains were laid to rest in the Rushmore cemetery where three sons and one daughter preceded him.
Albert Fauskee Dead.
Albert Fauskee died at his home south of town on Tuesday morning of a complication of diseases brought on by kidney trouble. He had been in poor health for some time, but was not known to be in a serious condition, and his death came as a sudden blow to his relatives and many friends. The funeral will be held this afternoon from the Baptist church in Indian Lake, where interment will be made.
The deceased was comparatively young man, being only 33 years old. He was the son of Ole Fauskee, a pioneer of Indian Lake, and a brother of Sheriff Fauskee. He leaves a widow and one young daughter, who have the sympathy of a wide circle of friends in their bereavement.
Crystal Wedding.
On Friday evening Jan. 18, 1907 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hastings, was celebrated the fifteenth wedding anniversary of their son and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. G.F. Hastings, to whom it was a complete surprise. About fifty guests were present. Refreshments were served and a delightful social time enjoyed by all. A nice chair and several pieces of choice glassware was presented to Mr. and Mrs. Hastings by their friends with the wish that they might celebrate their golden wedding in 1942.
C.M. Black left Tuesday for a weeks sojourn at Sioux City.
Rev. J.A. McVeigh arrived from Fulda Monday and will conduct a two week's series of meetings at this place. The community is in such a condition that great good will result from the effort and we look for great results.
F.G. Bulick was a business visitor to the county seat Tuesday.
Rev. R.L. Jones, of Fulda, was calling on friends in this village Monday.
Sterling Lawton of Worthington was in town a short time Saturday.
Mr. A. Shaefer spent Sunday with his family in Rushmore. Mr. Schaefer will soon give up the road and take the appointment of Public Examiner given him by Governor Johnson. Rushmore is honored in having a man capable of filling such an office. Mr. Schaefer is well fitted and will attend to the duties of the office as it should be and do justice to the confidence bestowed. Rushmore will not lose the family as yet as they will remain here this winter.
Dwight Ludlow of Worthington visited in Rushmore Monday and Tuesday.
Jacob Stoven is hauling sand preparing to put down sidewalks this spring. He expects to put in a stretch of two blocks extending along the Bedford Block and on the properties of H.C. Constable, J.B. Ludlow, H.S. Smith and the Methodist church. There is also talk of taking out all board walks on main street and replacing them with the more durable cement.
John Rohwer is enjoying a visit among relatives in Illinois.
Chas. Morton and wife returned Monday from their Minneapolis trip, where they visited at the home of Mrs. Morton. Chas also took in the lumbermens convention.
Mr. and Mrs. S.T. Wood returned from Minneapolis Saturday where they were in attendance at the meeting of the lumberman of the state.
Rushmore territory has been visited by an unusual number of deaths the past few days. Three prominent farmers living north of town passed away within a day.
On Sunday morning at 7 o'clock occurred the death of Thomas Fletcher living six miles north east of Rushmore. Deceased was sick but a few days and many are surprise to hear of the death which was caused by pneumonia contracted from a sudden cold. Mr. Fletcher is sixty years of age and leaves a wife and eight children, two of whom reside in Iowa, but who arrived before their father passed away. Mr. Fletcher came to Nobles County in 1902 and purchased what is known as the Kerr farm and two years ago made an exchange for the farm on which he now lives. Altho Mr. Fletcher was not a strong man he was usually in good health, working on the farm daily. The funeral services were held Wednesday at 1 o'clock at the M.E. Church in Rushmore, Rev. Mr. Gillis delivering the sermon, and remains placed in the Rushmore cemetery.
The death of Mr. Fletcher come particularly hard as the family of young folks at home is of the age when they need a father's love. But death comes often at the time when we expect it not and only the Mighty One is able to foretell the call. Mr. Fletcher had one of the finest farms in the county and took particular pride in making a pleasant home for his family. He had just completed improvements on his farm and especially a large barn. He was kind and obliging to everyone every ready to assist a neighbor no matter how busy he was himself. Deceased was a member of the Woodman lodge and carried insurance therein. The sympathy of the entire community go out to the mother and children in their great loss.
Another respected farmer and neighbor passed away Monday morning at his home four miles north of Rushmore -- Mr. Henry Ubben. Deceased had been sick for a number of months with an incurable blood disease. Last summer he was at the hospital in Minneapolis and was told that little could be done. He was 47 years of age at his death and leaves a devoted wife and two sons of 18 and 20 years to mourn the loss, of husband and father. Mr. Ubben came to Nobles County from southeast Nebraska in 1900. He was a good farmer, a friend to everybody and respected by all. The funeral services was held in the German Presbyterian church at Rushmore Thursday and remains interred in the Rushmore cemetery.
On Monday morning occurred the death of Johanna the eldest daughter of George Torbeck. Death was caused by heart trouble after a short sickness. Deceased was 19 years of age, a young lady of excellent character and in the bloom of life. She was at the home of her parents five miles south of Rushmore. Funeral services was held in the Ransom church Thursday afternoon, sermon to be given by the Rev. Mr. Gillis of Rushmore. Remains will be interred in the Ransom Cemetery.
From the News:
The many friends of Ernest Keedick will be pained to learn that failing health has necessitated him to take at least a temporary respite from business cares. Mr. and Mrs. Keedick will spend the balance of the winter in Texas.
O.E. Dieson, attorney at law, Heron Lake, transacted legal business in this city last Friday afternoon.
Slayton Gazette: R.F. Lamb returned last Saturday from the meeting of the state implement dealers at Minneapolis. He was elected president of the association for the ensuing year. As there are about seventeen hundred members in the association it is quite a compliment to be chosen president from so large a number.
Mrs. Calvin Moen is on the sick list this week.
Walter Barren of Dewald was a business caller last Friday.
C.O. Peterson of Bigelow township was a pleasant caller last Saturday.
Miss Marie Rosebelle, of Mankato is spending the week with Rev. and Mrs. G.A. Cahoon.
Mrs. J.S. Frink returned on Saturday from an extended visit with relatives at Luverne.
Born -- On Wednesday, Jan. 23, 1907, to Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Lemm of this city, a daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. B.F. Young of Reading were in the city Wednesday on a shopping trip.
Rev. and Mrs. C. Oberg, of Indian Lake, were in the city Wednesday on a shopping trip.
Paul Schulze, of Route 1 was in the city Wednesday doing trading. He made this office a pleasant call.
Adam Olson, of Org, was at the county capital on business last Friday and made this office a call. Mr. Olson is one of Nobles county's substantial pioneers.
L.H. Christensen, a prominent and progressive farmer of Bigelow township was in town last Saturday transacted business. He made this office a pleasant call.
Harry Hobson received official notice this week that he had been appointed aide de camp on the staff of Governor Johnson of this state with the rank of major.
Mahlon E. Smith, who lives three miles northwest of Reading, on the diagonal road, will hold an auction sale on Friday, Feb. 1st, to dispose of a lot of live stock and farm machinery.
Gust Erickson of Clara City, Minn., is here on a visit to his mother and sister, who live on Lake avenue. Mr. Erickson is an old resident of Nobles county, but has lived at Clara City for some years.
The Whist Club met with Mr. and Mrs. Foster Moore last Saturday evening, and those present report a very warm reception and a most pleasant evening, despite the very inclement weather.
C.B. Fairfield was called to St. James last Sunday afternoon to take a position among the train dispatcher's office force. Worthington is pretty well represented in that branch of the Omaha service. Among the former residents of the city now employed in the dispatcher's office are: Messrs Gillott, Pepple and Ross. The latter has just resigned his position as agent at Heron Lake to accept a position at St. James.
John Salstrom was up from Bigelow Wednesday.
H. Hanson of Luverne was a guest at the Worthington.
W.G. Myers is in Minneapolis this week on business.
Henry Robinson has been on the sick list the past two weeks.
G.W. Renner of Pipestone was registered at the Worthington on Tuesday.
Rev. I.H. Darnell spent several days at Org this week conducting special meetings.
John Ramage and W.H. Lemm fished at Round Lake last Saturday, having good luck.
N.H. Head, a prominent insurance man of Minneapolis, was in the city on business this week.
W.A. McKinney, baggageman on the Omaha trains No. 15 and 16, returned on Wednesday from a weeks visit in Minneapolis.
E.W. Savage of Windom spent a number of days here the latter part of last week in the interest of the prohibition party.
Mrs. W.I. Dodge who had been here on a visit to her father, Henry Robinson, returned to her home at Sioux City Thursday.
A little 8 year old boy at Ocheyedan on Wednesday got his leg caught in a cattle guard on the Rock Island road, and had his foot cut off by a passing train.
Roy Gardner, a brakeman on the Sioux Falls branch, received a message Tuesday announcing the death of his mother at Chamberlin S.D.
Druggist Joe Arbs came down from New Ulm this week to assist in Morland's drug store a few days during the absence of the proprietor.
Srgt. Dave Sovie, of Co. L, 21st U.S. Infantry, now stationed at Ft. Logan, Denver, Colorado, is here on a furlough and will visit friends a few days.
Dr. A.J. Simpson of St. James, the eye specialist, made his regular visit to this city this week. Dr. Simpson has been making this territory for over six years and has worked up a fine practice. He is a master of his profession, and does good work, which accounts for his growing practice.
Born -- On Friday, Jan. 18th, 1907, to Mr. and Mrs. S.S. Smith, a son.
F. McFarlin of Adrian was in the city Wednesday.
Mrs. R.P. Dorgan is spending a few days in Minneapolis visiting her sister.
J.X. Peterson, a prominent farmer of Loraine township, was a caller Monday.
Robert L. Morland is attending a meeting of the state board of pharmacy at St. Paul.
Frank Patch of Hartley, Ia., was here Monday on business. Mr. Patch owns a fine farm near this city.
C.H. Barnes, of Milwaukee and W.J. Uberstitz, of Pipestone are the new day and night clerks, respectively, at the Hotel Worthington.
A 3 months old baby of Mr. and Mrs. O.H. Nystrom of Bigelow township, died January 15th, after a weeks illness with pneumonia. The funeral was held from the Indian Lake Swedish Baptist church on Friday afternoon, Rev. Oberg officiating.
Christ Hogan has sold his pool hall fixtures to Wm. Devaney, who on Feb. 1st will open up in the Klasey building, recently occupied by the Ideal restaurant. The building has been remodelled and otherwise put in good repair for Mr. Devaney. His many friends will be pleased that he has decided to remain here. Mr. Hogan has not decided on his future plans.
Mr. G.W. Patterson recently received a letter from the officials of the Rock Island railway enquiring if Worthington had a commercial organization, and if not they would send one of their experts here to take the matter up with our people. The letter was turned over to Mr. A.R. Albertus, who is the head of the temporary organization of the Club formed last week, and he has asked the railroad company to send their representative to attend the meeting to be held here Feb. 5th, when the organization will be fully prefected [sic].
From the Democrat:
Mr. Timothy Cox, of Adrian, and Miss Ages Mulroy, of Lismore, were married in the Catholic church at Kenneth, Tuesday morning, January 15th, at 9:30, Rev. Fr. Graeve officiating.
A large number of people were at the depot Wednesday to see Mr. and Mrs. F.W. Schuster start on their wedding trip. The Adrian Citizens Band played some appropriate selections while the party was waiting for the train and received a very liberal donation from Mr. Schuster, who requested the boys to spend half of it in showing themselves a good time. The teacher and many of the pupils of the public schools were at the station to bid the bride farewell.
From the Enterprise:
E.S. Wemple was at Adrian Monday to consult the doctor in regard to Eddie's eye. Eddie hurt his eye sometime ago while playing at the school house and it has been giving him considerable trouble but is about well now.
Mrs. S.B. Bedford went up to St. Paul last Saturday to join Mr. Bedford and they will remain in St. Paul while the legislature is in session. Senator Bedford has taken a suite of rooms at Hotel Dartmouth and they will be pleased to have any of their friends in the district to call on them when they happen in the cities while the legislature is in session.
From the Tribune:
Carl Struebing a former resident of this vicinity, arrived here Monday from his home in Kansas to visit his brother in law, John Voss, and family for a few days. His son want to return to Minnesota, and Mr. Struebing came here with the intention of securing him a farm if a suitable one could be obtained. Mr. Struebing may also leave Kansas and located in Brewster for the rest of his days.
N.A. Arvidson has made a contract to trade his implement business in this place for a farm near Wilmar, the other party to the agreement being a gentleman named Roberts at Wilmar.
From the Tribune:
Mr. S.K. Langsdale, who has been the station agent at this place for several years, has been promoted to the position of train dispatcher at Estherville, Iowa, and left for that place yesterday.
Mr. Joe Wachman and Wm. Kleve butchered a hog last week for Mrs. K. Karstens and family that weighed 830 pounds. The hog would have been three years old in the spring and was 3 ft 4 in. high and 6 ft. 10 in. long. Who can beat that.
Bigelow township.
Gust Rutkvist and Miss Esther Blomgren of Indian Lake spent last Sunday afternoon at the latter's home in Bigelow township.
Arvid Ledine left last week for Alta. Canada to look after his farm interests.
E.J. Thoren spent last Sunday at Indian Lake.
Gardner Estes is suffering from a very sore hand.
Mrs. Studebaker spent Tuesday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Eshelman.
R.E. Eikenberry is doing some work on the John Nelson place preparatory to his moving there in the spring.
John Kimmel returned last Saturday from Sheldon Iowa where he has been working for some time.
Frank E. Williams expects to start for Chicago next Monday with a load of cattle.
J.J. Filbrun returned last Monday from Edgerton.
An echo reports Miss Lottie Kunzman as being on the sick list.
Mark Eshleman purchased three Duroc Jersey sows from J. Schechter Jr. this week.
[NOTE: if you want more info about this article, please email me. People named in the article are below.]
Aaron Hill, Olmsted county.
John Wilkinson, St. Paul.
Judge Ozro B. Gould, Winona.
James Hall (Winnebago Indian), Minnesota City.
Charles A.J. Marsh, Minneapolis.
P.M. Ringdahl, Crookston.
Lydia Fielder, wife of Verne Fuller, Blue Earth.
Mrs. Erland Peterson, Otisville.
Eric Johnson, Mankato.
Ernest Dunlop, Brainerd.
Sakri Sandberg, Hitterdal.
Alexander Anderson, Thomas Crume; Moorhead.

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Microfilm, Worthington Advance; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained March, 2008.

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