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from "The Putnam Record"
Hennepin, Putnam, Illinois

Wednesday, January 4, 1911


Mr. Hugo Lindig, of Chicago, visited friends here Saturday and Sunday.

O. C. Griffin[sp?], of Louisiana, Mo., was Miss Ida Miller's guest last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Robinson, of Peru, spent Christmas at the Sill home.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ehresman are the parents of a girl, born Friday, Dec. 30th.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Foley, of Eddyville, Iowa, are visiting their relatives, the Dysart families.

Mrs. Croisant and two children, of Depue, have been guests at C. C. Nelson's for several days.

Misses Eva Bradley and Elsie Turner, of LaSalle, have been guests of Mary Bell Nelson a few days.

Mr. and Mrs. Chase gave a dinner party on last Thursday for their relatives, the Robinson and Barnard families.

Rev. Thomas Leech, of the M.E. church, was at Morris Saturday, to attend the funeral service of an aunt. [Transcriber's Note: Thomas (1879-1920) is the son of Joseph C. Leech (1838-1920) of Hennepin.]

Miss Fannie Wescott has returned to Louisiana, Mo., and taken her old position as book-keeper for a Nursery Co.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Barnard have been entertaining their daughter, Mrs. Ed Cutter and son Paul, of Jefferson, Iowa.

Messrs. Warren, Frank and Joe Chase entertained friends at a party at their home on Silverspoon ave, New Year's eve.

Jacob Sucher, of Peoria, was a recent visitor at the home of his grandmother, Mrs. Emerancy Gunn, on Church street.

Mrs. Barbara Bruder and daughter Carrie left on Saturday, for Chicago, where they will spend two months with their relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Donaldson and two children, of West Hope, North Dakota, are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Flaugher

Dr. and Mrs. O. F. Taylor had the following guests at dinner last Thursday: Judge and Mrs. Mills, Dr. Harry Wilson and Miss Lena Collins, of Chicago.

The Folian[Eolian] Quartette gave a hobo party on Friday evening, Dec. 30, in the hall above the Echo, office and a most delightful time was spent by all present. Oyster soup was served.

Mr. Chas. Bower, of Chicago, spent Christmas with his mother, Mrs. Wm. Bower and other relatives, and returned to the city the day following accompanied by his sister Charlotte, who visited there until Sunday.

Wednesday, February 8, 1911

This community was shocked when it was learned that C. W. Dysart had passed away an[on] Saturday evening, Feb. 4, 1911, about 6:30 o'clock, as few persons knew that he was in a critical condition, for he had been ill only about a week. The cause of death was conjestion of the bowels. Mr. Dysart was a prosperous farmer and was born Jan. 22, 1847, on the farm where he has always resided. His parents were A. P. and Hannah J. (Hawthorne) Dysart. The Dysart family is of Scotch descent. At the age of 23 years Mr. Dysart was married to Miss Mary E. Heywood, a native of Maine, who survived until April, 1899. To this union nine children were born and are as follows: Hannah, the wife of E. F. Foley, of Eddyville, Iowa; A. H., of Granville; Lucy, the wife of A. M. McCormick, of Tipton, Ia.; J. W., of Jefferson, Ia.; John, who with his wife, will leave soon for the mission fields in South Africa; Leslie C., Charles, Howard L. and Benjamin, of Granville. All are married except Charles and Benjamin. On March 6, 1902, Mr. Dysart was married to Miss Nira Burnham, of Hennepin, who survives him.
   Throughout his entire life Mr. Dysart carried on general agricultural pursuits. In politics he was always a republican, casting his first vote for U. S. Grant. He served for three years as supervisor of his township and for nine years as assessor and was recognized as one of the leading representatives of the party in this locality. At the time of his death he was a deacon and the treasurer of the Congregational church and a school trustee. He was a pleasant man and made friends wherever he went. Funeral services will be held at the Congregational church Tuesday afternoon at two o'clock.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Papke are the parents of a boy, born Feb. 6, 1911.

Andrew C. Moore - Mr. Andrew C. Moore, who had been ill for some time, was called home on Sunday, Feb. 5, 1911 at three o'clock. He was a native of this county, born on the place where he died, he having always resided here. He was a prosperous farmer and made many friends [This is not the end of the article, but it's all that got copied.]


Mr. Herman von Biedenfeld has gone to Mudlavia, Ind.

Miss Ida Miller have been visiting friends at Peoria.

Mrs. Chas. Erickson, who has been ill, is much better.

Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Gunn have been ill with the grippe.

Mr. Hamrin, the shoemaker, has moved his family back to Joliet.

Mr. John Immel spent a few days with his brother Gus, near Walnut, recently.

Mrs. Ricketts, mother of Mrs. S. A. Pond, has returned to her home at Pesotum.

Rev. Leech and family have moved into one A. W. Hopkins' houses on Tomlinson ave.

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Wilson have moved into John Ward's house on East South street.

Mr. Hugo Lindig, of Cherry, attended services at the Congregational church Sunday morning.

J. W. Linsey, of Clarion, Iowa, was a recent visitor at E. E. Edgerley's on Silverspoon ave.

Albert Hawkins, of Clayton, visited the forepart of last week with Mrs. Jason Hawkins.

Mrs. E. C. Borop, of Princeton, visited her sister, Miss Julia Harper, from Friday until Saturday.

Amel Matson was at Chicago last week and at Wheaton, where he visited his brother Arthur.

Mr. and Mrs. Albin[Aibin] Linder, of Dunnell, Minn., have been guests of Rev. and Mrs. F. O. Linder.

Miss Bennett, of Kentucky, is visiting her relatives, the Hopkins, Edgerley and Whitaker families.

Mrs. Maute, of Toluca, spent last Wednesday with her sisters, Mrs. S. A. Pond and Miss Cora Ricketts.

Misses Charlotte Bower and Sarah Fawcett went to Chicago Friday evening to attend the Auto Show.

Messrs. Walter Smith, Roy Sill, Earl and Mark Elliott were at Chicago last week to attend the Auto Show.

Mrs. Jennie Brando and daughter Catherine are ill with the grippe. Mrs. O. A. Vietinghoff is teaching for her sister.

Eva, one of the twin daughters of Mr. and Mrs. John Patterson, died Saturday, Feb. 4. The child was sixteen months old.

Mr. Chas. Ward arrived from Denver, Colo., last week, and is now working for Ward & Packingham, the popular hard ware merchants.

Wednesday, March 1, 1911

Wedding. The marriage of Miss Anna Opferkuch and Mr. Fred Goetz was solemnized in the Catholic church. Feb. 9, 1911, at 9:30 a.m. The bridal couple were attended by John Goetz, brother of the groom, and Miss Gertrude Goetz, of Wesley, Iowa, cousin of the groom. The bride was beautifully attired in white, with cream roses in her hair, and the bridesmaid in cream with pink roses in her hair. The groom wore the conventional black. After the ceremony the bridal party repaired to the home of the Dose Brothers where Miss Mary Dose and helpers had prepared an elegant dinner. About fifteen were present, all being near relatives of the happy couple. The bride has made her home with Miss Mary Dose for the past seven months. She is a capable and housewifely young woman well fitted for her new position. The groom is a son of John Goetz, of Iowa, and is an industrious and pleasant young man. [This is not the end of the article, but it's all that got copied.]


Mrs. Guesswein, Sr., of LaSalle county, has been here visiting her children, Mrs. Victor Hartman and Henry Wendt.

Miss Birdie Opper expects to go to Normal this week, where she will visit her relatives, the W.A. Stansbury family.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Brenneman, of Eden township, LaSalle county, attended the dinner at the Town Hall, Wednesday.

The revival services which are being held at the M.E. church, are meeting with success. There have been twenty-one conversions.

Miss Mildred Bennett, of Texas, who has been visiting at A. W. Hopkins', left last Wednesday for Leavenworth, Kan., for a visit.

Messrs. S. C. Cash and H. W. Opper went to Ottawa, Friday afternoon, where they attended a lumbermen's meeting and banquet.

Messrs. A. J. Robinson, C. G. Smith, A. W. Hopkins, A. J. Sherman and J. A. Moore were among those attending the Farmers' Institute at Ottawa.

Rev. Thos. Leech officiating at the service held on Tuesday, Feb. 21 for the son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Drennen. The child was born Feb. 11. Burial took place in the Grove cemetery.

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Hawthorne went to Ottawa Wednesday, where they visited Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Rose. Mr. H. also attended the Farmer's Institute. They returned home Thursday evening on 91.

Mrs. A. W. Hopkins entertained on Monday evening, Feb. 20, at her home on Silverspoon ave, her Standard S. S. class, the officers and teachers of the school, Rev. and Mrs. R.K. Stetson, and Rev. and Mrs. J. P. Dysart.

The W.C.T.U. will meet on Friday afternoon, Mar. 3, at the home of Mrs. Mons Olson. Devotional Leader, Mrs. A. L. Anderson. Topic, "What is the best means of keeping our children under home influence?" Leader, Mrs. C. H. Sturgis.

Mrs. C. C. Nelson entertained a company of young ladies at supper Thursday evening, Feb. 23, in honor of her daughter Marguerite, who reached her seventeenth birthday anniversary that day. Her friends presented her with a beautiful brooch.

At the Congregational parsonage on Wednesday morning, Feb. 22, 1911, Rev. R. K. Stetson performed the ceremony which united the lives of Miss Ida C. Miller, of Granville and Mr. Henry Colby, of Moline. They were attended by her brother Herman and sister Katie. Mrs. Colby is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Miller, and is a highly respected young lady. The many friends of the young couple wish them happiness and prosperity. They will reside in Moline.

Wednesday, April 5, 1911


Miss M. Opper is the local representative in Granville for THE RECORD, and all items of news entrusted to her care will receive prompt attention. She is duly authorized to transact all business connected with this paper. -C.W. COOK, Editor.

C. M. Chase is ill with neuralgia.

Henry Wescott is suffering with pleurisy.

J. B. Bush, of Hennepin, was a local caller, Saturday.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Tony Miglio, March 18, 1911, a son.

Mrs. Katie Tullis has taken up her duties at the telephone central.

Mrs. O. F. Taylor was a visitor in Peoria the forepart of last week.

Miss Agnes Baxter visited her people between trains, last week Tuesday.

Lawyer Hawthorne of Spring Valley, called on W. E. Hawthorne, Saturday.

Gordon Bros. have opened up a clothing store in O. A. Lundquist's building.

W. A. Peterson, of Chicago, visited his mother, Mrs. Jane Peterson, Saturday.

Dr. Meng attended a dental convention at Chicago the forepart of last week.

James Kibble Jr., of Roundup, Montana, is here visiting relatives and friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Noll have moved onto the C. H. Mason farm, north of town.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Glass visited relatives at Princeton, from Saturday till Monday.

Rev. Blasberg will preach in the Swedish church on Saturday, April 8th, at 2:15 p.m.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Smith have moved into Harvey Noll's cottage on the East Side.

Rev. and Mrs. Tom Leech are the parents of a daughter, born Wednesday, March 29, 1911. [Transcriber's Note: daughter born was Ruth Elizabeth (Leech) Roedel (1911-2000) of Minneapolis, MN.]


Ed Mathis was a business caller here last week.

Harry Kessling spent Sunday with Clarence Clemens.

Harvey Allens were in Granville shopping, Saturday.

George Brennemann broke a bone in his wrist, April first.

Anna Seibert, of McNabb, was calling with friends here Friday.

Harvey Larens was here visiting with relatives Saturday and Sunday.

Mrs. M. Daley had the misfortune to sprain her ankle one day last week.

Wednesday, May 3, 1911


Joseph C Leech, of Kankakee, was a recent visitor at the home of his son, Thomas Leech, on Tomlinson St.

Wednesday, May 17, 1911


I take orders for Haight's Vegetable Silk Hosiey and Underwear. -Mary A. Opper; N. McCoy St. Granville, Ill.

Little Lois Taylor has been on the sick list.

Gene Nussel's father, of Walnut, visited him recently

Mrs. James Yearley is recovering from the measles.

Mrs. James Greig, of Toluca, visited among friends the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kotoid[Kofoid] are the parents of a son, born May 6, 1911.

C. N. Tyler had his residence on Hennepin Road, newly painted recently.

Misses Mary and Birdie Opper were shopping at Streator last week, Tuesday.

Peter Bieber has put up a two room cottage and expects to move into it soon.

Mrs. Croisant and two children, of Depue, were visitors at C. C. Nelson's last week.

Miss Faucett entertained the Ozo club on Thursday evening, at E. E. Edgerley's.

Mrs. L. C. Gillespie returned Thursday from a visit with relatives and friends at Ottawa.

Rev. Thomas Leech was at LaSalle last week Monday, attending a meeting of M. E. ministers. [Transcriber's Note: Thomas was a minister/missionary with the American Sunday School Union.]

Bertha Opper spent Saturday and Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Edwards, near Florid.

Messrs. W. C. Patterson, Walter Paxson and Miss Blanche Patterson, of Hennepin, were in town, Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Hawthorne and daughters Helen and Marie, were at Peru last week, Monday afternoon.

The Congregational S. S. base ball team defeated the Cedar Point team Saturday afternoon. Score, 15 to 10.

Rev. and Mrs. F. O. Linder entertained Miss Mamie Nelson and Josephine Palmquist, of Utica, Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Pete Morine, of Hennepin, attended the entertainment at the Congregational church, Friday evening.


The Judge is back at Propville.

The farmers are all busy planting corn, and will finish up the present week.

As near as we can understand everyone in this locality is in a pretty fair state of health, "and then some."

Wheat is looking nice and oats is coming, but still everything needs rain, and we will probably get some tonight.

Neighbor Miller, while burning corn-stalks recently on his place, got burned quite severely on his leg, which has crippled him up so that he is behind in his work. Get out and help the old gentleman, some of you close neighbors.

Recent letters from I. O. Boyle and other members of his family, state that they are still at Long Beach, Cal., and as yet have not permanently located for the season. As it is a difficult matter to purchase desirable residence property, the probabilities are that they will remain at the above mentioned place. In connection with this we will state that Clare Boyle is still having considerable trouble with his arm, which was broken while the family lived in this locality. The probabilities are, according to letters written by members of the family, that he will have a helpless arm, or still worse, lose it by amputation. -T.E.M.

Wednesday, June 7, 1911


A trio composed of Ethel McCord, Vivian Fay and Maude Sherman sang at the eighth Grade Graduating exercises at McNabb on Wednesday night, before a full house and of course did O.K. as usual.

A Challenge - The Methodist Sunday School of Granville hereby challenges any Sunday School in Putnam county to a game of base ball, time and place to be mutually fixed hereafter. -Thomas Leach[should be Leech], Pastor.

Dr. Hugo Lindig, accompanied by a friend, a young man, was a Granville guest at Memorial services on Tuesday. He always knows where to get a good dinner and that's where he generally heads in and you can't coax him away either. Wise Lindig.

The Hiram Colby Estate has contracted with Mr. Best, of Princeton to erect a fine monument on their lot in the Granville cemetery. It is estimated that the stone will weigh 16 tons. This will add very much to our already beautiful city of the dead.

Edna Clemens, of Florid, has received a fine piano from Chicago, which Henry Sickenger delivered to her last Saturday. She won several credits by figuring out puzzles such as piano dealers offer to stimulate trade and they helped out on the deal.

Mrs. Nettie Whiting Harris and her husband of Chicago, were Granville guests from Saturday until Wednesday morning when Mr. Harris returned to the city and Mrs. Harris remained until today. Mrs. H. has not changed much since she was a Granville girl.

Another challenge - The Athletic Committee of the Congregational Sunday School of Granville hereby challenges the winner in the first contest on the challenge of the Granville M.E. Sunday School to a game on same conditions of the first challenge. -C. H. Sturgis, Sec of Com.

Dr. Maulfair just went by like the wind. He certainly goes some these days. This morning he was away over beyond Henry before dinner, below Florid and out north of Granville right after dinner, and on his way to OxBow as he left town. It is a good thing that he has an auto, though he gets there just the same with the horses.

Wednesday, June 21, 1911


Mr. Robert Smith is very ill.

W. H. Westcott was on the sick list last week.

Miss Jessie Sill has recovered from the mumps.

G. H. Sucher, of Peoria, spent Sunday with relatives.

A. T. Barnes was in attendance at the G.A.R. meeting at Joliet, last week.

Mrs. Holmes, of Buda, is at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Whitaker on Silverspoon ave.

Mr. Joseph Martin is home for the summer from Peoria, where he attended Bradley Polytecnic.

Kenneth Edgerley and Arthur Matson are home from Wheaton College for the summer vacation.

Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Child and Howard went to Galesburg in their auto on Saturday, to visit relatives.

Mrs. Magdalena Bieber has been visiting her son Dick and family near Cottage Hill for several weeks.

The Methodist base ball team defeated the Congregational team last Friday afternoon. Score 13 to 10.

Mrs. Elmer Leighton is in the Spring Valley hospital where she underwent an operation for cancer, Wednesday.


H. P. Alleman and wife were the guests of Mrs. Sarah Cassell, last Sunday.

Dr. Wilson and wife are now residents of Florid and we most heartily welcome them.

Dr. Wilson and family left last Sunday morning for their home in Joliet, going in his new auto.

John Beck and wife, also Misses Mabel and Tillie Clemens, spent Sunday with Simon Beck and family.

Miss Elsie Dissinger spent a week in McNabb, visiting her parents and also attended the M.E. Sunday School picnic.

Mrs. G. W. Hetrick is engaged as nurse in the home of Chas. Hartman. She is caring for Mrs. Hartman who is sick.

Isaac Reichwine who was in attendance at the G.A.R. State Encampment held in Joliet returned home last Thursday.

The Ladies' Aid had a picnic at David Clemens' last Thursday. A very enjoyable time was had by all, both great and small.

Mr. and Mrs. Sutphan are visiting at Otto Hanson's; also Robert Hay and son were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Hanson over Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Cassell, who have been visiting in Chicago for the past two months or so, have returned to their home in Florid.


Everyone has been busy picking and canning cherries here the past week.

Mr. Spiller[Spilter], from Urbana, Ill., has been a guest at the home of Henry Downey.

The Children's Day exercises at the M.E. church were well attended Sunday morning.

G. W. Lawson went to St. Louis last Wednesday, and brought back his son Edward from the L. C. McLain sanitarium.

Wednesday, June 28, 1911


Mr. John Forcht, of Hennepin, was a caller in town one day last week.

Mr. Frank Packingham has been ill in bed with the mumps for two weeks.

Co. Supt. Paxson and wife, of Hennepin, were local callers last Wednesday.

Miss Mary Belle Nelson was at DeKalb last week, attending commencement.

Mrs. Frank L. Glass is entertaining her sister, Mrs. W. J. Hoskins, of Chicago.

Mr. Joseph P. Blake has gone to Waukesha, Wis., to spend a number of weeks.

Mrs. Elmer Leighton returned last Wednesday from the Spring Valley hospital.

Mr. Eric Gilbertson of Canada, was the guest of Miss Lela Lombard, the past week.

The Barlow show was well attended, some being unable to gain entrance in the evening.

Miss Maude Jenkins, of Florid, visited Mrs. Will Morris, from Friday until Sunday.

Mr. Henry Ward returned Saturday from Anna Arbor, Mich., where he has been in school.

Dr. M. C. Weeks and E. R. Maleham are in Northern Wisconsin, on a fishing expidition.

Misses Abbie and Vinnie Young leave this week for De Kalb, to attend summer school.

Rev. and Mrs. Thomas Leech are entertaining their relative, Mrs. Leonard Leach, of Newark, N.J. [Transcriber's Note: Mrs. Thomas Leech is Ursula Lyon Leach of New Jersey (1883-1964).]

Mrs. Willis Phelps, daughter and son, of Yonkers, N.Y., are visiting her mother, Mrs. Mars Olson.

The Congregational Sunday Schools held their picnic at Mr. Sidney Whitaker's, Wednesday, June 28.

Mr. Julius Holly is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Holly, at White Bear Lake, Minnesota.

Mr. Carl Hay has returned to his home at Bradford, after a pleasant visit with his friend, Mr. Gene Nussel.

Leanette Morris went to Florid, Sunday, to spend two weeks with her grandmother, Mrs. Anthony Chance.


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Willis Deinninger, June 21, a fine baby girl.

Ivan Clemens was visiting friends and relatives at Ladd, Saturday and Sunday.

Miss Leanette Morris, of Granville, is visiting her grandmother, Mrs. Chance.

Mrs. Wm. Hoskins, of Chicago, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Cassell.

Miss Martha Clemens spent the past week with her sister Edna at the home of Dr. C. D. Maulfair.

Mrs. M. Alleman and Mrs. Emma Chance, were visiting their sister, Mrs. Sarah Chance, last Friday.

Mr. Wm. Martin made Mrs. Harvey Larens, of Depue, a short visit last week, going on Friday and returning Saturday.

Mr. Johnson has his new house so near completed that they have moved into it. It will make them a very pleasant home.

Miss Lucy Livingston, who had been staying with her sister, Mrs. L. Jenkins the past few months, returned to her home in Moline last Thursday.


Mr. and Mrs. Irl Johnson, of Whitefield, spent Sunday at J. O. Winship's.

Several from this vicinity attended the Henry Japanese ballgame in Henry, Thursday.

Wheat harvest began June 20th in this vicinity. That's the earliest that it has ever been known to be.

The farmers have their corn all laid by now, and a fine rain came Saturday morning, which will help it along quite a bit.

The sociable given Friday night at Mrs. Anna Read's was well attended and $14.00 was taken in. There will be another sociable next Saturday night in the [unreadable].

Wednesday, July 5, 1911

New Subscribers. Miss Harriet Hoopes, Doe Run, Pa.
J. M. Newburn, Granville, Ill.

Renewals Herman Bouxsein, Granville, Ill.
Jas. Newcomb, Forest Park, Ill.

Board of Review. The Board of Review of Putnam county will meet at the court house in Hennepin, on Wednesday, July 12, 1911. All persons interested take notice. -L.F. Boyle, Chr.

Congregational Church Notice Sunday School opens as usual at 9:30 a.m.
At 10:15 the Communion Service will be observed at which time the doors of the church will be open to receive new members. There will be a short address by the pastor upon the theme, "The Christian's Crown."
Evening service at 7:30. Subject - "Practical Christianity as applied by Wilfred T. Grenfell, the Great Medical Missionary of Labrador." Everyone cordially invited. -T. F. Galt, Pastor.


Mrs. A. P. Smith has been on the sick list.

H. S. Eddingfield has purchased a new Ford.

Edith Lundquist is visiting relatives in Chicago.

Mr. Hugo Lindig, of Cherry, was here last Wednesday, and attended Brotherhood in the evening.

Miss Allie Franceway is home from the LaSalle hospital. She is getting along as well as could be expected.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schafer attended the funeral service of Mrs. Gregor Kessler at Peru last week Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Anderson, of Annawan, came Saturday to visit Mr. and Mrs. John Anderson and other relatives.

Mr. Henry Phieler is in the Spring Valley hospital suffering from blood poison, which resulted from running a sliver in [the rest is unreadable].

Rev. Thos. Leech, Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Glass and Mrs. David Brown were at Dwight the forepart of last week, attending an Epworth League convention.

Miss Jessie Fox was at Bowen last week to attend a wedding, and from there went to Oneida to visit her sister, Mrs. J. Orton Finley. Her mother leaves this week Monday, for the same place.

Mrs. Mary E. Kuhl, state president of the W.C.T.U., gave an address in the Congregational church Sunday evening. Subject, "The World's Problems, with glimpses of Oberammergau as I saw it last Summer."

H. Melville Mills, of Chicago, came Saturday evening, and visited at J. A. Moore's and W. E. Hawthorne's until Tuesday afternoon, when he left for home accompanied by his wife, who had been here over two weeks.

W. H. Morris entertained his brother, of McCool Junction, Nebr., and brother-in-law, Mr. McAdams, of Wenona, last Wednesday. The following day Mrs. Will Morris and sons accompanied them to Wenona to visit a few days, going in Mr. McAdam's auto.

Mrs. Summerfield had a birthday anniversary Saturday, July 1, 1911, and in her honor, her daughter, Mrs. Henry Flaugher, invited a few friends to spend the afternoon with her. Light refreshments were served. Among the guests was her daughter, Mrs. Hartwig, of Florid.


Mrs. Dr. Harry Wilson spent a few days last week in Granville.

Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Cassell visited at A. K. Cassell's last week.

Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Allen entertained Rev. Martin over Sunday.

Oscar Kessling, of McNabb, and some lady friends were callers in Florid, Sunday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Otto Hanson entertained quite a number of friends and [the rest is unreadable].

Wednesday, July 12, 1911


W. H. Hawthorne Sundayed in Chicago.

Annie Anderson has returned from a visit at Utica.

Mrs. W. L. Child was ill several days the past week.

Ed Lundquist, of Chicago, is visiting the home folks.

Quite a number from here spent the 4th at Princeton.

Roy Dunmore is home from Clinton, Ia., for a vacation.

Mrs. Christian Otto was on the sick list the past week.

Katie Matson has returned home from a visit at Princeton.

Miss Theresa Fisher has returned from a visit at Dover.

Rev. Thomas Leech and family spent the Fourth at Deer Park.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Giere, on Sunday, July 2, a boy.

W. F. Smith and G. W. Hunt were at Magnolia last Wednesday.

Dr. and Mrs. J. Aimone are the parents of a girl, born July 4, 1911.

Ralph Child, of Lostant, came Saturday for a short visit among relatives.

Mr. Sam Moliand[Molland}, of Riverside, is visiting his sister, Mrs. R. K. Stetson.

Mrs. Croisant, of Depue, was a guest at C. C. Nelson's Saturday and Sunday.

The Haslem's, who conducted a restaurant here, have moved to Spring Valley.

William Morris, Jr., is at Florid visiting his grandmother, Mrs. Anthony Chance.

Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Cash and family visited July 4 with Mr. and Mrs. John Ward at Aledo.

Mrs. Henry Hewitt and baby, of Chicago, and her mother are guests at the Henkell home.

Mr. Grundy Wilson has returned from Lostant and is at the home of his brother Robert.

Mrs. Emerancy Gunn is entertaining her daughter, Mrs. Geo. B. Sucher and son Robert, of Peoria.

Miss Mary Ware, who has not been well for some time, is now in Chicago, receiving special treatment.

Miss Meyer, of Milwaukee, Wis., is here for a visit with her grandmother, Mrs. Fred Meyer and family.


Miss Cora Allen, of Sprinkleburg, was visiting at J. B. Albert's, July 4th.

Miss Sadie Hetrick has spent the past week with Mrs. Bruer at Hennepin.

Geneva and Bessie Barcley were visiting their friend, Vera Clemens, last Sunday.

Mrs. Henry Mills, of Granville, was visiting at the home of Dr. Wilson and wife, recently.

Wm. Lucas and family, of Hennepin, were visiting relatives in our little village last Sabbath.

Mrs. Chas. Odekirk, of Granville, was visiting her mother, Mrs. Mary Allen, of this place last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Gall and little daughter Verna, were visiting at the home of S. P. Clemens last Sunday.

Mrs. Eli Dissinger and sister, Miss Anna Seibert, of McNabb, have come to florid to visit for a few days with Grandma Dissinger and Elsie.

Mr. Chas. McConothy, District Deputy of the Yeoman of America, has been hustling around in this neighborhood, and has written 17 applications for membership. These new applicants will be initiated in the Y. of A. next Friday.

Arthur Chritton has rented the David Clemens house, and Mrs. Chritton arrived from Decatur last Saturday, where she has been spending a few months with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Chritton will go to housekeeping again in a few days.


Francis Murphy has been appointed town clerk in place of Mr. Kelso.

The Communion services were held at the quarterly meeting in the M. E. church Sunday morning, Rev. Dwinell officiating.

Mat Condit and family, Mrs. J. M. Winship, and also J. O. Winship and family called Sunday afternoon at Irl Johnson's, near Whitefield.

Mr. and Mrs. Kelso will soon leave for their new home in Michigan. We are all sorry to see them go, as they have lived here so long, and they will be missed by the many friends.

The weather has been awfully dry here and most of the farmers have had to haul water to their stock in the pastures. A light shower came Sunday night, but not enough to do much good.

Mrs. John Chambers, many years a resident of Putnam, died at the home of her son in Joliet Thursday. The remains were brought to Putnam and the funeral services were held in the M.E. church, Sunday afternoon, Rev. Vivian, of Henry, officiating.

Wednesday, August 23, 1911


Rev. Thos. Leech of the M.E. church preached at the camp meeting at Magnolia, Sunday morning.


Mr. and Mrs. Hartman were visiting in Hennepin, recently.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Allen were guests of Mrs. Sarah Cassell last Sunday.

Dr. and Mrs. Wilson made a flying trip to Peoria last Friday afternoon, going in their auto.

Mr. and Mrs. John Beck spent last Sunday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Simon Beck.

Dr. Wilson and wife were guests of Mason Wilson at Quaker Lane, the doctor's father, last Sunday.

Rufus Cassell, of Missouri, is visiting his brother, A. K. Cassell, of this place.
___ a brother Wm. of Straw_[?], and John Henry, who has been at the Soldiers Home at Quincy, but at present is with his daughter at Granville.

Mrs. John Herning[?] and Mrs. Jess__ Reichwine and daughter Margarite, were in attendance at the picnic held at the Undercliff last Saturday, given by Mr. Allen, the music man of Princeton.

S. P. Clemens, while at work at Granville, stepped on a nail and had a very sore foot for a few days, but is getting better.

Joseph Allen, wife and two daughters, Bessie and Mollie, of Magnolia township, also Clyde Allen and Lena Hoffman[Huffman, Hartman], of Granville, were guests at the H. E. Allen home last Sunday.

Wm. Martin had the misfortune to fall and hurt his right hand quite severly. It is hoped it will be all right in a few days.


The Judge has struck headquarters again.

Uncle Joe Leech returned to Kankakee last Saturday after a plesant visit to relatives in this locality.

Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Doyle and children visited last Sunday at Aunt Emily Leech's.

Wednesday, September 13, 1911


Rev. Thomas Leech is at Peoria attending the Central Illinois Conference.

Wednesday, September 20, 1911


D. H. Child, of Tonica, was in our city Saturday.

Dr. F. C. Taylor made a business trip to Chicago the first of the week.

Miss Nellie Gunn is suffering with neuralgia.

Misses Mabel and Edith Kibble leave this week for their home at Roundup, Mont.

Mrs. Wilson and son, of Ames, Ia., came last Wednesday to visit her mother and brother, Mrs. Alice Magee, Sr., and Wm. Magee. Mrs. W. will remain a month. Her son left last week for Wheaton to attend college.

Mrs. G. F. Trendt was on the sick list part of last week.

Rev. Thomas C. Leech, who was assigned by the Conference to the M.E. church at Atkinson, has moved his family to that city.


Dorothy Clemens is having the mumps.

Mrs. Joseph Allen and daughter Mollie, were visiting at Mrs. Mary Allen's last Saturday.

Dr. Wilson took Miss Mabel Clemens to the hospital in LaSalle last Friday, where she underwent an operation for appendicitis. Mabel is getting along fine. That she will soon be at home and among us again is the wish of her many friends.

Mrs. Mabel Chance visited the past week with Mrs. Sarah Chance.

A fine young lady came to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Meyers last Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Meyers agreed to keep her with them as long as she is willing to stay.

Mr. and Mrs. Odekirk, of Granville, were guests of Mrs. Mary Allen last Sunday.

The fence in front of the S. P. Clemens place has had a coat of paint, which improves the looks of it very much. Ivan Clemens did the work.

Rev. Thos. Martin was entertained over Sunday by Mr. and Mrs. Mickelsen.

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