Polaris 1941 Yearbook
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Polaris 1941
Yearbook of North High School
Minneapolis, MN

Yearbook Transcription

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This page is divided into 4 parts:
  • "A" Senior Advisers
  • January Graduates
  • "B" Senior Advisers
  • June Graduates
  • On another page:
    Faculty & Office Staff

    "Polaris symbolizes for us North High School, the
    guiding star by which we set our courses for the
    future. The pole-star appears in the tail of the
    stellar group popularly known as the Little Dipper
    or the Little Bear; also in the northern sky shines
    the Great Dipper or the Great Bear. These constellations,
    Little Bear and Great Bear, represent respectively the
    June and January graduating classes. Together they
    swing in annual circle about the central light."

    "A" Senior Advisers Back to top

    Mr. A.M. Bank, Principal
    Ms. A.M. Lerschen, Chief Adviser
    Ms. H.K. Apel
    Ms. H. Austin
    Mr. K.C. Friedman
    Ms. A. Glasoe
    Ms. M.R. Gould
    Mary Gould
    Mr. A.M. Nervig
    Mr. H.B. Street
    Mr. R.T. Tenney

    January Graduates Back to top

    Betty ABRAHAM ..she will make a good stenographer..viking club.
    Charles ALBRO ..our future kilocycleman.
    Delores ANDERSON ..hey, blondie, we're off the gold standard..class play.
    Eugene ANDERSON ..they tell me I can sing.
    Vernon ANDERSON ..he can be convinced, but - german cl. pres.; nat. hon. soc. pres.; radio; projection; science; nature; hi-y; glee club; movie crew.
    Mitchell ARDUSER .. slow and easy does it.. football.
    Joe BEERS ..a future engineer.
    Dorothy BENNETT .. Tubby likes mellerdrammer.. bank cashier; student council; science; french; kadimah.
    Dolores BERDT ..our journalistic polarite.. student council; Polaris weekly; Polaris salesman; A senior chairman; french cl. pres.; nature; kadimah.
    Donald BEYER ..interested in aviation - or is it flight angels.. oratorio; glee cl.
    Doris BLAGROVE ..she makes tomorrow as cheerful as today.
    Mary BLANKENHORN ..Mary likes doggies.. seton hy.
    Audrey BLASE ..quiet but sincere.. silver tri; nature club.
    Frances BLINDMAN ..Faye likes sports.. com.; french; kadimah.
    Paul BLIXT ..give me the wide open spaces.
    Angeline BOGUCKI ..she leads that others may follow.. sil.; blue tri.; nat. hon. soc.; lat. pres.; nature; french; Polaris sales.; Polaris week.; bank cash.; stud. coun.; girl scouts.
    David BOSTROM ..a star gazer.. chess; choir; band.
    Aquinas BREGAL ..she wants to travel around the world.. comm. cl.; A senior chairman.
    Edward BRETT ..North's Ching.. hockey; football.
    Robert BROOKING ..what long eyelashes you have.. german; football.
    Gladys BROOSTIN ..oh, for a book and a shady nook.. blue tri.
    Margaret BROWN ..Peggy is our efficiancy expert.. viking club; commercial club; blue tri.
    Edward BUKSTEIN ..Eddie will combine aviation and poetry.. science cl.
    Harry BURDMAN ..our electrical minded Harry.
    Robert BURKE ..away with weary study.. glee cl.
    Shirley BURMEISTER ..life is just a round of merriment.. blue tri.; commercial cl.; photography club.
    Joyce CAMPBELL ..this blond likes music.
    Arthur CANE ..our philatellic enthusiast.. german cl.; science club.
    June CARLSON ..an artist supreme.. french cl.; blue tri.; bulletin board com. pres.
    Ruth CARLTON ..Ruthie will be an office worker.
    John CARMODY ..Jim has three speeds - slow, slower, stop.
    William CARR ..we're in the army now.
    Charles CARTER ..a future football coach.. football; baseball.
    Melvin CHEMRINOW ..an ardent sports fan.
    Herbert CHERRY ..bring 'em back alive Cherry.. student coun.; homeroom representative; A senior chairman; class play.
    Manley CHESTER ..a coastguard station for him.. football; track.
    Carol COCHRAN ..housekeeping intrigues her.
    Harriette COHEN ..modeling will be her future.. commercial club; band; orchestra.
    Ted COHEN ..Ted's ambition is to be an accountant.. menorah; latin club.
    Audrey COPLIN ..from Polaris to N.Y. Times.. french cl.; kadimah; nat. hon. soc.; Polaris page editor and salesman; A senior chairman.
    Warner DAHL ..liked here, there, and everywhere.. science cl.; student coun.
    Eleanor DARSOW ..she's little, but so is dynamite.. blue tri.; nature club.
    Armond DAVIS ..sweet violet - green house for me.
    Paul DE WAHL ..brother de Wahl - a future business man.. student council.
    Mary Alice DIETRICH ..a quick mind and a willing hand.. sil.; blue tri.; girl scouts; nat. hon. soc.; orch.
    Jim DIKEMAN ..Dike will be a good chemist.
    Margie DRAKE ..she makes swell fudge - oh boy.
    Erna DUNBAR ..a speedy whirl of energy.
    Edward ENGLUND ..he will enter the field of mechanical engineering.
    Luther ENGLUND ..Luke will attend Gustavas College.
    Florence ERICKSON ..she looks, smiles, wins.. blue tri.; comm. club.
    Lorraine ERICKSON ..if success is measured by inches she'll beat them all.. french club; comm. cl.; blue tri.
    Annabelle ERLANDSON ..Bubbles designs clothes.
    Ethel EVENSON ..an ever ready smile.. viking club.
    William EVIDON ..he's just a jitterbug at heart.
    Eleanore FERGUSON ..they conquer, they who believe they can.. sil.; blue tri.; french cl.; nat. hon. soc.
    Jeannette FIDLIN ..peppy and jolly, a fun loving gal.. vik. cl.; glee club; choir; orat.; band.
    Theresa FRANKLIN ..it's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice.
    Douglas FRASER ..quietness is a virtue.. comm. club.
    Dorothy FREDRICKSON ..a bundle of charm.. vik. cl.; blue tri.; glee club.
    Phyllis FRIED ..Twinkletoes loves the stage.
    Ingrid FRISELL ..what would we have done without Ingie.. blue tri.; science cl.; nat. hon. soc.; norse cl.; orch.
    Harvey GARBER ..toot, toot here comes Harvey.. band; orch.; nat. hon. soc.
    Jack GASNER ..I've been working on the railroad.
    Arthur GEBERT ..why worry? - it makes wrinkles.
    Lorraine GEDIG ..ready, willing, and able.. commercial club; national honor society.
    Adele GERMAIN ..fashion is my dish.. Spanish club; kadimah.
    Dorothy GILSVIK ..sweet is the word for Dot.. silver tri.; commercial club.
    Lorane GORHAM ..a glass of fashion.. seton hy; sil.; blue tri.; stud. coun.; nat. hon. soc.; bank cashier; radio workshop; A senior ch.
    Lillian GOSTICK ..from g.a.a. to nursing.. sil., blue tri.; nat. hon. soc.; g.a.a. board; A sen. ch.
    James GOTTLIEB ..candid camera fiend.. menorah; science; camera club.
    David GREENBERG ..Davy likes to tinker with cars.
    Eunice GREENSPOON ..there's danger in them eyes.. stud. coun.; bank cash.; kadimah cl.; commercial cl.
    Margaret GREVE ..Peggy likes sewing.. blue tri.; commercial club.
    Alpha GUSTAFSON ..discovered: a blonde with brains.. french cl. pres.; sil.; blue tri.; glee cl.; oratorio; nature cl; science cl.; nat. hon. soc.
    Kenneth HAAS ..Gable hasn't anything on him.. sen. sergeant-at-arms.
    Herbert HAASARUD ..peaches and cream complexion.. band president; hi-y chap. pres.
    William HAGEN ..a man of the airwaves.. radio cl. pres.; projection cl.
    Lloyd HANS ..Wild Bill and his guitar.
    Janice HANSEN ..artist supreme.. sil., blue tri.; nature cl.; polar palettes.
    Mary HARRIGAN ..best to the Irish.
    Marian HASELNESS ..Mickey sings.. commercial cl.; choir.
    Fred HAUSER ..our trap drummer.. hi-y; hi-lite staff.
    Melva HEAIRET ..why gentlemen prefer blondes.. comm. club.; iduna; blue tril; choir.
    Hy HECTER ..hi, Hecter.
    Paul HEIMER ..woodworking is one of Red's hobbies.
    Robert HENDRICKSON ..they call him strike 'em out Puss.. glee cl.; football; baseball; hockey.
    Charles HENNING ..mechanical minded Charles.
    Clifford HIGGINS ..bowling, golf, and hunting are my favorites.. band.
    Lyle HOFFA ..chemical engineering at the U.. hi-y; german.
    Charles HOFFMAN ..technically speaking, Chuck is o.k.
    Phyllis HOLLAND ..a little Dutch girl.
    Maybeth HOLLERUD ..just plain swell.. silver, blue tri.; girl scouts; nature; french club.
    Leo HOLZINGER ..he's our athletic man.
    Ruth HONIGSCHMIDT ..her merit paves her path.. sil.; blue tri; nature cl.; french club.
    June INGALLS ..friends value her friendship.. blue tri. pres.; stud. coun.; french cl. pres.; nat. hon. soc.; A sen. ch.
    Jack ISENBERG ..second Izaak Walton.
    Robert JACOBS ..Bob, our band man.
    Sol JACOBS ..industrious Sol he'll get places.
    Donald JOHNSON ..Swede is all city.. football; skating; hockey; baseball.
    Echo JOHNSON ..here's Eleanor D's echo.. nature cl.; blue tri.
    Gerald JOHNSON ..whistle while you work.
    Robert JOHNSON ..he will be a mechanical draftsman.. hi-y.
    Shirley JOHNSON ..she tickles the ivory.. sil.; blue tri.; french cl.; bank cash.
    Vivian JOHNSON ..good things come in small packages.. commercial club.
    Bernard JOHNSRUD ..he's tall, he's trim, he's terrific.. football.
    Ruby JUSTER .. her dark eyes reveal her happy heart.. kadimah; Polaris; band; orchestra.
    Ray KAHLER ..fore! here comes Ray.. projection cl.; student council; band; golf; bowling team.
    Helen KANIA ..a fine classmate.
    Jerry KAPLAN ..our harmonica playing president.. menorah; student coun.; Polaris salesman; bank cashier; glee club; A Senior co-president.
    Warren KENNETH ..names like this are convenient, sometimes.. football; baseball; hockey.
    Jarold KIEFFER ..diplomacy is my middle name.. nat. hon. soc.
    Alec KIPERSTEIN ..let's get in the groove.
    Gloria KIRKBRIDE ..she'll rollarskate through life.. silver and blue tri.
    Ruth KLEINBAUM ..do I look like Hedy?.. french club; class play.
    Joe KNIGHT ..night, night.. basketball; class play.
    Eleanore KOHN ..small in stature, but large in intellect.. kadimah; commercial cl.
    Lu Verne KOHOUT ..just call me Lovie.. silver tri.; blue tri.; pep club; class play.
    Gladys KOIVISTO ..she'll waltz through life.. silver tri.; blue tri.; pep club.
    Harris KOST ..from Kost to Kost it's Harris.. student council; golf; bowling.
    Ben KRAMER ..ten pin Benjie.. menorah; bowling.
    Ed KRAUSE ..it's your move now.. chess club.
    Warren KREKELBERG ..a whistler and his dog.. apparatus.
    Marilyn KUEHN ..Chick is keen.. silver; blue tri.; bank cashier; student council; girl scout; oratorio.
    Charles LANE ..a jolly good fellow.. projection club; choir.
    Luvenia LANE ..sincerity is a great asset.
    Margaret LANGLEY ..we've got her number.. camera; comm.; blue tri.; seton hi.
    James LAWSON ..if success is measured by inches, he'll beat them all.. choir; applied music.
    Clara LEADER ..a gym teacher's life for her.. kadimah; g.a.a. board.
    Dorothy LENZEN ..ooh, Dotty, those eyes of blue.. silver; blue tri.
    David LERNER ..you can fix anything.
    Joyce LILJA ..she's the outdoor type.
    Earl LINDBERG ..it's electrical engineering for him.
    Minnie LISS ..office work is her selection.. kadimah; commercial club.
    Frank LISSAK ..Doc will attend the U. of M.. oratiorio; track.
    Winston LOWRIE ..building model railroads, that's my hobby.. orchestra.
    Marian MACHT ..ever ready, ever steady.. art; nature; student council; nat. hon. soc.; silver and blue tri.
    Nora MANDEL ..to be a good stenographer is my aim.. commercial; kadimah.
    Ruth MANSK ..interior decorating is my line.
    Theodora MANTZ ..the world will know Teddy and her fiddle.. silver, blue tri.; french; orchestra; concert mistress; string quartette.
    Margaret MARCELL ..she's where she's needed.. sil., blue tri.; french, latin cl.; bank cash.; Pol. Sales.; annual; nat. hon. soc.
    Lorraine MARTIN ..Lorr and common sense are synonymous.. kadimah; bank cash.; nature; spanish; comm. cl.
    Ruth MARTINSON ..just a round of merriment.. sil., blue tri.; french, nature cl.; oratorio.
    Marcetta MASON ..sailing, sailing - it's the life for me.
    Helen MATSON ..an apple for the future teacher.
    Myra MERSKY ..the way to have a friend is to be one.. nat.hon.soc.; kadimah; spanish, comm. cl; bank cash.
    Karen MEDTLING ..the domestic type.. g.a.a.
    Marvin MILLER ..silence is more eloquent than words.. science, nature cl.
    Oliver MILLER ..my dog loves your dog - well.
    Albert MILNER ..he will be a draftsman.. glee cl.; nature cl.; apparatus.
    Clyde MOESCHLER ..interior decorator jr.. apparatus.
    Mildred MOGAARD ..still water runs deep.. viking club; bank cashier.
    Elaine MOORE ..she gives with zest and gives the best.. french; comm. cl.; nat.hon.soc.
    Doris NELSON ..the guiding ray of leadership.. stud. coun.; A sen. ch.; sil.; blue tri.; comm. cl.; scouts; nat.hon.soc.; annual.
    Phyllis NELSON ..how will her students concentrate.. sil. blue tri.; science club.
    La Verne NEWMANN ..a whirl of energy.. blue tri.; glee cl.; g.a.a.
    Yvonne NEWMAN ..home run Lefty.. g.a.a.
    Vivian NEWSTROM ..earnest in purpose, loyal to friends.. girl scouts, pres.; nature cl.; sil., blue tri.; annual roster ed.
    Meyer NISKER ..sports are Mott's main hobby.. football.
    Bill NITCHIE ..his able leadership.. co-pres. of class; hi-y; science; nature cl.; nat.hon.soc.; band; bank cash.
    Margaret NOLDEN ..a second Schiaparelli in our midst.. blue tri.; comm. cl.; glee club.
    Richard NOREN ..sky rider in future years.. hi-y; football; hockey; oratorio.
    Adora NORLANDER ..oh how we adore her.. sil., blue tri.; choir.
    George NORMANDIN ..his ambition will get him places.. radio cl.
    Bill NORTIN ..friendliness, his middle name.. hi-y; viking; nature cl.; oratorio.
    Walter NYBERG ..worry and Walter have never met.. hi-y; band.
    Harriett OHMAN ..a private secretary.. comm. cl.
    Carol OLSON ..quiet but sincere.. comm. club.
    Dorothy OLSON ..light headed, but only in one way.
    Vernon OLSON ..a man like this is hard to get.
    John O'NEILL ..ooh, those Irish.. hi-y; band; science cl.; basketball.
    Roslyn ORINSTIEN ..may I have the next dance, madam?.. french cl.
    Marvis PALM ..nursing is my life.. blue tri.
    Florence PASS ..let's have more like her.. comm. cl.; choir.
    Lorraine PAULSON ..Pauly will be a dental hygienist.. silver, blue tri.; french; nature cl.
    Gloria PEARSON ..a peppy member of our pep club.. pep cl.; blue tri.
    Eloise PEDERSON ..she also serves who only sits and knits.. sil., blue tri.; comm cl.
    Fred PIER ..intelligent, likeable, and sincere.. stud. coun.
    Corrine PETERSEN .."Corn" wants to be a librarian.. sil., blue tri.
    Mildred PETERSON ..studious, sweet, sincere.
    Lavaun POWERS ..a sport minded artist.. g.a.a.; sil., blue tri.
    Jeanne PRITCHARD ..nursing is my life work - oh nurse.. camera, science cl., blue tri.; choir; bank cash.
    Muriel QUADY ..our class' good luck charm.. sil., blue tri.; scouts; nat.hon.soc.; annual; comm. cl.; sen. mascot.
    Bob QUIGLEY ..friend to all.. hi-y.
    Marguerite RACHAC ..charming, and lovely - that is you.. sil., blue tri.; comm.; Polaris weekly; hon.soc.; annual; girl scouts; bank cash.; ch.sen.comm.
    Verna RAUSCH ..her light shines forth that others might see.. sil., blue tri.; science cl.; nature cl.; stud.coun.; nat.hon.soc.; annual.
    Richard REIMER ..Dick'll click.. boxing.
    Arline RINKER ..a dimpled smile that makes you her friend.. g.a.a.; glee club.
    Bernice RIVKIN ..poise plus personality.. french cl.
    Austin ROBERG ..quiet and steady, he'll see you through.
    Beverly ROBINSON ..a bundle of petite charm.. science; spanish cl.; sil., blue tri.; nat.hon.soc.; orchestra.
    Gordon ROBINSON ..you will need sales resistance with Whitey.
    John ROSE ..roses are red.. swimming; skating.
    Louise ROSEN ..a modern dancer.. comm. cl.; latin club.
    Robert RUBENSTEIN ..Bobby, make that kick.. spanish cl.; football.
    Lois RUDD ..especially sweet and sincere.. sil., blue tri.
    Gerald RUFF ..answer to a maiden's prayer.. stud. coun.
    Richard RUSCHOFF ..quiet and business-like.
    Sarah SALTZER ..she'll talk her way to fame.. kadimah; latin cl.
    Vernon SANDERS ..the man on the flying trapeze.. apparatus.
    Norma SANKER ..the lady with the lamp.. sil., blue tri.; seton hy; polar palettes; band.
    Marian SAVAGE ..the lady with lamp number two.. kadimah; comm. cl.
    Burton SAVITT ..a future D.A.. menorah; Polaris weekly.
    Marcella SCHARMER ..music is my business.. polar palettes; band.
    Jim SCHELSKE ..a three letter man.. band; football; track; swimming.
    Hugh SCHNEIDER ..bye, baby bunting, Hughie's gone ahunting.
    Edmund SCHOPPERT ..a hunter and fisher.
    Jeanette SCHWAPPACH ..her loveliness gets them all.. french, swedish cl.; sil, blue tri.; oratorio.
    Beverly SEGAL ..home ec. Is Brenda's calling.. kadimah; comm.; spanish cl.; bank cash.
    Shirley SHAPIRO ..an air minded stewardess.. blue tri.; kadimah; science; latin; nature cl.; choir; glee cl.
    Patricia SHEAHAN ..another grand Irishman.
    Doris SHELLEY ..a pharmacist musn't forget chemistry.. nat.hon.soc.; blue tri.; kadimah; french; science; nature; latin cl.
    Anita SHERMAN ..a studious private secretary.. stud. coun.; hon. soc.; kadimah; comm. cl.
    Meyer SHRAGOWITZ ..athletic minded band member.. band; basketball.
    Ruth SIEBENTRITT ..my goal is as high as the notes I sing.. sil.; blue tri.; french; comm. cl.; choir.
    William SIEVERT ..his aim is the top.. glee cl.
    Orell SILBERMAN ..it's the university for Orell.
    Loron SIMON ..work is my hobby and nothing else.
    Carol SIMPSON ..our sweet and demure artist.. Polar palettes; bul. board; orch.
    Marvin SJOBERG ..Monte and his guitar.
    Shirley SMITH ..tops with all.. latin, nature cl.
    Arthur SOLBERG ..tool and dye making is his trade.
    William SPIESS ..you've got to be a football hero.. football; choir; glee club.
    Burton STARR ..keep smiling.. soph. football.
    Marian STEVENSON ..sunshine in her smile.
    Gloria STURMAN ..a likeable go-getter.. camera cl.; blue tri.
    Ruth SUGARMAN ..Sugar will be a nurse.
    June SUTHERLAND ..found: good housewife; wanted: good husband.. blue tri.; swedish; glee cl.
    Dorothy SVEUM ..hold it - here comes Dot.. camera; comm. cl.; norse cl.
    Justin SWILLER ..hold that line.. football; golf; menorah.
    Brent SYMONDS ..when you're out of joint, go to Sy.
    Annette TENDER ..she would be a tender nurse.. sil., blue tri.; nature club.
    Doris TINKER ..another Florence Nightingale.. silver, and blue tri.; glee cl.
    Loraine TOMPKINS ..short and sweet.. nature; comm. club.
    Thomas TROUPE ..Troupe's clever with levers.
    Dorothy TURNER ..Dot sings and roller skates.. comm. club.
    Lorraine VENTA ..beautiful hands to soothe the fevered brow.. sil., blue tri.; nature cl.
    Pearl WALDEEN ..she's here, I heard her giggle.. sil., blue tri.; nat.hon.soc.; nature cl.; sec. of sen. class; Pol. Weekly; A sen. ch.
    Merna WALTER ..we wish she were twins.. blue tri.; choir.
    Bernice WASSERMAN ..a stitch in time saves nine.. Pol. sales.; orch.
    Dorothy WASSERMAN ..hubby wanted; line forms to right.. french cl.; bank cash.
    John WATTEN ..ohhh - Johnny.. stud. coun. pres.; A sen. ch.; glee club; stud. mgr. of baseball; vocal ensemble.
    Sheldon WEINSTEIN ..Porky likes classics.. menorah; science cl.
    Sidney WEINSTEIN ..Sid and his big black beard.. menorah; spanish cl.
    Lillian WEISMAN ..on the news front.. stud. coun.; kadimah; comm.; science club.
    Eugene WELCH ..Rusty will be an engineer.. hi-y; german cl.
    Eilene WESTON ..she has dimples like the rest of the girls would like to have.. blue tri.; band.
    Shirley WHELAN ..a doctor's assistant -?.. sil.; blue tri.; comm. club.
    George WHITFIELD ..a pearl in his treasury.. german, glee cl., choir, Polaris.
    Eleanore WILENSKY ..subtract a barrel of cares and add a ton of pep.. french; nature club; radio work; kadimah.
    Edith WILMER ..competition for Polaris - The Frozen North.. Polaris, aviation; oratorio; seton hy.
    Virginia WINGER ..she pilots a talented pen.. sil., and blue tri.; german cl.
    John WOLFE ..sports and stamps for him.. stud. coun.
    Dave WOODCOCK ..a willing hand and a lot of fun.
    Phyllis WOODHOUSE ..a friend to all.. blue tri.; comm. cl.
    Elma WUOLLET ..Elmer likes sewing.
    Bernetta YANCY ..as friendly as they come.. basketball.
    Lorraine ZAMJAHN ..Zamy can play the piano too.. blue tri.; comm. cl.; stud. coun.
    Sara ZEMACH ..her smile glows for all.. kadimah pres.; french; nature; comm. club; nat.hon.soc.
    Jeanne ZUCKMAN ..acquatennial high school queen.
    Bob CASSERLY ..please, mom, can I buy a comic book.
    Richard COWL ..a living lexicon.. football.
    Eddie GOLDSTEIN ..he'll make home runs in an airplane.
    Lois GREENBERG ..a golfer on horseback.. comm. cl.
    Einar HAMBORG ..the silent he-man.. norse; choir; football.
    Mildred HAMLIN ..many lights are hidden.. comm cl.
    Harold HANLEY ..fun is my middle name.. band.
    Clarence LARSON ..the call of the wild.. band.
    Lawrence TOLEDO ..we are glad we knew him.. glee cl., orchestra.

    Camera-Shy Graduates
    Adams, Rosella Gardner, Marjorie McCoy, Marian
    Baskin, Fred Garfield, Marvin McCluskey, Herbert
    Beers, Robert Gillis, Richard McGlynn, Charles
    Bernstein, Bernard Goldenberg, Elliott McGregor, Eleanor
    Borkenhagen, Jack Hackel, Richard Miller, Richard
    Boyce, Zane Herschman, Paul Mitchell, Lois
    Brandon, George Holm, Richard Pegg, Marianne
    Briggs, Florence Holthus, Marcella Reck, Werner
    Bullock, Shirley Hornig, Donald Robinson, Ralph
    Burgess, Evelyn Itzkowitz, Sam Rogers, Jae
    Caouette, Dorothy Iverson, Dorothy Schaffer, George
    Davis, James Juster, Sarah Swanson, Robert
    Egan, Myrtle Larrabee, Muriel Teener, Sherwin
    Erickson, Kenneth Larson, Bernice Thiel, Ted
    Erntson, Lorrayne Larson, Marion Tyra, Francis
    Fisher, Sylvia Lehrman, Arnold Vinokour, Edward
    Fortin, Robert McCoy, Dorothy Wilson, Arvid

    "B" Senior Advisers Back to top

    Ms. V.A. Marti, Dean of Girls
    Mr. A.B. Schultz, Dean of Boys
    Ms. G.G. Shephard, Chief Adviser
    Ms. J.F. Abbott
    Mr. J.J. Brom
    Ms. M.Z. Clarke
    Ms. M.E. Creglow
    Ms. L.H. Edquist
    Ms. F.A. Felt
    Mr. J.J. Jacobi
    Ms. M.C. Moses
    Ms. L.M. Nelson
    Mr. M.A. Olson
    Ms. B.B. Pierce
    Ms. E.C. Quello
    Ms. B.M. Whittier

    June Graduates Back to top

    Kalman ABRAMS ..a likeable fellow - lots of fun.. menorah; chess cl.
    Meyer ACKERMAN ..the athletic type.
    Roger AHO ..hand that create.. nat.hon.society.
    Mildred ALFREDSON ..Milly beautifies bulletin boards.. art cl; comm. cl.
    Marilyn ALMQUIST ..art's her hobby - art's her job.. blue tri; iduna; pep cl; comm. cl.
    Audrey ANDERSON ..quiet, but oh, so nice.
    Dale ANDERSON ..handy Andy.
    Eleanor ANDERSON ..I'm the type to type.. glee cl; choir.
    Gordon ANDERSON ..my field is commerce.. orch; hockey.
    Harry ANDERSON ..the saga of the "Silver Kid".. orch; band.
    Lorayne ANDERSON ..how she sews.. blue tri.
    Lorraine ANDERSON ..red is her color.. blue tri; ger. Club; jr. acad. science, treas.
    Phyllis ANDERSON ..short but sweet.. g.a.a.
    Ray ANDERSON ..a regular ray of sunshine.
    Ruth ANSEL ..small and quiet.. kadimah.
    Marion ARMSTRONG ..better to be little and shine.
    Elaine ARNOLD ..wit and wisdom combined.. kadimah; comm. cl; stud. coun.
    Donald ARNOLDY ..North needs more like him.
    James ASCHER ..Jim hasn't decided.. radio cl.
    David AUDETTE ..salesman at present.
    Corinne AUNE ..gayety and friendship combined.. blue tri; student council.
    Helen AUNE ..quiet and helpful.. viking club.
    Martin BALICK .."Mac" isn't Scotch.. science; pol. wk.; sen. ch.; nat.hon.soc.; chess cl.
    Virginia BANIK ..titanic Banik.. orch; band.
    Eileen BARNES ..silence is more eloquent than words.
    Edward BARON ..he doesn't say much, but we're glad he's with us.
    Betty BARTA ..her very quietness attracts.. sil. tri; blue tri.
    Irene BASHFORD ..Irene and Adrian.. pep club.
    Rosalyn BASSIS ..poised and well-groomed.. kadimah; fr.cl; comm. cl; tol. Cl; nat.hon.soc.
    Norman BEARMAN ..I want to be convinced.. menorah; chess cl.
    Lloyd BELFORD ..rub-a-dub dubby - his nickname is Tubby.. hi-y.
    Majorie BENECKE ..nice to know.. blue tri; seton hy; sil. tri; g.a.a.
    Sheldon BERENSON ..all great men are dead, I don't feel so well myself.. nat.hon.soc; sen. ch.
    Arthur BERG .."how was I to know?"
    Edna BERGER ..small, but how dear to us.. comm. cl.
    Mary BERGEVIN ..one of those girls no one knows anything mean about.. blue tri; choir.
    Elwood BIEGERT ..a man of modest grace is he.
    Virginia BIORN ..her personality cheers.. art; comm. club; blue tri; cam. Cl; ann. art staff.
    Jean BLACK ..at first we think she's rather quiet, but later on she's quite a riot.
    Stanley BLAGROVE ..a man of action.. mgr. stg. crew; football; basketball; hockey.
    Marcella BLANDENIER ..high school days have their delights, but they can't compare with high school nights.
    Esther BLANK ..what's in a name?.. kadimah; fr. cl.
    Eugene BLOOMGREN ..he pleases everyone.
    Marilyn BLOOMQUIST ..quiet and thoughtful.. comm. cl.
    Irene BOFFERDING ..nothing is impossible.. nat.hon.soc.
    John BOHNEMANN ..he says little, but that's no sign he's not thinking.. cam. cl; senior ch; glee cl.
    Jeanne BOLIN ..make hay while the sun shines.. blue tri.
    Leonard BOLNICK ..I can do everything but behave.
    Edna BOLTE ..modesty and sweetness are assets.. sil. tri; comm. cl.
    Virginia BOVEE ..sweet and charming tho her features be, she wins her friends by personality.. blut tri; sil. tri; fr. cl.
    Bernice BRAGG ..there's a sunny side to life.
    Jewell BRAMHALL ..give her a chance and she will do it well.. blue tri.
    Sadie BRAND ..she trips the light fantastic.. comm. cl; kadimah.
    Jane BRANDENBORG ..the way to have a friend is to be one.
    La Veta BRECHT ..Sauk Center's loss - our gain.
    Edly BREDESEN ..tall of stature, full of pep; out in front, right in step.. blue tri.
    Anita BREDOW ..she's a model for true friendship.. ger. cl, pres; sil. tri; blue tri; nat.hon.soc; choir.
    Edwin BRENNA ..oh! For a pair of wings.
    Morton BRILL ..dot dot - dash dash.. nat.cl.
    Ellen BROSELLE ..in her own quiet way.. glee cl; pep cl; stud. council.
    Faith BROST ..faith, hope, and charity.. choir; band.
    Eleanor BUDISH ..sports fan deluxe.. sil. tri.; lat. cl; choir.
    Lois BUEN ..dancing the whole night through.. girl scouts.
    Florence BUHROW ..always willing, always helpful.. sil. tri; choir.
    Amy Ann BUTT ..individual.. blue tri; pol. wk. Sales; stud. coun; bank cash; tol. cl.
    Carole CARLSON ..she gathers the fruits of friendship.. sil. tri; blue tri; comm. cl.; pol. ann. staff; sen. ch.
    Charlotte CARLSON ..rhythm in her toes.. blue tri; span. cl.
    Marian CARLSON ..quiet, industrious, and well liked.
    Wallace CARLSON ..a likeable lad with a likeable way.. hi-y; elec. crew mgr; hockey; track.
    Verna CARON ..as a student you shine, as a friend you're fine.. fr. cl, pres; science cl; nat.hon.soc; stud. mgr. banking.
    Sylvia CATCHER ..she's small and so quiet.. nat. cl; g.a.a.
    Julia CEBALLOS ..dancing and singing make the girl.. seton hy; glee cl. span cl.
    Bessie CENTER ..ability plus character plus brains.. science cl; latin cl; jr. acad. sc; nat.hon.soc; band; ann. staff.
    Burton CHARLES ..art brightens up my days.
    Norman CHAZIN ..sports are the spice of life.. swimming; golf.
    Percy CHESIN ..books and clubs provide true amusement.
    Rose Ann CHOWEN ..cooking helps to win a man.. band.
    Marilyn CHRISTENSON ..clubs enliven school life.. germ. cl; sil. tri; latin cl; blue tri; comm. cl; stud. coun; "N" girl.
    Myron CHRISTIANSEN ..likeable and ready for fun.. choir; swimming; tennis.
    Kenneth CHRISTIE ..easy come and easy go.. hi-y.
    Marjorie CHRISTOFFERSEN ..a friend is made by writing letters.
    Caroline CLEMENS ..roll thru life.. comm. cl; rollerskating.
    Alvin COHEN ..something solid.. band; golf.
    Gloria CONDULUCI ..pretty curly locks.. blue tri; orch; g.a.a.
    Mildred COOK ..courteous to all, unfriendly to none.. comm. cl; g.a.a.
    Shirley CORROW ..sincere, pleasant, and courteous.
    Vernon CORROW ..his ways are quiet, but silence is eloquent.
    Lillian COTHRELL ..I'm glad that I'm nobody else, because it's such fun to be me.. fr. cl; debate.
    Mary COULTON ..a pleasing girl with pleasing manners.. span. cl.
    Jane COX ..an air of good humor surrounds her.
    Violetta DASCENZA ..a quiet little miss called "Vio."
    Sam DAVIS ..all the world's a stage on which to act my comedy.. pol. ann. boys' sport ed.
    John DAY ..law by "Day".. Pol. wk. Sales; nat. cl; stud. coun.
    Helen DE MANN ..the lady of the lunchroom.. germ. cl; oratorio.
    David DE WAHL ..what's worth trying is worth accomplishing.. nat.hon.soc; chess cl; jr. acad. science; stud. coun.
    Evelyn DIXON ..athletic and peppy with a peck of good nature thrown in.. span. cl; bank cash; glee cl.
    Sylvia DUDICK ..a great mind is greater than a crown.. nat. cl; comm. cl; g.a.a.
    Owen DUKELOW ..a great little man is he.. hi-y; science cl; stud. coun; chess cl; debate; track mgr.
    Gloria DUNKLEY ..she will yodel yer way to fame.. span. cl; comm. cl.
    Dorothy DWYER ..here's a pleasing companion.. seton hi.
    Norma EATON ..rhythm in her finger tips.. sil. tri; stud. coun; glee cl.
    Elvy EDIN ..silent and sure she rests secure.. cam. cl; comm. cl; jr. acad; science; g.a.a.
    Bernice EDSTROM ..pleasant is she and full of industry.. germ. cl; comm. cl; blue tri.
    Katherine ELAFROS ..always ready for service.. germ. cl; blue tri; debate; nat.hon.soc; sen. ch; g.a.a.
    Clara ELIASON ..sweetness is the virtue.. blue tri; comm. cl.
    Don ELMBERG ..one of the best.
    Jack ENGELBERT ..modesty becomes every young man.
    Jean ENGQUIST ..just the kind of a friend to have.. fr. club; sil. tri; blue tri.
    Curtis ERICKSON ..slap that bass.. band.
    Ralph ESTRIN ..Buck looks to aviation.. chess cl, pres; menorah.
    Eunice FELDMAN ..first band has its virtues.. comm. cl; band; kadimah.
    Mavis FELIX ..what a voice - and what a girl.. sil. tri; latin cl; glee cl; choir; oratorio.
    Glen FERKINGSTAD ..a merry heart but a honest, sober mind.
    Le Roy FISHER ..Gabriel has nothing on me.. nat. cl; band; glee cl.
    Betty Jane FISKE ..modeling makes for beauty.. blue tri.
    Gerald FLAA ..apparatus is Jerry's first and last love.. apparatus.
    Jean FLANDERS ..a geyser of pep - that's her rep.. Pol. wk. sales; blue tri; seton hi; glee cl; band, flag twirler.
    Evelyn FLITTIE ..a leader everywhere she goes.. sil. tri; blue tri; viking cl, pres; nat.hon.soc; sr. ch; Pol. ann.
    Margaret FLYNN ..there are reasons for her many friends.. sil. tri; blue tri; fr. cl; choir.
    Nicklina FOGLIARO ..Nicky's eyes are what get you.. span. cl.
    James FORCEIA ..he is a man of real ability and fitness.. nat.hon.soc; jr. acad. science; track.
    Don FRASER ..women, lead me not astray.. hockey; hi-y; apparatus.
    John FREDIN .."band" is John's second name.. hi-y; nat.hon.soc; jr. acad. science; band.
    Bernice FREED ..playing drums in a dance band called "rhythm revels".. band; orch.
    Harry FREEDLAND ..an engineer of great worth some day.
    Molly FRIEDMAN ..jolly Molly.. comm. cl; kadimah.
    Rose FRIEDMAN ..pastime - my homework.. comm. cl; kadimah.
    Russell FRIES ..he delights in being idle.
    Wilma FULLER ..lots of pep, full of fun.
    Helen FURBERG ..I'll take to the air.. sil. tri; blue tri; cam. cl; band.
    Phyllis FURMAN ..the good live longer.. kadimah; span. cl; comm. cl; bank cashier.
    Martha GALLION ..she's one grand person.. sil. tri; blue tri; latin club; nat.hon.soc; seton hi; annual; stud. coun; senior chair.
    Stanley GALSKI ..Stan is bedimpled, Stan is quick, especially with a hockey stick.. hockey.
    Don GANZER ..mischief, thou art afoot; take thou what course thou wilt.
    Walter GATES ..he's a regular fellow.. hockey; golf.
    Winifred GATES ..a worker, yet always ready for a good time.. sil. tri; blue tri.
    Mildred GERDES ..in silence there is charm.
    Victor GERETZ ..I like to work - it fascinates me.. germ. cl; chess cl; menorah; stud. coun; debate.
    Ruth GERSHKOW ..sincerity is a wonderful virtue.. kadimah; comm. cl.
    Gerald GESS ..to grin is no sin.
    Eunice GIESKE ..hobbies take up Tootie's time.. comm. cl; blue tri.
    William GILSON ..a true friend is Bill.. hi-y; aviation cl; ger. club; band; chess cl; tennis.
    Betty GINSBERG ..for better or for verse.
    Jean GIROD ..hobbies are the spice of life.. blue tri.
    Sara GLEASON ..glamor girl Gleason.
    Roy GODFREY ..his trombone shines.. band.
    Charlotte GOLD ..her charm lies in sincerity.. span. cl; kadimah.
    Irving GOLDBERG ..he's a regular fellow.
    Berney GOLDMAN ..no simple conquest - triumph is his aim.
    Burton GOLDSTEIN ..with a banjo on my knee.. menorah; span. club; pol. wk. staff.
    Morey GOLDSTEIN ..he'll never overwork, he doesn't believe in it.
    Alberta GOODMAN ..speaking of versatile people.. fr. cl; latin cl; aviation cl; sil. tri; nat.hon.soc.
    Ruth GOODRICH ..a quiet girl, but quite a girl.
    Celia GORDON ..you'd be surprised.. kadimah; span. cl; science cl; band.
    Phyllis GREEN ..brunette and cute, with ways to suit.. comm. club.
    Mildred GROTH ..happy-go-lucky.. comm cl; blue tri.
    Mary GRUIDL ..different is this gal who enjoys doing something different.. blue tri.
    Roy GRUNDSTROM .. a jolly good fellow is he.
    Ann GURBAN ..she knows what she knows, when she knows it.. latin cl.
    Lorraine GUSLAND ..oh well! Tomorrow's another day.. blue tri.
    Shirlee GUTKIN ..the spirit of 226.. kadimah; comm. cl; pol. wk. sales; band.
    Max GUTTMAN ..a whiz at chess and everything else.. chess cl; nat.hon.soc; sen. ch.
    Arcole GUZZI ..Guz is a quiet lad.. boxing.
    Ralph GUZZO ..Tony has won school-wide fame, by his pep and grit in every game.. football; baseball.
    Susannah HALL ..why hurry? There's lots of time.. sil. tri; blue tri; span. cl.
    Lois HANNON ..won't she be a pretty nurse?.. blue tri; nat. cl; choir.
    Andrew HANSON ..rollicking and happy ways are his.. hi-y.
    Phyllis HANSON ..simplicity has a charm all its own.
    Sam HARDIN ..I'm here for an education.. science cl; menorah; chess cl; stamp cl.
    Sam HARRIS ..most strenous work - jumping at conclusions.. basketball.
    Lorraine HARTKE ..she packs all her troubles in a box and sits on the lid and laughs.. comm. cl; blue tri.
    Sidney HASKOVITZ ..why rush through life?.. band.
    David HAYES ..the world is as you take it.
    Elsie HAYES ..they are only great who are truly good.. blue tri; ger. cl; stud. coun; nat.hon.soc; orch.
    Maisie HEATH ..silence is the most perfect herald of joy.
    Shirley HECHTER ..let's talk "turky".. fr. cl; kadimah; band; orch.
    Mildred HEDLUND ..on top of the world.
    Daniel HEILICHER ..miniture sax appeal.. band.
    Froimy HEILIGMAN ..generally speaking, I'm generally speaking.. basketball.
    Kenneth HENDRICKSON ..you push the first valve down.. band; soph. basketball.
    Lorraine HENDRIDKSON ..a cheerful friend's like a sunny day.. nat.hon.soc; latin cl; fr. cl; blue tri; science cl.
    Dale HENRY ..away dull care, away.. I'm going to sleep today.
    Robert HENSEL ..when joy and duty clash, let duty go smash.
    George HEWITSON ..king of swing.. hi-y; band; orch.
    Emily HEYDENABER ..some people can just sit still and think, but I can't.
    Bernice HIIVALA ..who says nothing makes not mistakes.
    Maxine HILDEBRAND ..so ambitious too!.. blue tri; girl scouts; stud. coun; g.a.a.
    Kay HITCHCOCK ..the time to be happy is now.. seton hi; blue tri.
    Rose HOBERMAN ..my! the talent she has.. kadimah; span. cl.
    Dolores HOKEMEIR ..study is all right, but play is more fun.
    Gerraine HOLCOMBE ..she gladly spends her time helping others.. editor of annual; sil. tri; blue tri; student coun; bank cash; comm. club, treas; sen. ch; seton hi; nat.hon.soc; g.a.a; girl scouts; Pol. sales.
    Lillian HOMBERGER ..it pays to be a perfect lady.
    Mary Jane HOOKER ..Mary and her clarinet.. band; orch.
    Merle HOUSER ..in her quietness there is a certain indefinable charm.. sil. tri; blue tri; comm. cl; bull. b. Comm.
    Florence HOYT ..to worry is folly - let's grin and be jolly.. sil. tri; blue tri; comm. cl.
    Sylvia HURWITZ ..such a sweet girl is hard to find.. kadimah; comm. cl.
    Alberta INGISON ..why worry? It makes wrinkles.
    May INVIE ..here's a friendly person to know.. blue tri.
    Zane ISRAEL ..there's ink in them thar veins.. sc. cl. pres; jr. acad. sec; menorah; tol. cl; stage cr; sr. ch; banking; Pol. week; nat.hon.soc.
    Donna Mae JACK ..a faithful friend indeed.. sil. tri; blue tri; stud. coun; girl scouts; banking; nat.hon.soc.
    Irene JACKSON ..to take things as they be, that's my philosophy.
    Viola JAMES ..deep brown eyes filled o'er with glee.
    Elaine JAPS ..a studious and quiet future steno.
    William JELLISON ..why worry? It makes wrinkles and pale cheeks.. hockey; track; baseball; soph football.
    Burton JOHNSON ..quiet in school, but otherwise -?
    Clayton JOHNSON ..he's a gentleman from top to toe.. hi-y, city pres; choir; Pol. wk. sales; golf.
    Frank JOHNSON ..skilled in all sports and pastimes.. choir; football; apparatus; track; skating.
    Lyle JOHNSON ..saving and cautious is "Lefty".. baseball.
    Marliss JOHNSON ..love me, love my dog.. sil. tri; blue tri; comm. cl; Pol. ann. staff; orch.
    Robert A JOHNSON ..he can laugh with the jolliest and work with the busiest.. tol. cl; span. cl; stud. coun; nat.hon.soc, pres; v.pres. sen. class.
    Robert D JOHNSON ..the little big shot.. hi-y, pres.
    Marius JOHNSON ..thoughts are quieter than all speech.
    Robert G JOHNSON ..always happy and never sad.. track.
    Ruth Ann JOHNSON ..she has that friendly air about her.. sil. tri; blue tri; germ cl; Pol. ann. staff.
    Violet JOHNSON ..better late than never.
    Donald JOHNSTON ..we can't help but like him.. proj. cl; nat.hon.soc; debate; orch.
    James JUNTILLA ..glamour boy of June -41 and always.. hi-y; stud. coun; swimming; golf.
    Devorah JUSTER .."chic" is the word for Deb.. science cl; kadimah; comm. cl; fr. cl.
    Shirlie KANTER ..what a striking personality.. span. cl; kadimah; science club; stud. coun.; choir; glee cl.
    Charlotte KATZ ..friendliness personified.. kadimah; comm. club; band.
    Signey KATZ ..worry and Kitty have never met.
    Marie KATZ ..golly, what a giggle.. kadimah; com. cl.
    Mirriam KAUFMAN ..sweet is the word for you.. kadimah; comm. club.
    John KELLY ..Kelly with the Irish smile.. baseball.
    Charles KENIS ..if there's nothing to say he'll say it.. football.
    Robert KENNING ..never a dull moment.. hi-y; Pol. annual.
    Shirley KIMBALL ..silence never yet betrayed anyone.
    William KLATKE ..knocked unconscious by a train of thought.
    Rita KLEINMAN ..an ever-ready-for-fun girl.. span. cl; kadimah.
    Henry KNAUFF ..our apparatus king is an all-around good fellow.. apparatus.
    Ruth KOSFELD ..she's charming and sweet - in all graces complete.. sil. tri; blue tri; choir.
    Crescentia KRANZ ..Sally will make a go of whatever she does.. lat. cl; blue tri; comm. club; nat. cl; stud. coun; nat.hon.soc.
    Mason KRELITZ ..a man of great resourcefulness.. lat. cl.
    Arlon KRIEG ..artistic "gob"-to-be.. glider cl; Pol. ann. art staff; track.
    Daniel KROETEN ..he'll mechanize mechanics.
    Robert KUEHN ..what subtle humor this fellow has!
    Marion KVASNIK ..her jolly air and fund of wit are always sure to make a hit.. kadimah; comm. cl.
    Marcia LA BEAUX ..the greatest wisdom is continual cheerfulness.
    James LADD ..what would we do without James?.. band; orch.
    George LANSING ..whatever he did he did well.. football; track.
    Grace LARSEN ..there are no sweeter.. sil. tri; blue tri. pres; lat. cl; viking cl; nat.hon.soc.
    George LARSON ..the people's choice.. hi-y; baseball; sr. class president.
    Lois LARSON ..princess charming.. sil. tri; blue tri; stud. coun; glee club; nat.hon.soc; sr. class secy.
    Marion LARSON ..a dependable and friendly person.. banking.
    Shirley LARSON ..such a pretty little redhead.. sil. tri; blue tri; choir; Pol. wk. sales; banking.
    Joyce LATHROP ..intelligence plus.. ger. cl; lat. cl; nat.hon.soc; Pol. ann. sales; sr. ch.
    Joe LEACH ..he'll fly high in his field.
    Harold LEBOWSKE ..he'll make a place for himself.
    Carl LESTOR ..nice to look at, nice to know.
    Annette LESSMAN ..her eyes attract.. kadimah; comm. club.
    Julius LEVIN .."U-Tell-Um"'s a future Gopherite.. lat. cl; pol. wk. sales; pol. ann. sales; banking.
    Lorraine LINDAHL ..quiet and studious and nice.. sr. ch; orch; nat. cl.
    Jerry LINDBERG ..Jerry and his flashy car.
    Marian LOFGREN ..Marian's just the keenest person.. lat. cl; blue tri; g.a.a.
    Donald LOTH ..I'm the spittin' image of the other one.. nat.hon.soc; basketball; Pol. wk. sales.
    Douglas LOTH ..who am I? Doug or Don?.. class mascot; nat.hon.soc; Pol. wk. sales; basketball.
    Daniel LOUNBERG ..Danny is a grand boy.
    Francis LOWE ..we steady men are not appreciated.. fr. cl.
    Leo KRONICK ..without pleasure life would weary be.
    Margaret LUNZER ..perhaps business college.
    Robert MAAS ..he's popular with all the girls.. hi-y; stud. coun., pres; hockey.
    Mildred MAHAFFY ..she's quiet but she left her impression.. blue tri; comm. cl; Pol. wk.
    Mary MAHAN ..she'll soon be asking, "number please".. oratorio.
    Jeanette MALINSKY ..women make good dentists.. bank cash; kadimah; fr. cl; choir; glee cl.
    Beth MANNING ..the smile that refreshes.. blue tri; seton hi; comm. cl.
    Helen MARCUS ..a girl of sterling worth.. kadimah.
    Eugene MARKS ..he'll blaze trails in the air.. avia. cl, pres; apparatus; track.
    Virginia MASON ..we'll always remember her Penny and Pete.
    Margaret MATHIAS ..Babs is a friend worth having.
    Irvin MATTISON ..women, wherefore art thou?.. hi-y; boxing.
    Elaine MC CABE ..she enjoys everything.. bl. Tri; seton hi; girl scout; fr. cl; g.a.a.
    Stanley MC CONNELL ..unforgettable Stan.
    Gerald MC GAWGH ..as pleasant as they come.
    Beverly MC KENNA ..I have no cares.
    Dorothy MELLOH ..another Florence Nightingale.. jr. acad. science.
    Robert MENDENHALL ..folks are of two kinds, and he is the kind we'd like to be.. gand; orch; track.
    Rosemary MIKOLAJIK ..she likes skating and mysteries.
    Audrey MILLER ..we have great faith in her ability.
    Charles MILLER ..drafting will be his life.
    Ethel MILLER ..a tall, notable red-head called "Torchy."
    Richard MILLER ..hold your hats - it's Dick.
    Robert P MILLER ..his voice will come to you through the air waves.. span. cl.
    Robert W MILLER ..clarinet player - superb.. band.
    Ruben MILLER ..such talent is hard to find.. menorah; span. cl; nat.hon.soc; pol. wk. staff.
    Vivian MITCHELL ..clothes conscious Viv.
    Marcia MOORVITZ ..darling deep dimples.. band; orch; kadimah; science.
    Razel MOORVITZ ..short and snappy.. band; orch; science cl.
    Laura MOUND ..a quiet unassuming lass of sterling worth.. cam. cl; comm. cl; g.a.a.
    Annette MURRAY ..a dark young miss you can't miss.. blue tri.
    Mary MURRAY ..tempest is a teapot.
    Juell NALLICK a little, loveable, "Squirt".. g.a.a.
    Genevieve NAUMOFF ..stenographer at first.
    Joan NELSON ..peppy, sporty Joan.. fr. cl; sil. tri; blue tri; bank cash; comm. cl; g.a.a.; girl scouts.
    Mary NELSON ..quiet and shy with a rosy blush.
    Eleanore NEMEROV ..oh that hair, oh those eyes, you must admit she's a prize.
    Saul NIEFELD ..unaccustomed as I am to public speaking.. menorah; lat. cl; chess; nat.hon.soc; debate cap; tol. group.
    Robert NOLTING ..a man of merit.. hi-y.
    Orvall NORBY .."Orv" wants to go to the sky.
    Joyce NORD ..she has never been at a loss for friends.
    Lloyd NORDLUND ..Lloyd is a good natured chap with hidden energies.. latin; Pol. sales; annual sales.
    Gordon NORDSTROM ..brains, ability, leadership - Gordy has them all.. radio club.
    Jeanne NORMAN ..Jeanne loves art.. sil., and blue tri.; g.a.a.
    Gerald NUDELL ..Jerry is a man of action.. menorah; chess; nat.hon.soc.
    Keller NYQUIST ..a little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men.. latin cl.; german club.
    Betty OBERG ..talent - getting into trouble.. commercial club.
    Eugene O'BRIEN ..he'll toot his way thru life.. band.
    Jeanne O'BRIEN ..a friend to have and keep forever.
    Donna OFFERMAN ..she finds her way around.. blue tri; pol. wk. sales.
    Duwane OLSEN ..a man of hidden talents.. boxing.
    Rolf OLSEN ..he appears to be very quiet, but -.. hi-y; choir.
    Adelaine OLSON ..ever ready, ever dependable.. norse cl.
    Doris OLSON ..silence is more musical than any song.. sil. tri; blue tri; commer. cl.
    Evelyn OLSON ..in her own quiet way.. sil. tri; blue tri.; comm. club.
    Fern OLSON ..a girl who always wears a smile, to be her friend we'd walk a mile.. sil. tri; blue tri.
    George OLSON ..he is our true love, if there were only more like him.. stud. coun.; hi-y; norse cl.; annual sales.
    Ray F OLSON ..everybody's friend - nobody's enemy is "Ols."
    Raymond A OLSON ..Ray is a good natured lad with the hobby of dancing.
    Margaret OPPEDAHL ..a quiet unassuming lass.
    Macy ORMAN ..a heart as true as the blue of her eyes.. commercial club; band.
    Robert O'ROURKE ..never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.. boxing.
    Harriet ORRBEN ..tall, tan, terrific.. bank cash; blue tri; comm. club; class treas.
    John ORTH ..quiet and reserved.
    Marjorie PAPPIN ..she is the greatest blessing, a true friend.. blue tri; seton hy; comm. cl.
    Bernice PASCHKE ..vesuvius' step-child.. comm. cl.
    Jerome PEDERSON ..he forgot to read between the lines.
    Harry PELTZ ..in the field of business I'll wander.
    Martin PERL ..Marty's giggle cannot be forgotten.. bank cash; orch.
    Clarice PETERSON ..there's a world of wisdom in her looks.. blue tri.
    Dona Mae PETERSON ..the joy of youth and health is displayed by her eyes.. blue tri.
    Harvey PETERSON ..deeds are done for fellowship.
    Ione PETERSON ..her quietness attracts you.. blue tri; g.a.a.
    Joyce Ann PETERSON ..thy smiles are sunny.. choir.
    Joyce E PETERSON ..a friend we've found worth while.. sil. tri; blue tri.
    Mildred PETERSON ..fond of fun and always ready for it.. comm. club.
    Marquerite PHELAN ..our best wishes, Margie.
    Norma PINKUS ..Pinky is a romantisist and how!.. span. cl; kadimah; choir.
    Ellen PISHKE ..tranquility is its own reward.. sil. tri; seton hy; blue tri; g.a.a.
    Stanley PLATNICK ..his work was not done in vain.. pol. ann. staff.
    Glenn POLLARD ..he worries not of tomorrow, but takes life as it comes.. hi-y; glee club; apparatus.
    Violet POND ..small and light and full of fun, she has a smile for everyone.. sil. tri; blue tri; g.a.a.
    Irving POSNICK ..pigskin parade.. menorah; football.
    Richard POST ..pep and personality go hand in hand.. hi-y; stud. coun; baseball mgr.
    Betty PRESCOTT ..it's nice to be nice when you're naturally nice.. nat. cl; blue tri; stud. coun; choir; glee club.
    Aloise PREUS ..a composite picture of all nice things.. seton hi; comm. cl.
    Sidney PROOSOW ..rest first - then work.. menorah; latin cl; band.
    Miriam RAPAPORT ..she's the rainbow in our sky.. kadimah; comm. club.
    Peter RATH ..to open a book brings profit.. chess cl; pol. wk. staff.
    Richard RATHBUN ..things are never dead when Dick's around.. hi-y; hockey.
    Melvin REE ..a blue-coated, brass-bottoned cop.
    Ruxton REID ..I like to think about all the roads leading away from here.. radio cl; proj. cl; hi-y; Pol. wk.
    Francis RIEL ..there are many types of people, but her type is just her own.. blue tri.
    Margaret RIVKIN ..truly accomplished.. kad; bank cash.
    Ella ROBBINS ..a famous interior decorator to be.
    Sam ROCKLER .."Rodney the Rock".. bowling.
    Gloria RODICH ..I'll take the glory road.. kadimah; science cl; lat. cl.
    Ray ROFF ..we hope to meet him in future life.
    Robert ROSEN ..what more can one want.. football.
    Earl ROSENGREN ..good nature precedes all virtues.
    Viola ROSS ..hands that will work toward beauty.
    Woodrow RUIKKA ..blond like many others, but not undistinguished. Ruth RUNNERSTROM ..her modesty is a candle to her virtue.. span. cl; sil. tri; blue tri; art cl; choir.
    James RUSSELL ..he spoke not a word but went straight to his work.
    Ceraly SACKTER ..never a dull moment.
    Harold SAKS ..maybe he'll coach at North someday.
    Jeanette SALCHERT ..etta kett.. comm. cl; seton hy; stud. coun; choir.
    Hazel SALO ..sweet is the word for you.
    Dave SANDBECK ..an adventurous soul.. apparatus.
    Deera SANDERS ..a model girl for a model career.. kadimah.
    Jeanette SANDGREN ..one reason why gentlemen prefer blonds.. blue tri.
    Doris SANKO ..as charming and delightful as the art she creates.. art cl; nat. cl; science cl; blue tri; stud. coun; orch.
    Joyce SATTER ..when she rolls by all stop to watch.
    Jerome SCHEIN ..turn out the lights, Schein's shining.. science cl; menorah; nat.hon.soc; track.
    Katherine SCHENDEL ..which half?
    Marie SCHENDEL ..the other half.
    Shepard SCHIFF ..Shep's Bike Shop.. art club.
    George SCHOEN ..he was not made to climb the tree of knowledge.. boxing.
    Martin SCHOENBERGER ..busy as a button.. Pol. wk. staff; baseball.
    Alvin SCHOENECKER ..hats off to "Dutch"!.. football; basketball.
    Harry SCHUMAN ..he lets his light shine without turning the spot on himself.. science cl; ed. Pol. wk; chess cl; nat.hon.soc.
    Dorothy SCHWARTZ ..knowledge is bliss.. comm. cl; kadimah; Pol. wk. sales; bank cash.
    Vera SCHWEBACK ..likeable as she's lookable.. stud. coun; blue tri; seton hy.
    Lucille SCONE ..I'm a good skate, push me along.. seton hy; g.a.a.
    Ruth SHER ..she came as a stranger and left as a friend.. Pol. wk. sales; fr. cl; comm. cl; nat.hon.soc; kadimah.
    Wilna SHERARD ..sweet rememberances grow from good services.. fr. club; oratorio.
    Morris SHERMAN ..never content with touching the surface of things.. nat.hon.soc; lat. cl; menorah; orch.
    Margaret SHINDER ..slender and graceful, an expert modern dancer.. kadimah.
    Claire SHORE ..she sings and sings and sings.
    Harry SHRAGOWITZ ..I always do my best, I do what I can and leave the rest.. orch; band.
    Evelyn SIMON ..she knows all the newest fads.. kadimah; span. cl; bank cash.
    Minnie SIMON ..Minsue has the most beautiful red hair.. band; comm. club.
    Douglas SIZER ..I'll be merry, and I'll be free, but I'll be sad for nobody.. choir.
    Jack SKINNER ..he knows a lot but he just can't think of it.. football; track; basketball.
    Gordon SMITH ..why hurry? Time flies anyway.
    Russell SOLSVIG ..he smiled and said, "Don't rush me girls".. sr. class sarg. At arms; stud. coun; choir; hockey.
    Jack SPEWAK ..great minds bespeak great action.. span. cl; men; nat.hon.soc; football; track; wres.
    Robert SPEISS ..he makes his teachers work overtime.. hi-y; track.
    William STARMACK ..he'll be with the "Fighting Irish."
    Gertrude STEFFENS ..gallopin' Gerty.. comm. cl; seton hi; blue tri; jr. acad. science.
    Sylvia STEFFENS ..sports fan deluxe.. comm. cl; blue tri; g.a.a.
    Beatrice STEIN ..a friend with plenty of friends.. seton hy; comm. cl; bank cash; stud. coun.
    Sara STEINMAN ..pretty, dignified, and charming.. stud. coun; comm. cl; kadimah; nat.hon.soc; science.
    Donna Mae STEPHAN ..her ways are quiet, but silence is eloquent.. stud. coun; blue tri; seton hy.
    Lorraine STEVENS ..she's rich in good deeds.. blue tri; comm. cl.
    Farrell STIEGLER ..his quiet intelligence was one of our class's chief assets.. jr. acad. science; nat.hon.soc; band; orch.
    Maxine ST JOHN ..a fine librarian she will be.. art cl; g.a.a.
    Don STONE ..commercial art attracts me.. baseball.
    Rivoli STRAUSS ..quiet leadership.. lat. cl; comm. cl; kadimah.
    Harry STRUZOWSKY ..a trumpet playing chiropodist.. band.
    Ellis STUBENBERG .."Stupid" can't be stupid.
    Harriet SULARZ ..in her work and in her play, she's invariably gay.
    Manuel SWATEZ ..his friends best know his true worth.. bank cash; stud. coun; band.
    Neale SWENSON ..to a young heart everything is fine.
    Earl TARBELL ..no wealth like a quiet man.. oratorio.
    Ralph TAUBERT ..as nice as he is handsome.. apparatus; wrestling.
    Norman THINGVALD ..quiet and pleasant in all his ways, he'll gain great success in future days.. viking club.
    Irene THOTLAND ..her manner is quiet and dignified.
    Lous THOUR ..pleasant, busy, friendly, true; she always knows just what to do.
    Jennie TOLEDO ..our spanish miss.. g.a.a.
    Shirley TOUW ..we never hear enough from you.. comm. cl; blue tri; seton hy.
    Phyllis TRAVIS ..she's a real girl through and through.. comm. cl; blue tri; seton hy.
    Lois TRUEDSON ..quiet seeming, but when you know her - .. comm. cl; blue tri; g.a.a; sil. tri; girl scouts.
    Wallace VAN WIRT ..give me a test tube and an apron.
    Vance VELASCO ..talent in a small package.. art cl; orch; boxing.
    Marvin VERSTAGEN ..sometimes I sit and think, sometimes I just sit.. football; basketball; baseball.
    Jack VOSLER ..God bless the man who invented sleep.. radio club; hi-y; stud. coun; hockey.
    Helen WACHTER ..I love only one (at a time).. comm. cl.
    Gerald WALLER ..always ready to help.. menorah.
    Joseph WEIDERHOLD ..what a laugh!.. apparatus.
    Joseph WEINMEYER ..affable and friendly.
    Rosalyn WEISBERG ..such beautiful long black hair.. comm. club; glee cl.
    Marjory WEISS .."Bashful" isn't bashful.. comm. club; kadimah.
    Mildred WEISS ..Midge of Montana.. kadimah; art cl; science cl.
    Edison WESTLUND ..an ardent football fan.
    Marie WETHERILLE ..what will the bulletin boards do without her?.. art cl; bulletin bd.
    Irene WHALEN ..our slender twirler.. stud. coun; choir; band.
    Kathleen WILDER ..her heart is warm and gladsome.. comm. cl. pres; blue tri.
    Mary WILSON ..cute and smart is "Willy".. fr. cl; sil. tri; bl. Tri; nat. cl; bank cash; nat.hon.soc; choir; glee cl; band, flag twirler.
    William WILSON ..liked here, liked there, liked everywhere..hi-y; football.
    Marilynn WITTE ..successful sub-deb.. stud. coun; lat. cl; nat. cl, pres; choir; nat.hon.soc; blue tri.
    Robert WORWA ..he may be shy, but there's a twinkle in his eye.. stud. coun; ger. cl; hi-y; hockey.
    Mary Ann WRZOS ..she's a cheerful type, a girl we all like.. comm cl.
    Norman YAROSH ..success comes on with a rapid gait to the fellow who goes to meet it.. band; orch.
    Esther ZEESMAN ..the longer you know her the better you like her.. sc. cl; kadimah; ger. cl; band.
    Mildred ZIEVE ..how else can we describe her but sweet and likeable.. kadimah; comm. cl.
    Donald ZIMMER ..sober and thoughtful.. Pol. wk. sales.
    Shirley Ann ZIMMERMAN ..able and active with brain and poise.. kadimah; n.h. sing; sc. cl; jr. acad. sc; tol. group.
    Rose ZWEIGHBAUM ..her shadow is taller than she.. kadimah.

    Camera-Shy Graduates
    Burnarr Blat Isadore Grossman David Lerner
    Charles Bowen Gerald Hagen Eleanor Lyse
    Patricia Callan Mary Jane Haverty Elmer Maehren
    Richard Carlson Donald Hennes Zane Mann
    Charles Carter Oliver Houivenen Frank Neeson
    Richard Cotten Elmer Hynes James Norman
    Richard Dols Alberta Ingison Herbert Nutter
    Frank DuBois Robert L Johnson Donald Ross
    Alfred Eberle James Jones Leon Slattery
    David Elkenbaum Dorothy Kagan Paul Sockness
    Gordon Finnemore Robert Kelner Arden Slattine
    Viola Gamble Donald Knuppel Arvid Wilson
    June Gobel Shirley Lazere Margaret Zane
    George Gordon   Sam Zinsberg

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