Polaris 1966 - 75th Anniversary North High School
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Polaris 1966
75th Anniversary booklet of North High School
Minneapolis, MN

NOTE: The cover is missing.

Page # Content Additional items on page
01 The Good Old Days?
Edna Thaxter Faribault, Ellard Walsh, Loverne Schaitberger, Enoch Anderson, Elsa Woodward Kelly, Robert O. Delvin, Helen Horton, Andrea Hricko.
02 Chips Off The "Blue and White"
Robert O. Delvin Jr., John Gallos, William Boyer, Howard Viken, Saul Fidelman, Andrea Hricko Hjelm, Ernie Villas, Simon Meshbesher, John W. Thomas.
Individual photos
03 I Know You - What's Your Name?
I Remember Teacher
Did You Know That?

Quotes from various alumnae.
04 We're Loyal to You!
Cora Page Sunderland, Susan Armstrong, Jacob Remer, Anna Bearman Goldblum, Edna Thaxter Faribault.
Individual photos
05 Title page Photo of school
06 N.H.S. 1891-1966: A Great Tradition School photos
07 Tragic Fire Ravages North School photos
08 Curriculum, Enrollment Fluctuate Through the Years Student photos
09 continued Student photos
10 Informal Life Enriches North Experience Photos
11 continued Student photos
12 Kennedy, Football Pace North Athletics Football photos
13 Jacobi Sets Cage Standards for North Basketball, baseball photos
14 North's Athletics: Something for Everyone Sports photos
15 Total Alumni Exceeds 30,000
John N. Greer, Waldo W. Hobbs, Albert M. Banks, Harry H. Maass, Chester M. Johnson, Floyd B. Olson.
Individual photos, office photo
16 Graduates Gain Distinction in Many Fields
Clarence Munn, Levi Hall, Luther B. Sletten, John O. Roning, Don Rudolph, Ellard A. Walsh, Eldon Mason,  Donald O. Wright, Robert Latz, Elwood Maunder, Winslow Elliott Wedin.
Individual photos
17 continued
Robert L. Wolfson, Clifford D. Cherry, Donald W. Judkins, Henry Rutledge, Juanita Erickson, John F. Thomas, George Faust, William F. Foss, Gerald T. Mullin, Clarence R. Chaney, Cyril Jensen, John Schneider, Katherine Peterson, Ruth Hedlund, Alvin Ouiring, Lloyd Rutgerson, Howard Nenow, John Conover, Mathilda Krefting, Jean Gustafson.
Individual photos
18 Alumni Ass'n. Helps Celebrate 75th Year
Sid Hartman, Wes Dow, Forrest Powers, Norman Dibble, Abe Altrowitz, Warner Nelson, John K. Sherman, Charles Johnson, Harrison Salisbury, Norman G. Anderson, Leslie DeLapp, Henry Hartig, Sid Gillman, Reuben Berman, Morris E. Freedland, Michael DeMann, Hazel Raymer Baxell.
Individual photos
19 continued
Max Winter, Morris Chalfen, Paul Sevareid, Chuck Cell, Jim Hutton, Sid Lippman, Robert Vaughn.
In Recognition
Jean Swanson, Helen Greening, Bernice Bukstein Aletry, Martha Gorian Berseth, Madeliene Gottlieb Bank, Jacob Rener, Murtel Woehning Drake, Betty Jo Starke, Janet Zoldahn, Lorelei Sandberg Hjermstad, Margaret Iverson Ostmon, George Oletky, Mary Griffin Halloran, Orval Eugen, Thomas Green, Harley Swanson, Wallace Ostman, Julian Schmidt, Jerry Teener, Levi Osterbus, Curt Metzner, Rita Santa.
Individual photos
20 Photo of school  
21 "Facets" That "Sparkle" in Their Own Setting
Donald Gabbert, Elmer Keefe, Orville Aftreth, Patty Carlson Manheim, Robert Short, Raphael Weisberg, Moshe Goldblum, Loraine Albee, Aileene Albee, Ferne Albee, Harriet Albee, Walter Haertel.
Individual photos
22 "Diamond Solitaires"
Irving Shapiro, Arthur Anderson, Frank Dushik, Tom Blakeslee, John Gilson, Betty St. Cyr Gilson, Elsa Hartig McVeety, Stanley Kane, James Breeden.
Individual photos
23 Are You One of the "Diamond" in This "Rough"? Various group photos
24 "Blue and White" Diamonds... Various group photos


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