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Spanish American War

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Co. E Iowa
52nd Infantry
Medal photo
Camp Thomas
Chickamauga Park
Medal photo
Medal photo
U.S. Army
Spanish War
Medal photo
Spanish War
Veteran's medal
Medal photo

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The medals above belonged to my grandfather, and are an important part of my family's heritage.
If you have medals you wish to identify or determine value, please visit the websites listed below.

Identification of medals:

Value of medals:

Information of interest:

  • Article: "Donated military medals shouldn't be sold". "In December 2006, President Bush signed into law the Stolen Valor Act, which has become a source of controversy and confusion among historians, collectors, and other legitimate buyers and sellers of United States decorations and medals. Intended to restrict and punish fraudulent use of the Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross, Purple Heart, Navy Cross, Air Force Cross and Silver Star, the law's wording prohibits a number of related acts, including the sale, purchase, trade and barter of most United States armed-forces medals and decorations. Disregard of the law is stated as a criminal offense punishable by fines, imprisonment or both."

  • Legal info: Cornell University Law School, legal code (regarding Stolen Valor Act).

  • Article: "How To Collect Vintage Military Medals"  - see the Tips & Warnings section toward the bottom.

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please contact Terri Mindock

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