West High School Graduates 1914
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West High School
Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1914

This is a newspaper article that was printed in The Minneapolis Journal, June 10, 1914


Journal Medal Presented at Exercises for June Class.


Graduation exercises for the class were conducted last evening in West high school. The school orchestra played the opening number. Rev. W.R. Harshaw asked the invocation. The salutary address was by Mary Smollett and the valedictory address by Marion White. Student essays were given by Harold Brooke on "A Voyage Through the Panama Canal"; Elizabeth Lynskey, on "Our Feathered Kinsfolk"; David Grimes, on "The Gyroscope," and Phillips Foote, on "The Sacrament of Commencement."


Presentation of The Journal medal for best scholarship and conduct was made to Miss Marion White by Dr. S.N. Deinard and diplomas were awarded by Superintendent C.M. Jordan. Vocal solos were given by Gladys Manchester and Victor Travis and a piano solo by Katherine Phillips. The Glee club also gave two selections.


The list of graduates follows:



Echo I. Bennewitz, Claudia M. Briggs, George H. Dickinson, Frances B. Durkee, Ralph H. Erickson, Elmer Johnson, Helen A. Leigh, George R. List, Margaret E. McCollum, Ellis D. Nielsen, Pearl A. Paulson, Richard A. Putnam, W. Russell Sargent, Margaret Shaw, Victor S. Travis.




Ruben Bauer, Anna Mary Blakely, Lenore Brandenburg, Sidney S. Burton, F. Marie Campbell, Richard Costigan, Harold G. Davis, Kenneth Dickinson, Marlan S. Dieckhoff, Clara M. Dunlap, Oscar E. Dunlap, M. Terice Fancher, Phillips Foote, Alice Cable Glenesk, Charles Livingston Grandin, Jr., James slagleton Hall, R. Lester Hedburg, Maude A. Hickerson, Pauline E. Kraft, Charles Burdick Mills, Jr., Earl Paulson, Rosalind Carol Pettigrew, Anne Louise Phelps, Katherine M. Phillips, Harold J. Pond, Edna Margaret Quigley, Charles S. Quinn, William Rochford, Stanley Segelbaum, Edwin C. Suess, Malen G. Todd, Robert Emett Towey, Gladys Towle, Gordon Tucker, Page D. Warren, Warren S. Weis, Walter S. Wingate, Ernest G. Wold.




Dorothy Rolston Addy, Maurice Ames, Pierce Atwater, Katherine Lord Brewster, Grace M. Bright, Dorothy Hollister Brown, Lillian Marle Brown, Russell Burchard, Lois E. Burns, Iv? Eugenia DuBois, Doris Egge, Mabel L. Felland, Frederick James Fischer, Mary Katherine Gibbs, Chester A. Gile, Jean Farrington Gray, George N. Hadden, Lola M. Hardy, James Fowler Hart, Helen C. Haverstock, H. Bernice Hedburg, Sidney B. Heywood, Cecyl Dorothy Hoag, Eleanor Hudson, Ruth T. Johnson, Marie Rosette Lobdell, Elizabeth Mary Lynskey, Stanley Foster McCracken, Beresford B. McEachran, Dorothy A. McGraw, Anna Loretto McLaughlin, Garrett Thompson Mandeville, Eunice Pearson Mason, Helen A. Norris, Vera Katherine Reycraft, Florence K. Riley, Grace K. Rudstrom, Mary Lucille Smollett, Mildred Warden, Marion Westfall, Alice Westley, Marion White, Dorothy Wingate, Harold Eaton Wood, Hazel zumBrunnen.




Verna E. Bell, Laurence T. Bigelow, Bernice Lois Buckley, C. Elmer Carlson, Helen Margaret Clague, Edith A. Conner, Margaret H. Darling, Ethel Lucile Daugherty, Bernice M. Dieckhoff, Clare I. Domos, Merle Helen Fenton, Monica Clare Flanigan, Florence E. Grapp, Dave C. Grimes, Donald A. Hadley, Murlen Frances Holton, Blanche Hopkins, Alma Kufus, Alice Katherine Lindeman, Llewellyn Lindsay, Frances Randolph Lohdell [Lobdell?], Irving Joseph Luger, Alice J. Magnuson, Gladys Mildred Manchester, Blanche D. Meadows, Vera Carolyn Milne, Jerome Monasch, Stanley B. Monasch, Marie Derne Morrison, Fleurine A. Mueller, Genevieve Lucile Nelson, Margaret Newton, Gladys Rosalind Pearson, Jane Harriet Pickering, Clifford V. Pratt, Frances Pray, Florence Pray, Helen Gale Shapley, J.M. Shearer, Dorothy Simmons, Marion Victoria Sogard, Gladys Florence Speaker, Beulah E. Stern, Helen M. Todt, Helen A. West, Laura Virginia White, Helen Elizabeth Zanger.


Manual Training.


Earl Billiter, George C. Brackett, Wallace D. Blake, Clifford Shepherd Borden, Harold Lee Brooke, Charles W. Drew, Jr., Roger Gannett, William Giles Goss, H.M. Harshaw, Leon D. Kennison, James F. McMillen, C. Justin Miller, G. Raymond Nelso?, Ion Russell Patch, A.W. Thurston, Philip Ernest Ti?e, Arthur F. Tyra, Mahlon D. Wells, Henry G. Zanger.


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