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The purpose of this page is to put researchers in touch with other genealogists that are doing research on the same ancestors.  If you would like to have your name added to this list, please e-mail me and provide the 2 main ancestor's you are researching similar to the format below.  I will not list any names without that person's direct authorization. The top half of this page contains a quick reference table of Langford/Lankford researchers listed alphabetically by surname.  Look below for their oldest recorded ancestor.


Table 1.  Summarized List of Current Langford List Researchers.

Table 2.  Tribute. List of Late Langford/Lankford Researchers.

Table 3.  Detailed List of Current Researchers.




The information on our website is made possible by the hard effort, decades of research and a willingness to take our research further with sharing and collaborating by many current & late researchers, to include:


Janet Armstrong, Phillip Barr, Marcia Camden, Ginger Christmas-Beattie, Sherlene H. Bartholomew, Sandy Bolick, Marc Coker, Mike and Colleen Cox, Tom and Sherlene Cox, Rose Cranston, Jeffrey Warren Davis, Nola Duffy, Karmen Earnheart, Jennifer Kidwell Fish, Doris Green, Karen Hill, Anita Langford Jessup, Ann Langford, Bill K. Langford, Bob Langford, Eric Langford, Gene Lankford, Isaiah Langford, John B. Langford, Jr., John Robert Langford, Judith F. Langford,  James Langford, Jim Langford, John W. Langford, Judy R. Langford, Kathryn Langford, Linda Langford-Odom, Sondra Lankford, Dorothy McCarns, Carol Middleton, Jeff Miller, Marlene Shake, Brian Smeed, Pam Stringfellow, Charlotte Tucker, Mary Ann Tyre, Poldi Tonin, Beverly Davis, Valcovic, Hugh Wade, Peggy Wade, Steve Wade and John Wagonner, Jr.



Table 1.  Summarized List of Current Langford List Researchers



Researchers Name E-mail Address Key Ancestor(s) Researching

Sherlene Bartholomew

Bartholomew, Sherlene H. Lankford, Walker
  Boggs, Linda

Langford, Sarah Ellen (daughter of William Langford)

Marc Coker

Coker, Marc Langford, Eli
  Coppage, Francine Langford, William Ethelred

Rose Cranston

Cranston, Rose Langford, Eli Sr.


Davis, Jeffrey Warren

Langford, George Sr.


Langford List Clown & Goodwill Ambassador

Karmen Slater Earnheart

Earnheart, Karmen Slater Langford, James O.

Penny Farley

Farley, Penny Langford, Benjamin & Posey, Temperance

Cousin of the late John B. Langford, Jr.

Karen Hill

Hill, Karen Lankford, Louisa
  Jessup, Anita Langford Langford, Euclid

Rev. Gene Lankford

Lankford, Gene

Langford, Euclid


Langford, Nicholas



Langford/Lankford DNA Project Co-Coordinator


Langford, Isaiah Langford, Eli Sr.

Langford, John Robert "Whetstone Bob" Lankford, Stephen

Langford, Benjamin (House of Burgess).

Judy R. Langford

Langford, Judy R. Langford, Euclid


Former DNA Project Coodinator

  McCarns, Dorothy Lankford, John D.

Jeff & Angela Miller

Miller, Jeff Lankford, Wesley

Marlene Shake 

Shake, Marlene Lankford, Nancy Frances

Coming Soon!

Tyre, Mary Ann Lankford, Edward

Poldi Tonin - a.k.a. Treemother

Tonin, Poldi Lankford, Nathan

DNA Project Co-coordinator.

Langford List Administrator

Ron Wade

Wade, Ron Langford, James (d. 1777 Johnston County, NC)


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Table 2.  Tribute - List of Late Langford/Lankford Researchers


Respected Former Langford/Lankford Researchers that have passed

Gone, but never forgotten

A lot of the research foundation we are all standing on today, was made in part by some of the late Langford/Lankford researchers of yesterday.  This section is meant to honor those researchers, all gone, but never forgotten.  Thank you one and all from each of us.


SFC John B. Langford, Jr.SFC John B. Langford, Jr.

John B. Langford Jr. taken in 2003.  SAR (Son's of the American Revolution) Uniform.

Permission was generously granted and contributed by his wife, Kathryn E. Langford.  Special thanks to John's cousin Penny for locating the image on the right.

Sergeant First Class, John B. Langford, Jr., U. S. Army, Retired, Passed away on August 6, 2004. God speed and thank you. This genealogy researcher would like to recognize the outstanding effort of another researcher who has now passed on.  John did a lot to further the Langford Genealogy cause to include submitting his DNA to the Langford/Lankford DNA Surname Project.  Even in his absence, his work will continue on. 


This is some of the selected research that John conducted during his life.  It does not contain any information on living descendant's.  These are rather large files (2MB+ each) and are in Adobe Acrobat format.  If you are part of this line, please contact John's cousin, Penny Farley via email:


Part 1.  My Bloody Harlan County, Kentucky Relatives & Others

Part 2.  My Bloody Harlan County, Kentucky Relatives & Others

Part 3.  My Bloody Harlan County, Kentucky Relatives & Others

Part 4.  My Bloody Harlan County, Kentucky Relatives & Others


You can still visit his website for more information on his genealogy:


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Carol Middleton

Carol Middleton - A great person that made a difference for many researchers (This man included).

Image courtesy of Wayne Lanier

Carol Middleton.  She passed away in 2001.  I happened upon Carol's website when I first began doing my own Langford/Lankford research.  What I always liked most about her website was the sheer volume of pertinent facts for all Langford/Lankford researchers that she posted.  I think that her work, more than any other, inspired this current day website that you now see.  I hope that I can take Carol's endearing work further and honor her memory by helping many researcher's of the Langford/Lankford surname.  For those of you that do not know, Carol was the former administrator of the Langford List.  She had taken her Langford/Lankford roots back into Georgia.  It would be nice to take her research on her line and take it back further in her memory.  You can still visit portions of Carol's website at the following address:



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Table 3.  Detailed List of Current Researchers


Lankford, Benjamin


Penny Farley     E-mail:

1793 NC  Benjamin Lankford, I have been told that he died at age 106  which would put his death at about 1899 in Harlan, KY. He is buried at the Kitts Cemetery in Harlan, KY. He married Temperance Posey. She is listed as being from GA. According to her age in the census, her birth would be about 1803. I do not have a death date for her yet.

About 1834  TN  William Lankford  d- 4-1-1914 s/o Benjamin & Temperance Posey Lankford married Mary Lyttle  b-about 1838 VA d/o Harrington & Susanna Bays Lyttle

1875 Nan - Nancy - Lankford d- 6-4-1964 d/o William & Mary  married Feb 1894 Thomas Skelton Farley in Harlan, KY 


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Lankford, Edward

Mary Ann Tyre  E-mail:


My oldest Documented Lankford ancestor is: 


Edward Lankford b. 29 Jan 1781 in the vicinity of Albemarle, Amherst or Nelson Co., Va d.29 Oct 1852.  m. B. Murrell 27 Feb 1809.   She was b. 20 Aug 1776 d.26 Aug 1847.  Children: Cornelius M. Lankford b. 1810. William M. Lankford b. 1812. Averilla Lankford  b. 1816.

They moved to Vigo Co., Indiana in Nov of 1837. with other family members (unknown)

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Langford, Eli

Rose Cranston    E-mail:

My oldest documented known Langford ancestor is:


Eli Langford Sr., b ca. 1750-55 Virginia, d. ca 1815-1830 (there is some who think he was living with James and his wife in Jackson Co 1820-1830. as established by census record (over 45 years of age)was not her father, but will we ever know.- if it was Eli positively.. Maybe)


James Langford b.1797 in South Carolina, d 1860-1865 Jackson County, Tennessee.  He married Mary "Polly Holeman in Jackson County, Tennessee.


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Langford, Euclid


Anita Langford Jessup     E-mail:


I am a descendant of Euclid Langford.  My line is Euclid Langford, John Edmund, Sr. Langford, John Edmund Langford, Jr., George Washington (born April 12, 1859 in Georgia) Langford, Fletcher Wiseman Langford, Wallace Glen Langford and me!


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Langford, Euclid


Gene Lankford       E-mail: 



My earliest documented Langford/ Lankford ancestor is:


Euclid Langford b. ca. 1757, most likely in Caroline County, VA. , d. 1810 Hancock County, GA.   Euclid had six sons John, Nicholas, Edmund, Henry, George Nicholson, and Robert, and one daughter Elizabeth (Betsy), who may have died before Euclid, as she is not mentioned in his will.  Robert was my 3-greats-grandfather.  His son Robert (Jr.) was my great-great-grandfather.


Euclid's father is believed to be Nicholas Lankford d. after 1795 Caroline County, VA.  Nicholas secured a debt for Euclid in 1785 in Caroline Co.


Euclid served in the Revolutionary War, Virginia State Regiment, and was present at Valley Forge.


Robert A. Langford (Jr.) died in the Civil War in 1862 at Richmond, VA.  He was serving in Company K, 15th Alabama Infantry, Confederate States of America.




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Langford, Eli


Isaiah Langford      E-mail:


I am researching Eli Langford, Sr. as my oldest documented ancestor.  I am from his Matthew, Lorenzo Dow, Matthew Neal, Charles Marion, Charles Steven line.  Right now, I'm concentrating on my Grandfather, Charles Marion and GGrandfather, Matthew Neal.  So I'm pretty much working MS and TX. 


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Langford, Euclid

Judy R. Langford   E-mail:

My oldest Documented Langford ancestor is: 

Euclid Langford b. abt. 1757 most likely in Caroline County, VA. , d. 1810 Hancock County, GA.  The earliest document for him is his Revolutionary War service in the 1st VA State Regiment that was raised in Caroline Co. 

Euclid's father is believed to be Nicholas Lankford d. after 1795 Caroline County, VA. They appear together in court records


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Langford, George Sr.


Davis, Jeffrey W.   E-mail:

Armstrong, Janet

Langford, Bill K. (DNA Project Participant)

Langford, Eric    (DNA Project Participant)

Langford, Jim     (DNA Project Participant)

Langford-Odom, Linda (One of our original researchers before I began).

Wade, Hugh

Wade, Peggy


Our oldest documented known Langford ancestor is:


George Langford, Sr. was born 1727 in Brunswick County (now Lunenburg County), Virginia, and died May 1782 in Warren County, North Carolina.  He married Judith [--?--] Abt. 1754 in North Carolina.  She was born Bet. 1727 - 1738 in Prob. Virginia, and died Aft. 1786 in Prob. Warren County, North Carolina.


Another key ancestor in my research, who is George's grandson is:

Benjamin D. Lankford, Sr. was born 1795 in Warren County, North Carolina, and died December 10, 1854 in Warren County, Kentucky.  He married (1) Nancy Wood Abt. 1817 in Prob. Kentucky, Possibly North Carolina, daughter of Henry Wood and Sarah Lawson.  She was born July 20, 1795 in Warren County, North Carolina, and died October 02, 1840 in Kentucky (Probably not Simpson County).  He married (2) Mary Ann Eliza Cherry December 10, 1843 in Warren County, Kentucky, daughter of William Cherry and Frances Taylor.  She was born March 18, 1810 in Warren County, Kentucky, and died December 22, 1898 in Warren County, Kentucky.


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Langford, James


Wade, Ron   E-mail:

My line comes  from James Langford (I) who died in 1777 in Johnston County, NC but I have been unable to go back farther than him.  His wife was named Martha and died in Johnston County, NC in 1779 and both have recorded wills.  They had three children, Mary born in 1772 in NC, Edna who was born 1774 in NC and married Lewis Teal in Johnston County and who probably died in Anson County, NC but I have nothing else on either of these children of James.  The mass of my research is on the thousands of descendants of James and Martha's third child, James Langford (II) born 11 MAR 1770 in Johnston County, married Winifred Brady 24 May 1791 in Johnston County and died 26 OCT 1854 in Buena Vista, Marion, Georgia.  James (II) had nine children and this family migrated from NC to Washington County, Georgia which became Hancock in 1793 and in an area that was called old "Switch-Back" because it was bounced from one county to another from Jones to Bibb to Stewart to finally Marion County, Georgia.  After James (II)'s death the family spread across the south to Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas and Texas.  I descend from James II to his son from his second wife, Candis Vinson of Jones County, Ga. and their son, Young Marion Langford born 10 MAY 1831 Bibb County, Georgia.  Young Marion Langford handled his father's estate after James (II)'s death and then moved to Leake County, Mississippi with his wife's family, the Nutt family and following the Civil War to Upshur County Texas where he died  10 SEP 1916.  I have listed all of the descendants of James I that I have been able to locate and have spent as much time as possible locating photographs of all of these people and stories of their lives which I have recorded in the book.  I welcome contact with any other Langford researchers.



Langford, James O.

Karmen Slater Earnheart  E-mail:

5th great granddaughter of James O. Langford

I am researching James O. Langford b: abt. 1750 & pregnant wife (Unknown

Collins) came by ship from England around 1767.  When James O. Lankford and family moved on from Jackson County, Georgia to St. Clair County, Alabama their name was spelled "Langford" it was still this way for a few years early on then became "Lankford".

 James Langford was listed in the 1798 Tax Digest of Georgia. He was shown in Oglethorpe Co., Thompson's District, page 027. James was an Englishman who came from Virginia to Georgia. This would seem to indicate James did not make any lengthy stops in North Carolina or South Carolina and was probably not connected with the Langfords in those states as assumed by Stewart (and later by Sybil Wood McRay who seemed to take her information from Stewart's books). This has not been researched at this time. In the 1800 census of Georgia, James Langford, age forty-five and above, was shown in Oglethorpe Co.

 Peter Lankford was born in the second year of the Revolutionary War. He went from Georgia to St. Clair County, Alabama (Mississippi Terriotory) in 1815. He lived in St. Clair County for 21 years before moving to Dekalb County, Alabama after the removal of the Cherokee tribe out of northeast Alabama were the Lankford family were some of the earliest settlers. Peter lived in Dekalb County for 6 years before moving on to Tishomingo County, Mississippi were died in 1853. As he moved on the older children remained in Alabama, sons Washington Lankford in St. Clair County and John and Robert E. Lankford and daughter, Virgina Jane Frazier remained in Dekalb County.

 On 16 December 1806, Peter Langford (my 4th great grandfather) married (1st) Nancy Borough in Jackson Co., GA. Seven children were born to this union.  Peter Lankford marries (2nd) Jinsa Washburn on January 3, 1833 in St. Clair County, Alabama and they produced 13 children.  Giles b: 10/20/1837 is my 3rd great grandfather.  After Peter died in 1853, Jinsa moved with her remaining children (lost several during the Civil War) from Mississippi to Texas.  Most of the descendants lived in and around Navarro and McLennan County, Texas.


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Lankford, John D.

Dorothy McCarns   E-mail:


My Lankford is John D. Lankford, born ca 1806 in VA.  His wife in 1850 was Harriett unknown.  His daughter, Nancy Ann Lankford, married William Carnall Jones in 1838 in Lauderdale County, TN.  The main names I am researching for this line is LANKFORD, JONES.


DNA testing for my Jones line puts them in VA in 1660.  Since Nancy Lankford was born in AL I think the line must have come through the Southern route of migration.  My great grandfather is James Lafayette Jones, son of William and Nancy Jones.  I wonder if this comes from the Lankford line somewhere.


Thank you,



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Lankford, Louisa

Karen Hill    E-mail:


I seek information on Louisa Lankford (Stokes County, North Carolina)


I actually think she may be related to the family of Wes and Docia Lankford, but no proof




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Lankford, Nancy Frances


Shake, Marlene    E-mail:


My oldest documented Lankford ancestor is:


Nancy Frances Lankford b: Abt. 1798 in Stokes County, North Carolina d: June 11, 1875 in Morgan Co., IL Burial: Rogers cem.  Lived in Logan Co., KY, Robertson Co., TN before going to IL.  Married James C. Deatherage  June 11, 1812 in North Carolina.


Bible record from Amos/Deatherage/Dougherty Bible records state that William Lankford of Stokes Co NC was the grandfather  of Nancy Frances Lankford.  The bible record states that Wm Lankford was lost in battle at age 24 in 1775.

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Lankford, Nathan


Tonin, Poldi   E-mail:


My oldest documented Lankford ancestor is:

Nathaniel Lankford b,. about 1746 Virginia or North Carolina d. about 1782 North Carolina.   Wife was Ann Jackson b. about 1746 Virginia.

Children: Edmond and Elizabeth

He is on a list of persons who gave goods to the Gen. N. Greene along with William Lankford who may be his father.  He is my brick wall.

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Langford, Sarah Ellen


Boggs, Linda        E-mail:


My great grandmother is Sarah Ellen Langford, daughter of William Langford and Amanda Campbell.  She was born 1841 in GA and died 1884.  She was married to Mathew Alexander Johnson. 


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Langford, Stephen


"Whetstone Bob" Langford         E-mail:


I'm not a "Researcher" per se, but I'm seriously looking for the father of Stephen Langford of Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle Co., Ky, b. Abt. 1746, d. Feb-May 1811. You can post my name if you like, at least temporarily.


Most indicators point to Benjamin of Pittsylvania Co., Va, b. Abt. 1725, d. 1810, but we've yet to prove it "beyond a reasonable doubt", as they say in capital murder cases. If anyone can make that connection or tell me for sure who Stephen's father was, I'll fly them to Cancun in my private jet (just as soon as I win the Lottery).  Actually, finding Stephen's father would be better than winning the lottery.


Lankford, Walker


Sherlene H. Bartholomew  E-mail:



My oldest documented Lankford ancestor is:


Walker Lankford (b. abt. 1769, Halifax Co. VA, of Crab Orchard, Lincoln Co. KY,

d. 1847 in Clay Co. IN), m. Mary or "Polly" Warren (b. 1780-1784 in VA, d. 1870,

in Clay County, IN. They were parents of


Fielding Langford, Mormon Pioneer (b. 24 Oct 1804 in Crab Orchard, Lincoln Co. KY,

of Pulaski Co. KY, d. 8 Aug 1882 in Cassia Co., ID), m. Sarah Bethurem (b. abt. 1809, in

Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle, KY, d. 1863, in Willard, Box Elder, Utah.


She is currently trying to validate the connection of:

Nicholas Lankford (d. 1742-1743, of Caroline Co. VA), m. Katheryn Guiney.

They are thought to be the parents of Walker Lankford above.


Joseph Lankford (b. abt. 1728-29 in VA or NC, of Pittsylvania and Lincoln Cos.

VA), m. Mary ___ of Lincoln Co. KY, d. aft 1801, in Knox Co., KY.

They are thought to be the parents of Walker Langford.


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Lankford, Wesley


Jeff Miller     E-mail:



I'm researching the family of Wesley Lankford 1820-1895 forth son of Pleasant and Ellenton Sprouse-Thacker Lankford. The early records for Wesley are limited. He was first married to Martha Woodson July 4, 1842. The 1850 Census lists the family in Albemarle with three children James 9 y/o - John 7 y/o - Frances 5 y/o. They had another son Charles born in 1855. The 1860 Census lists Wesley 40 y/o and now an Amanda( possible new wife but no marriage records found at this time. ALso listed are Francis 14 y/o - Charly 12 y/o (wrong age) James and John are now gone.


    NEED INFO Their 1st child son James (1842-1903) married Rebecca Jane Lynch (1849-1926)(no marriage record found)they had both died in Centralia, Boone County, Missouri. Has one daughter reach adulthood Minnie Leoma Lankford 1880-1950 married Stephen Solomon Roberts 1874-1958 both died in Missouri, thier daughter Genelle Ruby Roberts 1905-1995 married Porter White Bezner 1905-1939

    NEED INFO - Their 2nd child son John (1843-?) no information on him believed served in Civil War and may have died during war)

    Their 3rd child daughter (my Line) Mary "Frances"

(1844-1928) married September 16, 1866 Richard Noland Sprouse (1849-1921) had 7 children

    NEED INFO - Their 4th child son Charles L.

(1855-1913) married a Bertie lived in West Virginia in 1900 and moved back in Albemarle in 1910, Bertie married after Charles death to a J. W. Isgett


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Langford, William Ethelred


Francine Coppage      E-mail:


My oldest documented Langford ancestor is:


William Ethelred Langford (called Ethelred) born 1822 in SC.  He married Elizabeth Nancy Ray (daughter of Thomas  Ray) in 1846 in Bibb Co, Georgia. They lived in Monroe Co, Georgia in 1850 and Lowndes Co, Georgia in 1860.  The children of Ethelred and Elizabeth Langford:


John T.              b. 1847  Bibb Co, GA

Martha               b.  1850 Monroe Co, GA

Mary Fannie      b. 1852 Monroe Co, GA

William E.          b. 1854 Lowndes Co, GA

Allen F.               b,  1857 Lowndes Co, GA

Charles E.         b,  1860 Lowndes Co, GA

Joseph E.          b.  1862  Lowndes Co, GA


Ethelred is believed to be a son of William Langford, Jr. and Martha King (?) , grandson of William Langford, Sr. and Sarah Jordan, and great grandson of John Langford and Winifred (?) all of Newberry, SC.  I Have not been able to confirm this lineage.  Some say he is a son of Parish Langford.  I do not agree.  I descend from Ethelred's daughter, Martha, who married Levi F. Dasher (also a Civil War veteran).


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