The Langley Family Database attempts to bring together all the research which is currently being carried out on the Langley Family worldwide. Currently it contains details of over 9,000 people, all of whom are either Langleys themselves, or descended from Langleys.


Thanks to Aidan Langley for supplying most of the material contained on these pages.


The copyright in this series of pages belongs to the people who have provided the information. The research contained in these pages remains the property of those people who have provided it.  It is not to be used for any commercial purpose.




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The database contains whole lineages as well as names taken from census returns etc. for whom no family details are available.

There is a separate section for census returns, with lists of all Langleys appearing in the census returns for several US states.

The Notes and Queries section contains questions raised by Langley researchers. If you have any Langley links or queries you would like to add contact Lyn Langford .  Also, if your query has been resolved please let me know and I can remove it.

If your name is Langley, or you have a Langley amongst your ancestors, please send as much information as you can to the Langley Mailing List, which enables Langley researchers to share information worldwide. To subscribe, simply send the single word "subscribe", without the quotation marks, to Langley-L-request@RootsWeb.Com. This is a free service. All past messages to the Langley Mailing List are archived at the RootsWeb Lists Archive page.

As far as possible, I have tried to ensure that information about living people is suppressed by the program, to maintain the confidentiality of my sources.

Please use the information in this database with great care. I have not verified most of it and I cannot vouch for the accuracy of its contents. You should always check the data against original primary source material before relying on it.


What is the Langley Family Coat of Arms?

There are in fact several different coats of arms for the Langley family. These were awarded to different branches of the family in England during the Middle Ages.
Peter Langley in Ireland probably knows more about this than anyone.
There are black and white reproductions of various crests in the following books:
In Burke's Landed Gentry of Ireland (4th edition, 1958) you will find the arms of the descendants of the Rev. William Langley, Rector of Prestwich, Lancashire (1569-1611).
J. Fairbairn's Crests of the Families of Great Britain and Ireland has reproductions of the crests of seven branches of the family (some in colour).
Arthur Charles Fox-Davies' Armorial Families (7th edition, London, Hurst & Blackett Hill 1930) has a reproduction of the crest of the Langleys of Shropshire, which was in established use by the family in 1623. Here is a version of the same crest:

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