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Being the descendents of Samuel Berry and Nancy Crow
This is my attempt to make available my personal efforts as well as those of all who have shared family information with me. Where I have obtained the information from original sources, I have cited those sources. The bulk of the information on this site, however, was provided by others or was gathered from other sites. I have cited those secondary sources so that those interested may try to validate that information. As with much of the information you find on the internet, you should take this with a grain of salt. I can only vouch for the research I have done myself.

For quite a long time I had these folks in my main database expecting that at some time I would be able to connect them to my own Augusta/Washington County line. The Berry Family DNA Project has shown that that will not happen so I (sadly) decided to put them online as a separate database.

As is often the case with this sort of research, many of the items presented as fact are what might almost be classified as "common knowledge" even though we didn't personally experience it. Unfortunately, our "common knowledge" is sometimes in error and we welcome the opportunity to correct any errors by replacing it with correct information with citations of sources.

We are always happy to share information with other researchers and solicit your additions, corrections or clarifications.

A primary purpose in developing and presenting this database is to encourage the DNA testing of living Berry surnamed male descendants of the persons listed herein with the aim of confirming or refuting the relationships shown insofar as possible.

If you are such a person, or know of such a person whom you would like to sponsor, or just have questions about genetic genealogy or DNA testing generally, I'd be happy for you to drop me a line by clicking this link.

This site is very much a work in progress, both the research and the look and feel of the layout itself.   This site has been developed with Reunion 9.06 which is a new release of the Reunion database. And, like other new releases, it may still have some quirks that need to be worked out.

If it seems to be acting differently than you would have expected please let me know. We'll see if we can't figure out the reason for it.

To navigate this database, click on a person's name in a preceding or succeeding generation to go there; click on a name in the current generation to see Notes and Sources.