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"The Strawberry Bank," Portsmouth, NH; from a 1909 postcard.
Berry Cemetery
Berry Cemetery, Breakfast Hill Road, near Rye, N.H.

This site is very much a work in progress, both the research and the look and feel of the layout itself. This site has been developed with Reunion 9.03 which is a brand new release of the Reunion database. And, like other new releases, it has its problems. I'm not yet comfortable with its data stability and I see that the source citations might need some tweaking.

An additional point. When viewing a 'Person Sheet' do not be misled by the designation 'Unmarried' under Spouses. It should be ignored. The Reunion database cannot handle the lack of a spouse without gratuitously inserting that designation. I will only use 'Never married' where appropriate, never 'Unmarried.

To navigate this database, click on a person's name in a preceding or succeeding generation to go there; click on a name in the current generation to see Notes and Sources.

In 1653 Strawbery Banke petitioned the Massachusetts General Court for permission to change its name to Portsmouth, since "We are at the river's mouth and our port is as good as any in the land." The request was granted.

My purpose in developing and presenting this database is to encourage the DNA testing of living Berry surnamed male descendants of the persons listed herein with the aim of confirming or refuting the relationships shown insofar as possible.

If you are such a person, or know of such a person whom you would like to sponsor, or just have questions about genetic genealogy or DNA testing generally, I'd be happy for you to drop me a line by clicking this link.


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