Eagle my mother's family - the descendants of William EAGLE and Ann Brand 

In memory of my cousin Sergeant LEONARD EAGLE and Daisy Louise Eagle 1906-1987 my Mum who married Edwin Lankshear in 1932

Historic EAGLE Family Photographs

EAGLE family old photos Number 1 - William and his sons William and John were artists and the early photos may be of them or photos they owned to use in portrait work.  David William EAGLE (1866-1929)  , 1889 Herbert (Bert) Christopher EAGLE , DavidWilliamEagle.
Slideshow of Herbert Eagle and his family
Eagle family photos I hope also shown on other pages
EAGLE Photo Album. Most of these on other pages also

I am in contact with several cousins who are descended from 

William EAGLE of Norfolk who married Ann Bran/Brann/Brand in North Leith Scotland in 1798. WILLIAM EAGLE was a non commissioned officer in Capt. Varlo's company of the Norfolk Light Dragoons

Brickwall: William EAGLE born around 1748 looking for birth in Norfolk area 2012 I tried aging but going nowhere

Children of Wm and Ann were William - John - Sarah - Peter - Robert - Adam - George - Mary
(last born 1822) - some have a page for their family the others are on William's page

and their son William EAGLE an Historical Painter (Artist) and Elizabeth Sinclair. They married 1822 in Edinburgh Scotland. William was born in 1799 in Falkirk Scotland and moved around from Edinburgh to London and to Birmingham and back to Scotland and then to Greenwich and London again.

A diversion Caroline Simpson EAGLE c1822 to 1888 wife of John Hutchinson said to be daughter of a William Eagle and Susan/Susanna Ker/Kerr/Simpson - Caroline born Edinburgh 1822 and marries in London 1843 so there might be a link - but we've not seen the marriage cert which presumably shows a William as father......

And to discuss our research into our families we have a googlegroup - I invite new cousins to join us. 

My great grand father John was born in London the son of William and Elizabeth. There were two girls born in Birmingham Sarah 1832 and Isabella 1838 and now we know of Catherine born in Edinburgh around 1822/23 and William who appears to have been born in London 1825 as also Mary (found 3/2012). 1861 William EAGLE - the son in Birmingham and Mary EAGLE c1825 to 1915 daughter to William Eagle and Elizabeth Sinclair

1861 John EAGLE (c1832-1904) married Jane KING (1840-1902)
Their son my grandfather David William EAGLE (1866-1929) married Elizabeth Robbins in 1885 and my mother Daisy Louise EAGLE was their 11th child and then the twins Arthur and Ernest. My great grandfather David brothers were Edward Sinclair 1862 and Herbert 1876 and sisters Lillian 1872 and Rosina 1880

This was just a quick overview and a lot more detail is found by following the above links.

As also with Other descendants of William 

1842 Catherine EAGLE marriage Henry SIMPSON and discussion as why she is daughter of William and Elizabeth

Robert EAGLE marriage Elizabeth Haldane and their sons 
Family of Robert Haldane Eagle b1842
Family of Henry Mois Gibb Eagle b1845

Adam Eagle born 1817 - marries Ann Lawson 1840 
and their daughter 1877 Ann Eagle marries John PEAT


Items that intrigued me
1686 John EAGLE death in London




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