Hayball per Christine Hayball marriage Ron Lankshear 1966

Charles Hayball family in 1890s Children of Charles Hayball

Christine's father is   
George William Fraser HAYBALL - 1915 - 2003 and married Joan HALE

George and Joan Hayball marriage in a Magazine

George's father and his father etc
George John  HAYBALL 1886 Poplar London -1956
George WIlliam HAYBALL   b 1/1860 Lymington   m 4/1882 Bromley   d 3/1912 Poplar 
Charles Thomas HAYBALL   c 1 Jan 1832 Chard   d 2/1881 Brentford   [8]
Robert HAYBALL  19 June 1803 d 1879 Lymington (m. Jane first child George in 1825 per Steve James see below) 
Isaac Hayball married to Jane


Other George John children 
Jack (John James) died 1998 in California - 1952 Jack Hayball and family to USA
JOHN J HAYBALL14 Aug 192006 Jul 1998 (V)92329 (Phelan, San Bernardino, CA) 572-46-2615 California
Robert - Liverpool UK
Glad m. Len Hams - was in Worcs now London died Jan 2005
Mary m. Bob Brewis - London
from http://ssdi.rootsweb.com/



RG12; Piece: 327; Folio 110; Page 54

St Leonard - All Hallows (East India Dock) - Bromley - London


William C Fraser abt 1860 Shadwell, London, England Head
Louisa Fraser abt 1864 Rotherhithe, London, England Wife
William Fraser abt 1883 Poplar, London, England Son
Emma Fraser abt 1886 Bromley, London, England Daughter
Louisa F Fraser abt 1888 Bromley, London, England Daughter
George R Fraser abt 1891 Bromley, London, England Son


Emma Fraser  25 abt 1886
George John Hayball 25
Marriage 18 Feb 1911
St Matthias, Poplar London
Spouse Father Name: George William Hayball

1861 Shadwell Middlesex

RG9; Piece: 282; Folio: 105; Page: 5

William Fraser abt 1819 Scotland Head
Emma Fraser abt 1823 Lighton Bridge, Bedfordshire, England Wife
William Fraser abt 1859 Shadwell, Middlesex, England Son


Marriages Dec 1882
Ball Ellen Bromley 2a 606 
Hayball George Bromley 2a 606 
Painter Cissy Bromley 2a 606 
Pratt Ebenezer James Bromley 2a 606 

Some pieces of the tree:

Hayball in Census

Charles Hayball Marriage 1853

Hayball 1881 Census

1881-1892 BMD for Hayball in Brentford - which includes Charles Hayball who must have died just after 1881 census

Steve has data on Charles and Family - Rita's mother is a Hayball

George Hayball FreeBMD

Hayball 1901 Census (This may take a while to load - it is JPG)

Whilst looking at Charles Hayball I found the following
Hayball - 4 Deaths 1895
Also some Charles Hayball - 5 in 1901 census


Hayball - Boyd's Marriage Index (1538-1840)

Wills for Hayball

1891 Hayball
Hayball, Charlie 3 Poplar e, London Son Lymington Hampshire
Hayball, Ciss 29 Stratford, Essex Wife Lymington Hampshire
Hayball, George 5 Poplar e, London Son Lymington Hampshire
Hayball, George W 32 Lymington, Hampshire Head Lymington Hampshire
Hayball, Harrie 1 Poplar e, London Son Lymington Hampshire
Hayball, Louie 7 Poplar e, London Daughter Lymington Hampshire

Wells, England Bishop's Transcripts
hayball Dwelly's Parish Records Vol. 1 Wells Emborough 415
see Hayball/1623hayballjames.jpg

Some new data in text files yet to sorted out

George Hayball Marriages FREEBMD

Hayball Births California

Hayball in NY Times






Other Surnames in Hayball/Hale ancestors

Wilson of North Walsham Norfolk and Islington

Tom and Kitty (nee HALE) GARNER