Lankshear surname research sources

In memory of Lankshear's who died in Wars

presenting family history on the web is difficult - what do people want to see - so I have provided several index pages and you really should check all of them

surnameThis is from a surname directory.
Mentions my ancestors John and Margaret - many of you I know share them with me
And also that Somerset is an origin of the family



Acknowledgements to Anthony, Doreen, Tony and others - also some Lankshear Gedcom Changes

Historic Family Photographs - are linked from pages about those families. If you have pictures or documents etc of your people you would like on the web please send me a scan.. 
The back ground of many of my pages is a the back of a photo see Photograph of Woman and Boy
Some photos like Ron's Uncle Tom (Gerald Lankshear),May Chandler with her family (born Lilian Mary Lankshear), Gerald GAFFER Lankshear historical family photos

Ron Lankshear - my direct line back to Oxfordshire and earlier folk are your ancestors also

Surnames - Ron is researching
- people that LANKSHEARs married

LANKSHEAR - Events by Year - a quick way to search for your Lankshear by First Name

Sources UK data - these link to the data we have found on CD and Internet etc

UK BMD and Parish Registers  for LANKSHEAR

Lankshear in Various Other lookups - Times - Wills - Gazette - Directories etc

LANKSHEAR on Ships going to UK

Tableau Charts of Lankshear Family Tree - Excellent graphic way to checking back to your ancestors

Discussion of Lankshear Families and Specific First Name confusion and problems etc such as 
Comparison Chart of all the Elizabeth LANKSHEAR's
Comparison Chart of all the William LANKSHEAR's
Comparison Chart of the Robert Lankshear's
EDWARD LANKSHEAR an overview of the various Edward's

Discussion on which Mary Lankshear and John Margetts etc

Lankshear included as a First  Name

Susanna LANKSHEAR clarification of the various women at end of 18th century

Lankshear Family Tree - Main Trunk and other branches
Lankshear FOCUS Items - the To Do Page

Lankshear People Yet to be fitted into Tree

Essex Lankshear's

Similar Variations including Lankesheer, Lankersheer, LANDSHEAR, LAMPSPEAR etc
LANCASHIRE - for people who do use that surname

Lankshear Links - websites with Lankshear trees photographs or family history 
DNA research possible for LANKSHEAR 

Other countries

Events mentioned above
We are trying to work through these and transfer them to LANKSHEAR - Events by Year and then to gedcom so that we know all are covered - these lists also show the lookups we have made 
Also need to re-check sources every so often - Example when we first checked IGI had 58 LANKSHEAR by actual spelling - so we keep the lookups so you know we have got the correct information. as of Oct 2006 70 LANKSHEAR on IGI

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