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The surnames below are also following family connections for people who married a Lankshear.

My Main Surnames

Lankshear Family Document Sources

LANCASHIRE LANCASHIRE - for people who do use that surname
LANKESHEER  LANKESHEER and similar spelling - a family group based in Somerset and Wiltshire not clear if related to Lankshear
LANCASTER  LANCASTER surname Genealogy - I am talking with some Lancaster researchers as basis for our surnames is very similar
Eagle Eagle my mother's family - Mum married Edwin Lankshear 1932
All Surnames 
Link to Family Reason included - direct marriage to Lankshear or ancestor of... or my EAGLE family 

The surname link may sometimes go to same event - depends how much data I have on the name

Abrahams 1881 Sarah Abrahams  and her parents - married George Lankshear 1885
ANDREWS 1865 William Lankshear marriage at Sherborne to Elizabeth ANDREWS
Ashby 1876 William Alfred Lankshear marriage to Kezia Read (nee Ashby) marriage to Edward Read and birth  also 1901 and family
ASHLEY see Ashley daughter of DW Eagle
Ball 1828 marriage John Paige to Mary Miller Ball - Devon
from Skeggs - re Ron's grandmother
Barrow  Jane Sophia Barrow who 1833 in married Thomas Lankshear at CLERKENWELL ST JOHN
BURTON BURTON (was Barton Family) see SKEGGS family group
Bateman Bateman - not really related to Lankshear but Jane Lankshear (nee Barrow) sister married Wm Bateman
BATT of Witney 1773 William Lankshear marriage Peggy Batt at Witney
Belgrove 1796 Martha Lankshear  marriage James Belgrove - daug John and Elizabeth of Langford
Blacklock Tilson Marsh and the Blacklocks etc
Boyes 1803 Thomas Sylvester Lankshear marriage Sarah Boyes
Bowles  Bowles Research
Brand 1823 Joseph Thomas Lankshear - marriage Amelia Brand

1798 William EAGLE of Norfolk marries Ann Brand

Bridgman 1808 Susannah LANKSHEAR marriage to William Bridgman

Frederic William Lankshear BRIDGMAN baptised CHARLBURY 1809
BROOM/BROOME 1874 Robert Lankshear marriage to Sarah Broome Kensington

1870 Harriett Lankshear marriage Witney to Henry Broom and 1881 census

BROWN 1874 Alfred Lankshear marriage Elizabeth Sarah Brown in Holborn
BRYETT 1882 Harriet RUSSELL marriage to Fred BRYETT

per RUSSELL - per EAGLE marriage to LANKSHEAR

Bunker 1791 Thomas son of WILLIAM SKEGG and ELIZABETH (Bunker) married 1787
BURTON  BURTON (was Barton Family) see also Skeggs from Hertfordshire - family of Thomas and Charlotte
Carpenter  neighbours in 1880s Shakespeare Rd and Percy Terrace Brixton - my grandfather's home



Chandler  In Memory of May and Doreen

Clare Family Documents


1877 Florence Ellen Lankshear marriage Tom Clothier


1770 Thomas Collins and MARY (nee LANKSHEAR) and their family

Cornick 1835 Thomas LANKSHEAR marriage to Sarah Cornick
Cotton 1880 Edward Pearson Lankshear marriage to Emily Cotton

Mary Lankshear & Nathaniel Crew married 1815 and their family

Cudmore  1891 William Alfred Lankshear  2nd marriage to Mrs Jane Cudmore (nee most likely Walker or possible Hall) and Census

Frances DAWSON married 1713 Robert LANCHISHEAR    


Dean Family related to Lankshear through marriage of Susannah and Charles

DINSEY DINSEY - 1852 marriage of Ann King (Stevens) to Fred Disney per Eagle my mother's family
Dixon Lydia King 1859 marriage to Charles Dixon in Australia
Eagle Eagle my mother's family - Mum married Edwin Lankshear 1932
ELSTON or ELLSTONE  ELSTON or ELLSTONE - Northampton per Mary Ellstone marriage John RUSSELL 1815
Eyles 1825 Elizabeth Lankshear (nee Nixon) 2nd marriage James Eyles at ST. MARTIN IN THE FIELDS

SARAH FOWLER wife of Joseph Lankshear - which is her birth

FOX  1847 Frances (Fanny)  LANKSHEAR to John FOX marriage in St. James' Church Westminster.
Garner Garner
GARDNER  1876 Louisa Lankshear marriage Franklin GARDNER at Greenwich
Garrett 1885 John Henry Lankshear marriage Minnie Garrett at Hackney and migration to New Zealand
GARSIDE 1940 Australia Selwyn Lankshear marries Physillis Ruth  GARSIDE
GILSON see David William Eagle Family Overview
GLAZE 1795 Harriett LANKSHIRE Marriage Thomas GLAZE
GODFREY 1905 Alice Lankshear marriage to John GODFREY
Goodchild 1836 Robert Lankshear marriage Mary Goodchild at OX St Ebbe
GOWAN 1829 John EAGLE marriage to Eliza GOWAN
Grimmett Grimmett per marriage to David by Rosina King sister of Jane who married John Eagle
HALE  HALE through Christine Hayball marriage Ron Lankshear 1966
Hampshire and London
HALL 1871 marriage Charlotte Lankshear HALL ?????
Hallam Isabella Eagle 1838 who married a Hallam
Hammersley 1772 Thomas Lankshear marriage Mary Hammersly at Alvescot
Hann 1893 Thomas Lankshear marriage to Amanda Hann at Dorchester
HANNANT 1865 James Clare LANKSHEAR marriage Mary HANNANT
HARRIS Harris, Thomas Lankshire 1848 September Marriages Nottingha
Harding Eagle and then King  group of families Matilda married William  Harding in 1855
Harvey Harvey - married to LANKSHEAR in USA
Hayball Hayball (per Christine Hayball marriage Ron Lankshear 1966)
London and Somerset  (in Bexley 1950s)
Haynes 1892 Lillian Annie EAGLE marriage to James Haynes
Hayward 1865 Ann LANKSHEAR marriage William Hayward
HENDY HANNAH HENDY married Samuel Rail 1782
Hodder 1911 New Zealand Edith Clare Lankshear marries Albert William Hodder 

1924 New Zealand Florence Lizzie Willis Lankshear marries Arthur Hodder

HORNER HORNER - marriage of William to Ann KING sister of future Jane EAGLE
Horsey Emily Horsey married Job Lankshear went to USA - Possible Births etc
Hurdlestone 1865 William Lankshear marriage at Sherborne to Elizabeth ANDREWS whose mother was born Eliza Hurdlestone
Huey 1826 Margaret Lankshear marriage Walter Huey at ST. SEPULCHRE - presumably Margaret born 1800 ?
Ivens  178x Elizabeth LANKSHEAR married Martin Ivens of  Northampton
Jacobs Photos of Matilda Lankshear and her friends the Jacobs - Ashfield NSW
JOHNSON Mary JOHNSON 1812 marriage to William PENN at Long Buckby
Joiner 1877 Sarah Lankshear marriage to Joseph Joiner
Jones 1895 Henry William Lankshear second marriage to Ada Lucy Jones
KING  KING - per EAGLE marriage to Lankshear
LAING 1871 Thomas Lankshear living with Emma (LAING) and her son Henry in Chiswick

Lankshear Family Document Sources

LANKESHEER  LANKESHEER and similar spelling - a family group based in Somerset and Wiltshire not clear if related to Lankshear
Lapham 1842 Mary Ann Lankshear marriage Edward LAPHAM at St Martin In The Fields
Littlejohn 1874 Mary Ann Lankshear marriage at Bethnal Green to Ben Littlejohn
LONG 1851 Thomas Sylvester Lankshear age 3 with Aunt Harriet LONG
Lowndes Families of Francis Lowndes

Monimia Lowndes daughter of Elizabeth Lankshear and families with Thomas Moore and Archer

James son of Francis Lowndes and Hannah
Ludford  1847 JANE MARGARET LANKSHEAR married a Ludford at Kensington

William Ludford and JANE MARGARET (nee LANKSHEAR) married 1847 

Lynch 1834 Mary Lankshear marriage Edward Lynch at Spitalfields Christchurch Middlesex-   Mary ??
MANNING 1880 Elizabeth Lankshear marriage to Alfred MANNING
Marsh   1888 Caroline Marsh (nee Lankshear) at  Dorchester to Samuel Marsh
Mason 1823 HARRIET LANKSHEAR in Tasmania marriage to HORATIO WILLIAM MASON
Matthews 1908 Australia - Charles Lankshear marries Gertrude Matthews
McMurdie  McMurdie or MacMurdie Family related to King and Eagle
Miller 1901  Edith Blanche Lankshear marriage Charles Miller
MITCHELL  1870 William Alfred Lankshear marriage Emma Mitchell St Saviour -  and Emma Death 1883
MOORE MOORE - 1889 Marriage Emily LANKSHEAR to William Herbert Moore
Mortimer 1874 Jessie LANKSHEAR marriage to Robert Mortimer
NYE 1862 John Henry LANKSHEAR marriage to Elizabeth NYE
NORCUTT 1909 Florrie Elizabeth LANKSHEAR Marriage to George NORCUTT
Norris 1883 George LANKSHEAR 2nd Marriage to Frances Norris
Osborn or Osborne 1848 Joseph Lankshear marriage Jane Osborn
PACKER PACKER - 1852 Hannah Lankshear Sharpe marriage Edwin Packer 
PAIGE  PAIGE re Elizabeth Sarah Paige marriage to Henry Skeggs

1881 Clarice Emma PAPWORTH and Family - Clarice married Charles Lankshear

Parker Skeggs from Hertfordshire - family of Thomas and Charlotte (nee Parker) re Thomas Sylvester Lankshear marriage to Elizabeth Sarah Skeggs
PARROT Birth of William Skegg 1767 to THOMAS SKEGG and ELIZABETH PARROT
Parrott  1799 William Lankshear marriage Elizabeth Parrott - Stoke Upon Trent

PASS Family via marriage of Hester Lankshear

Paynter 1899 Rosina EAGLE marriage to Charles Paynter - see Eagle my mother's family

1746 Thomas Lankshear and Mary Paxford Marriage


 1808 John Lankshear weds Jane Margaret Pearson

PEAT 1877 Ann Eagle marries John PEAT
PENN 1836 Elizabeth PENN married George RUSSELL
Perkins 1792 Mary Lankshear marriage William Perkins at St. Andrew Holborn - perhaps  Mary born 1773 ?
PIGOTT 1832 birth 1854 MARY LANKSHEAR CLARE marriage Richard PIGOTT
PLANE 1861 marriage WILLIAM LANKSHEAR from Ilford to Charlotte PLANE from Yarmouth
Pratt Pratt Family - per Edward marriage with Elizabeth Lankshear
RAIL RAIL Family Cornwall - through Caroline Townsend marriage Thomas Lankshear 1870

Cornwall - Colan Mabe Constantine - have data Rails back to 1604
George Townsend m. Mary Hendy Rail 1842- Colan Cornwall

Read 1876 William Alfred Lankshear marriage to Kezia Read (nee Ashby) marriage to Edward Read and birth  also 1901 and family
Rider 1917 Minnie Lankshear marriage  child of John Henry and Minnie to Philip Rider in New Zealand
ROBBINS ROBBINS - through Daisy EAGLE marriage Edwin Lankshear (Ron's parents)
two different  families

1877 William John Lankshear marriage to Lydia Russell at Bethnal Green - 1878 went to NZ

Scadden 1892 Thomas Curtis LANKSHEAR second marriage to Flora Scadden
Scaresbrook 1793 Robert LANKSHEAR marriage Sarah SCARESBROOK who is Robert

1828 HANNAH LANKSHEAR SHARPE daughter of Robert and Hannah (nee Lankshear)

Shaw 1838 Elizabeth SHAW & John Lankshear
Shepperd 1778 Robert Lankshear marriage Susanna Shepperd at Witney
Sims 1894 Patty  LANKSHEAR marriage to Herbert Sims
Simpson 1842 Catherine EAGLE marriage Henry SIMPSON and discussion as why she is daughter of William and Elizabeth
SINCLAIR 1822 William EAGLE marriage to Elizabeth Sinclair in Scotland

1901 Thomas Sylvester Lankshear with Elizabeth Sarah Skeggs & Family  

SLATTER 1800 Susannah LANKSHIRE  marriage William SLATTER
SMART SMART re Joan 1674 marriage to Humphrey DAWSON
Smith 1830 John Lankshear marriage Margaret Smith at Westminster, Middlesex

1840 Joseph LANKSHEAR marriage to Sarah Fowler - Newington- witness Emma Smith

1826 Marriage Job SMITH & Elizabeth EAGLE - not a connection just some Eagle data I have - and a link to a descendant

STALEY 1777 Elizabeth LANKSHEAR married John STALEY at Witney
STEER 1863 Emma Lankshear marriage to William STEER

Stevens - married to KING in EAGLE line

1770 Thomas Lankshear marriage Mary Stevens

SUMSION from Somerset 1793 Richard LANKESHEER marriage at Bath to Ann SUMSION
Sylvester Sylvester Family Document Sources
Tasker  1898 William LANKSHEAR  marriage Florence Elizabeth Tasker and birth William Murray Lankshear
Tilley 1895 Flora Lankshear marriage Charles Tilley
TOLLEE or Tolly 1780 ELIZABETH LANKESHIRE  Marriage : JOB TOLLEE or Tolly - who is she?
Townsend 1870 marriage Thomas Sylvester Lankshear and Caroline Townsend

Devon and Cornwall (George m. Mary Hendy Rail 1842- Colan Cornwall

VARDY 1865 William Lankshear marriage at Sherborne to Elizabeth ANDREWS whose Stepmother Grace was  VARDY
WADSWORTH Mary WADSWORTH 1786 Marriage to Thomas JOHNSON at Long Buckby


1891 William Alfred Lankshear  2nd marriage to Mrs Jane Cudmore (nee most likely Walker or possible Hall) and Census


1864 Edward Robert LANKSHEAR marriage to Mary Walker

WALTERS 1863 John LANKSHEAR marriage to Rebecca WALTERS COOMA - Australia
WARNER 1870 Robert Lankshear marriage Martha Jane Warner - went to NZ in 1875 
Westill and Westell

Westill and Westell - both marriage into by Frances Lankshear and Witness to Wills

WHEAT 1907 Katherine Helen Lankskear Marriage Francis WHEAT
Whitaker 1889 Frances Susan Lankshear marriage to Edward Whitaker
WHITE  1851 Jessie LANKSHEAR niece in census with Henry and Jane WHITE
Wieble or Weibel  1851 Caroline looked like Lankshear now clearly LARKHAM - IGNORE - just left to answer questions
Wiggins 1835 William Lankshear marriage to Charlotte Wiggins
Williams 1850 Alfred Lankshear marriage - Ellen Williams   St Martin in Fields

1880 Harriet Elizabeth Marriage to Charles WILLIAMS

Wilson Wilson through Christine Hayball marriage Ron Lankshear 1966
Wales Llanalley Norfolk & London
Wooden 1825 Amelia LANKSHEAR - death 1870 Married 1846 Charles Wooden
Woodward 1808 John Lankshear 2nd marriage Elizabeth Woodward at Charlbury
Woodworth Woodworth - cousins by DNA
WRAY 1731 birth Thomas Skegg to William and Ellen WRAY married 1715
Younger Younger Family - Frances Julia Lankshear married Edward Younger 1890