Descendants of Horatio William and Harriet Mason (nee LANKSHEAR) in Australia

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Harriet arrived in Tasmania in connection with the Margetts - Dr John and Mary Lankshear

see 1822 HARRIET LANKSHIRE baptism born 1800 mother Mary Lankshire father John BENSON


Horatio William Mason was born in about 1798 in England, and died in 1847 at Hobart Town. Horatio traveled to Hobart Town, Van Diemen’s Land on the Saracen. In a letter to Governor Lachlan Macquarie, dated 2 May 1820, Lieutenant Governor William Sorell indicated that Mr. H. W. Mason had applied for permission to land and remain in Hobart Town. He had in his possession a letter from Earl Bathurst authorizing him to become a settler. Fellow passengers on the Saracen were Mr. Palmer Stone, Lieutenant Jeffreys and his wife, George Lloyd, a native youth, and Mr. J. Westbrook, wife and infant.[1]

Horatio immediately applied for a land grant. On the 9 September 1820 he received a letter from the Lieutenant Governor’s secretary, Lieutenant Robinson, advising the receipt of his letter dated 8 September 1820 and that the location requested had already been applied for by Mr. Humphrey and Mr. P. Stone. He also advised that as soon as the Governor’s orders for land had been received, which were expected on the next ship from Sydney, the Deputy Surveyor would measure out the lands “should there be a sufficient quantity unlocated to admit of your Grant being taken there.”[2] Horatio received his grant, 2000 acres in the district of Harrington, Pittwater, near to the Orielton Rivulet.[3]

Between 7 February and 5 March 1823 Thomas Smith tried by Court of Criminal Jurisdiction for breaking and entering Mason's house.[4] 

Horatio, aged 25 years, married Harriet Lankshear, aged 21 years, on the 27 May 1823 at St David’s Church, Hobart Town. Harriet was born in about 1802. The Hobart Town Gazette of 4 June 1823 announced the marriage by special license, indicating that Harriett Lankshear was the niece of John Margetts.[5] Earlier in that same year, the Hobart Town Gazette (of uncertain date) indicated that among the passengers arriving on the Brixton were Mr. H.W. Mason and Miss Lankshear. 

Doctor John Margetts, Harriet Lankshear’s uncle, son of Peck Margetts and Frances Cox of Theddingworth, Leicestershire, England,[6] was born in about 1770. John studied medicine at Edinburgh, Scotland. John and his wife Mary, travelled to Hobart Town on the Skelton, departing on the 7 July 1820 from Leith Roads at Portsmouth and arriving on the 22 November 1820. John died on the 8 April 1825 while Mary died on the 6 January 1839 at Fitzroy Crescent, Hobart Town. 

According to the baptismal records of their children Horatio and Harriet lived in Hobart Town between 1823 and 1832. Horatio worked as a wine merchant and licensed victualler. Sometime between 1832 and 1836 they moved to New Norfolk. In 1837 Horatio was employed as a Police Clerk. Horatio died on the 25 November 1847 at Hobart Town. His death certificate indicated that he died of consumption and that his occupation was a licensed victualler.[7]

Sometime after Horatio’s death, Harriet moved to Melbourne, Victoria. She died in 1884 and her death was reported in the Mercury newspaper.

At South Melbourne, Victoria, Hariette Frances Mason, aged 80 years, only daughter of the late Dr. John Margetts, M.D. and relict of Horatio William Mason.

Mercury 2 March 1884

Horatio Mason and Harriet Lankshear had seven children:[8]

Harriet Frances Mason, christened on the 6 January 1825 at Hobart Town; died on the 17 March 1845 at Hobart Town. She married Abraham Mannington on the 26 November 1844 at Hobart Town; born in 1824 at Hobart Town. 

Mary Grace Mason, christened on the 11 April 1827 at Hobart Town; died on the 26 December 1851 at Hobart Town. She married Edward Hunter Cole on the 30 April 1850 at Hobart. 

Maria Margetts Mason, christened on the 15 October 1828 at Hobart Town; died on the 6 September 1863 at Hobart. She married Robert MacCracken on the 26 November 1844 at St David's Cathedral, Hobart Town; born in 1819. Robert was a butcher at Hobart Town. 

Alfred Swayne Mason, christened on the 14 September 1830 at Hobart Town; died on the 29 August 1890 at Hobart. He married Elizabeth McGregor on the 10 December 1857 at Hobart; born in 1835. 

Emily Read Mason, christened on the 23 May 1832 at Hobart Town. She married James Frederick Lloyd on the 27 September 1855 at Hobart; born in 1832 at Hobart Town. 

Louisa Sophia Mason, christened on the 24 May 1834 at New Norfolk. She married Richard Talbot Westbrook on the 21 December 1853 at Hobart Town; born on the 1 November 1824 at Hobart Town; died on the 11 August 1900 at Hobart. Richard was the Manager of the Bank of Van Diemen's Land. 

Caroline Amelia Mason, christened on the 31 January 1837 at New Norfolk; died on the 5 November 1870 at Richmond. She married Thomas Marshall on the 23 December 1859 at Hobart; born on the 1834 at Sorell; died on the 24 April 1911 at Sorell. Thomas was a butcher and farmer at Sorell. 

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