Technical Notes 

Web Design for this site as being changed January 2008

14 March I just switched to Firefox as default browser

How I create these web pages etc

I would like to start using CSS


Include page is a valuable method but you have to use Frontpage

I did this one using SSI ../../Lankshear/lily_lankshear_birth_1890.htm

You add this after the Body tag

Last Modified <!--#echo var="LAST_MODIFIED" -->

<!--#include file="ronheadssi.htm" -->


note the header banner does not come out well

Fixed all that just left the body and html tags out of SSI include file

As this says it is Server Side Includes so the nice Header and Footer are not on local copy

This has a list of commands for echo



I like to navigate to files I want to edit using my web browser.
MSIE always allowed this as it had an Open in Editor icon ie Frontpage
BUT I have been finding Ie7 unstable and wanted to use Firefox.

But I could not see a way to open my files in Frontpage.
Anyhow I just found an add on JSVIEW

the options include pick your own editor. So now a right click and select Jsview and up comes FP
also some CSS support which I have yet to explore

IE Tab
also allows FF to behave like MSIE which is good for Ancestry image