Thomas Lapsley, a Revolutionary Soldier and Settler in Colonial Pennsylvania

My reason for this project is because Thomas Lapsley was one of my ancestors.  The work of Mr. Dean K. Froehlich was quite useful in assisting me in the location of records of my Lapsley ancestry.  Because other researchers have asked for a copy of this work, contact was made with Mr. Froehlich about re creating his work for a new edition of his publication.  This revised edition is the result of a joint effort by Mr. Froehlich and myself.

This work is in "PDF" format which will require a copy of Adobe's "Acrobat Reader" and may be downloaded for free from:  Adobe.  If you already have a copy of their "Reader" then you can proceed directly to the book.  This on line edition has hyper links in both the Table of Contents and the Index to make it easier to scan or search the work for specific references.  Simply click on the record number or page number respectively to view the information directly.  You may notice that in the Table of Contents the various titles are also in blue.  These are not links, only the record numbers are the links.

If you have any problems, questions or recommendations regarding this work, you may contact me at:  And now on to the revised edition Thomas Lapsley.

Clyde Lapsley