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Lettie Ann Kennedy, daughter of Neal Kennedy and Martha Ann Hicks was born September 6, 1858 and died July 1, 1940 (see attached copy of her Obituary). She married Absalom Clark on January 29, 1879. The ceremony was performed by Rev. William DeWitt at the bride's home (see attached Marriage Certificate).

Absalom was born June 18, 1853, the son of William Campbell Clark and Jane Kirk. Absalom died April 6, 1912 and was buried in Pine Crest Cemetery, Jackson, AL (see attached account of his Obituary). Lettie is buried in West Everreen Cemetery, Jacksonville, FL.

There were eleven children born to Lettie and Absalom:






one of the saddest events which has occurred in Jackson was the sudden and unexpected death of Mr. A. Clark, which occurred at his home in Jackson early last Saturday morning. Mr. Clark had been a sufferer from heart trouble for some time but it was not thought that there was any immediate danger. Mr. Clark laid down Saturday morning feeling slightly indisposed and when a member of the family approached him a short while later he was dead.

Monday morning a large number of friends followed the body from the home to the M. E. Church, where funeral services were conducted by Rev. W. R. Bickerstaff, and from thence to Pine Crest cemetery where the last rites were paid the dead. The grave was covered with many beautiful floral designs.

Mr. A. Clark was born near Lower Peach Tree, Wilcox County, Alabama, June 18th 1853 and was reared on the farm with limited opportunities, but was blessed with a Christian mother and father who taught him the way of life while young, and as he grew older he did not depart from it.

After he grew to manhood he was happily married Miss. L. A. Kennedy. After several years of toil and hardships in the lime hills of Wilcox he moved to Clarke county, first to Nettleboro, then to Fulton, and from thence to Jackson.

Mr. Clark loved his children and for this reason he came to Jackson to educate them. He loved his church also and had been a faithful member of the Methodist church since his boyhood. He was a devoted husband and father, a good citizen, a good neighbor, a friend to all and no respecter of persons.

He leaves a heart-broken wife and nine children, two of whom were in Little Rock, Arkansas at the infirmary and did not return home in time to see their father buried.

Those that came from out-of-town to attend the funeral were John C. Clark, a brother from Mobile and Eugene F. Davis, a nephew, also from Mobile; Mrs. W. T. Clark, sister-in-law, and two sons, Hollis and Brooks Clark from Atmore, Ala. and also Mrs. S. J. Davis from Mobile.

The respect in which Mr. Clark was held by our town was shown by the sympathy and kindnesses shown the bereaved family and the profusion of flowers has rarely been seen at the Jackson Cemetery. Truly a good man has gone to his reward. Weep not loved ones, for if you are faithful like he was you will meet him again where parting will be no more.

Copied from The South Alabamian, Jackson, Alabama

Friday, April 12, 1912






ABSALOM CLARK of Wilcox County (Alabama) and LETTIE ANN KENNEDY of Clark(e) County were married January 29, 1878 at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Neal Kennedy, by Rev. William DeWitt.

Mama was 20 when she married and was said to be a beautiful young woman, with dark hair and eyes. She made her own wedding dress. After the wedding, they went on horseback to their small farm home near Lower Peach Tree, Alabama. Mama cooked on a fireplace and remembered - with a faraway look in her eyes - that she had a rose vine which was called "The Seven Sisters". (She had six sisters and she made the seventh daughter.) Tom, Belle, Carrie and Lora were born while they lived at this their first home. Levonia, Lula Mae and Lillian were born at Lower Peach Tree, Alabama, and Lamar, Jessie and Thelma were born at Nettlesboro, Alabama.

Papa was 25 when he and Mama married. He was of Scotch descent, with sandy-colored hair and blue eyes. He was a hardworking, God-fearing and God-loving man. He exacted obedience and respect from his children without harshness. He had family prayers every night before going to bed, with Papa reading from the Bible and all the family kneeling for prayer.

Papa was too young (only 12) to serve in the War of the Confederacy. He was born on a farm and farming was the way he and Mama started out on their own to make a home and raise a family. The devastation and depression which hit the South as a result of the war was still taking its toll and it became more and more difficult for them.

When Papa was 49 and Mama 44, with a large family, they sold the home in Nettlesboro, Alabama, and moved to Fulton, Alabama a nearby town. Incidentally, except for vague impressions of our life in Nettlesboro, my first real memory is of the trip to Fulton the day we moved. I was three and Thelma was just a few months old, wearing the long white infant's dress of those times. I remember I had a new pair of shoes and sat in the foot of the buggy and Mama held Thelma in her lap!

As I think back over the years, several other fond memories come to mind. one was how the family would gather around the fireplace at night (before prayers) and ask Papa to "tell us a story" - or sing to us. Another thing I recall very vividly was when "Sister Lora" (as the younger children called her)was married in Fulton in 1906. But to me, the most important incident was when we had a boarder in Fulton. His name was Mr. Gray, and I recall asking him one day while he was recuperating from an illness, if he would teach me to read! I was, I





imagine, four or five at the time. He did teach me and must have done a pretty good job as I have been an avid reader since then!

From Fulton, the family moved to Jackson, Alabama. The home Papa bought is still there. Since moving to Mobile, Anne and

I have driven to Jackson several times. We always go to the old home (which has been kept in an excellent state of repair) and to the cemetery to visit Papa's grave. He died at the age of 59. The inscription on his grave stone reads: "His many virtues form the noblest monument to his memory". He was buried on April 6, 1912.

Mama died and was buried in Jacksonville, Florida in 1940 at the age of 82. The inscription on her grave stone is "Love never faileth".

They were wonderful parents and I have shared with you my little trip down memory lane with a feeling of sadness –yet one of thanksgiving for the beauty of their lives which is our heritage.

October, 1975
Jessie Clark Bamford








Thomas Matthew Clark, oldest child of Absalom Clark and Lettie Ann Kennedy, was born February 24, 1880 in Wilcox County, Alabama. He died in Laurel, Mississippi on May 20, 1955. "Buddy" married Alice Hestle of Pine Hill, Wilcox County, Alabama. She was born August 31, 1885 and died December 18, 1978. They had three children.






Addie Belle Clark, born at Pleasant Hill, Clarke County, AL on October 8, 1881. She married in Little Rock, Arkansas on January 25, 1907, Thomas Malachi Cook. He was born in Lower Peach Tree, Wilcox County AL on November 29, 1878, the son of Thomas A. Cook and Nancy Jane Stabler.

Thomas A. Cook was a brother to Samuel Bernard Alexander Cook who married Ada Byron Davis (see chapter on Johnson Davis in the Davis Section of this book). The parents of Thomas and Alex were Dorus H. and Dolly A. Cook.

Addie Belle died in Brooklyn, New York on June 11, 1931. She was buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Jacksonville, Florida. Thomas died on December 16, 1947, Hollywood, California, and was also buried in Evergreen Cemetery.

Addie and Thomas had four children.






Carrie Pearl Clark, born December 6, 1882, Wilcox County, AL. She died May 5, 1974, Little Rock, Arkansas, where she is buried. Carrie married on November 12, 1924, Curtis C. Connor, born in 1886 in Kansas City, Missouri. He died December 18, 1930 in Little Rock and is buried there. Carrie and Curtis had no issue but he had a son by a former marriage who came to live with his father and step-mother when he was seven years old.


Lora Ann Clark, born September 24, 1885 in Wilcox County, AL. She died March 22, 1976 in Jacksonville, FL. Married August 29, 1906 in Fulton, AL, Bert Edwin Bibby. Bert was born in Wausau, Wisconsin on March 9, 1878 and died in Lake City, FL on April 18, 1955. His parents were William Edwin Bibby and Josephine DeLacey. Lora Ann and Bert are buried in Jacksonville, FL.














The fifth child of Lettie Ann Kennedy and Absalom Clark was born November 8, 1889. Died the same day.


Erma Levonia Clark, born at Lower Peach Tree, AL on February 81 1891; died in Little Rock, Arkansas April 17, 1976. Erma married K. B. Smith.


Lula Mae Clark, born in Wilcox County, AL August 9,1892; she died on October 13, 1971. Married in 1913 to Robert E. Richardson, born in 1895; died May 25, 1969. Both are buried in Kansas City, Missouri.






Lillian Augusta Clark, born in Lower Peach Tree, AL August 15, 1894; died August 4, 1963, Kansas City, MO. Married William H. McCormick, born in 1895; he died January 4, 1964, Kansas City. Lillian and William are buried there.


Neal Lamar Clark, born April 20, 1896, Nettlesboro, Clarke Co. AL. He died September 11, 1980 in Kansas City, MO, where he is buried. Married Grace Lyman on October 3, 1923, daughter of Edward Sherman Lyman and Florence May Nabors. Grace was born at Montevallo, AL on April 15, 1897 and died September 25 1989 in Kansas City; she is buried there also. Neal and Grace had four children, all born in Kansas City.

When Mary Neal Clarke Fields returned the Family Group Sheets, she had spelled their name with an "e".











Jessie Gray Clark, born June 23, 1899, Nettlesboro, AL. Died in Mobile on December 22, 1979, where she is buried. Married on December 5, 1925, in Jacksonville, FL, Arthur Anton Bamford, born March 4, 1888, Wichita, Kansas; died April 26, 1962, Keystone Heights, FL and was buried at Nahunta, Georgia. Jessie and Arthur were divorced May 5, 1932. One daughter:



Thelma Octa Clark, born in Nettlesboro, AL on July 18, 1902; died September 9, 1961 in Jacksonville, FL. Married September 17, 1932, William Aaron Rodeheaver, born on August 31, 1906.






Clarke County Marriage Records

Writings of Jessie Gray Clark Bamford

Clark Family History compiled by Anne Bamford, October 1975

Newspaper clippings

Family Group Sheets completed by relatives







Henrietta Amanda Kennedy, youngest daughter of Neal Kennedy and Martha Ann Hicks, was born December 11, 1860. Married February 3, 1884, at her parents' home, Samuel Johnson Davis, son of Enoch Davis, Jr. and Sarah Hawkins (see chapter on Enoch Davis, Jr. in Davis Section). Samuel was born July 7, 1862.

Amanda and Samuel had eight children. Their names and birthdates were recorded in a Bible owned by Samuel Johnson Davis and copied by J. L. Cullen, presumedly at the time he completed a booklet on a portion of the Davis family.

The date of Amanda's death is unknown, but it was after April 6, 1912. That was the date of Absalom Clark's funeral in Jackson, Alabama and Amanda was listed as one of those attending his funeral. Absalom was the husband of Lettie Ann Kennedy, sister of Amanda.

Amanda died after 1912 and before 1924, as Samuel Johnson Davis married Cecil Jane Newberry on May 3, 1924.

Amanda and Samuel had eight children.





Davis Booklet compiled by J. L. Cullen

Newspaper clippings

Personal knowledge of family members

Cemetery records and tombstones







Thomas Jefferson Kennedy, son of Neal Kennedy and Martha Ann Hicks, was born February 5, 1863 and died January 6, 1905 (see attached copy of his Obituary). He married Lula Octavia Davis on January 13, 1886 at the home of W. M. Davis (see copy of Marriage Certificate). Lula, the daughter of Howard Covington Davis and his first wife, Sarah Agnes Pine, was born February 5, 1868 and died April 6, 1937 (see attached copy of her Obituary). Thomas and his wife are buried in the Kennedy Cemetery, Chance.

Thomas and Lula lived in Chance, where their four children were born. After Thomas' death, Lula moved with their children to Lower Peach Tree, so the children could attend school there. This was told to me by Belle Steele Cobb in the spring of 1990 when I visited her in Mobile.

Thomas and Lula had four children:


Strother Eddie Kennedy, oldest child of Thomas Jefferson Kennedy and Lula Octavia Davis, was born October 21, 1886; died July 9, 1960. He married Ethel Virginia Garrick on December 27, 1914. She was born June 20, 1895 and died April 10, 1988. Ethel was the daughter of Bryant Alexander Garrick and Laura Virginia Rachel. Eddie and Ethel are buried in the Kennedy Cemetery in Chance, Alabama.














Our home was about a mile from "Cousin Eddie's" and every day my sister Miriam and I would walk down to the main road to our mailbox. From there to "Cousin Eddie's" was not far, especially since they had a nice collection of books. And Sister and I loved to read - then and now. Also, Martha and I spent many hours playing dolls and making doll clothes.





Lily O. (Octavia?) Kennedy, second child of Thomas Jefferson Kennedy and Lula Octavia Davis, was born at Chance September 11, 1888. She was one of many persons who taught at the Cane Creek School in Chance. Both of my parents were taught by her.

Lily married Philip Wood Lett (Baptist minister and educator) on September 3, 1913. He was born in Clarke CO. Alabama on August 8, 1886, the son of Henry Hunter Lett and Carolyn Goode King. He died July 22, 1961 and Lily died May 25, 1983. They are buried in the Kennedy Cemetery at Chance. Lily and her husband had one son.









Howard Lindsey Kennedy, third child of Thomas Jefferson Kennedy and Lula Octavia Davis, was born February 21, 1891; died May 12, 1944. Married Willie Gray Rikard January of 1916. She was born January 25, 1893 and died August 14, 1985. No issue.



Lola Kennedy, last child of Thomas Jefferson Kennedy and Lula octavia Kennedy, was born April 13, 1897. She died December 10, 1901 and is buried in the Kennedy Cemetery, Chance.

You will note that she is called "Nola Mae" in the attached copy of her Obituary. Evidently this was her nickname.










Cemetery records and tombstones

Conversations with relatives

Family Group Sheets completed by relatives

Personal knowledge

Newspaper clippings

Clarke County Marriage Records


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